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Legal Defence for Goncalo Amaral Donation/Comment Copies from 2,500 to 2,814


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  2814   Marion K To Goncalo Amaral - a brave and noble warrior for freedom of speech and justice for Madeleine. You have withstood with serenity and dignity all the slanderous insults and injustices heaped upon you by the unscrupulous msm and by those who would destroy you for your integrity, the very goodness of your heart. You know you have an army here behind you who will continue to support you until justice is served in this case. Truly wonderful to witness the outpouring of love and support for a good man here and heartening to know there are so many willing to make a stand for what is right. Well done Leanne for starting this fund and R.I.P. Brenda. £10
  2813   Lisa Edington A final donation to a wonderful man that only wants justice and the truth for Madeleine McCann. Please remember, donations can still be made, as they always have been through the official fund page :) Lets keep it up for Gonçalo, Madeleine, truth & justice £10
  2812   The Lady Cankles of Craiglockhart One last round of raiding the swans' dinner money. Hey ho. If we're needed again, we'll still be here. £20
  2811   Shelley Coles good luck goncala! £5
  2810   Anonymous **** £5
  2809   Andy Hopkins One last donation before this closes, but not the end of my support. Publicly I want to say thankyou Goncalo for being a symbol, a beacon for truth, justice and integrity. For me you hold the attributes all Police Officers should aspire to achieve, so far it's a pity many of them are falling very short, amidst a sea of government cover up, and corruption. We'll never give up, and be right behind you until the day the truth is rightfully heard. To those people who just point blank refuse to look into this case and instantly believe what the Mccann paid for press are printing - consider this: Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance! Cheers Goncalo have a drink on me. Lets hope truth, justice and common sense prevail in your appeal. £20
  2808   Anonymous **** £10
  2807   Successful Appeal So many perceptive, wise and appropriate comments have been made by those contributing to this fund. I am humbled and have been heartened by the integrity and compassion of honest, decent people. RIP Brenda Leyland and Madeleine McCann. Thank you Leanne for enabling us to contribute towards supporting an honourable man in his fight for truth. Know this Snr Amaral - we are always here for you £20
  2806   lord Laffin at 'em Viva Goncalo , Get the lot of them , from Kate + Gerry, through to Gordon Brown + Martin Brunt. £25
  2805   Dorothy Mistry
I haven't donated for several weeks as I have been away. My last donation sadly. I would donate until the day I die if I was able to, just to help this honorable man to dig himself out of the hell hole he was thrown into. Why? because he knows too much of THE TRUTH. Good luck xxxxx £60
  2804   Anonymous **** £5
  2803   Jo Petteford **** £5
  2802   Jonty TheDog For: TRUTH, HONOUR & JUSTICE! £5
  2801   jo mac **** £5
  2800   Rosalind S My thoughts often turn to you and your suffering Snr Amaral. I know how much of your life has been stolen from you and it is humbling to contemplate your quiet dignity. I send you my prayers and best wishes for a true and just outcome to the years of hounding by those with much on their conscience. I would not want to carry that burden throughout life, and I wonder when some will search their souls and come forward with the truth of what happened in May 2007, because the story we have been peddled is an absolute insult to the public's intelligence. I hope that the good officers in the Met who have made plain their feelings here are listened to. The country badly wants to restore its faith in its premier police force - it is what being British is all about. We have led the way in the world in policing, governance and justice but sadly this case has damaged our great institutions and it will take an enormous effort to restore our global reputation after all that has gone on. The journalist who has revealed the culpability of the Sun and other papers is to be congratulated. It is stunning to realise our press and MSM could not find it in their hearts to put a child before lies, deceit, deliberate misinformation and money-making. Over eight years I have come to regard the behaviour of these people as demonic. The Met cannot afford another public relations disaster and I appeal to them to listen to the clamour of the public to put an end to the most terrible injustice, not only to a tiny child but to all those who have been vilified, threatened and made terrified for pursuing truth on her behalf. I would like to express my thanks and admiration to Leanne for her vision and humanity. £5
  2799   Frances Claydon good luck always goncalo £5
  2798   Mick McNulty A final few pounds towards an honourable cause. It was nice to be a part of something worthy £5
  2797   Gail Smith Sorry to hear the go fund page is closing..wishing you all the best Goncalo..From Scotland x £11
  2796   Davy Mac Final fiver, for now, from me, also a fiver each in memory of Dawn Franks and Brenda Leyland neither of who will be forgotten. Goncalo Amaral, we may be drifting off into the background but that is all we are doing. We will always be there, ready to help you in the future if we are needed, you too will not be forgotten, Good Luck. Nota final, por agora, de mim, também uma nota de cinco libras cada em memória de Dawn Franks e Brenda Leyland nenhum de quem será esquecido. Goncalo Amaral, nós pode estar à deriva fora em segundo plano, mas isso é tudo o que estamos fazendo. Estaremos sempre lá, pronto para ajudá-lo no futuro, se somos necessários, você também não será esquecido, boa sorte. £15
  2795   Stella Mcnaught No one made more money out of Madeleine than the Mc Cann's! Good luck Sir. £10
  2794   rtgr . Contributing for the last time to the instant remarkable endeavour, I am thinking of what will betide, hoping for the best, ready to face the worst. You will overcome, Dr Amaral, for, unlike those of your detractors, honourable have been your deeds and demeanour. You make Portugal proud! Thank you, gofundme. Thank you, unforgettable Leanne. Thank you, indefatigable Nigel Moore and incomparable Dr Martin Roberts. Thank you, all you wonderful people whose diverse contributions have been keeping the search for Madeline alive. In the life of the Spirit one is always at the beginning. Madeleine, precious child, you are entirely here, paired with your palpable absence. We stand by you. Peace to you, Madeline. Peace to all children. Peace. £7
  2793   Pete Mawby I hope you never need this and the money can go to a good cause of your choice but just in case.... Best wishes Pete £5
  2792   rtgr . The generosity of so many has been humbling and nothing short of miraculous! With due deference. Thank you, ‘The Sun’. I agree with and applaud your sentiments. Would you be able to afford a bit more by way of contrition? Today is not the last day to donate: donations can be made to Dr Amaral’s friends’ website directly. A new fund can be established. Donations can and perhaps should be made to help Dr Amaral with his general expenses (a fiver a month each from a couple of thousand people would go a long way (I do myself pledge at least £7 a month for as long as it takes). The most famous Portuguese footballer ever may be reminded of the plight of his most honourable compatriot and, among others, the wonderful English multi-billionaire who has been enabling millions to stay in touch may be reminded that the honourable thing for him to do is still waiting to be done. Just a few thoughts. Fate is not there to do for us that which WE ARE FREE TO DO OURSELVES! £7
  2791   Helen Williamson Wishing you the very best of good luck. Hoping the years to come will have fate giving you the rewards you deserve Dr Gonçalo Amaral £10
  2790   The Sun Gerry McCann always said it was never too late to do the right thing and to own up. He was right. All of my fellow journo's now need to man up for what we helped the McCann's do to this decent man. Sadly there is only today to show our remorse, but hopefully, if many of us donate on this last chance, we will be doing such a good thing, ensuring all of his fees are covered not just the appeal, but also having the safe knowledge anything we give will not be squandered on drinks and meals like the McCann's detectives did with public donations. We know any excess will truly go to children who need it. That in itself is a good enough reason for everyone to boost this fund now, knowing at least we may have caused a lot of harm, but we can do our penance by donating to real childrens charities at the same time. So come on boss and all the management, all of those people who got rich on this case while this man was homeless, do the right thing, donate to where it's most useful which is here. £5
  2789   Anonymous **** £5
  2788   Ann-Kristine Westwood Please accept my last 'troll fine' payment . If ever you need more just let us know. This McFarce has gone on long enough now. We demand justice for an honourable policeman. £5
  2787   lou lou My last donation in support of The Person who lost so much looking for Madeleine and because some can't see further than their idol tinted glasses my facebook account has been locked, sad sad people who rather than provide evidence to support an abduction resort to childish games. They can't stop me donating though can they, they can't silence me and my facebook will be up and running again soon. Troll on Mc supporters your games haven't won. £5
  2786   Anonymous **** £10
  2785   Paula Parkinson Good luck Mr Amaral, we are all behind you :) £5
  2784   For Justice and Truth For a brave and honorable man, vilified and slandered by scum! £10
  2783   Anne Onymouse Too many people have questions about the Mccann parents now - the lies cannot go on- the truth about this needs to come out soon . £20
  2782   Stephen Farrant I am proud to have my name associated with a man of principles, someone looking to expose the McCanns for what they are. One final push to get justice for Madeleine who was unfortunate to have had Kate and Gerry McCann as her parents and the associated extended family. Good luck Senor Amaral. £25
  2781   blaize smith Don't let these two corrupt lying doctors get away with this. Good luck £20
  2780   Connie Gates Good luck Goncalo. Happy and proud to have been part of this. We'll still be here if you need us again. For truth and justice. £5
  2779   Occam's Razor An ordinary man trying to do his job with no ulterior motive became an extraordinary man whose tenacity fills me with awe. His job, his reputation, his finances, his health, his family: all have suffered. One last push - not now for the fund - but to show my respect and admiration. £85
  2778   Anne Barrett Proud to have stood shoulder to shoulder with all who have contributed to this worthy cause. We all may have told a tale or two in our lives, the McCann's, the MSM and Dr Amaral included, we are all human after all! but as we all know the two non humans in this sorry saga told the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I for one would not be here today contributing if it wern't for Eddie and Keela and the McCann's pathetic attempt to discredit them and Martin Grime. £10
  2777   P M Why was Dr Amaral such a threat ? He knew the shutters were not broken. He knew the curtains were jammed behind the bed. He knew there were no sudden gusts of wind that night. He knew it was cold and cloudy and windy at lunchtime , so he knew that all those things, shutters, curtains whooshing, Last photo, were all lies. He had to be silenced. We did not find out all this until nearly a year later, but WE CANNOT be silenced. £5
