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  2499   Iseult S Glad to see the defence fund still coming along nicely. Remember how Dr Amaral's enemies thought it might just raise a couple of thousand! Wrong about that, just as they're wrong about everything else. £25
  2498   Mick McNulty Fiver Friday! I'm not sure if I still owe one so here's two. £10
  2497   Andy Hopkins I make this payment on behalf of the Xavier Bastin and Robyn Kelly accounts from the press watchdog the Independent (HA HA HA) Press Standards Organisation who are not doing their job and ensuring that the press abide by the Code of Practise. From a reply I sent to Robyn and Xavier: You're obviously having difficulty accepting the press have broken your code of practise and that you should be acting on it so I'll put it another way. Let's assume this is an entirely new case breaking today. Which of the following 3 statements are acceptable for the press to print using just Clause 1 – Accuracy of your code of practise as a guideline, which they should be anyway! 1) Child A was abducted from their families holiday apartment - No evidence (forensic or physical) and no facts whatsoever to substantiate this claim. 2) Child A has disappeared from their families holiday apartment. 3) Child A died in their families holiday apartment and the parents are directly involved in the subsequent cover up of the death, concealment and disposal of the body, assisted, aided and abetted by members of a group of friends they travelled with and members of several government departments - A wealth of evidence (physical and forensic), facts, contradictions, anomalies, witness testimony etc to substantiate this claim. I'll narrow it down for you to make it easier. Which of these should the press NOT report in the papers using your code of practise as the guideline?? Hint: It's not 2 or 3. Using your Clause 1 – Accuracy in this matter it is obvious to conclude that by stating that Madeleine McCann was abducted is inaccurate (due to no facts and no evidence), it's misleading (press do not print ANY of the evidence/facts freely available in the public domain that points people to what really happened) and it's distorted (just because Madeleine is missing doesn't mean she was abducted. The evidence and facts available show you that). You yourselves - the IPSO do not dispute the fact that there is no evidence to support the press printing the abduction scenario over and over again. Are you aware that by failing to act you are complicit in not only failing to do your duty and uphold your own code of practise but also in covering up the the truth of what really happened in Praia da Luz in May 2007? £10
  2496   Lou Lou A Doctor makes a house visit and finds two Babies hard on fast asleep. There is lots of background noise from Family, Friends, Police and Workers from the Complex and still The Children are sleeping. The Doctor thinks that's strange, puts their hand on The Babies Backs a few times then moves them to a Neighbours house and still they sleep. We'd all be screaming negligence. At the very least The Babies should have gone to Hospital for tests and we'd be shouting for The Doctor to be sacked, jailed or worse yet this is not an imaginary scenario. The Doctor was The Mother of The Babies £5
  2495   Frances Claydon **** £5
  2494   Gail Smith Sorry its not much,hope justice is served this time,We are all Goncalo Amaral,All the best from Glasgow x £5
  2493   M B Going on holiday, was wondering how I would feel if I saw a group of Doctors leaving their children alone whilst they were out having a meal and drinking, not once, that's bad enough, but 5 nights running, and on the last night one of their babies goes missing never to be seen again. It's never happened since and will probably never happen again. Yet God forbid any Senior Detective who is on duty when anyone likes the Mccann's is in your country, you will feel the full wrath of the UK Government and the UK MSM if you dare accuse the parents of neglect. Goncalo Amaral did not deserve this , he was just doing his job. Justice for Madeleine and Goncalo £5
  2492   Peter Ollerenshaw **** £10
  2491   Peter Mac Got 2 numbers and a bonus on Euromillions, so here is a bit, with the rest re-invested for the big one. Good luck, Sir. All decent people are wishing you well. £10
  2490   Teresa Williams happy to share my small " fortune " again with this man.... together we will win justice for ALL! £5
  2489   Val Mulraney Continuing to support Senhor Amaral in his appeal against an unjust decision and disproportionate damages and hopefully raise awareness amongst the general public to not swallow the PR tripe served up by or on behalf of Team McCann in msm, but read the facts in the PJ Files available on line - just google "mccann files" and educate yourselves. £100
  2488   James O'Neill The sniffer dogs produced damning evidence against the McCanns. Madeleine's body had been in the apartment for at least 2 hours prior to its disposal. God only knows what brought about the poor child's death. Those bastards have been lying from day one. Good luck to you with your appeal Mr. Amaral and God bless. £5
  2487   tink tink For truth and justice! £25
  2486   Jill 'Get'emGonçalo' Havern The CMOMM forum is dedicated to finding the truth about what really happened to Madeleine McCann and why there is a UK government cover up. Members regularly submit evidence to the British and Portuguese police and to Gonçalo Amaral to help him with his court case. Força Gonçalo! £10
  2485   Anne Lewis I am so sorry this has happened to you. Some people have friends in very 'high' places. I hope the truth will come out one day and justice be served. £50
  2484   Justice and Truth **** £5
  2483   nick adkin **** £10
  2482   Maureen Kirkwood Once again it's fiver Friday, when will SY say they have no clues, no leads, when will they open their eyes, there is not one shred of evidence that supports an abduction, but plenty that points to the parents involvement, question the parents and their tapas friends again in depth, that's where you will find your clues, leads and evidence, if the public can see it, why can't you SY, we won't accept a whitewash, we want justice for Madeleine and Snr Amaral. £5
  2481   Mick McNulty Fiver Friday! One for today and one behind. £10
  2480   B Harrison Keep the faith, justice will be done. £20
  2479   Sarah Donegan Good luck Mr Amaral. We are on your side and cannot wait for justice to be done. We are not fools. £5
  2478   AJ B
Prison is too good for the McCann's as we tax payers would be paying for their keep. Just as we are paying with the farce the Met are pulling! The lies The Mc's have told. The hatred they have spat, and the harm they have caused to many people - Disgusting! they should tell us where Madeleine is and give the poor child some dignity. £5
  2477   ruth bashford I believe in the dogs. In the UK cadaver dog evidence is taken very seriously and is used in court even without DNA/forensic evidence to support it. Google the Suzanne Pilley murder. Of course, in the McCann there was DNA/forensic evidence to support the dogs. With all the evidence against the McCanns I will never understand why they were not arrested. £5
  2476   Skuii Spambot
Goncalo Amaral - our hero
  2475   Clare Darby **** £5
  2474   Anonymous **** £10
  2473   Cyran. O. D Bergerac

 It's as plain as the nose on my face....




  2471   Brigette Barnes

Good luck in your appeal Sir. The truth will out one day, and all involved in this sorry mess will be shamed and brought to justice. I have not spoken to ONE single person in 8 years who believe the McCanns are innocent. The public are not fools, The McCanns are universally disliked and ,apart from a (very) small group of Supporters, are considered to be greedy, distasteful, vindictive, litigious, arrogant criminals. The law will catch up with them one-day and they will finally be held accountable for what they did to Madeleine. R I P.

