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McCanns ask kidnappers to treat their daughter with respect

Original Source: DISCOUNT VOUCHER NEWS: TUES 21 DEC 2010
by Katie Naylor
21st Dec 10
The parents of missing Madeleine McCann have posted a message up on their website urging the people responsible for taking their daughter to treat her with respect and love. This will be the fourth Christmas which Gerry and Kate McCann will be spending without their daughter. They also reaffirmed their commitment not to give up on their search for Madeleine.

The three-year-old went missing in 2007 from an apartment being rented by the McCanns in Praia de Luz, a popular holiday resort in Portugal. The couple’s plight was once again thrown into the spotlight recently when claims were made by WikiLeaks that as the pair were being investigated for their possible involvement in the case by the authorities in Portugal, the UK police were also building a case against them.

Kate McCann said that accusations had once again meant facing smears and allegations which had no basis in reality. Since she went missing, Madeleine’s parents have successfully fought a number of publications for implying that they were somehow directly responsible for their daughter’s disappearance.

The pair have always said they believe the time wasted by the Portuguese authorities trying to build a case against them jeopardised the efforts being made to locate Madeleine. The McCann’s had to endure a wait of ten months before the Portuguese authorities shelved the case admitting they could find no incriminating evidence against the pair.

The McCanns believe that if the police had not wasted time on them they would have been able to find more potential witnesses and perhaps even their daughter.


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