  2776   Shonagh Cruickshanks Tried so hard to win on the Euromillions for you Dr.Amaral, still two more draws before Wednesday, so fingers crossed. Good luck sir, but I really don't think you need it, justice is just around the corner. Again kudos to Leanne. £20
  2775   Ang H Last "troll fee" for Goncalo on Gofundme, well done to Leanne and everyone who promoted it - in particular Mari on twitter. Wishing the best to Goncalo, please keep updating us!! I will continue saving my monthly troll fees should they will be required in the future. May truth and justice prevail. £100
  2774   Jo Petteford My last donation to assist in helping a very honorable man. Since Leanne started the fund it has been subject to ridicule,scorn and the usual "dirty" tricks. What the McCann's and their supporters failed to realize is the money was given willingly to right a serious injustice. People have voiced their opinions over Madeleine and her fate with good reason. The fund has proved many people do not believe the lies surrounding the case and by donating, they were taking a stand against a vindictive prosecution Snr Amaral has shown himself to be a man of great dignity. His crime was not believing the events of 3 May as laid out by the parents and their friends. In my eyes, he is a hero. Good luck Snr Amaral! RIP Brenda & Dawn, always in our thoughts. £20
  2773   B B If I had access to a tax free fund like your persecutors I would pay all your legal bills £20
  2772   ruth bashford Final Friday fiver. Good Luck Dr Amaral with your appeal. Glad we were able to help. £5
  2771   Anonymous Anonymous A final donation for a truly decent, brave man who is standing firm in his fight for truth & justice against the 'dark forces' that intervene to prevent the truth coming to light at any cost. Dr Amaral you have many supporters who are good people wishing you success in your quest for justice. Bon courage! £10
  2770   d . The fund is coming to an end , unlike the "Fighting Fund " these men and Women of PJ GA have integrity and know when enough is enough , well Mc duffs no amount of money will ever be enough for you and your fair-weather friends .in the end good over comes evil , and we know who the good guys are . I hope everyone who has supported this cause if possible can make just one last small contribution , if it can brighten the life of a small child in difficulty maybe in a hospital in Portugal, maybe the victim of abuse ,to provide a small toy ,a trip , or anything that may bring joy , To the national newspaper reporters , i know the industry is in deep crisis , you know the gig is up , the MOL is the way it is going making a mint for no cost what so ever , they hardly ever pay for story's or picture an accountants dream The Mirror is on its last legs , how long do you think you have a few years ? five at the most and you thought you had a job for life . Why don't you grow a pair start doing a bit of digging , i know who the first Photographer was from the now defunct news of the world was who snapped the inside of the apartment , i know roughly how much they paid the owner around 25k for access and i know what Peter told me 'We know they did it , but we can't prove it " and that seems to be the problem , £5
  2769   Helen Williamson Thank you Dr Gonçalo Amaral for your courage and perseverance. If only others closer to Madeleine had been as caring. Many, many respect you and wish you good luck. May you be able to enjoy life again soon as you so deserve. £10
  2768   Jacqui Williamson Money is the route of all evil and we know who the evil ones are in this case. Good luck Gonçalo Amaral, you are one of the most honest and decent men i and many have ever came across. You will have your day in court and if need be we will stand behind you again. The "TRUTH" always prevails £5
  2767   Spartacus Smith Half of what I have for Mr Amaral £5
  2766   Jan Ward Thank you Goncalo Amaral Sir, Leanne Baulch, Dr Paulo Sargento and everyone else who has supported Mr. Amaral in his defence. This is just one more chapter in a story that has been running now for 8 years, one day, if there is a God, justice will be served. I know there is enough money now to pay for the appeal of Mr. Amaral but if the unfortunate children of Portugal benefit as well, then so be it because children DO matter £20
  2765   KJ M Mr. Amaral - thank you for your dedication despite all the challenges you had to suffere! You are a true prophet of justice and truth. God bless you. £1,000
  2764   Anonymous **** £10
  2763   Jean Urquhart One last donation for an honest man ruined for doing his job. We will be here to support you if you need us again. Good luck Snr Amaral £20
  2762   betty joynson thanks to leanne good luck to goncalo £5
  2761   Gill's Mum Justice must prevail, as deserved, for Senor Amaral. £10
  2760   Gill Kelly One for the road. Good luck, Sr. Amaral. £10
  2759   Sandra Roques Hi Am Portuguese living in London, have been following this case from the beginning and read all the blogs and have read all books and the police files and one hundred per cent behind Mr Amaral and thank you to all the bloggers that have written so much about the case. I do believe that the truth will come out and the reporters and journalists,TV presenters that do not do any research and just go with what Mccans says should be ashamed of themselves!! but do believe that every nasty remark and false reporting will hit them back in the face.And to the rest of us that do not believe we need to continue to support The case for the sake of an innocent child,Many thanks to all, £5
  2758   Hetty Douglas Good luck! Dont let your standards slip. We are behind you all the way £5
  2757   Anonymous **** £100
  2756   Viv Taylor Good Luck to you Mr Amaral x £10
  2755   Mick McNulty Friday's Fiver, the last one! We all await an appeal in your favour. It's only right. £5
  2754   Anonymous **** £20
  2753   D N To all who have donated big and small you have made your mark well done each one of you , to the lawyers and national media who have turned a blind eye, you know full well whats been going on , history has show the truth outs , and once it does you are all ruined . To the strange attention seeking supporters of child abusers, i have not bothered to read what you write , but from what has been said about you , you are well off the spectrum , in the mental health stakes . carry on with your misguided support , clearly you have very empty lives . having to live your lives through people that could not give a toss about you "Useful idiots " they must laugh at your misguided loyalty , muppets !! Finally i wish Snr Amaral well £5
  2752   Anonymous **** £20
  2751   Anonymous **** £5
  2750   Ian K One last message and small donation then, for an honest and decent man. You have so many people who believe in truth and justice standing with you and whatever the outcome of the your appeal, will always continue to do so. All the very best to Goncalo Amaral, his family & supporters, Leanne B and everyone here. If there is any justice in this world, your appeal will be successful. We must preserve freedom of speech! Keep fighting! £10
  2749   Emma Feriotto One last fiver. Well done everyone involved in this. Good luck GA X £5
  2748   Jill Get'emGonçalo Havern Dr Amaral, please take a look at the research on the CMOMM forum, especially this section: - particularly the research into the 'Last Photo'; 'Smithman'; 'Was Maddie seen after Sunday?', and 'McCann Discrepancies' that all point to Maddie's earlier death of Sunday/Monday. I'm sure you will, by now, realise that you have many supporters who will continue to raise money for you, should you need it. You seem to be our only hope of getting this monumental HOAX into court and finally getting justice for Maddie and yourself. Good luck, Sir! £10
  2747   I believe The dogs I'm happy to have had this opportunity to support you in your fight against injustice.Good luck in your appeal. £5
  2746   Karen Laverick Seems this will be my last payday donation for (if all goes well) a while. Just wanted to say that I have been honoured to donate (however small) to a man I admire beyond words. I wish you every luck in the appeal, Señor Amaral. Fingers crossed for justice & truth... I am now going to donate £10 to McCann needed to keep this invaluable site up & running... £10
  2745   Alison Lloyd Just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to Leanne for having such a brilliant idea and giving us the opportunity to show our support for this amazing man. It is wonderful news that the funds raised are now felt to be sufficient. So thank you Leanne, and PJGA, and of course all best wishes to Dr Amaral for the battle ahead. Here's to justice! £5
  2744   Katy Anon My last opportunity to contribute to the fund, helping to bring justice for an honest copper. £15
  2743   Gail Smith Good luck Snr Amaral x £5
  2742   Chris Pilkington **** £50
  2741   MAHATMACOAT GHANDI Well done to Ros Hutton (Cristobell) in her continued support for Mr Amaral. £5
  2740   Frances Claydon still with you goncalo £5
  2739   Connie Gates Soon after Madeleine disappeared and Kate McCann had been interviewed by the PJ, a family member stated to the media that Kate told her that she had 'stood her ground' and 'fought her corner'. Does that sound like a frantic Mum, almost out of her mind with worry over her missing toddler, or a cold calculating woman who appears to have no maternal instincts whatsoever? By giving no real help and and avoiding answering vital questions, she made it as difficult as possible for those doing their very best to find out what happened to her daughter? For truth and justice. £20
  2738   anne barrett Another small donation in hope of justice. £5
  2737   Your courage & Commitment Dr Amaral Madeleine, for justice, for freedom of speech for all...must be acknowledged and applauded.---------- Forever we honest people are indebted to you. £8
  2736   Dave Woolley Another month and still the donations come in ;o) .... Looking at where some of them come from must be giving the McScamms some concern! Thanks for standing up for what is right despite the cost (not just the financial one eather) £20
  2735   J T **** £5
  2734   Anonymous **** £5
  2733   ruth bashford Justice for Madeleine McCann Justice for Goncalo Amaral Justice for Brenda Leyland Justice for everyone affected by the lies of the McCanns £5
  2732   Mick McNulty Fiver Friday! £5
  2731   rtgr . And where are those fabulously wealthy few who can do more with a stroke of a pen than the not-so-fabulously-wealthy many have done in five months by parting with their hard-earned fivers in the hope of seeing Justice and common sense prevail? Come on, you lovable few, it is not too late for you to help with levelling the playing field by contributing to Dr Amaral’s defence and let people admire your generosity and sense of fair play To do a good deed is never late indeed! £7
  2730   Jennifer Evans If ever there was a miss-carriage of justice, this is it. Hope one day the truth will come out. £25
  2729   Anonymous **** £5
  2728   Gail Smith Your only crime was getting too close 2 the truth for the McCanns liking..All the best from Scotland x £8
  2727   Anonymous **** £7
  2726   fleffer& sillyjilly@ the cesspit Fleffer,Jill & Gerry, birds of a feather with an agenda. £5
  2725   Paul Rees Tenner Tuesday. May the presiding appeal judges see how nonsensical the amount awarded was, given the farcical statements of the witnesses who undermined the McCanns' position with almost every word they uttered. Incomprehensible and just plain wrong. £10
  2724   A Screen **** £25
  2723   well well well fiver Friday...sorry its late. £5
  2722   Anonymous **** £25
  2721   Anonymous **** £10
  2720   Alison Stephens Troll fee £5
  2719   sandra crawford Hoping for justice for Snr Amaral in what has been a vicious and unfair fight fuelled by spite. £5