  2470   Vicky Pollard ``Yeah but no but yeah but - like - you know - um - arr - um - um - you know - it`s like......`` The dogs know what it`s like. Woof woof. £5
  2469   Anonymous **** £10
  2468   Anonymous ****
  2467   P M Mitchell is really on form again, blabbing that the McCanns have secretly been taking money OUT of the Fund which was to "search for Madeleine" . . and then having to say it has been put into another Fund - to "search for Madeleine". Is this similar to his “There are wholly innocent explanations for any material that the police may or may not have found” ? Have they been caught with their fingers in the till ? Is this nonsense a pre-emptive defence statement ? Did the Directors of the Private Limited Company - NOT a Charity - approve of this ? Can't wait to see the year's accounts - if they submit them. Go for it Dr Amaral. All right-thinking people are on the side of decency, honesty and truth in this. £5
  2466   Occam's Razor Oops ticked the wrong box on my previous donation. This is what I wanted to say: To: The parents, their holiday friends, Martin Brunt, Clarence Mitchell, MSM, specific people of authority in the establishment. The people posting offensive pictures on this site, the posters whose desire has nothing whatsoever to find out the accurate facts but who intimidate and scorn people (RIP Brenda Leyland). This includes people involved with the 'fund'. A fund just for Madeleine? Really! Think on this: THE PAST ISN'T GONE - IT'S JUST WAITING. Either in this life, thoughts on your death bed or in the hereafter this will come to fruition. It's worth repeating isn't it? THE PAST ISN'T GONE - IT'S JUST WAITING (FOR YOU) £5
  2465   Anonymous **** £50
  2464   louise east I have no doubt that the media will keep spinning! But we won't stop giving . So good wishes to you Goncalo for the best outcome to your appeal. We are with you all the way.x £10
  2463   Marian Greaves Missed a few of my friday fivers so trying to catch up. Great news about the appeal, come on all of you police and lawyers out there, see if we can have a real boost of donations this month for your fellow compatriots. Good luck with the appeal Goncalo. £5
  2462   Anonymous **** £5
  2461   well well well 5 er friday.Better late than never.x £5
  2460   Anonymous **** £20
  2459   M B Really pleased that the appeal for Goncalo will be held in October!! Ashamed that the UK MSM won't publish this and will NOT acknowledge this fund to help him, but there you go, Sniffer Dogs don't lie ! Truth and Justice are with you GA ! £5
  2458   Gareth Bouch All the best Dr Amaral. You're a great man, and you fight a great cause. I believe from the bottom of my heart there WILL be justice for Madeleine McCann, and for you. £10
  2457   Andy Hopkins I hope the correct decision is given this time. Team Amaral. Operation Grange, you have a chance to do the right thing. A lot of the evidence, facts, clues, breadcrumbs etc have already been found and researched for you. Considering the amount of time you've had to supplement this you should have a bloody huge solid case building against the real culprits - that's Kate and Gerry in case you don't know. Remember you took an oath to the people of this country, to the name, rank, constabulary and position on your warrant card! Time to prove you're not part of the whitewash/cover up that's happening and has been for 8 years + now. £10
  2456   Inez Shooter I'm hoping the public will soon stand up and bring a civil action against the McCann and their team. Our justice system is not working. £5
  2455   Mick McNulty Fiver Friday! Due to an inconvenient expense I'm still a fiver behind but I'll double-up next Friday. Great news about the appeal! £5
  2454   Rosalind S Great news about the appeal, Senor Amaral. Always thinking of you and your beautiful family. Forca! £5
  2453   Cake Angel Fiver Friday. Pleased to hear that the appeal has been accepted. Keep fighting Señor, we're all behind you. £5
  2452   rachel davies Not everyone believes them sir! Infact very few when aloud to voice it, thank you for trying to bring justice for this innocent child. £10
  2451   Alison Lloyd Oh dear, Clarence, you have really put your foot in it this time! I hope you are working pro bono, as I doubt if your employers will be pleased that you have told us all that they have been moving large amounts of cash from the Find Madeleine Fund to, well, um, a fund to find Madeleine. Now why would they need to do that? £10
  2450   Abby M Good to hear the appeal is accepted. There's no mention of it in the media but it certainly explains the hectic coverage over the past few days. Obviously, only information that's approved/dictated by the McCanns and their PR people gets published. £10
  2449   Peter Mac The mystery of the sudden flurry of stupid "Grange is / is not going to be wound down" stories in the tabloids is exposed. News about the Appeal going ahead has been neatly kept out of any of the British press. Except that Mitchell seems to have gone too far, and blabbed about the McCanns squirrelling away money FROM the Fund - which was supposed to be for Finding Madeleine - into a private account - supposed to be for Finding Madeleine ! Sorry, I don't think anyone will buy that one. A pre-emptive strike too far. Someone somewhere is going to want answers as to what has happened to the money the public donated, and where the book money went. Força Gonçalo ! £50
  2448   J T Delighted to hear today that your appeal has been accepted by the Appellate Court. Best wishes Goncalo Amaral, may justice be done x £20
  2447   Jean Aked Absolutely delighted that the the appeal has been accepted by the Appellate Court; my best wishes to Gonçalo Amaral. £5
  2446   Josh B The McCanns spokesman has formally announced that, in preparation for the winding down of Operation Grange, the McCanns have siphoned money from the Findmadeleine fund to search for Madeleine. WTF! Wasn't that the purpose of the multi-million pound fund in the first place? Yet again the public are taken for fools by PR spin and the media fails to question it. The only hope is that the Met police inquiry is genuine but unfortunately nothing can be taken for granted anymore. When the UK authorities wish to cover up and bury embarrassing or damaging information, we know they can string-out deliberately useless inquiries & investigations for years on end, particularly those concerning kids. £10
  2445   Jill Get'emGonçalo Havern The CMOMM forum is dedicated to finding the truth about what really happened to Madeleine McCann and why there is a UK government cover up. Members regularly submit evidence to the British and Portuguese police and to Gonçalo Amaral to help him with his court case. £10
  2444   Ann-Kristine Westwood A small contribution and apologies for not paying my last two week's 'Troll Fine' (I'm going on holiday and need some spending money) but I see today that Clarence Mitchell's cage has been rattled . He's revealed that K&G McCann are moving vast quantities of cash around in case SY drop the case. ( Or in order to pay your costs,eh?) So have a fiver . Take them to the cleaners. FORCA!!! xxxxxxx £5
  2443   C Hanson Very good news, the Met police inquiry into Maddy's disappearance is to continue, despite criticism from some quarters. £50
  2442   Mick McNulty I've been without a computer these past couple of weeks until I was able to buy a good refurb. I'm a few Friday Fivers behind but it's good to be back for Snr Amaral. I'll catch up again. £5
  2441   Katherine Boyd With you all the way. Good Luck Senor Amaral.xx £10
  2440   I am NOT A Troll!
This is my third donation, I urge everyone to keep on giving. Today I read that there is a desperate effort to have the McCann case shelved 'because of the cost to the UK tax-payer.' They say 'The case is getting nowhere'. How do they know that when it is being conducted in SECRET? Justice must be seen to be done, Mr Amaral was right! If this case is shelved then there will be an almighty protest from the law-abiding citizens of the UK because it will mean there has been an almighty cover-up and officials from the UK Government have turned a blind eye allowing someone to get away with the perfect murder.... I believe it will turn out to be murder or at the very least an accident and cover-up. We are not 'Sick Trolls' we are ordinary people who just want justice for madeleine, Mr Amaral and Brenda Leyland. That is why I say 'keep giving'. Whoever is guilty in Madeleine's disappearance MUST be brought to justice and Mr Amaral should be cleared and given his life back. Very strange isn't it that this attempt to have the case dropped comes at a time the Appeal for Amaral is about to begin. £5
  2439   Anonymous **** £5
  2438   Gail Smith **** £10
  2437   Colin Connaughton It is heartening to see that there are good conscientious dedicated people like you, Sr Amaral, who will pursue truth and justice for an innocent such as Madeleine. Best of luck! £20
  2436   Anonymous **** £5
  2435   Lesly Finn Proud to donate whenever I can. Thank you, Sr Amaral for all that you tried to do to get justice for a little girl who did not live to see her 4th birthday. I hope that your appeal is successful and that it will help you move closer to achieving that justice for Madeleine. £50
  2434   Jill Get'emGonçalo Havern The CMOMM forum is dedicated to finding the truth about what really happened to Madeleine McCann and why there is a UK government cover up. Members regularly submit evidence to the British and Portuguese police and to Gonçalo Amaral to help him with his court case. I do so hope Maddie and Gonçalo get the justice they deserve. This fund is truly fantastic and is going from strength to strength and will help Gonçalo when he starts to counter-sue those who have ruined his life for doing his job. God bless you Gonçalo for being Maddie's voice when her own parents have let her down. Thank you, Leanne, for taking the initiative to start this fund, and I hope you realise the enormous contribution you have made to this very sinister case. XXX £10
  2433   Julie White You are an honourable man with a kind face. Best wishes Mr Amaral to you & your family. £25
  2432   judith stratton **** £5
  2431   Thank you Goncalo Amaral A small donation but given with deep respect and admiration of your courageous stand. You are not alone £5
  2430   Peter Mac Pension paid quarterly, so here is my bit for the three months. Hope I can keep it up. Until this ghastly saga is brought to a proper conclusion, and the people responsible for the scam are brought to justice. £50
  2429   Anonymous **** £5
  2428   Arthur Wood **** £10
  2427   Anonymous **** £5
  2426   Lily Wells Dirty tricks by the McCann supporters only make us donate more....whoever it was "I thank you " for reminding me and others that we should donate more, this donation is for Leanne having been verbally abused xx Just love it that the funds is still going strong for a real hero.....Go Snr Amaral you are a man amongst men, with a heart of gold £10
  2425   Helen Williamson Remembering again a brave man who is a true campaigner for the truth of the tragedy of Madeleine, whereas for others it is self promotion and ego stroking. Shame on them. Bravo Dr Gonçalo Amaral! £10
  2424   McCann Disbeliever! With all Love and Respect to brave Leanne. To Whatever creep posted that lie about this wonderful young lady; was it just a nasty lie? Or a thinly veiled public death threat?! As with making an example of poor Brenda Leyland?! Whichever, YOU are an evil despicable soul that should be locked up for life to keep decent people safe. I feel so sorry for any one related to you, to have such scum in their family. £5
  2423   Teresa Williams Yep, happy to give a little when I have it. Here's hoping that after the summer break we will have good news about the court case.... Ajo £5
  2422   Bravo Pamalan Dear Pamalan A most splendid thing you have done in compiling the wonderful messages of support for Dr Amaral making them easily accessed for all to read. Such a joy to see the comments displayed in all their glory showing the enormous respect that so many have for this fine man.----- No doubt in my mind that for Dr Amaral, his family and friends, their spirits will be lifted by such a show of support, to know also that so many believe in him, to know that so many are fully aware of how he has been wronged by Madeleine's parents and all who have joined together with them since May 3rd 2007 in an attempt to silence others.-----------Dr Amaral is one brave man - in seeking justice for Madeleine, he has stood up to them all, but at huge cost, professionally, personally, financially, and on an emotional level..........He may have been down at some points throughout the attack on him by Madeleine's parents, but he will never be out, not when he has such backing.------------Dr Amaral speaks the truth, Together, our support for him is strengthened, his voice for justice for Madeleine, can be more widely spread.--------------A big thank you Pamalan. £30
  2421   David Woolley This months effort from me ;0) Sad to see some twatters saying you are dead to stop people donating ..... Desperation! £20
  2420   Marian Grove Good to be back and able to donate a bit more. £15
  2419   Pamalam * Here is the £5 that I have just won on a scratch card. I am waiting in anticipation for your appeal Dr Amaral. ********** Would anyone be interested in reading all of the old Donation/ comments? They also have all screenshots linked to each comment. If so here are the links ********* Comments 01 to 499:  ********** Comments 500 to 999:  ********** Comments 1,000 to 1,499:  ********** Comments 1,500 to 1,999:  ********** Comments 2,000 to 2,499: £5
  2418   Maureen Kirkwood Friday fiver, wish you well Snr Amaral on your appeal, God Bless. £5
  2417   I AM NOT A TROLL Another donation prompted by being reminded of G. McCs strange holiday reading! Curiouser and curiouser!!! I really have no idea what really happened but Mr Amaral seems to be on the right track! I feel that it is only fair that he should be able to defend himself! £20
  2416   M B If only ONE person, including the police could tell me why Eddie and Keela were only wrong in Mccann case? What do other police dog handlers feel about their dogs being dismissed by the mccanns? They had been correct in 200 cases and went on to work for the FBI? I trust Sniffer Dogs - do you? £5
  2415   Occam's Razor Money donated as sick to the stomach watching the nest of snakes slide and squirm round as they try to destroy free speech and legitamate debate. No reasoned arguments, no sensible opposing points of view - just utter and total vileness. Also notice; no distancing of them by the McCanns and their team. No door stopping by Martin Brunt. No reporting by MSM. Well keep slithering in your dirt and slime because one day you will have to account for your dark desires to see a man and his family destroyed; his crime to simply to shine a light on lies and contradictions and see justice done. You are not acting for Madeleine but I think you know that - don't you? £50
  2414   Katherine Boyd Good Senhor Amaralxx £10
  2413   Dorothy Mistry we won't be stopped, we won't be beaten. It will be worth every penny we have all donated just to show the McCanns that the majority of British people are decent folk, we don't approve of any parent neglecting their children, we don't like lies upon lies either, we certainly do not appreciate even more lies being told about one of us! Leanne has done an honorable thing by setting up this fund, she deserves better! I usually donate £10, but today it's £50, I want to see the fund getting bigger by the minute to show GA and Leanne the Trust , Faith and Hope we all have in the quest for Truth not LIES!!!! £50
  2412   Anonymous **** £10
  2411   well well well onwards and upwards GA. £5
  2410   Anonymous **** £5
  2409   Doctor Who Good Luck Amaral , those child neglecter doctors and their disgusting supporters are really quite vile . Wishing you all the best and look forward to you suing them £5
  2408   Linda Godman Support you 100% stay strong PJ GA God bless £5
  2407   Ann Courtney What seems like a sad state of affairs regarding people discrediting Mr Tony Bennett is actually a help to this case, when one stops and thinks logically, the people involved are really bringing to the fore, one of the most proven facts (child neglect) admitted by Mr and Mrs McCann themselves. Who can abide this crime? Mr Bennett (God bless him) is such a genuine man. Mr Bennett thank you for reiterating all evidence regarding your Court case and its outcome, Do your opponents not recognise this is good for people who haven't seen all your transcripts? It must have taken a lot of time and energy to print it all again, and for that part I offer you my complete empathy. You did it, and honest people thank you and admire such transparancy. Dr Amaral, I am sure will be reading all this onslought towards you and I am sure he will be disgusted at the treatment you are receiving as he is as honest and transparent as yourself Mr Bennett. I am sure he will be happy for me to pledge this money in his name, but on this day to share your own plight with you. A poster wrote the dark does not like light, please God bring these people out of the dark, being in the light makes for a happier life, It is very hard but I am trying to feel sorry for them, living in such misery. Yes in what they are doing is indeed desperation. Both you gentlemen hold your heads high and be happy with who you are and what you stand for. Take GOOD care of yourselves for all of us and from all of us. £10
  2406   Anonymous **** £10
  2405   Olly Off My Trolley
The supporters of the McCanns are one of three things - related, retarded or reimbursed. We know some of the relatives work on the internet on the family behalf - a family member stated this on oath in a Portuguese court. We know there are a few obsessed folk as there are behind any "cause". However, to pay people to flood Twitter with porn and bots is pretty silly. The effect can be seen here with the increase in donations. The absolute worst though must be to issue false death reports about a young lady, for simply standing up for the cause in which she believes. Doesn't that work both ways? What if a false report was issued about some of the more vocal and prominent supporters? You can bet there would be floods about haters. It is good the formal PJGA has taken over responsibility. Perhaps the young lady in question can lead a quieter life without the abuse. And Kate & Gerry McCann - do you condone your supporters actions? Are you proud that one of your relatives, one of your fans or somebody on your payroll behaves like this? Read or other resources to learn about the truth of the lie. £10
  2404   Karen Laverick I didn't see the sickening comment left by a typical McCann fan but thank you (whoever you are) for inspiring me to get my credit card out to give an extra donation. This donation is to show the respect I have, for both, Señor Amaral & Leanne.. £20
  2403   Rose Rose I too was very upset by the evil comment yesterday. Like another person said, dirty tricks can't hide the truth, makes me glad to donate another tenner. £10
  2402   Stella Mcnaught Disgusting behaviour by the shills has inspired me to round it up!! £25
  2401   Anonymous **** £20
  2400   Rosalind S There are many good people in the world. It is an apt time to remember that fact in the wake of what I class as an act of rank evil, here in front of our very eyes, yesterday . ------ This staggering malevolence was carried out by what I can only term as an "entity"; one of those whose presence stains this beautiful world we are all entitled to inhabit in peace and harmony. ------ Although this case is replete with those of the most unsavoury kind, still Truth will shine through and past such insubstantial beings ------ . No amount of thrashing and gnashing of teeth can frighten light into a corner and conceal it with a cloak of darkness. Rather, the stalwart among us will shine the light ever more fiercely to reveal that darkness. Like cockroaches scuttling around in a cellar, these people despise light. ------ I have never felt such a sense of unremitting darkness as I do with every single aspect of this case. ------ There are lost souls out there and the tragedy for them is that they don't even realise they are lost. £5
  2399   Jean Aked Dirty tricks won't change the truth. £10
  2398   Paul Rees Tenner Thursday. A donation prompted by (supposed) grown men constantly harassing the fund's creator, a brave young woman. These are the depths McCann "support" have now sunk to, as well as posting porn on the #mccann tag on Twitter. It screams guilt, so not so well played... £10
  2397   ruth bashford Ten pounds from me because of that sick lie about Leanne yesterday. What a disgusting person to do such a thing £10
  2396   Jill 'Get'emGonçalo' Havern I'm chucking another tenner into the pot out of respect for Leanne and that despicable comment left yesterday that shocked so many of us. Leanne's a young mum who has done a truly wonderful thing for Dr Amaral by setting up this defence fund and she didn't deserve this. I'm really pleased to see the PJGA have taken over here. Thank you Leanne for getting this fund off to such a fantastic start xx £10
  2395   Alison Lloyd All best wishes to Leanne after the despicable incident this morning, which has prompted me to make a donation today. Leanne has made a huge contribution to justice by setting up this amazing fund, and I am delighted that PJGA has taken the pressure off her by taking over from her. Hope you are feeling OK Leanne, and that we get some positive news from Portugal soon. £10
  2394   Anonymous **** £10
  2393   P M "Weeerds caaannot eexprreess . . . " the utter CONTEMPT all right thinking people will feel at what has just happened. The McCanns should publicly disassociate themselves from their vile supporters . . . But since the extended family was involved in the preparation of the "Dossier of Death" as was confirmed by Sir BHH - that might be a bit of a "Denial too far". We need a big name donor to crush this nonsense once and for all. Any ideas ? Any contacts ? Anyone ? Someone must know someone ! £50
  2392   Patricia Mcgregor What a vile creature to say Leanne had passed away this will never stop us supporting Goncalo Amaral. Love to Leanne Goncalo and all who support the truth x £20
  2391   Connie Gates Because of the terrible lie that was posted about Leanne this morning. My God - whatever next. Despicable. £20
  2390   Not Being Conned A donation to round the figure up to £37,300 and to put 2 fingers up to those who are trying to get the McCann Twitter hashtag closed down through bombarding it with spam bots - £30.00. And another 2 fingers to the person who deliberately lied on this website that Leanne had passed away no doubt hoping to stop people from donating (what a nasty piece of work he/or she is to have posted that) another £30.00. £60
  2389   Miss Marple My very best wishes & gratitude to Goncalo Amaral for fighting for Justice for Madeleine. I cannot stand by and do nothing . £40
+1 2388   Anonymous **** £5
  2387   P M As you say, a good reason for this "Fund". Perhaps there should now be another one - for the purpose of counter-suing the McCanns and their mendacious spokespeople, family, Tapas group, and all the rest who have lied and lied and lied again. £10
  2386   Jill 'Get'emGonçalo' Havern Gonçalo Amaral: "Each thing in its own time, it won't be only the McCanns, but their group of friends, and other people and entities that will be sued." Great reason for this fun £10
  2385   T9 or K9? Who do people choose to believe? T9 The choices you all made years ago, to follow the pact/path of your LI(v)ES. Has it been worth it? What about Madeleine? It's never too late. K9 will never disappear from the timeline, they will always be there, those incredible dogs! So many people not asking the dogs, but are asking ABOUT the dogs. G.A. onwards £10
  2384   The Ponce of Dubai For the truth to be told .To leave no stone unturned to find out the real truth, not the lies we have been told by Main stream media. £10
  2383   beverley thorius For Madeleine. £10
  2382   anne barrett Shills on #mccann brought me here once again to pay my troll dues. BOOM!! Keep it up shills, the more you spam the more we donate.... What are the shills afraid of? more pay offs. £10
  2381   David woolley Sorry this is late .... my other half is in hospital so got overlooked since Friday ;0) £5
  2380   Anonymous **** £100
  2379   Fabulous, Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous Fund for the Finest of men - Dr Gonçalo de Sousa Amaral. ----------- His fortitude simply astounds -------- His continued quiet dignified way, having suffered as he has, deserves respect and admiration. It is most humbling. We all can learn from him. -------- -------- Fabulous people showing support by their donations, kind words, and spreading the word in whatever way they are able. ------------- -------- Fabulous that those supporters on #McCann despite the efforts of some to destroy all that is good, continue with resilience, have the strength of mind and moral character to not be beaten or drawn into their dark world.--------- --------- Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous £13
  2378   Monthly Troll Fee Because all of the nasty tactics used only highlight the decent nature of Goncalo Amaral. Justice will come. £100
  2377   I believe in the dogs. ask the dogs sandra. Dr Amaral, the only one to really care what happened to Madeleine.Poor baby, you deserved so much more. xxx Well done to every single one of us that cares. £5
  2376   T Wright When Gerry said on TV many times that they were only 50 yards away from their 3 small babies - he lied -Proven. When Gerry said the shutters were broken he lied - Proven. When Gerry said Cadaver Dogs are unreliable he lied -Proven, when Gerry is identical to the prime suspect on Crimewatch - Priceless.! God be with The Truth of The Lie Goncalo x £7
  2375   Anonymous **** £5
  2374   Iseult S Just rounding it up. Great that people are still contributing regularly and looking forward to Dr Amaral getting justice for Madeleine, also justice for himself and the others who've paid a heavy price for simply wanting to know the truth about Madeleine's disappearance. £24
  2373   Wandering Fridge TalkTalk have been messing me about again, so I'll pretend this is Friday, same as last week (if it stays connected for more than 30secs). £5
  2372   Anonymous **** £50
  2371   Rosalind S Any news from OG as to how they are proceeding? ------ Is their remit really to investigate "the abduction" as though it had occurred on British soil? ------ Has their bill topped £11million yet? ------ Did a top barrister really tell Lord Justice Tugendhat that her only evidence of an abduction was that the McCanns had told her so? ------ "Stands the Church clock at ten to three? And is there honey still for tea?" £5
