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Maddie's blanket brings in a new lead.

Original Source: Correio da Manha 17 December 2010

Thanks to Carolina for translation Paper addition

Kate says that the blanket was taken by the abductors, but the PJ took a photograph of it. Then it disappeared.

When Kate was interviewed on 26 April last year on the
Oprah Winfrey show, she made an appeal: "I hope that the abductors cover her with her blanket." The mother of Maddie, who disappeared in Praia da Luz in 2007, was referring to the pink blanket which 4 year old Maddie slept with every night. This same blanket was photographed by the PJ on the day following the disappearance, but it was never seen again. "If the blanket was there the next day, how was it possible for the abductors to take it. It is also with this that I will try to get the case reopened.", stated Goncalo Amaral, ex-coordinator of the PJ in Portimao.

"There are many new facts that I will hand over to the Ministerio Publico and which I believe to be enough to get this case, which should never have been shelved, reopened. This is one more detail. We need to know which blanket was Kate talking about, because the pink one stayed in the apartment. Now it is missing."

"All of these details will be presented to a prosecutor (procurador) and I was not able to do this earlier because the
McCanns prohibited me, against the Constitution, from doing so", he continued.

In a communique, the McCanns' lawyer accused Goncalo Amaral of "producing damaging insinuations to invoke the faults of the
investigation", and that Maddie's disappearance is "an unending source of enrichment through false and offensive accusations which are prejudicial to the investigation". Amaral defends himself: "I am speaking and working with facts. I have not become rich from this case and I find it strange that the parents of a missing child are only worried about their legal defence in the case and do not want the truth to be found. They never wanted Justice to work."

One of the 250.000 diplomatic documents, on the Wikileaks site, revealed that the British police found evidence against the parents. The new information could lead to the reopening of the case.

In the communique, the couple's lawyer says that the report done by Goncalo Amaral "was incriminating and did not resist its own analysis" and ended up being shelved after 8 months of investigation.

(nota: this idiot lawyer doesn't know that the final report was written by Tavares de Almeida and not Goncalo Amaral).

Goncalo Amaral guarantees to CM that he intends to reopen the case, not to earn money, but for justice. "It wasn't me who was able to buy a house through a fund, like the McCanns were able to do."


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