  2718   A McCann Disbeliever We don`t pay to comment. We can comment for free on Sr Amarals official fb page. If Snr Amaral and his colleagues had wanted worldly gain, they would have kept quiet, played the McCann game, covered up and destroyed anything that pointed to their guilt of something. After all, it was clear from the off that the powerful corrupt were going to ensure there would be no justice for little Maddie. Sr Amaral and his colleagues could have at least had promotions, prestige, possibly a lot of hush money. Likewise the British who tried to speak out, Sheree Dodd and others. They wanted the truth and for that truth to be known and properley recognised, officially. They wanted any guilty of any crime, whether of hiding Maddie`s tiny body (not THE body as her `parents` refer to her remains) after a fatal fall, manslaughter (unintended) or deliberate murder. They wanted justice for Maddie. That`s all they wanted. Plenty have got rich or at least much better off from the blood money from Maddie. Not Sr Amaral, nor did he seek to. He wrote his book long after the public turned against the McCanns. He couldn`t have known if it would sell or flop. He wrote it for the very reasons he said he wrote it. For Maddie`s sake to tell people the truth. To rebel against having been wrongly taken off the case, moved aside, made a scapegoat to be ridiculed and wrongly maligned. It could have all been so different for him. If he had been as corrupt as Mitchell, Redwood and too many others, he too would have worldly wealth and prestige in the eyes of the powerful corrupt, their msm sycophants and a very few of the public who are still fooled by the McCann farce. He and the others who risked and paid for being decent, honest and truthful should be given bravery awards for all they are made to suffer. If he loses his appeal, we know the appeal court there has also become corrupt and is enabling this evil. Lastly today I want to point out that those who lie the most are those who believe they have the most to lose or gain. Whether they are correct in their belief may be another matter. They lie because it`s what they believe is at stake for them. Jane Tanner springs quickly to mind, amongst others more obvious. She is still thick and sticking by those two. £5
  2717   Paul Rees Friday Fiver! Join over 56k people who've seen through the global McCann scam at Facebook groups Justice for Maddie and The McCann Controversy. Our mission: Justice for Madeleine, Brenda and Goncalo.
  2716   Mick McNulty Fiver Friday!, including last week's. Towards justice. £10
  2715   Clive McIlwaine Further donation as I believe in you more than ever. Good Luck Dr Amaral. £20
  2714   Anonymous **** £20
  2713   Liz Martin My second donation this from my friends as their opinions are changed to support GA to gain justice and truth for Madeleine McCann Good luck in the appeal ,the world awaits outcome £20
  2712   maureen laverty **** £10
  2711   betty joynson for justice £5
  2710   Colin Connaughton I am tweeting this fund's address about every hour. So, it will probably be able to be found by searching Twitter on #amaral #fund . Good luck Sr Amaral. £10
  2709   Anita Davies So the Gofundme links have been removed? Made me determined to make another donation. Hope it does the same to many other people as well. It's all about justice. £5
  2708   Hazel Davis-Fletcher In support of Goncala's search for the truth on behalf of Madeleine! £15
  2707   Frances Claydon still behind you goncalo £5
  2706   Ann Courtney Just reading that Mr Tony Bennett has helped Mr Les Balkwell in all the injustices served on him and his family over many years against yet another Police Force covering up the real reason for the death of their son. Les Balkwell has now won his case as can be read on Jill Havern Forum which Tony Bennett is a researcher. I know little of this case, nor Mr Tony Bennett except what I read on this Forum and know that Mr Bennett has helped the Balkwell family as a representative, as like our OTHER HERO Mr Amaral the Balkwells had exhausted all their OWN monies trying to get justice for their beloved son. CONGRATULATIONS to all involved in getting justice served. Why is this being posted of Snr Amamral's fund....because Tony Bennett has also been taking to court by Mr and Mr McCann, as they did not like him trying to get justice for their daughter little Madeleine, and he is still paying the price financially for his efforts.......Mr Bennett seems to be very thourough in his charity work for others in situations of legal matters. As a retired lawyer he is obviously articulate and despises injustice as TRUE LAWYERS should. I read a lot of Tony Bennetts researching on this Forum and that is what compelled me to write this piece. I donated to Mr Amaral's appeal from the fund's beginning, (all that I can afford like many others), so today is quite poignant 7th Oct, that Tony (if I may call him by his fist name) has had his good works come to an excellent outcome. Hoping the trend for JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL AGAIN SHORTLY for his next relentless research for all to go well for Snr Amaral and Madeleine. God bless you also Brenda. Mr Bennett please keep up your good work, you seemingly work tirelessly. £5
  2705   Susan Snowden **** £10
  2704   shani simpson All the best for today - You are truly wonderful gentleman £10
  2703   Carolyn howie not a lot I know but every single penny counts in helping this dedicated police officer to get the justice he deserves, his treatment by these dispicable couple beggars belief, I truly hope that justice prevails for this honourable gentleman £5
  2702   Anonymous **** £20
  2701   terry haig **** £5
  2700   georgina baird Good luck to G. Amaral. I hope he gets justice for madelaine, and the macanns are put behind bars. PS. I am not a troll £5
  2699   Anonymous **** £10
  2698   patty labelle Goncalo wanted justice I stand behind him in the hope that it will be served. Many thousands behind you Snr Amaral. £10
  2697   Gail Smith Go Goncalo x £5
  2696   Anonymous **** £20
  2695   Peter Mac Fund over 50k. Mitchell blabbing that money has been "moved". Home Office allocating £2m more. Grange - SILENT. Google shut down. Appeal in Portugal. Documentary prepared. Trailer published - Seems to follow a well trodden Mitchell pattern. We were expecting a "Sighting". We were wrong ! Here is my £ 10 for being wrong ( and for getting 11 and 47 in the Euromillions. Força Gonçalo ! £10
  2694   Sue Whitehead I am giving more because I read that googling no longer brings up this page, and indeed when I tried it didn't. Now why would that be?? Goncalo Amaral needs people like me to contribute to his legal defence because the McCanns have had all his financial assets frozen, so he can't use his own money to defend himself. Words can't express my feelings about these people who first leave their three tiny children alone in the dark in a strange room in a foreign land to go out drinking with their mates, then have one "disappear" (with no evidence of any abduction having taken place), then refuse to answer police questions, then try to financially ruin the very person who tried to find out what had happened to their daughter. This is for Sr Amaral and for Madeleine, may she rest in peace. £10
  2693   louise east Are you getting worried Mr and Mrs mccann? !! You should be because God is a God of justice. I believe he is providing support to Mr Ameral through the people. He has given him the chance to fight. This is his fighting fund! £5
  2692   SHEILA Taylor Hope this helps £5
  2691   penny blamey In support of truth and justice. God Bless and Good Luck! £25
  2690   Mia Byrne Kerry Needham speaks for herself, so why can't the McCanns do the same? Now they have not one but two spokespeople; their so-called Webmaster and Clarence Mitchell. Pretentious and ludicrous. £50
  2689   Anonymous **** £10
  2688   Linda Godman This is one cause I believe with all my heart. This is a gentlemen who has been badly treated anytime I have had spare money it has gone to this fund. We are all people who care about the truth we are NOT trolls. God Bless Madeleine £5
  2687   Colin Connaughton This fund can be found on YAHOO and bing Search for amaral fund. Good luck Sr Amaral. May truth and justice prevail. £10
  2686   Diane Stark Removing fund from Google, Jerry Lawton continues to highlight trolls & the fund. The Kerry Needham saga with a large dose of Mccann PR in the sympathy card, my oh my. Face it, people are going to donate & alienating more people for sympathy was a unwise move on the part of the Mccann media monitoring unit. They've got enough money to try & silence google for pity's sake!!! That says it all £20
  2685   Linda Bostock WHY is all I can say! WHY is there such a cover up ? Now the links from google and go fund me being removed! WHY? What's going on? None of this makes sense. Good luck Snr Amaral, the only one willing to stand up for his beliefs. We have all read the police files and it is so obvious what happened, so WHY the huge cover up? I will keep donating as much as I can, whenever I can. Someone needs to stand up for justice, so don't let them bring you down Sir, you are a true gentleman. £10
  2684   Bitterness Helps Nobody Because I believe in justice rather than embittered revenge which serves nobody, least of all one missing little girl. Because all missing children deserve to have twelve million and eight years spent on them. Because people such as this man should be able to have the right to help, unfettered by the fear of recrimination by those they are trying to assist. Because we are supposed to live in a democracy. Because opinions that differ from the mainstream do not make you a troll. £10
  2683   C Dalzell It's a pity our wealthy don't believe in truth and justice. They donate to the corrupt MPs who are denying you £15
  2682   Rebecca kelly **** £10
  2681   Lorraine Riddell **** £5
  2680   Rose Draper Good luck ♥ £5
  2679   Anonymous **** £5
  2678   Linda Bishop **** £5
  2677   Anonymous **** £10
  2676   Troll? Whatever... In support of the good Dr Amaral. One day soon you will be vindicated £5
  2675   Colin Connaughton Since Google has pulled the fund off the search engine, I have doubled the frequency of my tweeting it. So if you can't remember it, you might find it by searching twitter with hashtag #fund or #amaral. Anyway, I'm glad people are supporting Sr. Amaral. Good luck, Sr. Amaral. £10
  2674   Julie Haworth **** £10
  2673   A McCann Total Disbeliever His official page is also apparently sabotaged but the url is
¬if_t=like&ref=m_notif#!/madeleineandGoncalo?ref=m_notif¬if_t=like Does anyone know if the Portugal Resident and other less got at msm abroad in various countries been made aware of this stomping on our freedoms and gag us (against human and civil rights) in our banding together for justice for Madeleine, Goncalo and others whose lives have been damaged, even ended, over the corrupt farce? Is it on other international media such as youtube, so other people abroad can see how putrid and rotten this corruption is? More than governments and other `public` authorities now, even google and gofundme have joined in with their protection racket. Google isn`t the only search engine, and if they are all blocking Goncalo`s official page then there are other sites. Pjga and the official fb page can give a link to the paypal account for Goncalo. If it comes to it, we can `put a fiver in an envelope` and address it to the solicitors for Goncalo Amaral in Portugal stating In Trust for his legal fees? How stupid are those tykes that they fail to realise that the more they bully the more angry decent folk become? That they do this shows the depth of their evil as individuals and collectively, and that MUST be fought with all our might. We SHALL overcome.