  2370   Katy Perkins This was supposed to be a Friday fiver, but my wifi connection was playing up and it appears the donation didn't go through. Six for Saturday then. Good luck Dr Amaral. Xx £6
  2369   Back Fired Funny old world----------. They, that is those who do not support missing Madeleine, have tried every trick in the book to disrupt this Fund set up to aid the humble, and honest Dr Goncalo de Sousa Amaral. Likewise they have tried to close down discussion on #McCann Twitter, set up by the amazing Joana Morais. Goncalo Amaral and Joana Morais, two of the most decent persons one could ever hope to meet. They have tried every sick trick they could muster and monumentally failed------------- Their plans have gone belly up. Back fired! ---------- #McCann Twitter is being talked about everywhere. People asking WHY anyone would want to close down discussion and debate about missing Madeleine. Unwittingly they have raised the profile of not only the #McCann but of this Fund for Dr Amaral---------- I predict a wonderful weekend on #McCann and a more wonderful weekend for Dr Amaral, this Fund.--------------- Hugely satisfying that those who do not support Madeleine, nor justice for her, have shown the world via #McCann Twitter the menace they cause good people, shown the world, the depth of their depravity. £5
  2368   Fiver Friday I'd like to pay my "troll" fine for Sky News who ran yet another non trolling story this evening at peak time. This time going on ad infinitum, (or at least it felt like it), about how *ahem* "trolls" were directly tweeting Labour leadership candidates by calling them names like "moron". *Shock Horror LOL!* It was imo, truly pathetic & makes a mockery of ppl who really are & have been genuinely trolled. Like Brenda Leyland, (RIP), who imo was when she was ambushed by Martin Brunt on behalf of Sky News. Despite the fact that Sky News & other UK MSM nailed poor Brenda as a latest Myra Hindley type character, the police found she had not committed any offence & there was no case to answer, official. Gerry McC wanted "an example" made of "trolls" who didn't believe his version. He got his wish & as we know Brenda was found dead days later we're told having taken her own life. So to Sky News & all the others in UK MSM who seem to struggle with knowing what a REAL TROLL is I pay this on your behalf. & if the twitter spamming bots are still going stir crazy on # mccann, presumably to try to stifle convos & information spreading on social media I'll pay a troll fine for their actions next week. In the meantime may I urge everyone to report & block/mute them, thanks. £5
  2367   Bridgid Herridge Round-up Friday. £25
  2366   Fiver Friday Nice one Sue Bell. ------ Always great to hear of good things happening to good people.----Best of luck in your new job.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr Amaral, this fund (thank you Leanne Baulch for setting it up, hope you are well, you have so much to be proud of) has united good people, people with the same goal - justice for Madeleine, and for all others in this case, who have been so cruelly wronged by McCann. Cheers everyone! £5
  2365   Sue Bell Just got a job after being un-employed for a year (redundancy) So as part of my first wage would like Dr. Amaral to know how much we care in the uk. £10
  2364   Keka T In dogs we trust. £5
  2363   Tim S The McCann Twitter hashtag is being heavily spammed with porn by supporters of Madeleine McCann's parents. A strange thing to do given they claim the little girl was abducted by a paedophile. Odd, too, that the parents, who've spent a fortune on PR, don't distance themselves from all this, but then nor do they object to their supporters perverse backing of convicted murderer Leonor Cipriano, a woman who subjected her own child to a lifetime of abuse before eventually killing her.......Good luck with appeal. £50
  2362   spammy pammy the duty of adults is the care of children.children do not ask to be born,or abused,neglected,and unloved.justice for all who have suffered,at the hands of abusers.god bless justice seekers. £5
  2361   Madeleine Let down again Today on #mccann------we witness McCann supporters self destruct (a most satisfying sight to behold) - silly sods---lost the plot. Fortunately justice for Madeleine, does not lie in their hands We witness too, this Fund steadily grow, which gladdens the heart enormously. All the very best and every success to Mr Amaral who as always remains selfless, dignified, never wavering in his beliefs, never straying from the path that is the road to justice for Madeleine----. So proud to be able to support this exceptional man. £15
  2360   Green St -Ink Well I feel compelled to donate to dear Amaral , on Twitter today it seems the tag #McCann has strangely attracted some nasty BOTs , ( spammers ) My donation is in apology for the mccann supporters who may have organised the trashing of the tag , I will return tomorrow with another donation - all the best Goncalo Amaral , a very highly respected man worldwide support Sir ! £5
  2359   Joseph Odrivel Goncalo Amaral , much respect to you for standing up for the little girl Madeleine , wishing you all the very best in your appeal and for your future , here in Surrey hundreds support you , respect governor - Joseph £5
  2358   Father Jack Urcrazytoo Good luck Amaral , hope you sue the asses off the child neglect doctors and anyone else too that libelled you , Forca - love from father jack & Dorbi £5
  2357   Joyce Webb Justice for Madeline and Goncalo Amaral. £20
  2356   Karen Laverick Pay day (at last) & my monthly donation. I'm proud to support the humble & dignified Señor Amaral. £30
  2355   Wandering Fridge **** £5
  2354   Anonymous **** £10
  2353   Anonymous **** £5
  2352   Staunch Supporter of Goncalo Amaral Hear, Hear Lizzy Hideho Taylor - Well said! £30
  2351   Anonymous **** £5
  2350   ann haig **** £5
  2349   Paul Rees Tuesday Tenner. It has been announced today that Clarence Mitchell, ex govt spin doctor, failed politician and misinformation management spokesman has opened his own PR company. Not content with milking hundreds of thousands from the "Find Madeleine" campaign, he wants more. Greedy. £10
+1 2348   Lizzy Hideho Taylor
EVERY ONE OF US SHOULD BE PROUD OF ACHIEVING THE GOAL AND SURPASSING IT! We have shown our support for Gonçalo Amaral by ensuring that the appeal could go ahead and that any subsequent costs will be covered. He has shown us his gratitude, and told us that without our help and support he may not have had the finances or energy to fight for TRUTH and JUSTICE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . We are a TEAM searching for the TRUTH about what happened to Madeleine. For reasons unknown the UK PUBLIC have not been able to view the OFFICIAL POLICE INVESTIGATION FILES. We need to make sure that EVERYONE sees the details from the files so they can form their opinions based on KNOWLEDGE! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..We HAVE made a difference and I am grateful for this opportunity to acknowledge some people that also deserve recognition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LEANNE BAULCH did a superb job setting up this fund and monitoring it until the GOAL was reached . . . . . . . THANK YOU LEANNE! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THE MADDIE CASE FILES who worked so hard after the shelving to TRANSLATE all the files, giving EVERYONE the opportunity to read them in English. Without the files we would have been reliant on the Main Stream Media reports which were often, if not always, approved by Clarence Mitchell prior to publication. One side of the story. . . . . . . . . . . . . . THANK YOU Astro, Ines, Kazlux & Joana Morais and many other volunteers for compiling and translating the files so we could all see what the police investigation 'discovered' and form our OWN opinions and not have to rely on what we were 'told' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..THANK YOU to all the forums that were there for us from the start DAILY MIRROR, 3A, WEBSLEUTHS, and then COMPLETE MYSTERY of Madeleine McCann, MISSING MADELEINE and of course THE MADDIE CASE FILES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THANK YOU to Nigel at and Pamalam at for compiling all the information on the case. Unbelievable resources available for everyone. . . . . . . . . . . THANK YOU Pamalam and Nigel . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THANK YOU to all the BLOGS, too numerous to mention who continue to this day to help us understand the details that this investigation has produced. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THANK YOU to Tony Bennett, who regardless of the controversy surrounding him, put his personal life on the line because he did not have the finances to fight the almighty McCann lawyers and faced a possible PRISON SENTENCE for Contempt of Court, NOT for lying about the case! As well as a lump sum he is bound to pay the fees every month until his mid 70's! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THANK YOU TONY for trying to get the TRUTH to the UK Public. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THANK YOU to all the Facebook Groups Admins and members that spend their time every day trying to get the information out to everyone, by discussing and giving links so people can see, and decide for themselves. Approximately 100,000 members combined in all the groups We ARE making a difference! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . There are so many other people to thank that I will remember after I have posted this. It doesn't make them any less important as EVERYONE is appreciated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HOWEVER I want to give a special THANK YOU to my superb ADMIN TEAM (and alerters) in HDH. They are a joy to work with. They have been with me for more than a year and it is thanks to them that I am able to spend time doing graphics and videos and doing everything we can to let the UK PUBLIC the TRUTH in the files. They are there for you to ask questions or links to information and are renowned for their polite, helpful and respectful attitude :) THANKS TO ALL OF YOU :) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FINALLY, thanks to all of you out there that have supported Goncalo Amaral whether by donations or supporting his huge effort to fight for JUSTICE and the TRUTH..................... We must all continue to work together to make sure that ONE DAY we will know the TRUTH about what happened to Madeleine. THAT'S WHY WE ARE ALL HERE! (Thanks for your time) ;).............................. Remembering also those no longer with us. Linda / IRONSIDE / Steel Magnolia for her enormous effort and £35
  2347   Anonymous **** £15
  2346   Its begging to be rounded up Edging ever closer to £40,000...just a few more weeks. Every penny allows Goncalo Amaral to speak, to be heard. Good luck Sir. £5
  2345   d n Lou -Lou and by all accounts KM had stage fright when she had to make her "they have taken her" announcement , other guest dining hardly heard her . Self conciseness is not not a natural reaction , to someone who has to deliver genuine devastating news , on the other had if you are reading from a script , or a plan the nerves can get the best of you £5
  2344   lou lou A few reasons why The Mcs are innocent. “I believe Kate and Gerry are not responsible for Madeleine's death” C Mitchell. "I think I could probably forgive Madeleine’s abductor whatever the circumstances. I don’t know whether it’s simply because I’m stronger or because there’s no benefit in not forgiving someone." “And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment – why would that be our fault?” GM "He was breaking his heart, saying 'Madeleine's been abducted, and "When Kate checked, she came out screaming. Maddy had gone. The door was open and the window in the bedroom and shutters were jemmied open. Nothing had been touched and no valuables taken." "Kate came screaming back to the group crying, 'They’ve taken her, they’ve taken her'. Gerry was crying and roaring like a bull." "They think someone must have come in the window and gone out the door with her." she's been abducted'." GMs Sister , "She just blurted out that Madeleine had been abducted. They have broken the shutter on the window and taken my little girl.' "They had left the apartment locked while they were having their meal, but when they went back the last time they saw the damage." J Corner "Throughout all this I have believed that Gerry and Kate McCann are innocent.” Mrs O'donnell In 2007 "We are 100 per cent sure she is alive. We know the kidnapper. We know who he is and we know how he has done it.” Franciso Marco, a Spanish private investigator hired by a wealthy supporter of the Mcs Then there are the Pros McCanns, not Pro Madeleine who say the Mcs are a loving family who have suffered deeply. Even though they played Tennis, went Jogging and changed her earrings on a regular basis oh and not forgetting the laughing GM on the balcony. And finally the wishing the worst for the Person who tried to Find Madeleine. £5
  2343   MARI WELZEL IS WONDERFUL only one person worth reading on #mccann - Mari Welzel working it for Goncalo Amaral and Madeleine £5
  2341   FIONA PAYNE TELLS POLICE PAL KATE MCCANN LEFT APARTMENT DOOR OPEN FOR MADLEIENE TO GET OUT Fiona PAYNE “She did, she brought it up and that she, I mean this is awful in retrospect as well, she asked what my opinion was on, erm, tut, on whether they were okay leaving the, the doors unlocked, because she was saying ‘ Is it better that if Madeleine wakes up SHE CAN GET OUT AND FIND US or erm, locking it and, you know, finding that we’re not there and the door’s locked if she woke up.’ READ PAYNE'S ROGATORY STATEMENT TO LEICESTER POLICE WHERE SHE ACCUSES KATE McCANN as above. £5
  2340   John Stalker McCanns Hiding Big Secret Stalker on McCanns - “I have a real suspicion that we are not being told the whole truth." Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook £5
  2339   CLARENCE 'PINNOCHIO' MITCHELL Mitchell - "I believe Kate and Gerry are not responsible for Madeleine's DEATH. SO MITCHELL, McCANN SPOKESPERSON BELIEVES MADELEINE IS DEAD? WHY are they still asking for money to search for an alive child? £5
  2338   CLARENCE MITCHELL FORCED TO ADMIT SHUTTERS WERE NOT JEMMIED OPEN Could this be WHY MITCHELL was forced to TELL THE TRUTH, THAT THOSE SHUTTERS WERE NOT JEMMIED OPEN? British Forensic Expert Professor Barclay Again, Prof Dave Barclay said: "We must be very careful that we're not saying this is actually staging but it's difficult to see how anybody could have interfered with those shutters, from outside, without leaving some trace. In fact, having looked at them, I think it's almost impossible." £5
  2336   Fiver Friday in advance Ensuring not late next week! DR PAULO SARGENTO, FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST Dr Paulo Sargento, Forensic Psychologist Gonçalo Amaral is the visible target the McCanns want to take down. Lets not allow that to happen. By supporting Goncalo Amaral you are supporting truth, you are supporting the child Madeleine who was horribly let down by her parents. Kate McCann - 'We've, we've let her down Gerry, we've let her down, we weren't there for her' £5
  2335   Fiver Friday Late again - sorry! Goncalo Amaral - "I will not be silenced" Those donating to this Fund will not allow this honest man to be silenced. Silencing Mr Amaral, is to silence Madeleine. £5
  2334   Connie Gates In court and under oath in the matter of McCanns v Amaral in 2009, officers described the group's version of events as a childish "fairy story" which nobody with an ounce of critical judgement could take seriously. £5
  2333   ruth bashford How can anyone believe the McCann's abduction fairy-story, and I'll never understand why the Tapas 7 were not arrested after their rogatory statements. I've never read such drivel. Surely it's a criminal offence to lie in police witness statements - and it's obvious they were lying. £5
  2332   Anonymous **** £5
  2331   Elaine Henshaw If you google 'cadaver dogs' you will find them being used worldwide. The British sniffer dogs alerted to places in the McCanns' holiday apartment, their clothes and the car hired after Madeleine disappeared. Gerald McCann said they were 'incredibly unreliable'. £5
  2330   JMN Another donation. I believe in the dogs. £15
  2329   Maureen Cooke Supporting you to the very end. £5
  2328   Keka T Friday Fivers for August £20
  2327   Connie Gates Well said Maureen, my thoughts exactly. How much longer will this charade continue? It is a complete farce. Is there anyone left who still believes the parent's ridiculous stories? For truth and justice. £10
  2326   For Truth And Justice Fiver Friday - for an honest man with integrity. Together we are strong £5
  2325   Paul Rees Friday fiver. You'd have to be barking mad to ignore the dogs. £5
  2324   Maureen Kirkwood Fiver Friday, Operation Grange, do the right thing and question the McCanns and theTapas group again, there was no evidence of an abduction and you know it, stop the cover up and give the public back some faith in the British Justice system, as it is all faith is lost with all the cover ups that have come to light, do the right thing for Madeleine and let the truth come out, Goncalo Amaral was right all along and you know it. £5
  2323   Anonymous **** £5
  2322   Mark Dunn Another donation for a man who only tried helping a couple hell bent on framing him. A couple intent on making as much money as possible from their daughter. A couple who have lied through their teeth from the off. A couple who have blatantly perverted the course of justice. A couple who thought it more important to play tennis, or go jogging, than search for their missing 3 year old. A couple who have not once shed a tear for Maddie. A couple involved in creating the biggest cover up this country has ever seen. Mr Amaral you have remained dignified throughout. Your time will come Sir to tell the truth once again. £10
  2321   Ann-Kristine Westwood Fiver Friday. For the Truth. £5
  2320   Heather Hopper Friday Fiver for a Fine Fellow. £5
  2319   Anonymous **** £5
  2318   well well well It's fiver friday :-) £5
  2317   D . been working on the Bosley mill explosion story , talking to the recovery teams about the use of the cadaver dogs at the site , due to the nature of the fire , and rubble all around the only way of finding what was left of some of the victims remains was the cadiver scent given of where they fell , once again the dogs did great , sadly one victim is still missing as the area is still to dangerous to fully search . Cadaver dogs unreliable pull the other one McCann £5
  2316   Mick McNulty Two Friday Fivers, one for last week and one tomorrow. £10
  2315   Carl Goss
**** £30
  2314   Anonymous **** £25
  2313   Colin Connaughton **** £30
  2312   Jill Havern The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann™ forum has a wealth of research, information and debate. Members also submit evidence to Operation Grange, the PJ and Gonçalo Amaral with the intention of bringing to justice those who are responsible for Maddie's death. £20
  2311   Anonymous **** £20
  2310   Google pink blanket. Google blue bag. Together we have a powerful voice. £5
  2309   DM A **** £5
  2308   Fiver Friday, A little late But better late than never! Superb! This Fund is going swimmingly. Joyous to witness it steadily grow. The lovely lady Brenda Leyland whose life was taken from her, as was Madeleine's, I am sure would have been so very proud to see such support for Goncalo Amaral £5
  2307   Wandering Fridge **** £5
  2306   Anonymous **** £25
  2305   Friday Fiver Which parent would ever say "And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?" That's what Gerry said, what a despicable attitude £5
  2304   Anonymous **** £10
  2303   Maureen Kirkwood iver Friday, may justice come soon for Snr Amaral, Madeleine and Brenda, this case would have been brought to an end if Snr Amaral was allowed to do his job without political intervention, stop the cover up and corruption in the UK, something stinks in this case, it has to stop. £5
  2302   Shirley Gay A bit more to help in the quest for justice £10
b 2301a   Paul Rees Fiver Friday and word from the brilliant Blacksmith: It is eight years to the day since the attempts of the McCanns to conceal the real course of the Portuguese investigation from the British public collapsed. It was perhaps the most daring and successful criminal deception in UK history, not just in its lies but in the sheer, extraordinary, scale and ambition of the effort. But at 3.17PM on August 6 2007 two dogs were brought into an underground car park in Praia da Luz and during the next two hours, in a strange and slightly sinister atmosphere that can still be picked up on the video recording, things changed for ever. Kate McCann partially acknowledged this in her own inimitable way in Madeleine: “It was on Monday 6 August that the atmosphere changed…” But that was in 2011 when circumstances had driven her into her own version of "openness" in the book that has been described as “reading like a defence brief for some future trial”. According to her she was “ambushed” that afternoon by a media pack and left shaking by claims that the dogs had been turned loose on apartment 5A as well. But even as the "not-suspects" strategy of concealment fell into ruin and uproar in Portugal they went on pretending to the UK public: “Today was again very busy,” began Gerry’s blog for the Brits that evening, rather like the captain of the Titanic describing “a damp but bustling scene” as the waters rose around his neck, “I went to a large office store in Portimao to buy a new printer and ink”. He was going to front it out to the end. Madeleine, though, has half a dozen purple coloured and richly comical pages describing the dreadful, nay terrifying, effect that the PJ’s nasty behaviour and the wicked press rumours had on her and her husband - their phone calls in search of help, their tears and “despair” at these rumours and, most of all, the impact all this was having on what really mattered: their media interviews lined up for Day One Hundred. Oh, Maddie, Maddie, how could they let you suffer like this. She describes Day 99, August 10, in detail. How she’d woken that morning deprived of sleep and feeling awful and then, for Madeleine’s sake, had forced herself to face the horrific and hostile press pack. “It was a terrible day: both the atmosphere and the line of questioning followed by the press were intensely antagonistic. Their focus, dictated by the behaviour of both the police and some sections of the media over the past few days, was very different from ours. We wanted to talk about one hundred days without Madeleine, the search and the launch of ‘Don’t You Forget About Me” on YouTube; they wanted to talk about blood and dogs.” Tragic, don’t you think? But somehow she got through it all. “Later,” she finishes her description of the day, the British consul came over to discuss “the recent problems with the media and the way we had been treated by the police. Alan Pike [for it is he] also flew out from the UK on a mercy mission…it all helped to strengthen our armour.” Missing from her description of this long Calvary are two words: “Campbell” and “Lori”. Readers relatively new to the Bureau may wonder at our disgust and contempt for the Mirror newspaper, our delight at its current dire financial plight and, in particular, our repeated and entirely accurate descriptions of the rag as a “criminal enterprise”. Lori Campbell of the Mirror only has one entry in Madeleine’s index but was, as is well-known, Kate McCann’s closest media contact, the person she fed her leaks to throughout the investigation – while insisting that she was silenced “by the secrecy rules” – and someone she turned to whenever the police were getting too close. Really close, as on the day after she was made an arguido when Lori and Kate together invented the story that the PJ had offered her the famous "deal". August 10 and 11 were two such days. The windy and tear-jerking verbiage of pages 208-216 of Madeleine, exactly like the windy and tear-jerking fiction of the scene where the “deal” was supposedly discussed on September 7, pages 242-245, are a cover for what was really going on. Desperate situations prompt desperate measures: on those two days Kate McCann and Lori Campbell were putting together an extraordinary concoction of outright lies and invented sources to try and pre-empt the dog findings. There were no “interpretations” by Campbell, no “misunderstandings” of the detailed conversations the pair had that day, no third parties or Chinese whispers involved to distort the message. It came straight from Kate as the “grieving mother” set about trying to save her sorry arse. The report in the Mirror - Alive When Taken followed by a Sunday Mirror editorial further down - perhaps the most embarrassing editorial ever written - has to be seen to be believed. Its purpose was to make the claim that police evidence had demonstrated that the child could not have died in the apartment. Telling the £5
  2300   well well well 5er Friday plus £5 to round it off. £10
  2299   Liz Eagles **** £5
  2298   Darren Ware I promised to donate more to Dr Amaral's legal costs when I had some more cash... and now I do, having at last found a job, I'm pleased to do a little bit more to help. Without Dr Amaral, and without our continuing support, the bastards that 'pull the strings' will continue in comfort to sneer at, deride and abuse the mere concept of justice. £25
  2297   Anonymous **** £5
  2296   Jackie G Another wee donation because Pammy is trying to get the Sun to do a story on us so called trolls !!! £10
  2295   Gail Smith We are all Goncalo Amaral..All the best from Scotland. £10
  2294   Maria Fernanda Leon Best wishes,hoping to hear good news from you soon ♣♥ £5
  2293     £30
Lord Laffin @em Laffin @em
6 hours ago
The McCann's and friends and family lied from the beginning.
  2292   Lorraine Hoyland A little more towards the appeal with best wishes. £30
  2291   J T **** £20
  2290   Kathleen Mac Just going back to Pamalam comment (a few back) Now the Important and very relevant question 47. ****** Q-47. When confronted with the results of Maddie’s DNA, whose analysis was carried out in a British laboratory, collected from behind the sofa and the boot of the vehicle, did, you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had? This question strikes me as very very important. It shows clearly that the PJ had confronted Kate with the fact that it was "Maddie’s DNA" behind the sofa and in the vehicle. No ambiguity, no confusion, no 15/19 markers. "Maddie's DNA" in the car. £5
  2289   Jean Aked Tuesday Tenner for the struggle between justice and injustice. £10
  2288   Paul Rees Tuesday Tenner for a good man fighting a just cause against vitriolic villains without conscience. £10