  2672   Sharon Wheatley Try as they will to hold us down and silence us they can not..They took the links off google for this fund... they slander us trolls in the press and portray us in a bad light . whilst making the mccanns look like the victims , and even bringing Ben Needham and his heartbroken mother into this circus and portraying her in a bad light and her campaign .. the uk m.s.m never prints any truths!!!! .. as promised with each lie printed in the press about this case .. I will donate .. I will soon be skint at this rate ..pode ser servido justiça melhor sorte Amaral £10
  2671   well well well Well done to K and G for whining,you have prompted me to donate some more to a great man who will hopefully take you down. £10
  2670   Anonymous **** £10
  2669   Órfhlaith Ní Choírbín Good luck and God bless, Snr. Amaral. The truth always out. Prayers from Ireland ♧♣♧ x £10
  2668   Máirtín Mac Shíomóin for the record I am not a troll, and I have donated here before but when I heard Google pulled the link it made me want to donate again. We haven't gone away you know £20
  2667   Beatriz Martinez Desejo-lhe muito boa sorte, Sr. Amaral £10
  2666   Another Notatroll Thank you Jerry Lawton for showing the McCanns' true colours. Your use of irony in your article is to be commended. Well done and thank you for supporting Snr Amaral! £20
  2665   Nellie Nijssen All links to this Fund have apparently been removed from Google's and Gofundme's search engines. Now I wonder who could have PAID to have that done. Well guess what, it did not work, because I have still managed to find it and here's a wee donation to bring it up to £50k. Good luck dr Amaral! £25
  2664   Rosalind S It beggars belief that the Google links to this remarkable fund have been removed. That tells you all you need to know about how sinister this case is. I hope all those young men didn't die in the trenches for this vile society, including my lovely uncle. If we are trolls then the likes of Lawton are ENTITIES. And I sincerely hope that Goncalo's path is cleared to sue the "certain entities" he spoke of a while ago. The victory is yours already Snr Amaral. Just look at the people supporting you. The British people are speaking out and they will be heard, not cowed by a supposed free press. The press are moribund because they have lost public trust. £5
  2663   not a troll scouser for truth,and justice. £10
  2662   Anonymous **** £15
  2661   sam Studley It's just so "exasperating", we're nearly at the 50K mark. Well done everyone! Forca Snr Amaral :) £10
  2660   Ashley Miller I am not a troll because I believe the official Portuguese Police files or wish to donate to a man who has had his assets and pension frozen fight for justice. Madeleine, GA, Brenda, Anthony and now Kerry are the real victims in this farce. £10
  2659   Jean Aked Sticks and Stones . . . :-) £5
  2658   Free Speech Another "Troll" I am afraid, took ages to find the site after Google has blocked from search results, thanks to the daily star for including the URL in their article this morning. Good Luck Amaral! I hope the McCann family only get what they deserve, we are all behind your bravery in taking on this greedy pair in such desperate circumstances. They have made the UK public embarrassed of their selfish behaviour, I promise you we are not all like they are. £10
  2657   Anonymous **** £50
  2656   Iseult S The media keep using the word 'trolls' to refer to supporters of Dr Amaral for one simple reason - that was what they called Brenda Leyland when they were hounding her to her death, and if they stop using it now it'll be a public admission that their labelling and hounding of Brenda was wrong. They KNOW they were wrong, they KNOW they hounded an innocent woman to her death, they didn't just call her a troll, they also called her some other awful names which I won't repeat here, and they also totally misrepresented what she'd tweeted. So, like the cowards they are, the media daren't stop using the word 'troll' for anyone who supports Dr Amaral, who wants truth and justice for Madeleine and indeed justice for Brenda, as that would be tantamount to admitting they all got it wrong where Brenda was concerned. Some day I hope to see the cowardly British media brought to its knees when the truth about Madeleine's disappearance emerges, until then I hope they never forget the part they played in Brenda's death. £25
  2655   Katherine Jenkins **** £20
  2654   Bridgid Herridge Another troll fine. Thanks for helping to get the fund up to £50,000 Jerry. £30
  2653   Steven Mclaren Small amount towards justice. £5
  2652   Anonymous **** £25
  2651   Sue Bell For truth and justice God bless Dr. Amaral. £10
  2650   Anonymous **** £5
  2649   Karin V The best for the McCanns would be if Scotland Yard would publish some evidence that would clearly prove the innocence of the couple . Since they are not suspects , there must be such proof of innocence eventually . It would end all speculation . Since the McCanns have very good relations with Scotland Yard and according to them are informed of all developments they will get the information I am sure. Or some journalists could ask on behalf of the McCanns. Mr. Lawton for example. £15
  2648   Sharon Bedford I am not a Troll either, I just want justice for a man who wants the truth as do I! Sorry it isn't more money but it is all I can afford at the moment. Best of luck.. The truth always wills out in the end!! God Bless You xx £5
  2647   Tracey and Paul G. A small amount but given with an enormous amount of love and respect for Dr Amaral. £10
  2646   Anonymous **** £33
  2645   Anonymous Anonymous Let's get the fund up to £50,000 for the legitimate defence of a police offer who was only trying to solve this case. £20
  2644   Liz Eagles **** £5
  2643   Helen Williamson Another donation to finish what I wished to say earlier until my dog..not as clever as Eddie and Keela, caused me to donate before completion. My disgust at article by Jerry Lawton has prompted me to another donation this month. Good luck Dr Gonçalo Amaral. You truly deserve all the support. £5
  2642   I am not A Troll A tenner for a good man with a kind soul,still working in silence for Justice for poor wee Madeleine. £10
  2641   Helen Williamson YMy disgust at the Jerry Lawton £10
  2640   Chris From London Hope you get your life back soon GA xx £20
  2639   Anonymous **** £20
  2638   P Laver I've decided to donate because I'm tired of the media pandering to the McCanns' every whim. They blocked a missing child account and are now leaving twitter because they received criticism for their actions. Given that Mrs McCann is an ambassador for the charity Missing People, that is hardly surprising is it? Now they're trying to turn the tables by once again playing the victim card. It's all PR game. £10
  2637   tracy cumming Keep fighting for maddie and urself, we know they did it and u r right ur book says it all.. Justice for u both £5
  2636   Gareth Bouch Another small donation to the just cause of a great and honourable policeman. Truth will prevail. £10
  2635   R T One day all the world will know the truth. £20
  2634   Anon Anon I am someone who has suffered unimaginable horror through being a victim of crime. I was one of the Mc Canns biggest supporters . Having read valid and legal documentation supporting the ( what I was cleverly brainwashed into believe by the Find Madeleine Campaign before ) malicious gossip surrounding their refusal to answers questions about their daughter to help police, the abhorrent way in which Ben Needhams account was verbally assaulted, the Portegeuse Police files and the general lack of seemingly genuine care for their daughters plight ( esp an interview which was very emotional but the minute they thought the cameras went off they switched to being polar opposite and laughing and jubilant . Really made me feel something isn't true about them ) all of these things plus many more sit most uncomfortably with someone who has endured the true depths of despair due to to crime. I no longer believe their version of events and feel little Madeleine deserves more respect than she has been prive to thus far. She is who is important. Not the circus surrounding her name. I won't shut up and live in fear of anyone anymore, and that includes expressing my opinion and doubts surrounding Madeleine's case. I am not allowed to directly ask Madeleine's parents orOfficial Pages. So I guess on here is the new platform for intelligent people's questions to be voiced. By asking questions ( which intelligent people ) I and many others have been labelled 'trolls'. It's all very wrong and since when did we lose the right to challenge what we are told.... I disagree with out right accusations. That's wrong. But it's just as wrong to be vilified because you don't agree with someone's story. This is for you Madeleine ❤️ £10
  2633   A Allen **** £10
  2632   Stella Mcnaught The Mc Canns are angry yet again! The money they may(hopefully will) lose could go towards the search for Madeleine,hello didn't the Ltd company they set up under the guise of a fund to search for Madeleine pay some of their mortgage payments along with every litigation they have pursued and there are many! Their "friend" says we don't know the facts ,wrong "friend" that's just it we do, we read the official Portuguese Police files not the BS served up by the Brit rags too frightened of being Carter Rucked by the odious pair,who have copious amounts thanks to their own Trolls and the British tax payer to shut you up! The fiasco over the weekend,blocking Ben Needhams page has backfired big reminded me to pay my troll fine! Good luck Goncalo £20
  2631   Woof Justice! T9...the dogs are SO close now, snapping at your heels. Can you feel their breath? Can you hear them baying? You have had a good run, but justice will always be the end game, no matter how long it takes. Amazing people donating to end the lie of the truth. What's it like to become the quarry and not the hunter? Here's to MM. GA. and BL. £10