2287   Pamalam *
Question 47 was still missing. ****** Q 48 has been mistaken for Q-47) ***** Now the Important and very relevant question 47. ******
Q-47. When confronted with the results of Maddie’s DNA, whose analysis was carried out in a British laboratory, collected from behind the sofa and the boot of the vehicle, did, you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

**** We now have the full set. *****
  2286   Anonymous **** £20


  Question 49 - Kate answered this one QUESTION 49 - Q. Are you aware that in not answering the questions you are jeopardising the investigation, which seeks to discover what happened to your daughter? A. 'Yes, if that’s what the investigation thinks.'
Very strange choice of question to answer, IMO, and a strange admission for the mother of a missing child to make.
  2284   This is it! Quuestion 48 of the 48 questions Kate McCann was asked by the police and which she refu Imagine that! Your small child has disappeared at night in a foreign country and the police later ask you 48 questions which you refuse to answer. Can you imagine that? Thank you everyone who has donated and publicised this fact. It has raised a great deal of money towards Snr Amaral's appeal. Is there someone out there who would like to publicise the one question Kate McCann DID answer? Preferably with a chunky donation? Thank you and trusting that we will see Justice for Madeleine, Snr Amaral and Brenda. £5
  2283   Ann Courtney I have just donated to Snr Amaral because of his plight and for justice to be done. Can I also thank Lizzie Hi-de-Ho Taylor for bringing Tony Bennet to the fore again. He like Snr Amaral is still paying the price for speaking his mind about little Madeleine's dissapearance though here in UK and continues to pay part of his retirement pension to Mr and Mrs McCann brought through a court of law to silence him in what he can and cannot say about the case. He works tirelesly still on behalf of Snr Amerals cause and for little Madeleine, I think Snr Amaral would be happy to see him be applauded for all he has done. Thank you Mr Tony Bennet,.... I am no more than an observer, but note how much you have been slated inspite of all your good work here in Britain. God bless you x £5
  2282   Alison Lloyd Wishing you all the best, Dr Amaral, and longing for the day justice is done for you and for Madeleine. £10
  2281   Brit Police Support Goncalo Amaral @Richard Board (retired police officer) great to hear that MANY MANY officers like you support & have NO DOUBTS that Goncalo Amaral is correct about the fate of Madeleine McCann. Correct about her parents. £5
  2280   Ann Courtney I hope the sun is shining on you Snr Amaral this Sunday.The people of Britain (I have left the Great part out intentionally)! are getting more and more determined as hopefully you can see by all the collated legal facts, not heresay becoming more and more fully documented for all to read, listen to and watch) and the number of people becoming aware is increasing every day thanks to researchers, credible posters on many forums, documentaries, books (including your own) U tube and the informed public in general. I personally know of no one who is fooled anymore. Please take heart (I'm sure you do). This disgrace of 'missing little Madeleine case' is really over in theory God bless her, We now need to get Legal justice for her, you, your family, Brenda and Tony also. I am only a follower of this case, so may I also thank the people who work tirelessly for the good of justice in this unjust case and world. I know you must sleep easy Snr Amaral at night (unless illness interferes).......there are many, many, many who won't. I wish we could hear just some clarification that all is well with you, as we all really care about you. smiles and hugs are sent to you....take good care x £5
  2279   Patricia Taylor **** £5
  2278   Carolina Viola Justice for a good man. £22
  2277   richard board Good luck to you..I am a retired police officer of some 13 years...Like many many others I have no doubts that what you say in the book is the truth. Support you all the way. £10
  2276   Janice Ward As Edward Burke once said "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing". Mr. Amaral has truly proved he is a good man, it has cost him his own personal life and so much more but with our help as fellow good people he carries on the fight for justice. £1 donated for every day in the month. £31
  2275   Marian Greaves Start of August today, just one month until the courts start sitting in Portugal again to be able to work on the appeal. So come on all you lawyers out there, how many of you have made money on litigation cases, this man is facing fees of about a hundred litigation cases with the McCann's, so how about lots of you throwing in £100 anonymously this month, to help pay your fellow lawyers wages, after all, where would you be if no one could afford to pay your wages. £5
  2274   Fiver Friday Given to represent justice for Madeleine McCann & every voiceless child. Snr Amaral & his team got justice for one, Joana Cipriano RIP. This great & dignified man suffered to get this for Joana too. One of Joana's murderers, her mother, (the other being Joana's uncle), lied about police torture claims to her. She's now doing extra time in jail for it but alas not before Goncalo Amaral & his officers went through a living nightmare because of it. I have faith that he & the Portuguese Police will see justice prevail again in this instance. Human cadaver odour cannot be faked to a highly skilled human cadaver alert dog. Nor can it be synthetically made & sold in sprays as recently suggested as an option. Eddie RIP, was a World renowned, World class human cadaver alert dog. Hardly "incredibly unreliable" imo. Who knows, Eddie may get posthumous recognition for his alerts at Haut De La Garenne too. The Jersey historical child abuse inquiry is currently ongoing & what has transpired from that thus far has been highly alarming to say the very least. God bless the survivors & deepest love and light to those who didn't make it x. £5
  2273   Wandering Fridge **** £5
  2272   T Wright David Cameron recently called Child Abuse Survivors conspiracy theorist? Well if you watch #60 Minutes Australia about the amount of peodophillia that has gone on over the years and probably still today within Westminster/MP/Lords. Truly shocking revelations have come to light in the last couple of weeks. So, why should we be surprised that Goncalo Amaral thinks that there was UK Government involvement in the mccann case, that MI5 were involved, such protection for parents who admitted neglecting their children?. We don't have the "privalige" of being called conspiracy theorist! we are just trolls. One day, hopefully we may be proved right. God bless all child abuse survivors and all who have been lost and God Bless Goncalo Amaral and his family and friends. £7
  2271   Fiver Friday What pleasure Fiver Friday brings, to read such deserved and heartwarming messages for Goncalo Amaral, to see support for this fine man continue to grow, to see this fund flourish beyond initial expectations - no limit to what we can achieve together. Credit and huge thanks to Leanne Baulch an awe inspiring young lady, and to Mari Welzel BRAVO! £5
  2270   laurie harvey **** £5
  2269   Anonymous **** £20
  2268   Maureen Kirkwood Fiver Friday donation, Operation Grange, man up and let justice be done, for Snr Amaral, Madeleine and Brenda justice will prevail, the truth will out, God Bless . x £5
  2267   Laura H ... Keep up your strength Mr Amaral.. £20
  2266   Maggie MacKay I would like to ask Kate and Gerry, why sue Snr Amaral for saying Madeleine is deceased and causing you untold grief ? Can I remind the pair of you (and the public) about the man YOU contacted in JULY 2007. The man with his special DEAD BODY LOCATOR gizmo ..enter....Mr Danie Krügel..the machine seemingly worked if you shook a strand of hair from the deceased person over the top of it and recited some Gregorian chants or something to that effect ? (honestly you couldn't make this up) ...whatever happened to him ? Why didn't you sue him ? It's ludicrous you are suing the man who could have actually solved the didn't believe the dogs...but believed some fruitcake with a 'DEAD BODY FINDING' machine ! So YOU were looking for a dead body even before Snr Amaral typed the first paragraph of his book ? For more info on this bizarre story...Google "Danie Krügel" £5
  2265   David Woolley Here is my month of Fiver Fridays! £20
  2264   well well well Keep smiling GA we are right behind you.x £5
  2263   Stephen Farrant We can all afford a fiver. I'll just have a couple of beers less this weekend. :-) £5
  2262   Patricia Mcgregor Friday fiver x 4 .Whatever anyone does to try to take away our freedom of speech our voices will still be heard and we will continue to support Goncalo Amaral . This man did not want to be thrown into the McCs circus ,he was doing his job and has suffered ever since because of blatant lies and deception but what goes round comes and their day is fast approaching ! £20
  2261   Ian Whiffen To the "Free Press" who are too scared to report anything on this story in case the McCanns are shown in a negative light, thanks to the on going Carter Ruck super injunction, shame on you. There is no freedom of speech in this country because you will not stand up and say "Enough is Enough" and have the balls to tell the truth. David Cameron is still now trying to censor the Internet so people cannot gain access to the truth Welcome to the New World Order £5
  2260   Anonymous **** £5
  2259   Jean Aked Helping to make sure that Gonçalo Amaral is in a position to fight back. Stay strong GA. £5
  2258   Emily Thorne Here is last weeks fiver too :-) I want to ask Kate & Gerry to take part in a FISH probe test to confirm if Madeleine did actually have Coloboma ... But they won't as it will prove within a shadow of a doubt she died in 5a . They can't diss the markers or dogs then!!! £10
  2257   Chris, From London Payday again. £25
  2256   d - Hi Gang keep up the good work respect to you all , To the National Newspapers out there especially to the reporters that periodicaly monitor these comments, Your readership is declining 15% per year newspapers will be finished within five years , all going online, Its over you know it is, news desks cut to the bone , redundances on a monthly basis we know you have to toe the line dare not speak out , But everyone online that has taken the time to study this case knows the direction the police should be looking , Its actually laughable , the more this farce goes on the more people are aware , of all the B/S printed by the newspapers . Its no surprise today the Government abandons the DA notice , yes you can suppress the stupid print media , but how do you suppress , the online comunity , you can't . Keep spreading the word , to Goncalo Amaral respect to Leanne respect , to the MSM hacks Mc Donald's are hiring £10
  2255   Paul Rees Fortune favours the brave - and Amaral has weathered the most malicious attacks, financial and personal, by gutter slime. Força Amaral! £5
  2254   Linda Godman For a true gentleman who life has been put on hold, and all he was doing was searching for Madeleine and telling the truth how he found it to be. McCann's fighting him with the people's money now the people are fight for him. £5
  2253   Heather Hopper Only a fiver but given with enormous respect. £5
  2252   Mick McNulty Fiver Friday! £5
  2251   Shirley Gay To continue the fight for justice. May it be swift. God Bless GA, MM and BL £15