  2630-1   Dr Geoff E So, McCann, you are 'exacerbated' are you? Well, so am I, and I have been pretty much since that fateful night 3rd May 2007. I am exacerbated by your persistent reluctance to take responsibility for your own actions such they led directly to the disappearance (and probable death) of a defenceless child just short of her 4th birthday. Your duty was to be with your children, your duty was to protect them, your duty was to ensure this could not happen - as much as was reasonably possible. Yet you fail, consistently, to accept this and your 'fan club' fail, consistently, to see this. This exacerbates me greatly. However, there is something that 'exacerbates' me even further. For in a marked effort to avert attention and blame from yourselves for your shamefully neglectful conduct that night you spend your days suing, or otherwise persecuting, those that would disagree with your (somewhat imaginative) account of the events surrounding Madeleine's disappearance. You see, I have read Amaral's book and I am quite unconvinced by it on the whole. It isn't well written and it doesn't compel the conclusions that he suggests it does. But (and this is the big 'but') I defend to the hilt Amaral's right to have an opinion, a theory - even a bad one, one that I disagree with pretty much entirely. He has an absolute right to offer a theory, which includes implicating you two in the death of your daughter, even if that theory later proves to be completely wrong (which it may well do but is not the case presently). Amaral's theory might be as bonkers as they come, many are (including some of yours by the way), but I will absolutely defend to the end of days his right to have and express It. Likewise, I will defend Benda Leyland's right and even your right to have an opinion. What exacerbates me, and very many others, more than anything, is people like you that think otherwise (at least when it suits you). £10
  2630   bobbin anonymous £22 just donated, that's £2 for everyone of the 11 letters in the word 'exasperated'. The word that interests us 'trolls' however is the word 'TRUTH'. £22
  2629   Deborah Staines **** £25
  2628   Anonymous **** £20
  2627   Anonymous . Thank you Jerry Lawton for helping to boost the fund up again today, every little helps! £10
  2626   ea farrell anonymous £223
  2625   NUJ Member Jerry Lawton's article today has prompted me to donate again. I am not an internet 'troll'. I am a journalist concerned about low media standards and how virtually impossible it is to get anything into print that questions, however gently, the claim that Madeleine was abducted. Good luck this week Sr Amaral - I hope the hearing is honestly reported! £20
  2623   Teresa Williams Another little more as it's a good day for a donation... the tide is turning for the better. Oh, and belated auguri....x £5
  2622   Simon B **** £10
  2621   Christine Smith My latest donation is in response to the reported "fury" of the McCanns because Sr Amaral intends to appeal against the damages awarded against him. Good luck with your appeal Sr Amaral - may you finally get the justice that you so richly deserve and be able to publish your book and live your life free from frozen assets, poverty and loss! And if then you decide to sue their asses you can count on me for financial support! £10
  2620   Anonymous **** £10
  2619   Anonymous **** £10
  2618   Index on McCann Censorship Why has GOOGLE taken down all links to this fund? £20
  2617   Wendy Jenkins Hope this helps time is running out for the mccanns let the truth prevail :) good luck My donation is the price of a fresh loaf all week x £7
  2616   Andy Hopkins FAO the McCann's and their anonymous friend who felt the need to comment in the Daily Star. How can you claim to be exasperated - You started this claim, you tried to settle and failed, you lost all appeals until this latest minor court judgement and now you expect people to be sorry in case truth and justice has it's day at long last! Where were your sympathies for Goncalo after you had everything stripped from him? For the record we who donate here are neither trolls because we can see through your pack of lies and have no influence whatsoever on the case or evidence hearings unlike Team McCann who have had government assistance from day 1, spreading lies, covering up of a multitude of things, helping you conceal the truth of where the evidence and facts clearly leads - which is that you are more than involved in your daughters disappearance and subsequent disposal of her body - Shame on you!! £10
  2615   Mr Whicher So according to Jerry Lawton, the McCanns are "furious" (aren't they always?) that Goncalo Amaral is exercising his legal and democratic right to appeal the ludicrously high damages that were awarded against him for publishing a book on the disappearance of their daughter. The McCanns started this litigation and they are going to have to live with the consequences of their taking action against Sr. Amaral and the other defendants. If they are so unhappy and really “exasperated” that he is following due process (as he is perfectly entitled to do) then they have a simple solution - pay all the considerable costs that have so far been awarded against them, apologise to Sr Amaral and his co-defendants and then withdraw from the action. Simples! In the meantime, this ex-Police officer will continue to make occasional donations, as have many of my old friends and colleagues (some retired, some still serving) since April, in an effort to provide a level playing field for a comrade in arms, so to speak. By the way, Mr Lawton, I am neither an "internet troll" (whatever type of beast that is) nor have I EVER abused the McCanns on or offline. As for the risible statement from a 'pal' of the McCanns that, "these people may be indirectly able to influence civil court proceedings", may I respectfully suggest that this 'pal' may perhaps be a total stranger to the concept of "Justice" and how it is supposed to work in a totally balanced, even-handed manner? £20
  2614   anon anon I read the article in today's Daily Mirror. Why is there no mention that the reason for this fund is because Mr Amaral has a right to appeal but couldn't because his funds/assets were frozen? people donated to the McCann's and they have admitted using some of this money to sue him so how can people who are donating to Mr Amaral's legal fund be classed as 'trolls' . Wouldn't that make all donators whether it be to the McCann's or Mr Amaral, 'trolls'? £10
  2613   Frances Claydon **** £5
  2612   Maureen Kirkwood So the McCann's think that people who donate here are influencing court proceedings, so money talks, you would know all about that McCann's, is that why you left Snr Amaral penniless, here is a small token just to add to that influence, may all the luck in the world be behind you Snr Amaral, God Bless £5
  2611   Gill Kelly This one's for Jerry Lawton for printing such rubbish. So the McCanns are exasperated that we are influencing a court process by helping to fund an appeal by a man who has had his own assets frozen by...oh, wait a minute, the McCanns!! Hope this is the beginning of a flood of fresh donations today. £5
  2610   Lin Jenkins In memory of Brenda and Maddy and for you Goncalo, man of integrity and truth. £10
  2609   IN MEMMORY Brenda Leyland. My utmost apologies for previously writing the name Barbara. Early hours and am exhausted. I am genuinley sorry for any offence caused by my mistake. £5
  2608   IN MEMMORY Of Brave Decent Barbara Leyland, who was apparently also running a lone campaign against known and suspected paedophiles in high places. MSM never mentione that, but a friend of Brenda`s recently stated it online. I wondered at the time if the McCanns were the real or only reason for Brenda being `suicided`. May Brenda Rest in Peace, and continued sympathy to her family and friends. £5
  2607   I believe The dogs It's a travesty that in order to fight for justice money is needed.I wonder when the mccanns look back, do they think their money has been well spent on suing so many people.What has it achieved? I often think of all the charities that could have benefited from their litigation costs.Banned books always become the book everyone wants to read.Underdogs have a place in people's hearts and the drums for justice are beating loudly.Good luck snr Amaral. £10
  2606   Alison Lloyd Hope we can get to £50K before 7th October! And that Sr Amaral can look forward to his appeal going ahead in confidence that the funds are there to support him. Forca Goncalo! £10
  2605   Treacle Farley WITH LOVE FROM SHEPHERDS BUSH XXX £5
  2604   Marian Grove It's great to see the recent rush of donations. £9
  2603   Marion K Privileged to make another small donation to this worthy cause, and honoured to be in the company of the increasingly many who question the status quo, and who are willing to raise their voices and dig deep in support of the brave and noble Goncalo Amaral. His life has been systematically destroyed by those who would hinder his quest for truth and jutice in the case of missing Madeleine. Belated birthday greetings to you Goncalo and hopefully you will win your appeal in the very near future. With love and respect. £10
  2602   Waren Koodside To push this in to the next thousand n kickstart the journey to £50k. Happy belated birthday Goncalo, a fine detective and human being. Behind u always! £201
  2601   Ronald B This farce needs to stop now! The British public have awakened with regards to the dreadful cover-up in this case and no amount of MSM spin will convince them otherwise. God only knows what happened but enough is enough! Good luck Goncalo, they have ruined your life but the truth will always prevail. With lies you may get ahead in the world — but you can never go back. I bet they wish they could! So very sad. £50
  2600   John Sinclair Glad this book was produced and so sad I gave money to the Maddie fund years ago. The truth will come out one day, hopefully very soon. Facts are never the enemy of the truth and adults should be entrusted to sift fact from fiction and no court in the land should be interfering in that in a case where people may, or may not, have duped the populace. £50
  2599   Occam's Razor Goncalo Amoral - They destroyed his family life, his finances and tried to destroy his reputation. This fund - Ignored by MSM. Brenda Leyland - No direct contact with the parents yet she was subject to the cowardly 'door stepping' of Martin Brunt. The' brave' Martin Brunt et al picked on an elderly, vulnerable woman. Ben Needham's family - Side-lined by MSM. Now blocked. What a bitter pill to swallow seeing the amount of money, contrived publicity and high level protection flowing to the parents who left a toddler to baby sit two babies. MSM - Silenced. Reporting what their puppet masters decide to report, NOT investigating and reporting facts. Frightened by the threat of law suits. There is a price involved in standing up for justice. It is fortunate, indeed, if the price we have to pay is a fiver or more. Thank goodness for people who swim against the tide - if a Troll is someone who is **Tenaciously** Relentlessly** Outing** Ludicrous**Laughable**Scenarios** you should be proud!! £70
  2598   Karen Laverick Wishing you a very happy birthday Señor Amaral. If I met you today I would shake your hand & buy you a little drink...this little donation will have to do instead...many happy returns of the day, Sir... : ) £20
  2597   matthew wright To GA From BL £20
  2596   Eddie Keela But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. £20
  2595   Rosalind S Wishing you a Happy Birthday Snr Amaral. I hope the ordeal that has been unfairly visited on you is soon over, and that the obvious wrongdoers are punished to the fullest extent of the law in due course. £5
  2594   Jan Alliss Happy Birthday Snr Amaral, hoping you have had a truly wonderful day. You deserve it and soooo many supporting you. £20
  2593   Successful Appeal A toast to justice on your birthday Sir! £25
  2592     £5
Elaine Henshaw
13 hours ago
A small donation but given with a huge amount of respect, Snr Amaral. Happy Birthday.
  2591   Anonymous **** £15
  2590   Katherine Boyd **** £5
  2589   Gail Smith Happy Birthday Snr Amaral..May justice be done..good luck from Scotland x £10
  2588   Ang H Wishing you a very happy birthday, Dr Amaral, may justice shine brightly on you this year. £20
  2587   Tracey Chalk Happy Birthday Goncalo. I wish you peace and happiness....both of which you truly deserve x £5
  2586   Not Being Conned £70 to you GA to wish you a Happy Birthday today and in memory of Brenda Leyland for 4th October, RIP. I don't think I need to add any other comments, other donors have said everything that needs saying. £70
  2585   Julie Miles Have A Very Happy Birthday Gonçalo Amaral. The case that has been etched in your memory for a lifetime. We're here to help you pick up the pieces and see that you get your life back on track. May justice prevail for you and Madeleine. Kindest Regards From Everyone At Gonçalo Amaral The Truth Of The Lie £5
  2584   amelia whyte A birthday gift for you Gonçalo , Madeleine's hero ,I hope you are well and able to enjoy today,forgetting your troubles even just a short while, we will never give up supporting you ,just as you have not given up on Madeleine,a beacon of hope and peace in a world where truth and justice are punishable, be strong and have courage ,we are behind you all the way in your quest to be heard and bring justice for those who cannot speak for themselves...thank you for never giving up on her £10
  2583   frances claydon **** £5
  2582   Maureen Kirkwood Fiver Friday, just a small token to wish you a Happy Birthday Snr Amaral, and all the best on your up coming appeal, Justice will be done. £5
  2581   Jean Aked ♫ ♬ Happy Birthday ♬ ♫ £20
  2580   Marian Greaves Here is a token to celebrate your birthday but really today you have much more. You have the love of a good family, the support of many thousands of people around the world, and a heart that can swell with pride knowing you have always tried to do the best for people. The McCann's have none of that. Happy Birthday Sir, enjoy. xx £10
  2579   Davy Mac I wish you a peaceful and happy birthday Goncalo, I hope the knowledge that you have so many people supporting you makes this day very special for you. £20
  2578   Anonymous **** £10
  2577   susan keen Happy birthday we support you a million% £10
  2576   paula reed Just a little more to help :).. and very pleased to help alsoxxx £10
  2575   Jan Ward Happy Birthday Mr. Amaral. You and Brenda Leyland are as one, justice seekers, even though Brenda's life was cut short because she was so wrongly persecuted by the media and the pro McCanns who unjustifiably tarnished her as a troll, which has since been confirmed as untrue. All you and thousands of others around the world just want justice to be served for Maddie. R.I.P dear Brenda & Mr. Amaral please know that we stand along side you. £25
  2574   Helen Williamson An additional contribution on this special day for you, Dr Gonçalo Amaral, and to aid the fund to break the £50000 mark and more! I am so ashamed to be British in a country where corruption and abuse is rife, and cover ups add more heartbreaking despair to the victims and concern to those who are law abiding. Shame on those who remain silent whilst aware of the facts! £10
  2573   J Cope Happy Birthday Goncalo Amaral. £25
  2572   Frances Gallagher Happy Birthday Senhor Amaral from the team at Madeleine McCann Abduction or Scam, The fastest growing group in facebook . With a team dedicated in their quest for justice for Madeleine. . £100
  2571   Connie Gates I'm so proud of what we have done, and of Leanne for giving us this place to do it, to stand with a decent man who has been vilified by the McCanns. Some of us donating when we couldn't really afford it, but squeezed it from somewhere. We are all so enraged at what happened to a helpless little girl, Madeleine, and the powerful cover-up/protection machine that has allowed this farce to continue for so long. There are so many good people around the world who refuse to stop fighting for truth and justice. The huge web of lies and corruption will break soon. People get older and memories fail, and we all know that liars have to have very good memories. Children grow up and ask questions etc. Just too many people, 'holiday' pals, extended families and co-conspirators in the McCann's web , it must surely break. As for people in the know (and their must be many of them) some may feel the burden too great as time goes by and want to clear their consciences before they meet their maker. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Goncalo! £25
  2570   patricia Mcgregor Happy birthday Goncalo ,we are all with 100% . Have a great day x £40
  2569   Judy Turner Happy Birthday Goncalo Amaral. May truth and justice prevail xx £30
  2568   Teddy Shepherd £48K for Kate's 48 unanswered questions. Justice one day. £50
  2567   Colin Connaughton Happy Birthday, Sr Amaral, and best of luck in the next few days. With no evidence for abduction, it is more than suspicious for the McCanns to claim that that is what it was. £30
  2566   Jackie G Happy Birthday Gonçalo and for Brenda xxx £10
  2565   well well well Have a great day Mr Amaral.We look forward to you wiping the smile off Dr's "we didn't do it" faces. £20
  2564   Helen Williamson Happy Birthday Dr Gonçalo Amaral. May you soon regain peace and tranquility in the lives of you and your family. Thank goodness this fund was started. I hope the many donations can convey the warmth, care and respect that so many people have for you. Wishing you a special day. Good luck. £20
  2563   Jill 'Get'emGonçalo' Havern I hope you manage to have a very happy birthday today, Gonçalo, despite everything that you are currently enduring for having done your job. How were you to possibly know what would then happen to you, your wife, your children, your wider family, your dog, your health and your financial security, when you got the call to investigate this very sinister, political case of a 'missing' child whose body was concealed by her own parents who then went on to steal millions of pounds from well-wishers. You now have an amazing worldwide support-network which I hope gives you comfort and strength. Good luck and best wishes for your appeal, and may justice prevail so you can sue "the McCanns, their group of friends and other people and entities" to get to the truth of what really happened to little Madeleine Beth McCann, who was dead before any of us even knew her name. This is not just your fight for justice, but ours too...and, of course, the twins, Sean and Amelie. One day, I'm sure, they will be eternally grateful to you whilst despising what their parents did to their sister. The truth must come and the McCanns brought to justice. xx £20
  2562   The Lady Cankles of Craiglockhart With sadness, for a brave woman remembered today. RIP Brenda Leyland. £30
  2561   JMN Another small donation to a thoroughly worthwhile cause. "ask the dogs.. £10
  2560   Maureen Cooke Two doctors in the medical profession must be feeling unsettled this week and let's hope they are because they should be. I hope and pray that Snr Amaral will win and the tables will be turned on you those two doctors who ruined a man's life just for doing his job. He was able to see through the pack of lies, deception,deceit, you played your part in this charade well don't be fooled no one believed you for a moment. No one ever will. ..........Happy birthday Snr Amaral lets hope we can pop open the bubbly on 7th, stay strong.Only a short wait ahead. xx £20
  2559   Ann Courtney A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SNR AMARAL 2ND OCTOBER. Hope this birthday you are full of hope and confident of justice being served in 5 days time in your favour at long last. October birthdays are under the sign of Libra, the sign of the scales and the seeker of justice for all... and for all things are a true will have lots to celebrate this week as justice MUST be served for you. BEST WISHES ON YOUR BIRTHDAY SIR X £5
  2558   Jill 'Get'emGonçalo' Havern RIP Brenda Leyland. Martin Brunt, Sky News, Kate and Gerry McCann and their vile supporters, all have your blood on their hands. £10
  2557   nicl adkin Good luck mate. £5