2250   Successful Appeal
Friday fiver and question 47 of the 48 questions Kate McCann was asked by the Portuguese police and which she refused to answer. Question 47: "Did you have any responsibility or intervention in your daughter’s disappearance?" A simple question to answer if innocent - surely? £10
  2249   ruth bashford Fiver Friday £5


2248   Question 46 of the 48 questions Kate McCann was asked by the Portuguese police and which she refused
46. When human blood was marked in the boot of the vehicle, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?
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2247   Question 45
45. When the sniffer dog marked the scent of corpse coming from the vehicle you hired a month after the disappearance, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had? £5
  2246   Anonymous **** £10
  2245   Iseult S Good to see this defence fund still going strong. To be more than £10,000 over the initial target shows just how much support Gonçalo Amaral has, and that there are many people who support the aim of getting truth and justice for Madeleine, also of course for Gonçalo and Brenda. Onwards and upwards! £20


  Question 44 of the 48 questions Kate McCann refused to answer when asked by the Portuguese police 44. When the sniffer dog also marked human blood behind the sofa, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had? Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook £5
  2243   Amaral Supporter £40 to make it a nice round number £40
  2242   Anonymous  **** £12
  2241   Mick McNulty I'm a bit late with Friday's Fiver! £5
  2240   sandra crawford The more the detractors try to slight this fund the more donations will be made in the name of justice for GA and MM £10
  2239   Anonymous **** £10
  2238   Anonymous **** £5
  2237   Laurel n Hardy ``That`s another fine mess you got me into!`` Syringe and tranquiliser in 5a £5
  2236   Cheryl Moncrieffe Ah I missed Five quid Friday so here is a little seven quid Sunday! Not giving up the quest for truth for Madeleine, Brenda and Goncalo! XX £6
  2235   Jean Aked Rudyard Kipling: "Or being hated, don't give way to hating,". Hatred is destructive. Strength for Gonçalo Amaral; truth for Madeleine McCann; justice for Brenda Leyland. £7
  2234   Marian Grove Another donation to round up to the next hundred. £29
  2233   Cake Angel £6 Saturday. Haven't given for a while and wish it could be more but I'll keep giving whenever I'm able. Truth and Justice! £6
  2232   STEVEN MCLAREN Not much,but all I can afford,this man deserves all the help we can give him. £5
  2231   Dave Woolley **** £5
  2230   Andy Hopkins More and more newcomers to this cover up are asking the same question. Namely that of "How and why haven't the McCanns been bought to justice?" To Operation Grange - You're either dumb or dirty, which is it?? £5
  2229   Wandering Fridge ****
  2228   ruth bashford Fiver Friday Surely Scotland Yard are still not looking for this non-existent abductor. Perhaps their silence means they're working with the Portuguese police to finally nail the McCanns........let's hope s £5
  2227   mary martin Stay strong Goncalo Amaral your struggles will soon be over,Justice will be served £20
  2226   Fiver Friday £10 (£5 overdue from last week) Leanne Baulch, Mari Welzel (on twitter - BRAVO you rock! ) all involved in this Fund, all who have given so generously in their heartfelt messages of support for the fine and honest Goncalo Amaral, in any language you are ALL fine upstanding citizens, in any language: Wonderful, formidable, wunderbar, maravilhoso, fantastico, wonderbaar, isbaħ, maravilloso, underbar, wspaniały, 精彩, nifla, wonderlike, رائع fantastik, dejlig, yndislegt, predivan, удивителен, 素晴らしいです I wish Goncalo Amaral all that is good in life, peace and good health, to be free of the hate, the evil wrath of McCann. £10
  2225   Jean Aked I am in positive mode! If there is any justice in this world Gonçalo Amaral will win this appeal £5
  2224   Rosalind S We have been sold one dirty big lie. And as the public wake up to all the other dirty big lies our Establishment have been telling us, feel free to join the dirty big dots as they become glaringly obvious. What was it Goncalo said about the truth coming out when MI5 open their files? As Judge Judy would yell at Mrs May if she knew even a fraction of this carry-on: "PUT YOUR LISTENING EARS ON, MADAM!" £5
  2223   Paul Rees Fiver Friday Troll Fee. Kate McCann didn't search for Madeleine when she discovered her gone, didn't even call out to her. Now why would that be? Then you have her refusal to answer police questions and finally the corpse scent the dogs found on Kate's clothes (top and trousers) as well as ten other exclusively McCann places. No abduction; the UK has been sold a huge and dirty LIE. for over eight years WHY? £5
  2222   JUSTICE AND TRUTH A truly just cause in desperate need of the help of all honest people! We must not fail this ruined but honorable man! £5
  2221   Successful Appeal Friday fiver. Let's keep the ball rolling. I gather the McCanns are contesting the appeal so legal expenses will keep on mounting. £5
  2220   well well well fiver Friday...yay £5
  2219   Stephen Farrant Fiver Friday £5
  2218   another question Not one of the infamous 48 question Kate refused to answer, but just one of my own to these parents: why did you lie, while the lief od your daughter might have depended on it; and why do you keep on lying? £5
  2217   beverley thorius For Madeleine and for Senor Amaral. £20
  QUESTION 43 OF THE 48 QUESTIONS THE POLICE ASKED KATE MCCANN AND WHICH SHE REFUSE TO ANSWER 43. In the case files you were SHOWN CANINE forensic testing films, where you can see them marking due to detection of the scent of human corpse and blood traces, also human, and only human, as well as all the comments of the technician in charge of them. After watching and after the marking of the scent of corpse in your bedroom beside the wardrobe and behind the sofa, pushed up against the sofa wall, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?
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  2215   Eddie & Keela It is a measure of things in this case which trouble the McCanns that their paid support and/or obsessives in Team McCann try to discredit. As the Portugal Resident article highlighted, anybody who wanders from the official line can expect a lashing on social media as well as the forums where no doubt the paid help encourages the useful idiots. One such item which comes round again and again is the results of sniffer dogs. Indeed, Gerry McCann himself has attempted in sometimes the most inappropriate places to discredit the dogs. Who can forget the ending of the damages trial where he interrupted the judge to talk about the dogs and she rather firmly pointed out that a) he was not a dog expert b) the damages case was not about dogs and c) STFU Gerry! So if it troubles Gerry so much and encourages the support to regularly go on about the dogs, what is the problem? Have a look for yourself - don't take my word for it - but there were alerts only to items of McCann clothing, only to the cuddlecat toy, only to their apartment and most damning, only to their car hired *after* the disappearance. I can't bring myself to say abduction as we know there is not an iota of proof of that. The thing is, the dogs don't like. Try as Team McCann might to explain away the findings, they keep coming round and round again. It is impossible to get away from the dogs findings inspite of Team McCann trying explanations ranging from coconut and dead pigs to mosquitos. The last one is a gem from Philomena McCann who these days is allowed nowhere near a camera or microphone. Gerry McCann sneeringly answered a Sandra Felgueras question "ask the dogs, Sandra". Well, the dogs were asked, and their answer was clear. And that fact will be forever written in history, inspite of McCann wanting it to be otherwise. £10
  2214   Wandering Fridge **** £5
  2213   Ang H "So comes snow after the fire and even dragons have their endings" £100
  2212   Paul Rees Tenner Tuesday Thanks Natasha Donn: As a lawyer, you “don’t see any lawyer’s cases, just your own”, he added, which explains why anyone trying to research this case and where it stands will only ever find screenshots. With the August judicial holiday almost upon us, the chances of Amaral’s appeal being heard before October look slim - but in the meantime, the online appeal to help him pay legal costs is ongoing. Intriguingly, this appeal that has joined over 2,000 people - many of them giving small amounts every week - has been virtually ignored by mainstream media. No one is sure why it is being ignored, but certainly the truth is that anyone who publicises it will then find themselves vilified online. As a legal expert agreed, “it is a curious mark of this case that anyone who does not comply with the accepted storyline will find him or herself being insulted, harassed and generally abused. I can see a story there, actually”. - See more at: £10
  2211   L T For justice..... Good luck. £12
  2210   Anon Anon **** £10
  2209   William du pays de Voltaire Another pay day. Another donation to help an honest man fight back. Stripped of everything with his assets frozen this man needs our help. I hope he is aware of the support. Stay strong GA . RIP BL. £5
  2208   Andrea Wells A small token donation from one public servant to another. The evidence (publicly released) points in only one direction. What has followed: The Madeleine Fund paying a mortgage, non cooperation with the original investigation, and the PR spinning of an ongoing MPS investigation by Clarence Thomas (paid for by the donations of the British public who would be shocked if they knew the full scale of how their money has been used) is utterly distasteful. GA should never have written that book. That is my view. But the McCanns are systematic in their attempts to silence logical conclusions when it comes to this case. What has happened to this man has gone too far. For that reason, I offer a very small token of help to him. In the end, we must hope the Policia Judiciara and Scotland Yard use the power that they have to bring about justice £6
  2207   anon anon **** £5
  2206   Anna Jacob **** £5
  2205   Anonymous **** £5
  2204   Anonymous **** £5
  2203   Liz Eagles Keep right on to the end of the road. £5
  2202   Fiona Mcleod If I won the lottery tomorrow I'd send you a million. Stay strong Sir we need you fighting for justice. You are amazing xx £7
  2201   betty joynson good luck mr. amaral £5
  2200   Patricia Mcgregor Support to Goncalo, so great that the majority of people can see through the lies and deception now....they must cringe when they look at their numerous interviews, everything about them screams lies ! £50
  2199   freedom candyfloss thank you girls . £100
  2198   Karen Laverick My £20, monthly, pay day, troll fine + an extra fiver to round the total to £34,800. Fantastic effort by everyone involved.... £25
  2197   Anonymous **** £100
  2196   Isabelle McFadden Five for the appeal and five for McCanns lawyer acknowledging the appeal. MSM are Weak and easily manipulated...sad state of affairs £10
  2195   Blue skies Now some quotes for the T9 !!! "Never do anything that you can't admit to doing, because if you are that ashamed of whatever it is, it is probably wrong". "Nothing more completely baffles one (or 9!?) who are full of trick and duplicity, than straightforward and simple integrity in another". Think on ...... Snr Amaral know that we stand beside you, Go Goncalo. xx £5
  2194   Blue skies A couple of quotes for Goncalo by people more eloquent than myself = "One has honour if he holds himself to an ideal of conduct though it is inconvenient, unprofitable, or dangerous to do so". "The integrity of men is to be measured by their conduct, not by their professions". Snr Amaral a man of great honour and integrity. All good wishes, I am honoured to be of a little assistance in G.A.'s determination to show the truth in this travesty of justice. xx £5
  2193   Dorothy Mistry my last 2 Friday fivers and the next 4 weeks Friday fivers as I won't be here on Fridays to donate!! Good Luck Goncalo, God speed in your quest for the Truth, you need a fair chance to fight this dirty, underhand fight which you never started! onwards and upwards!! £30
  2192   Judy Miller I forgot about fiver Friday so here is Monday money £5
  2191   Marian Greaves We need a really good flood of fivers to give us a boost to the next stage, come on even if you hate lawyers getting rich, think of justice for Madeleine and Goncalo. Martin Brunt, get your wallet out, you have made enough out of this case, try and make amends for this man and for Brenda, you and your cohorts could flood this fund this week anonymously, do something to make your mums proud for a change. £5
  2190   Maureen Kirkwood Keep supporting the fund and let this man achieve his goal, God Bless, Snr Amaral £5
  2189   Nikki Plummer A Friday Fiver early whilst I'm donating so that this GFM now stands at 50,007.38 Euros, according to XE Currency Converter. What a milestone! :D Respect to all involved! x £5
  2188   Nikki Plummer £34,705 = 50,000.16 Euros, (Source XE Currency Converter), YAYYY!! Testament to social media & the courage, compassion & commitment of every donator here & of course Goncalo Amaral himself. I had a read of Madeleine's Fund - "Leaving No Stone Unturned". I wonder who read point 3 of the "Fund Objectives"? It states "To provide support, including financial assistance, to Madeleine's family". I also wonder how many people know that who donated & continue to donate to it? According to The Guardian, the charity "Missing People", of which Kate McCann is an ambassador, received the 2nd largest single payout (£170,148), from a £2M Home Office fund, intended to provide charities specialising in helping survivors of child sex abuse, with vital additional funding. It was reported that some of these specialist charities may have to close their doors due to not being included in the fund payout. The article states... "Money from the £2m fund went to 34 charities with scores missing out and £170,148 – the second biggest single award – going to the charity Missing People, which has recently launched a helpline for sexual exploitation victims but does not specialise in helping child abuse survivors. " The article goes on to say... "The charity SupportLine could close within weeks, after missing out on £32,500 from the sexual abuse fund. Geri Burnikell, the charity’s coordinator, has written to the home secretary and justice minister demanding a review of the fund process, which was overseen by Home Office officials. “Our service is currently facing closure. We do not have money to pay our bills next month,” she said. “The whole grants process needs to be looked at. The people who pushed to give Missing People charity money need to explain themselves – it is an absolute disgrace and an insult to every survivor.” WOW I'd personally call that fund distribution a shambolic, tragic disgrace. My donation here is given with the utmost of respect, dedicated to Goncalo Amaral, Brenda Leyland, Madeleine McCann, Leanne Baulch, Mari Welzel & everyone campaigning for true justice xx. £25
  2187   Anonymous **** £5
  2186   Tommy Cooper Disappeared - jus` like tha`. £5
  2185   Maria do Carmo Reis 200709/7 with kate The yes to the Q 49. The no to the Q 50. ******* I did not learn English but I can not forget that Gonçalo Amaral need help to pay the costs of legal recourse, and I also believe in the veracity of donations here and in Portugal. Kind Regards to GA. And to You Maddie and to You Brenda Leyland I say : never forgotten! With love ,Portugal. £70


  Iseult S 3 VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS that Kate McCann refused to answer. I'd very much like to know what prompted the PJ to ask question number 41, I'm certain that's not a routine question in a missing child case.
40. Is it true that sometimes you despaired with your children’s behaviour and that left you feeling very uneasy?

41. Is it true that in England you even considered handing over Madeleine’s custody to a relative?
42. In England, did you medicate your children? What type of medication?


  Questions 38 & 39 Kate refused to answer. The next two questions of the 48 that Kate refused to answer.
38 - At a certain point you stopped working, why?

39 - Are the twins difficult to get to sleep? Are they restless, and does that cause you uneasiness?
Goncalo, you are a very brave man, and our only hope it seems, to unravel the enormous, complicated web of lies and deceit. Don't feel lonely though. We, your loyal army of supporters are not going anywhere. With you all the way. For truth and justice.
  2182   David Woolley **** £5
  2181   Stephen Farrant It's Friday..I nearly forgot. £5
  2180   mary maxwell Justice for Goncalo Amaral the one who went beyond the call of duty to find Madeleine while her parents did nothing but lie to the world and fool people to give to a fraudulent fund a fund used for their own benefit and never used to find their child. £10
  2179   Anonymous **** £5


  Question 37 of the 48 questions Kate McCann refused to answer Please publicise the rest The Portuguese police asked Kate McCann 48 questions to help them in their investigations into the disappearance of her tiny daughter. She refused to answer any of them. I cannot understand why she could not, look at this one,
Please read the list of questions Kate refused to answer. Please consider continuing to publicise them by giving a donation. Only 11 left to go!
  2177   Mick McNulty Fiver Friday! Go Goncalo! £5
  2176   Please keep going for Justice! Please keep giving for Justice! Others have millions with which to smother the truth. This is all a poor honest copper has left with which to fight for the truth and his good name .... and just for doing his job! A shame. A scandal. A disgrace to the UK and its cowardly MSM! £5
  2175   Successful Appeal £5 for Fiver Fiver for both this week and last week. £10 to thank Leanne Baulch for giving people the opportunity to exercise their Freedom of Speech by voicing their opinions on the travesty of justice exemplified in what has happened to Snr Amaral in this whole sorry saga. It has been enlightening and heartening to read people's comments. I worry that we will never know the truth of what happened to Madeleine because so many so-called VIPs are involved and, at the very least, they will need to save face. Whether this will impact on the Appeal is open to question - corruption is alive and kicking in our establishment as we well know. Therefore, kudos to those taking the establishment on and putting their heads above the parapet. Well done Leanne and respect Snr Amaral. I wish I could give more... but raising awareness is also very important. £20
  2174   well well well onwards and upwards.x £5
  2173   Anne Barrett
Nothing more to say other than keep donating to a worthy cause. £5
  2172   JOYCE WEBB Dogs don't lie but these people have lied since day 1. Truth will win in the end. £20
  2171   Honey Blade Mr Amoral I am low income but still give you money now and again as it seems you alone have followed what you believe to be the truth of the lies.. You've followed your heart and little Madeleine's..respect £5
  2170   Gill Kelly Another fiver towards free speech and justice for Madeleine. £5
  2169   Gill's Mum The money I did NOT donate to the very questionable Madeleine Fund I am more than happy to donate to this honourable cause. Mr Amaral's appeal is the best chance we have to date for the real truth to emerge and for justice to finally come for little Madeleine McCann. £5
  2168   Rosemary Speer Thanks Leanne for supporting Dr Amaral in his quest for justice and truth in the face of such relentless adversity £10
  2167   Anti McCann Even the lunatics in the asylum don't believe the McCann's story (no offence Mr Sutcliffe). Goncalo Amaral took a brave stand for Madeleine. It is time, we the little people, took a stand and supported those that the McCann's persecute. Together we are strong. Thank you Leanne for setting up this fund. £5
  2166 @rayGrevillea Too many people in the Establishment (Government, judiciary and MSM) who must be involved in the same activities as the McCanns and who are terrified in case their evil is brought into the light. The McCanns foolishly believe that faith in an apostate religion and visiting the Pope will impress a gullible public BUT there is One who knows the truth, and the day will come for Kate and Gerry McCann (as it does for all mankind) that they will have to meet their Creator. Then will it be, that their lust for money, pride of life and their heinous crime of putting themselves before their three little children (which has resulted in all they have had to endure following that fateful day) will hit them with startling clarity and so shall it be for all those who have collaborated to hide the truth and attack Goncalo Amoral. Goncalo Amaral's crime - he simply did his job and sought to expose the lies and criminality of the McCanns. Well, God has His way in the whirlwind and the storm and, as is written in the Bible NOT the Magisterium (for the words of man never saved a living soul) unless Kate and Gerry McCann believe that Jesus says: "I am the way the truth and life, No one comes to the Father except through Me" they will not see heaven. Better now to believe in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 by faith alone through the grace of God alone than the apostate, man made doctrines of the Roman Catholic religion. May God have mercy on these two people before it is too late for them. £10
  2165   Maxine Crowther **** £5
  2164   Anon ymous In memory of Madeleine, Brenda & in support of all of the other lives the McCanns & their cronies have ruined in their quest for not being held accountable for the disappearance of Madeleine. I am confident that their plan did not go as well as they expected due to the sheer determination of people like Lizzy, Zora, Dan Gleebitz (Where is he?), Ben, Leeanne & all of the other dedicated admins & followers in the groups & forums who have had the courage to stand their ground, not feel afraid & not be pressurised or bullied by Team McCann & thier ridiculous supporters in the pond. Do not be afraid of offending your facebook friends either, get liking & sharing this fund & spread the word! Kate was right, most people are inheriently good people. Most of them are now seeing who is the good person in all of this because of the internet & it aint Kate & Gerry!! Kate's bike ride was an actual flop. I think it would be agreed that most of the donations were made at the end of her challenge. Would that be because Team McCann could see that the public opinion of the couple has turned & they tried to give as much as they could towards the end as no one was really cared about her facade of caring for missing children? I am surprised given the high flying social circles the Mccann's travel in, that her challenge did not make a cool million over night! That says it all really doesn't it? I am quite sure that Kate & Gerry do not sleep as soundly now as they (unnaturally) did in the early days of Madeleines ''disappearance''. The world is finally seeing through their charade & yes, I do believe the tide is turning against them. Even if one person in every group donates just £1, 1 euro or $1, it can make a massive difference to this fund. £10
  2163   Frances Claydon still rooting for you goncalo £10
  2162   Anonymous **** £10
  2161   I AM NOT A TROLL I have just read some of Mr Amaral's interviews on Abduction or Scam and have to say that I still feel this man talks more sense than anyone in this whole silly but sad saga! I really hope we can help him to finally get some justice! £10
  2160   Keka T It only every visitor to The Complete Mistery of Madleine Mccan Forum would donate a tenner today... £10
  2159   Valerie Campbell If I could, I would be happy to add several noughts to my paltry donation. GM has shown such courage in speaking the truth despite the unjust conspiracy to silence him. £20
  2158   ann haigg **** £5
  2157   Catherine King Thanks to Goncalo Amaral a very brave and noble man . Thanks to Leanne Baulch. Please watch Buried by Mainstream Media by Richard D Hall. Read all Dr Martin Roberts views especially his latest articles Monday Monday and a Tale of Two Files, very interesting. Read Faked Abduction by Steve Marsden, the person who discovered the 30 4 2007 Ceop page that asked to find Madeleine. Watch the Nova Gente interview that shows an emotional Goncalo Amaral. Read Sofia Leals open letter to Kate McCann, this is what this fund is all about the terrible injustice done to a man who was only doing his job. There are people who should be ashamed to call themselves Catholic or Christian. £10
  2156   Iseult S Tuesday Tenner - slowly but surely the fund money is adding up, so let's keep going. Funny how all the millions Operation Grange has spent hasn't had any result, now I wonder why that is? £10
  2155   PLEASE KEEP THIS GOING! Please urge friends on Twitter and Facebook to keep donating to this truly worthy cause. An honest man fighting for the truth but made penniless with the help of a million-pound fund largely donated by children and pensioners, who are surely unaware that their money has been used for this. And also unaware that thanks to Carter-Ruck the Mc's take a third of the monthly old age pension of another brave man who dared to question their version of events, even tho' C-R was obliged to concede in court that there was no evidence of abduction other than the word of the parents. £5


  Question 36 of the 48 Kate McCann refused to answer 36. Have you ever done shift work in any emergency services or other services?
Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook The 48 questions Kate McCann wouldn't answer By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 11:31, 5 August 2008 Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  2153   Paul Rees Tuesday tenner. First! lol £10
  2152   Anonymous **** £25
  2151   Marian Grove Here's a small donation to round the fund up to the next hundred. £9
  2150   Anonymous **** £20
  2149   Anonymous **** £20
  2148   Shelley Coles saturday 6 £6
  2147   J B After reading the PJ files I like many other level headed people have many questions,which have not been answered.1)why were the Dr Gaspars statements withheld by Leicester police for 5 months?2)why have the mccanns said the cadaver and blood dogs were incredibly unreliable,when there is no evidence to say that?3)why did the dogs alert 11 times to items relevant only to the mccanns?4)why haven't they, taken a lie detector test to clear up any doubts?5)why has there been an unprecedented involvement from members of the UK establishment ? 6) why pay a spokesman to speak on their behalf?7)why have the UK media been gagged?8) I now know why so many are donating to this fund,they too have many question £10
  2146   Justice for ALL **** £5
  2145   Karin Fien ****
  2144   Anonymous **** £10
  2143   Maureen Kirkwood Fiver Friday, keep fighting Snr Amaral, you never gave up your fight for Madeleine, and there are lots of people who believe and put their trust in you, hopefully one day the truth will come out, good luck and God Bless. £5
  2142   A B A comment from the McCanns spokesman on the Yorkshire Ripper article: 'We are not going to comment on the word of a psychopathic serial killer. HE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THE CASE. We will not dignify his views with any comment.'........But, Goncalo Amaral, the police chief who headed the investigation, does know about the case and that's what matters. £5
  2141   Anonymous ! In an organised plan to silence people who questioned Maddie McCann's abduction, Murdoch's Sky News, in league with the McCann family and their fellow collaborators, set out to make an example of an ordinary person who tweeted her opinions on the case. The media onslaught on Mrs Brenda Leyland which resulted in her death was intended to cause her the utmost harm and distress but the wider agenda, by extension, was to put the fear of God into anyone else who openly doubted their story. Furthermore, Team McCann, aided by the UK media and top lawyers, have spent many years and a huge fortune trying to gag senior investigating officer, Goncalo Amaral, from expressing his doubts. But, lo and behold, nine months on from Mrs Leyland's death, Murdoch's Sun newspaper has actually paid good money for the opinion of a brutal serial killer, splashing his doubts all over the front page to sell papers. Is it any wonder people no longer trust the media to tell the truth? £10
  2140   Jeannie Brook Fiver Friday! Can't believe how much this case has destroyed this poor man and his family x £5
  2139   Lauren Barnes "The majority of people are inherently good..." Kate McCann - Yes, this would very much appear to be true...the donors contributing to this cause confirm this. This is likely the one truth to have passed Kate' lips in the last 8 years. Have a very good weekend Dr. Amaral. £25
  2138   Paul Rees Fiver Friday! Go Goncalo, you're a rock. £5
  2137   Anonymous **** £5
  2136   Katy Perkins Fiver Friday. X £5
  2135   J T It's FIVER FRIDAY! Thanks to the Sun article another fiver to Mr Amaral who continues to fight for justice and truth. £10
  2134   Helen Williamson Another small offering with the hope it will help a brave and honourable man in his battle towards truth. The tragedy of Madeleine has provoked those who deny fact to attack those who care. Dr Gonçalo Amaral cares, so do we. By contributing to the fund we are able to prove this. £10
  2133   Shirley Gay God Bless GA, MM and BL. And I would just like to ask Twitter, don't you think it is about time you did something about the bullies and pervs that use the #McCann. £20
  2132   Ian Kirk 'Fiver' Friday + £5.00 for last week. Onwards and upwards. £10
  2131   Mick McNulty Fiver Friday, a nice pace for the long haul! £5
  2130   Dave Woolley **** £10
  2129   Fiver Friday Goncalo Amaral, the truth, and Madeleine are worth every donation and many many more. Proud to support such a great guy. Met Police have demonstrated their support for Mr Amaral too. What does that say about how they feel about McCann? Met donated £1,000 - that answers the question! £5
  2128   well well well My OH said my last 5er did not count as i did it on Thursday so here is my 5er on Friday ;-) £5
  2127   well well well YAY....its nearly 5er friday. £5
  2126   Friday Fiver So courtesy of the UK tabloids we've had "CyprusGate" & now "SutcliffeGate". Any chance of "Truth & Facts Gate"? I won't hold my breath. Instead I will reflect on what it must be like to lose around 13% of a main national paper's readership year on year, with no free online alternative currently. Then wonder where will it all end if they continue to arrogantly preach propaganda & tacky rubbish to an ever sharply decreasing audience? £5
  2125   Marian Grove Another donation in response to the latest silly tabloid stories. £15
  2124   Marian Greaves well the Sun is at it again, printing rubbish from a private letter of Sutcliffes from 7 years ago. Must be getting paid well by the McCann's again to keep them on the front page, in 2007 they paid Bell Pottinger £500,000 of public money to keep them on the front page of every paper for a year, wonder how much they are paying this time. The Sun readers would be better doing something more useful and sticking a fiver into this fund, for one man who knows the truth. £5
  2123   Bridgid Herridge It's The Sun again! £25
  2122   D N Nice to see the Sun has let the genie out of the bottle with the comments re the Mc's 99% of them are questioning the Mc's account , about 2 people still clearly believe in fairy tails . most comments appear to be gut instinct comments , people who have not read the files , but feel somethings not right . i would urge anyone out there to share the links to The PJ files etc to spread the word , the suppressing of key facts in this case has worked so far as the MSM is concerned , all bought and paid for , but we have moved on from Snail , Mail and we are now moving away from TV and Newspapers , the Internet is the way to go .i wish all you good people well £5
  2121   KATHERINE Boyd **** £10
  2120   Anonymous **** £10
  2119   Iseult S We can always rely on the Sun to print something that eventually leads to more money being donated to Dr Amaral - how ironic is that? It's not a crime for anyone to have doubts about the 'official' Madeleine story, or if it is then I'm afraid a vast number of people both in the UK and worldwide are criminals. Bottom line is we won't be told what to think or say, we don't live in N Korea. £15
  2118   Tom W The Sun newspaper has stooped to a new low today by publishing the opinion of the Yorkshire ripper. Judging from the letter, it was obviously written years ago but The Sun has seen fit to dredge it up and pass it off as current news and a front page story at that. The Sun didn't obtain this letter from Sutcliffe, they got it from the "pen pal", but did The Sun have any communication with Sutcliffe regarding the letter's publication? And how much was the "pen pal" paid? The Sun is losing readers in droves so this sensationalist stunt can only be a very desperate attempt to sell newspapers. £20
  2117   Anonymous **** £10
  2116   Rosalind S There are some very strange people working on the Sun newspaper for sure. They seem to reside on a different planet from their readership. The 522 comments on their Facebook page are almost unanimous in conceding that Sutcliffe has a point. That's a serious representative number of readers who doubt the McCann story and/or are fed up to the back teeth with these ridiculous headlines. Perhaps it was one of Gerry's scoping exercises? If so, he's got his answer. But then again, maybe he's still working on that "Wider Agenda". He has long since said "Confusion is good" and many readers will certainly be "confused" today as to why this guff is occupying the front page when it should be the 7/7 victims. Whatever the plan behind this latest insult to the intelligence, you may rest assured that the McCanns will be "Leaving No Stone Unturned" in attempts to guard their reputation. It is no small irony that The Sun sheds no light on anything to do with this case. Best wishes to Goncalo, who by contrast is a beacon of light who will eclipse the lot of them. £5
  2115   Michael Shaw Donated with thanks to the Sun for two more inept attempts at propaganda. £30
  2114   Ann-Kristine Westwood Here's another fiver. Having just read the barrel scraping that is 'The Sun' newspaper I feel a fiver is warranted as I will now be 'trolling' said article ( Peter Sutcliffe doesn't believe the McCanns). LOTS of people don't believe the McCanns ,why would The Sun think anyone cares what a serial killer thinks. Attempting to lump us McDoubters with Britain's most reviled killer is doing NOBODY any favours. Murdoch's media machine is a force for EVIL in this world. Onwards and upwards for TRUTH, JUSTICE and an end to the madness that is this case. £5
  2113   Tony Russell **** £10
  2112   Helen Williamson How long is this charade of an investigation going on for at the expense of the British taxpayer? The obvious overlooked or ignored but registering more and more in the minds of the Public that all is not well. No longer proud to be British. £10
1 2111   Anonymous **** £10
1 2110   Anonymous **** £10
  2109   T Wright Watching The Met tonight and thinking of what Kate Mccann said about the first Police Officers on the scene when her daughter had just disappeared, calling them Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum shows the lack of respect she has for the law. The lack of respect they have shown towards sniffer dogs when many police officers rely on them everyday. They continue with their lack of respect towards a Senior Investigator! Best Wishes Goncalo Amaral - Dogs Don't Lie, but people do. £5
  2108   Anonymous **** £10
  2107   Teresa Williams another little bit because thats all it takes.... if someone wanted to tell a little bit of truth it could open up the floodgates and this shame would be over..... better now than later! £5
  Why wouldn't you answer this question, Dr Kate McCann? (no. 35) 35. What is your medical specialty?
The 48 questions Kate McCann wouldn't answer By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 11:31, 5 August 2008 Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  2105   Anon - We only need £200 more to get to £34,000 - how great is that? £10
  2104   Maggie Turrell I wish with all my heart, that ameral can gain some comfort knowing he has so many friends who will see him through thick and £10
  2103   Anonymous **** £10
  2102   Frances Claydon **** £10
  2101   Irene Gouldsmith wishing you the very best x £10