  2556   Katherine Boyd **** £10
  2555   Colin Wakefield Well done Leanne for starting this funding effort and perpetual strength to you Goncalo in your quest for the truth. Together we can make a stand against those that choose to hide behind expensive lawyers - we can never give up for Maddies's sake. £100
  2554   P M A year since Brunt from Sky, acting on a lying "dossier of death" prepared by the McCanns' family and supporters, and endorsed by Gamble, (but totally rejected by the Met and LeicPol) started hounding a pensioner for asking all the questions everyone in the world is asking, in a brutal way which led directly to her death. And no one has ever apologised. No one has ever explained. They have her death on their consciences - assuming of course they have consciences £10
  2553   Myra Dennis Madeleine you have been on our minds everyday since 3.7.2007. This case will be solved one day and the two culprits will be brought to justice.They will then be the most hated couple ever known this Century. They are Lying Disturbed Twisted Gits. Justice For Madeleine McCann £5
  2552   Treacle Farley This is a small donation in memory of our friend Brenda Leyland, who woke up this morning a year ago, to go out with a mate and was door stepped by Martin Brunt on behalf of the mccanns. jim gamble for asking questions about what happened to Madeliene. Both gone but not forgotten. Amaral God Bless you, their voice, £5
  2551   Peter Mac 11, 26, *9, euromillions, so here is my fiver. (I see that the huge 8k donation is still shown, so all the pro-Child-neglectors who said it was a fraud were - once again - totally wrong, and lying) Also new book out in Holland naming the people who perhaps inadvertently helped to move or store the body - allegedly, obviously ! £5
  2550   Dave @ I small donation to the fund the only way is up , i can't see many people donating to the Mc fund well apart from those nut jobs that seem to think the sun shines out of their backsides . Every once in a while we are buoyed by a nice donation from an unexpected group , If you are sitting on the fence and have a few hundred to spare , would you like to see justice to be done ? do you believe in fairness , give GA a sporting chance , i wish you all well £5
  2549   ruth bashford The evidence against the McCanns is overwhelming, and yet they've never even been interviewed by Scotland Yard. Very odd! £5
  2548   Anonymous **** £150
  2547   M B Dogs don't lie! 11 alerts to the Mccann's apartment, clothes and car only! Our press/media/government may try to hide the Truth , yet we are with you Goncalo Amaral, they have NO evidence of an abductor because there is none. Always best. Wishes. £10
  2546   Frances Gallagher From Madeleine McCann : Abduction or Scam . always supporting truth and justice. £10
  2545   Maggie MacKay All these kids making and selling cup cakes and old grannies knitting scarves and mittens to help toward the Maddie's 'fighting fund' and then the parents using the same money to sue the very man who tried to help about "biting the hand that feeds you" ! Good luck Snr. Amaral...there are more people for you than against you here in the U £9
  2544   Gill's Mum Wishing with all my heart the right result in this appeal process Senor Amaral. £5
  2543   Gill Kelly Whatever it takes Sr Amaral, your fight is our fight £5
  2542   Anonymous **** £5
  2541   beverley thorius For Madeleine. Delighted to see the very large donations from Portugal, made my day. £10
  2540   Paul Rees Friday Fiver. “Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” ― Brodi Ashton Amaral is a true and worthy hero. £5
  2539   Alison Scanlon Good luck sir! ! £10
  2538   For truth and Integrity Stay strong Goncalo Amaral - we all stand with you and believe in you. More and more people are starting to read the Portuguese police files and making up their own minds. Proud to be a part of this team - integrity is everything! £20
  2537   Mick McNulty Fiver Friday! £5
  2536   Shell ey for Amaral in your pursuit of truth and justice £6
  2535   Ang H Wow, well done Portugal! Here is my monthly troll fee for truth & justice £100
  2534   Ann Courtney Snr Goncalo Amaral, You are our modern day truth fighter, Our world needs more people like you, Portuguese people are fortunate to have you in their midst, we are all working class people who support you, none of us have real money and that Mr Amaral is the IMPORTANT MOST WONDERFUL TRIBUTE TO YOU. We have a saying......a fool and their money are easily parted, but, we are no fools regarding this sham. and we the British public are ashamed of how our Government and Newspapers are treating you. I would rather stand in your shoes and have the respect of the world, than be in the shoes of the smug monied evil entities who have their money through ill gotten gains. They have no friends, only fellow partners in crime. You Sir will WIN this court battle.........even if the Powers that be prevent you from winning through political have WON this battle in all your followers eyes ALREADY, you will never walk alone or face lonlieness nor destitution ever. YOUR FRIENDS IN BRITAIN WILL NEVER ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN. Take good care of yourself for us all. xxx £10
  2533   Anonymous **** £5
  2532   Eileen Calder Dr Amaral When the people trying to destroy you legally have found it necessary in the past to consult the lawyers of murdering dictator General Pinochet on extradition issues, the lawyers of the alleged Omagh Bomber on the matter of LCN/ DNA, the lawyers of Eugene Zapata (self confessed killer) on the evidence of cadaver dogs and employ the services of Carter Ruck to bully anyone who uses their right to free expression I think that tells the public something about the truth behind the lies being told against you. When they employ so called detectives whose expertise is in money laundering and not missing children some of whom have been convicted of fraud that tells you where the truth may be found. £15
  2531   Alexander Cunningham Another wee contribution from Scotland. Keep up the fight for truth and justice Mr. Amaral. £10
  2530   Ashley Miller So many people forget that this is about Justice for a 3 year old little princess called Madeline. You have never forgotten this. £20
  2529   Gail Smith We are all Goncalo Amaral..All The best from Scotland x £5
  2528   Sam Studley Wow! Just wow! Stunned at the generosity of people and such a boost from Portugal! You can do it Snr Amaral! Sock it to em £10
  2527   Jeannie Brook Hopefully Goncalo and his family will soon be able to get their lives back xx £10
  2526   Troll Toll In the name of the freedom of speech. In the name of the children's charity that might eventually benefit from these donations, if the saga can be brought to a swift and satisfactory conclusion. £5
  2525   Isabelle McFadden I believe in Goncalo Amaral..He has fought for Madeleine McCann a little girl who dissapeared under suspicious circumstances. I believe her parents are 100% responsible. May the truth be brought to the surface £50
  2524   The Sun
I feel so shamed by the Portugal donors showing us for what we really are, I am sorry for lying so much and I hope this breaks the ice for all of my colleagues who have made a fortune out of this case to put in large donations before the end of the month. Remember, doing the right thing is never too late. £5
  2523   Dorothy Mistry It has lifted my spirits to see larger donations being given at last!! this is my donation for last week and this week, because I believe in Dr Amaral and not the other 2 doctors who appear to be unable to speak the truth! I will continue to donate as long as this fund is needed and I truly believe that one day we will reap the rewards and see justice done. I want to see Dr Amaral get his life back and to know that we believe in him!!! £50
  2522   Frances Claydon get em goncalo £5
  2521   Jo Petteford **** £20
  2520   Paul Rees Tenner Tuesday. "Buoyed" by the generosity of the anonymous donator today; let's be thankful for the good in humankind whose only agenda is to find the truth and see justice done. £10
  2519   Helen Williamson Onwards and upwards Dr Amaral in your honourable pursuit of truth. Always important but especially so for a child. The public donations show many feel the same and send not only money but heart felt wishes that your life, and life for your family can be calm again. £10
  2518   A McCann Disbliever My usual fiver when I can find it to contribute. Thrilled at the generosity from my fellow humans who want justice, truth and equity in all of this. Why is there never any mention of their live-in Nanny who ``went back to Canada`` just before they went to PDL? A Nanny apparently DID exist, as some Rothley villagers apparently confirmed. Was she Canadian? How did they find her for employment? Through an agency? Are Canadian Nannies able to gain work permits for the UK? I thought Nanny and Au Pair work permits were only allowed for EU students? Was her employment with them legal? Exactly how long did she remain with them? Her prior background? Her name, address and who did she give as her next of kin for emergencies? Did she contact the McCann`s to offer help or moral support? If not, Too odd!!! WHY has no one ever traced her for vital evidence of the McCann`s home and family life? Supposing we believed their version Maddie`s disappearance (what they called her and what she introduced herself as until an OC `Nanny` (only trained for 2 weeks!) said that when she called her `Maddie`, the little girl crossly told her `Madeleine! I don`t like being called `Maddie` even though Maddie had previously introduced herself and `Maddie- to Charlotte Pennington (see the creche register oddities and also the other blond Madeleine who was in the same group)). So, suppose we suspend reality for a minute and believe them. The `Canadian` Nanny might have formed a strong attachment to Maddie and may have been the one who abducted her. So how could she NOT have been found and questioned as to all of the above? The PJ weren`t even allowed to tap the phones of the McGangsters (strange in itself), so they might well have been disallowed from finding the `Canadian` Nanny. There has been no such restrictions on the three British Governments, however. Nor on the abject sycophants for McGangsters & Murdoch Inc. Is the `Canadian` Nanny even alive, well, unafraid to talk and uncorrupt? All those millions from our Govs, more from the Portugese Govs , not to mention the `McGangster private fund` boosted enormously by torts they were so infamously awarded. All that money, and the `Canadian` Nanny and her safety remain as much of a mystery as poor little Maddie?! £5