  Iseult S More of the questions Kate didn't answer - goodness knows why as they're very ordinary questions about her children and herself:
31. Did Maddie suffer from any illness or take any medication?
32. What was Madeleine’s relationship like with her brother and sister?

33. What was Madeleine’s relationship like with her brother and sister, friends and school mates?
34. As for your professional life, in how many and which hospitals have you worked?
  2099   Ann-Kristine Westwood It's Sunday. Time to clear my troll fine debts. I've been revisiting all the interviews given by the McCanns over 8 long years. HOW did people fall for it ? It's almost embarrassing watching the hand holding/squeezing, the head scrathing ,the evasions, the outright lies. This case has taught me so much about people, the mainstream media and Sky 'News'. I knew the planet was screwed but I didn't fully realise the levels of utter corruption that human beings can sink to. And in the midst of all the 'smoke & mirrors' shines the beacon of sanity and dignity that is Dr. Goncalo Amaral. Time to turn some tables. For Madeleine, Brenda Leyland, Goncalo & Sofia and their children. £10
  2098   Anonymous **** £10
  2097   betty joynson lies lies lies £10
  2096   Not being conned £30 donated to round the sum to £33,700. Onwards and upwards, we'll get there in the end, GA £30
  2095   M Browne It's clear to all that the entire system is rigged in favour of those with money, expensive lawyers & influential contacts but hopefully gofundme will help in some small way to redress the balance and bring justice for Goncalo Amaral and truth for Madeleine McCann. £50
  2094   Patricia Lumley can't remember another case where the criminals have dictated the facts of the crime, the investigation and the verdict, nor where Prime Ministers have been involved, let alone having £10m of tax payers' money spent on looking for one missing child. Stinks to high heaven. £5
  2093   Netta Larsen **** £10
  2092   Alison Lloyd For Dr Goncalo Amaral - a truly remarkable person, whose only mistake was to be on duty the night this farce was launched, and who has paid for it every day since then. God bless you. £10
  2091   Pamalam * If you are a celebrity I fully understand why you would not donate to this fund. After all there is nothing in it for you. You have all used the McCanns and Madeleines name for your own ends to make yourselves into wannabe celebrities. But we the little people have risen above all of that and we accept the real heroes of this very sad saga. ***** God bless you Goncalo Amaral, Madeleine must have chosen you from the heavens to fight her corner. xxx £6
  2090   Anonymous **** £6
  2089   Saturday £6 A group of metropolitan police officers donated £1,000 to this fund. It spoke volumes. Not the amount of the donation, the sentiment the belief the respect behind it for Goncalo Amaral greater than any sum of money. £6
  2088   Saturday £6 Respect Mari Welzel - still rockin it on Twitter! You're doing great work! £6
  2087   Saturday £6 Goncalo Amaral's good name is worth it! Because the truth is worth it! Because Madeleine is worth it! Every penny or £ donated is a very small token of the massive respect there is for Mr Amaral, the struggle he has faced to bring justice for Madeleine up against the brutality that is McCann, Every penny or £ donated to help this upstanding fellow a blow to the McCanns a direct hit. The message is simple - the game is up! £6
  2086   Lorraine Riddell **** £5
  2085   Marian Greaves A humble amount but from the heart. £1.00 for the 5 years of having no home £1.00 for the 5 years of not having enough food on the table £1.00 for the worry of not being able to put your children through college £1.00 for 8 years of destruction by the lies in the British Press £1.00 for remaining dignified when crooks have set out to destroy you and continue to do so, by parents and their vulture associates who have been amassing multi millions on the demise of one small child. So here's my Friday Fiver, I wish it could be more but I also wish that the 4 million of public donations to find madeleine, plus whatever it's grown to, I think of all of the children who have died of a terminal illness in the last 8 years and how that money would have helped them have at least one final memorable fund day, with their families, but no despite being urged by many celebrities to start a charity to help sick children they declined. There are many multi millionaires who are not so mean and quite willingly give money they've earned in their own right to others less fortunate, how sad that these people will not do this with money that isn't even theirs, not only that, they go all out to make sure others who have helped them have nothing. Avarice is one of the 7 deadly sins isn't it and people who are meant to be catholic aren't supposed to live by it. Well Sr Amaral, you are one of the few people in the Madeleine case that when you go to meet your God you can stand proud to know you always did the right thing by her. Others won't, they know who they are, and it's not too late to do the right thing, £5
  2084   Maureen Kirkwood Fiver Friday, fighting for the truth and Snr Amaral, never give up. £5
  2083   Marian Grove Friday fiver time. £5
  2082   louise east I hope you are well and staying positive senor amaral and respect to you £5
  2081   Anne Barrett Can you imagine in 100 years time the nursery teacher reading to the kids, a fable of years past; "Whoosh went the custains....." fable indeed, we all know it and so do you Kate Mccann. £5
  2080   well well well fiver Friday. Come on Kate make a donation and tell us what you really think of all us trolls £5
  2079   Wandering Fridge "An honest man's the noblest work of God" - Alexander Pope £5
  2078   Jan Ward The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive. Albert Einstein In the last eight years Mr. Amaral has given his all for truth and justice to be heard. No-one can fault a man that walks tall, and looks the world right in the eye. His life has been ruined by the Mc. team, who and this is my own thoughts and opinion, have pulled out every stop and used every trick in the book to silence this man from speaking out as they have done to other but this one refuses to give up and continues his quest for justice because he believes as the leading Detective on this case way back in 2007 that he and his teams findings were correct. Friday Fiver, £5
  2077   ruth bashford Fiver Friday Reading Madeleine made me suspicious of the McCanns. Kate says some really odd things in that book. £5
  2076   THE WHOLE TRUTH Clearly, Richard III is not Leicester's only 'skeleton!!' £5
  2075   Successful Appeal Friday fiver for the honourable man who represents integrity, truth and justice - Goncalo Amaral. £5
  2074   Dave Woolley **** £10
  2073   Ann-Kristine Westwood Fiver Friday, Once more into the breach,dear friends. For Truth & Justice. A tiny child disappeared off the face of the Earth and all the adultsaround her on that fateful holiday lied. Now why would that be? An honourable man has suffered for 8 long years because of these lies. Now we must turn some tables. £5
  2072   truth seeker I am not a hater,or a sick troll,but I do dislike lies,and injustice. £5
  2071   Mick McNulty Fiver Friday! Onwards and up. £5
  2070a   Anonymous **** £5
  2070   Heather Hopper A fiver on Friday for truth and justice. £5
  2069   Rosemary Speer For Dr Amaral. You have sowed the seeds of justice,honour and integrity for the truth for the voiceless and vulnerable.The result will be successful and good,as what a man sows he will reap.David had the faith to confront Goliath and the enemy. He won. £10
  2068   Cody Cody - Friday fiver - My message to the McCanns: This is far from over! £5
  2067   Friday Fiver Goncalo Amaral urged Kate McCann to tell truth. Still waiting. £5
  2066   Friday Fiver Goncalo Amaral: "You see, there are so many inconsistencies in these people's statements that a reconstruction will very quickly highlight where they have not told the truth". Have Met Police done reconstruction? Man in street can see where they have not told truth & can highlight. Can Met Police? £5
  2065   Friday Fiver Goncalo Amaral "The case has to be re-opened, and I have faith that it will be," he said. "It will either be when this current "procurador" leaves, or when the current chief of police leaves. It's not something I am pushing for - even if I could - it's just something I feel certain will happen. And when it does, the first, most essential thing to be done will be a reconstruction of that very first night – the night Madeleine disappeared. Because that's what happened: she literally disappeared! The reconstruction will have to involve all the parties: the McCanns and their friends. You see, there are so many inconsistencies in these people's statements that a reconstruction will very quickly highlight where they have not told the truth". Did Met Police do reconstruction? £5
  2064   Friday Fiver Goncalo Amaral 2011 "The first diligence, after the review, will have to be the reconstruction of that night of the 3rd of May, 2007." Have Met Police done reconstruction? £5
  2063   Friday Fiver "The McCanns have just lost one more judicial action that was paid for with money from a fund that they say is for recovering their daughter. "Both her and her husband were, and still are, more concerned with defending their image than in finding out what caused the child's mysterious disappearance." £5
  2062   Friday Fiver Goncalo Amaral; "A book that is written by someone who was a suspect may become of use as a document, maybe even a piece of documental evidence. Let us wait," £5
  2061   Friday Fiver Goncalo Amaral "And it was not any investigation; it was about finding what caused the mysterious disappearance of her daughter, and the enormous effort to recover her." £5
  2060   Friday Fiver Book Madeleine by Kate McCann written she said as an account of the truth: Goncalo Amaral said of this book: "It is strange to hear the word 'truth' from the mouth of someone who didn't cooperate with the police when the investigation was open," £5
  2059   Friday Fiver Maddie A Verdade Da Mentira Maddie the Truth of the Lie Goncalo Amaral: This book has a higher purpose. That of contributing to the discovery of the material truth and the achievement of justice in the investigation that is known as the "Maddie Case". These are fundamental values that I have committed myself to, by duty of conscience, conviction and discipline towards the institution that I was proud to be a part of. These same values were not extinguished with my retirement and they will always be present in my life. Under no circumstance whatsoever does the book call the work of my colleagues at the Judiciary Police into question, nor does it compromise the ongoing investigation. It is my deep understanding that revealing all of the facts in a work of this kind might jeopardize future actions that are decisive for the discovery of the truth. Nonetheless, the reader will find data that is previously unknown, interpretations of the facts – always under the light of law – and, of course, relevant questions. A criminal investigation is only committed to searching for the material truth. It must not worry about political correctness.» £5
  2058   Princess Princess I am making another donation in the name of Justice This time for Little Sam Please follow and support his father @nic_harry on twitter I watched his video of little Sam and it broke my heart Sam had his life taken at 19 months either by his mother or her partner Neither have been charged for little Sam's murder This will be on Itv this evening at 6 pm Please follow support and sign the petition ALL Injustice should not be tolerated Children are Our futures Justice for Maddie Brenda and Sr Amaral £5
  2057   Princess Princess #ff Fiver Friday is here again Seems such a small sum to finally get Justice for Maddie Mccann 8 years and many many lies later we are still no further Sr Amaral is Maddie's only voice now Please continue your fantastic support And a massive Thank You to Leanne £5
  2056   Cath P Donating because I can & for my whole life I have never been able to keep quiet when I feel there is a point to be made. Another small donation but the more I see the more infuriated I become about this case along with the ignorance of some of those who blindly support the McCanns. I am NOT an internet troll, I am the hard-working mother of a baby & a toddler who I would never dream of leaving alone. I will take their baby monitors into my own garden so I can hear them, because I don't ever want them to call for me & I'm not there. I'm not a doctor, but I'm also not stupid. I'm not over-protective but I've been on this planet long enough to know that you do whatever you can to protect those you love. I am by no means the perfect mother & I don't pertain to be, but anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that you don't leave young children out of ear-shot regardless of fears of 'abduction'! It could be a bad dream, a stomach upset or simply the need for a cuddle. A doctor should be more aware than anyone of this yet these poor children were left. That is inexcusable despite the outcome, however the refusal to even admit this was wrong, never mind the constant lies that pour out of their mouths is what repulses me the most. If all they wanted was justice from this case then donate the money to a charity. But they didn't. It doesn't take millions of pounds to find a missing child., it costs nothing to protect them in the first place and let's face it, their money is not being used to find her, it is being used to maintain a reputation. If either of my children had gone missing I don't care what the world thinks of me - every penny would be spent on finding them. And I would answer every question asked as I would have nothing to hide. But that didn't happen did it. Speaks volumes. £5
  2055   Isabelle McFadden The beautiful thing about this fund is that we all can support the one man who has been fighting for Madeleine since 07 our dear friend Goncalo Amaral "Um Grande Homem, um grande Inspetor" -Inspetor Simoes da judiciaria Lisboa £5
  2053   Two Ladies I am going to avoid giving Kate McCann the oxygen of publicity which she seems to desperately crave. I want to talk about two other ladies. First, Leanne Baulch. I have a daughter not much younger than Ms Baulch. When we went to Portugal on holiday, the kids dined with us. The waiters made a tremendous fuss, especially a little blonde 3 year old. Never once was she locked in a room with siblings. Portugal is a wonderful country and very child-friendly. Anyway, now all grown up and independent. I don't know Ms Baulch but I am as proud of her as I would be of my own daughter had she shown the courage and fortitude to organise this campaign. The trolls have tried and maybe still trying to discredit Ms Baulch but still she stands firm. Bless you Leanne - you are an inspiration. The second lady I want to mention is Natasha Donn of Portugal Resident. Ms Donn appears to be the only person accurately reporting the movements and highlighting the tremendous support for Goncalo Amaral through this GoFundMe. As such, I have no hesitation in giving Ms Donn the title of Journalist. As opposed to Clarence-copy-taker, Lazy-sloppy-writer or Liar £10
  2052   Nikki Plummer Here's my Friday Fiver a few hours early. I was reminded today about how some of the tabloids treated innocent Liverpool fans who were at the Hillsborough tragedy. These supporters were obviously in abject fear & disbelief, sobbing, stunned, terrified, injured & in pain, many looking for their loved ones not knowing if they were alive or killed there by being crushed. & How did the Sun refer to these brave & dignified fans? As Pick Pockets of victims, urinating on Police, & even said some fans beat up a cop who was giving the kiss of life. Remarkably this was hailed by The Sun Newspaper in the UK as "The Truth". It was anything but as evident by all the apologies in recent years. They weren't the only UK MSM paper that behavied despicably in this matter either as I recall. So actually please UK mainstream media do carry on with all your glowing praise for Kate & Gerry McCann & their cohorts whilst calling people who have donated here "trolls". Because the more you do, I personally suspect the more the UK public & beyond will question why & do their own research via the net. We've also had the "holiday abduction scare porn" peddled by various Brit child protection "experts" & UK MSM about child abduction/s that didn't happen in Cyprus recently haven't we. Just my view but again, judging by reader comments & corresponding like & dislike numbers the majority saw thru this too imo. Personally I was more concerned about parents being told of a "chinese whisper", when their small child was in the pool. So weren't they looking when their child could have drowned or were they? & No I'm not denying abduction happens at all but at least, for the sake of real victims & their families, have the grace to report on genuine, unbiased, professionally researched & relayed news that doesn't try to ruin an innocent 19 year old lad's life & a substantial holiday resort income in the process, thanks. £5
1 2051   Brigette Barnes
  2050   beverley thorius For Madeleine £10


  Number 30 of the 48 questions Kate McCann wouldn't answer The 48 questions Kate McCann wouldn't answer Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
30. What was Madeleine’s behaviour like?
  2048   Marian Grove Every little bit helps as they say somewhere else. £12
  2047   Helen Meg Hi - as I have been following daily discussion on the CEOP Madeleine file the fund went to the back of my mind! So making small donation today as this is so very important. To understand more about the file discussions go to this link and read the comments and the post

To discuss the case go to The Complete Mystery of Madeleine Mc Cann website
  2046   Patricia Mcgregor I wonder do the McCanns ever look at their numerous interviews and think how stupid they appear and what bad liars they are ! £13
  2045   Carl James The public may not know the exact circumstances of Madeleine McCann's disappearance but they do know when they're being lied to. £20
  2044   Anonymous **** £10


  Elaine Henshaw Question 29 of the 48 questions Kate McCann wouldn't answer . Read more:
29. Before travelling to Portugal did you make any comment about a foreboding or a bad feeling?
  2042   Truth Supporter Johan Selle - Director of the firm that managed the Find Madeleine hotline said his firm had taken hundreds of calls about Madeleine. Yet nobody asked for any information about one single call. Says it all......!! Thank you Goncalo Amaral for standing firm for Truth and Justice for Madeleine. God bless you £5
  2041   Jean Aked Sending lots of positive thoughts and good wishes to Gonçalo Amaral; stay strong . £10
  2040   S Coutts-Coveney Tuesday Tenner Thank you Leanne Baulch for being such an inspirational woman. Go Goncalo £10
  2039   Chris Jennison **** £5
  2038   Michael Shaw **** £20
  2037   Ann-Kristine Westwood I'm owing two week's worth of my ongoing 'Troll fine'. Here's last week's. More when I top up my bank account. Stay strong, One day the whole world will know 'The Truth of the Lie'.xx £5
  2036   Occam's Razor To quote George Orwell: 'In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act' In this instance those who are trying to understand/ uncover the discrepancies in this case are labelled in the media as 'TROLLS' - well if Troll means this:- T enaciously
R elentlessly O uting L amentable L udicrous S cenarios Is this a bad thing? Keep going all you 'revolutionary 'trolls'.


  QUESTIONS 26, 27, 28 3 questions that go together.
26. Is it true that during the searches you remained seated on Maddie’s bed without moving?

27. What was your behaviour that night?

28. Did you manage to sleep?

I wonder why anyone wouldn't answer such questions, telling the police that they searched all night without stopping, what else would any caring parent do?
  2034   David Woolley
It must really stick in the craw of the McScamms that despite all their powerful friends and media manipulation that so many people see through them and support Goncalo! Pity there is not a repeat donation button though ;0) £10
  2033   anne barrett
Another small donation of many and they will continue until justice is served, behind you all the way Mr Amaral. My next donation will have a major rant, so be warned £5
  2032   Marian Grove I always like to be the one to round the total up to the next hundred. £15
  2031   well well well I bet Kate and Gerry never thought in a million years that GA would get this kind of support.Wish you well on your appeal GA and to let you know we are behind you all the way through this circus they have created.x £10
  2030   Katherine Boyd For A Good Man x £10
  2029   Rosalind S I have just flipped through KM's book and picked out a few of her quotes which speak for themselves. QUOTE p 59 (re: Tues May1) "... some time in the early hours Madeleine came through to our bedroom, complaining that Amelie was crying and had woken her up." QUOTE p62: (re: the famous "why didn't you come?"crying incident) "Gerry and I were disconcerted. Could Madeleine and Sean have woken up while we were at dinner? If so, it was worrying, obviously, but it didn't seem very probable. As I've said, not only did they rarely stir at all at night, but if they did it was hardly ever, and I mean ever, before the early hours. If they had done so on this occasion, it would mean they'd woken up, cried for a while, calmed themselves down and fallen asleep again - all within the space of half an hour. Or forty-five minutes, if it had been after our last check." QUOTE p 66: (On a beach run. Madeleine is in crèche while her friends are on the beach) "It's hard work being a mum sometimes, fretting about the possible effects of the smallest of incidents on your children. I'm sure a lot of these worries are unfounded but it doesn't stop us having them, and we'll probably go on having them for the rest of our lives." QUOTE p66 (re: the child's last evening May 3) : "Madeleine was sitting on the Tapas terrace, eating. She looked so pale and worn out, I went straight up to her and asked her if she was all right. .... Now she was really tired and wanted me to pick her up, which I did. Ten minutes later, the five of us went back to our apartment. I was carrying Madeleine. Because she was so exhausted, we skipped playtime that evening." QUOTE p67 (re this same evening where MM is pale, exhausted and worn out): "While they were looking at their books and playing with their games, I took a quick shower..... I wanted to freshen up after my run, I thought I'd take advantage of these quiet few minutes" QUOTE p 72 (re: May 3 last check): "When I realised Madeleine wasn't actually there, I went through to our bedroom to see if she'd got into our bed." QUOTE p 106 (re: Sunday 6 May) "I tried to reassure myself that God was still keeping her safe." £5
  2028   Nobody Famous Itsaspengthing **** £10
  2027   Nikki Plummer So lovely to see the familiar names giving their "Fiver Friday" here :D. If only UK MSM would do likewise, or perhaps?? About time there was some honest reporting in the UK about this without using the word "troll" to describe the donators here & indeed all the people who don't agree with the McCann version of events. Update on the fundraisers Kate McCann's bike ride has been completed as we know & has so far raised £10,829.84 raised by 610 donations, 108% of the £10,000 target. This appeal for Goncalo Amaral has raised £33,050, £8,050 above the original £25,000 target from 2026 donations. We know legal fees are expensive so we can actually do more than we dreampt of in the early days re supporting this cause by covering these costs. The differences in support are stark & there as factual evidence for all to see. Kate McCann's bike ride had a wealth of glowing UK national press & tv coverage. This GFM for Snr Amaral none. Except when it was used to call the donators here trolls by UK national papers, who imvho should know better & have some manners if they want to lessen their dramatic decline in readership, allegedly reported to be between 10-16% in one year dependng on the paper. £5
  2026   Hannah Adlam They can take all the money they want but they will NEVER have the support that Gondalo has. Big well done to you for standing your ground!!! £5
  2025   Deborah Staines **** £22
  2024   Laffin at 'em all the 3's ! Arguido's £93
  2023   For Justice and Truth "Jemmied!" If this story had been Agatha Christie's first novel, there would never have been a second! £5


  48 Questions Nos. 24 & 25 24. Did you ask for a priest?
25. By what means did you divulge Madeleine’s features, by photographs or by any other means?
  2021   Jane Guaschi To show my support for the only person in this whole sordid media circus who has conducted himself with honesty and integrity throughout, and has been the voice for a lost little girl who has no voice of her own any more. £15
  2020   ann haig **** £5
  2019   Paul Rees Seven for Saturday. £7
  2018   Marian Greaves Saturday Six !! feeling lucky today so thought i would start a Saturday Six, cos if you don't throw the dice you can't get a six, hoping it will be lucky for Goncalo, he needs it. This man was destroyed by the McCann's for writing a book based on the evidence of both the Portugese and British Police that Madeleine died in the apartment, the parents simulated an abduction, invented a series of checking rota on the children to sustain the abduction scenario. They concealed her body which was moved at least once as expert cadaver dog team found evidence of her dead body in the apartment and then in a hire car several weeks later. This book caused them immense pain and suffering , deep depression, fear and insomnia. Kate wanted Sr Amaral to feel fear and to suffer. So they sued him for a million pounds plus huge amounts of legal costs, had all of his assets seized, left him homeless, jobless ,ensuring he had barely enough to feed himself on for 5 yrs. Let alone pay legal fees to defend himself. Their own theory of what happened to Madeleine, they insist this can be the only theory, after all what do 160 well qualified policemen know, as Gerry's brother said in the first week, we are quite happy to assist the police but they need to understand we will do it our own way!! Theirs is, she was abducted by a violent Paedophile gang who drugged her, she has been living in their secret lair for the past 8 yrs. Being doctors of course they would be aware of what Paedophiles do to little girls. But she forgives the abducter. As a human being let alone a Parent, which theory would cause you more insomnia and fear, what the police say, but if you didn't do it,there's nothing to fear, or would you sleep well at night, learn forgiveness and be able to go on holiday to Disneyworld, fly round the world very relaxed ,if you thought your child was being raped, buggered and sodomised every day for the last 8 years. I know which one would give me sleepless nights and it wouldn't be the Policeman who has never given up on that liitle girl. £6
  2017   Glitter Brain The truth is in front ...the lies are behind..and we are beside you... £10
  2016   Jo Mac **** £5
  2015   Davy Mac Its fiver Friday, but I am going to double that to remember some people that have been involved in this battle for a long time, some before I became involved, I wont name names just initials but I am sure you will all know who you are, DF, LB, £10
  2014   Anonymous **** £5
  2013   Maureen Kirkwood My £5 for fiver Friday, slowly but surely the tide is turning, more people are aware of the lies and inconsistencies, Snr Amaral you will have your day, and justice will prevail, an honest Gentleman who spoke the truth,God Bless. £5
  2012   Marian Greaves Friday Fiver, here's mine but plenty of people are able to donate and add a few zero's to that, so come on all of those people who aided and abetted the McCann's to destroy this man, you know who you are, you know you are afraid to stand up and be counted about the injustice of it all, well you were cowards the first time the way you reported things so we don't mind you being cowards again by donating anonymously to make some sort of amends, we aren't talking millions here like others involved made, we are talking about giving a decent man his life back, hope to see you soon on this site x £5
  2011   Robert Gee I am paying my troll fine. So I have my own questions to Kate and Gerry. Why were you not delighted that Martin Grime's dogs found traces of blood and cadaver fluid in the house and car you rented in Portugal? Why did Cuddlecat and Kate's clothes reek of corpse? Where are your children's tooth brushes? Why did you not support and help Goncalo Amaral's efforts to find out who disposed of your daughter, and why do you seek to destroy him? Oops! I nearly forgot...... Where did you dispose of Madeleine's body? £5
  2010   Gavin Mckenna Proud to donate to a dedicated man who will get justice and will lead to exposing this con & fraud. It's just a crying shame both British and Irish media are so petrified in reporting the "other" side of the story. I wish you the very best Mr Amaral. Your day will come. £7
  2009   To Wright This is to say a big thank you to the Not for supporting Goncalo Amaral fund, but for reporting it honestly and with integrity and truth about the people who are supporting him. We are not a handful of nutcase trolls, but people who have serious questions regarding the Mccann's story,or changing stories! Thank you for giving Leanne the credit she deserves. I hope your reading this Snr Amaral and you and your family know how much people are supporting you so you can get your life back. £10
  2008   Bridgid Herridge **** £30
  2007   Cathal Black The McCanns and their minions have taken us for fools. They've also irreparably damaged Dr. Amaral who was one of the few people who was actually trying to help them. What's happening now is disgusting. I hope Amaral is acquitted and the so-called verdict for 'damages' reversed. £20
  2006   Amelia Black ''it is important to keep in mind that it is not illegal to sustain a thesis to which madeleine McCann died in the apartment of Praia da luz and that her body was concealed by her parents'' verdict april 27 2015 £5
  2005   Anonymous **** £50
  2004   David Farr Justice please! £10
  2003   Frances Claydon **** £10
  2002   William Kinsella Justice must prevail. £5
  2001   Stephen Farrant Kate McCann, you said that Goncalo Amaral "deserves to be miserable and feel fear" yet you forgave the person who 'abducted' Madeleine! I suggest (and hope) that you are now the person who is miserable and feeling fear. Fear that one day soon the truth will out. I hope it eats away at you and that evil husband of yours every minute of every day. FIVER FRIDAY £5
  2000   Gill Kelly Donation 2000. Keep 'em comin' :-) £5


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