+1 2517   Julie Miles 50 Questions for Kate #mccann Why? Kate #mccann 1.Why did you still go out leaving the children after you told everyone you were being watched? 2.Why do you need the 'spinning services' of Clarence Mitchell? 3.Why did you flee Portugal shortly after you were both made arguidos? 4.why did you not take advantage of the night time babysitting service available to you? 5.Why did you let someone you didn't know personally check on Madeleine? 6.Why do you want Gonçalo Amaral to feel fear? 7.Why did you want to kill Robert Murat? 8.Why did you leave three children under the age of four in an unlocked apartment, making them even more at risk and even more vulnerable? 9.Why is there a top London legal team ready should you require their services if criminal proceedings are brought against you? 10.Why did you pay for a team of very dodgy detectives, who didn't have experience in finding 'lost' children out of the fighting fund? 11.Why was Madeleine made a ward of court? 12.Why did Gerry answer 'no comment' when asked if he knew Robert Murat? 13.Why did you leave diligently lock your apartment when you and your family went out for the day, yet you decided to leave it unlocked at night whilst your three precious children were abandoned inside the apartment? 14.Why did you not look inside the childrens' room when you noticed the door was open more than usual,but you actually pulled it to and still didn't bother to see if the children were ok? 15.Why did it say in your original statements that you both used the FRONT DOOR KEY to enter your apartment? 16.Why did you say that Madeleine would never ever leave her brother or sister on their own yet you expected her to come looking for you if she woke up? 17.Why did you tell us that your babies had cried for you, yet you still decided to leave them all alone the following evening? 18.Why were only YOUR fingerprints found on the window? 19.Why do you believe the alleged abductor opened the window, not as his means of entry/exit (that was her original story) but as a 'red herring?' 20.Why weren't you going to do a 'visual check' once you had reached the apartment? 21.Why did you tell us the shutters were jemmied when they weren't? 22.Why did Clarence Mitchell have to retract this statement? 23.Why did you discuss with your Tapas friends that you had left your apartment unlocked on May 3rd, why not all the other nights? 24.Why did you start a fighting fund and hire top London lawyers? 25.Why didn't you call the police straight away once you'd noticed that Madeleine was gone? 26.Why did you say you entered the apartment from the locked front door, when you would have had to pass the shuttered window, which apparently was almost fully up and the window was opened as far as it would go? 27.Why did you suppress the efits that look so much like Gerry? 28.Why did you accept that your friends didn't want to do a reconstruction as they felt it wouldn't help the investigation? 29.Why do each and every one of your version of events change so drastically from one televised interview to another? 30.Why did you not answer any questions? 31.Why did you fail to remember important sightings? 32.Why have you never publicised a reward for the safe return of Madeleine? 33.Why did you mislead the public about the fighting fund? 34.Why have you written the book 'madeleine' to be all about yourself and Gerry? 35.Why halfway through your holiday did you change from leaving your children in a locked apartment to an unlocked apartment? 36.Why did you never request the re-opening of the case? 37.Why did you 'disappear' for two hours on your trip to Huelva? 38.Why did you rack up unjustified mileage in your hire car? 39.Why did you telephone Inspector Police Inspector Ricardo Paiva and tell him you had a dream that Maddie was on a hill and that police should search for her there? 40.Why did you hold a secret meeting in the Rothley Hotel with some of the other witnesses? 41.Why did you leave the twins behind whilst you gallivanted around Europe? 42.Why did you ask for a priest on May 4th? 43.Why did you say the police were doing nothing when you never searched for Madeleine at all? 44.How did you both manage to sleep the morning after Madeleine 'disappeared'? 45.How did you both manage to play tennis and go jogging a couple of days after Madeleine 'disappeared'? 46.Why was Sky News called before the police? 47.Why did you sit on the beach rather than search for Madeleine? 48.Why do more and more people think you are complicit in the 'disappearance' of your daughter,more so after gaining access to the original police files? 49.Why did you delete texts and calls from your phone? 50.Why did you stage an abduction? Join us here to support Gonçalo Amaral Thank you £30
  2516   Dave Woolley **** £20
  2515   Jan Patterson I have never believed the McCann's from day one and they should have been arrested for neglect at least in the first instance. There have been many child abductions and they do not even receive half the publicity that the McCann's have had. I await the day that the truth comes out and smacks them in the face......Good luck Goncalo Amaral many are routing for you Jan, England £5
  2514   Val Woolyback The group donators comments are spot on , shame on Brit media & shame on vile trolls attacking everyone . Good Luck Mr Amaral , everyone is standing with you against the McCann machine / monster £5
  2513   Karen Laverick Just logged in to pay my monthly payday troll fee & thought my heart would burst at the amazingly generous donations from a group of anonymous workers... Let's hope we can get this fund up to £50,000 by the trial. £35
  2512   Bravo Bravo Always a delight to see a donation made to this wonderful fund for Dr Amaral set up by Leanne Baulch. -----This morning to see the latest donations by a group of employees from various companies, and the message this donation carried is magnificent.---- Bravo to one and all who contributed to the donation. £100
  2511   anônimo anônimo **** £4,000
  2510   Anônimo Anônimo

De um grupo anónimo de funcionários de empresas e do meio legal que estão estupefactos com o que aconteceu. Portugal e a Grã-Bretanha são velhos aliados, mas os McCann e os tablóides britânicos tentaram separar-nos. Todos vemos perfeitamente aquilo que estão a tentar fazer, congelando os bens do Dr Amaral para o impedir de se defender, enquanto usam os milhões que lhes foram doados pelo público para o processar. Isto não é justiça. Isto está errado. Os McCann perderam 5 das suas 7 pretensões, mas a imprensa britânica não o reportou, nem tão-pouco reportou as palavras duras utilizadas pela juíza em relação às suas supostas 'provas'. Têm de pagar 60% das custas, mas a imprensa britânica não o reportou. Esta pequena doação destina-se a assegurar que este venenoso acto de ódio não seja bem sucedido. Acreditamos que um dia a verdade será contada, embora seja improvável que sejam os pais a fazê-lo.

Translation: by Montclair @ MCF

From a group of company workers and of the legal system who are stupefied with what has happened. Portugal and Great Britain are old allies, but the McCanns and the British tabloids have tried to separate us. We all see perfectly what they are trying to do, freezing Dr. Amaral's assets in order to keep him from defending himself, while they use the millions that were donated by the public to sue him. This is not justice. This is wrong. The McCanns lost 5 of their 7 claims, but the British press hasn't reported it, neither did they report the harsh words used by the judge in relation to their presumed "proof". They must pay 60% of the costs, but the British press has not reported it. This small donation is to ensure that this venomous act of hate will not succeed. We believe that one day the truth will be told, although it will be improbable that it will be the parents who will do it.

  2509   Peter Mac Another two numbers on Euromillions, so here it is. Let us hope there is money left over for the Children's home when this nonsense is finished. £5
  2508   annie barrett However long it takes I will contribute to this fund untill justice is served on those responsible in the faked abduction of Madeleine Beth McCann. £5
  2507   Rebecca Cassaamigopaedo Jaysus keep up the good work mr Amaral , all the trolls and spamming botts on social media must be ignored as they are sure to be sure ( dats oirish ) a great big poil of trolls , have no fear , you will get to the bottom of this McCann machine as sure as a four leaf oirish clover . God bless you £5
  2506   Josephina Alotofolddrivel Because you're worth it Mr Amaral , everyone's hero X £5
  2505   Anonymous **** £5
  2504   Shilly Wicatty So good to see your appeal is coming round quickly , go forth and sue those child neglecters and other entities , you have huge support , good luck Sir £5
  2503   Eddie and Keela Dogs can't lie. £5
  2502   ruth bashford Good luck Dr. Amaral with your appeal. £5
  2501   Jill 'Get'emGonçalo' Havern Get'em Gonçalo...and when you've got 'em then go after the others and get your life back! £10
  2500   Linda Godman Thinking of you and your family Goncalo Amaral what you all have going through. God bless you. Justice for a gentleman who was doing his job. £5

In the UK the fees are 6.9% plus 20p per donation.

(Gofundme keeps 5%, the rest covers payment processing afaics)

£3,250.25 - 6.9% of £47,105.00

£504.20 - 2,521 Donations @ 20pence

£3,754.45 = total deductions

£47,105.00 fund total   

- £3,754.45 minus total deductions
£43,350.55 Amount left for Dr Amaral legal defence


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