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Below I record some notes I made from earlier examinations in 2007 and 2008.

1.Reflection in the sunglasses.
In the extract below taken from the last photo high resolution image there are
some obvious indications of graphical image manipulation, specifically with
respect to the reflection in the sunglasses:

Insert A:
1 - This is the correct orientation of the reflection in the sunglasses
(approximately 78 degrees Left).
2 - First, from the position at which McCann is sitting the reflection in the
lenses in actual image shows the opposite side of the children's paddling pool
to be VERTICAL, not horizontal - a physical impossibility.
3 - Second, the water wavelet reflection in the actual image is also impossibly
vertical, whereas in the Insert it is seen in its correct horizontal orientation.
4 - Last, the pink 'reflection' at the base of the left lens is triangular and
upright, which cannot correspond to the edge of the child's pink hat unless it is
correctly oriented as shown in Insert A.

Insert B:
There is a strong correspondence to the 'background' above the waterline in
the sunglasses' lens to the background indicated by the arrows in Insert B.

From top to bottom:
- the brown area corresponds to the distant paving in shape and shading;

- the middle dark area corresponds largely, but not completely, to the shape of
the shadow between the paving and the shoulder;

- the edge of the lower pale area corresponds to the slope of the shoulder.
Also, the pink 'triangle' is similar in tone to the underside of the child's pink
hat, and in shape to the edge of the hat brim.

Finally regarding the vertical/horizontal question, from all photographs seen of
the south and south-west area near the children's' pool there are no buildings
or other construction that could account for the vertical nature of the reflection
in that lens of the sunglasses.

[Pamalam note: See photos at end of article for confirmation of this statement.]

Both Inserts:
The '?' is placed against the 'sun spot' supposedly on the upper rim of the
glasses, whereas it can be seen clearly to be partly on and partly above the
rim, i.e. on the skin, in Insert B.

Close inspection (with similar enlargement) shows the same to apply to at
least four of the five sun spots on the top rim of the glasses, whereas the two
sun spots at the bottom corners of each lens appear to be genuine and
unenhanced, as does the fifth spot on the top rim.

2. In the actual image:
If any of the three people were superimposed onto the background then it was
expertly done because the edge analysis and pixel examination at 8x (800%)
magnification reveals very few areas that might be construed as merge/blend


However, although the actual image does appear to be from a photograph, due to the typical low-level pixel- block background lattice (see left), that does not preclude the possibility that it may be a photograph of a  printed picture of a created digital image.

Also, note the absence of the background lattice from the top of
the divan and small areas of the shoulder. Pure white (in the positive image, pure black in this close-up)

in any image is unusual in a natural, unmodified picture, commonly being the result of some form of 'colour substitution' or other graphic manipulation
process. There are several such areas in the actual image.

n important note of caution here: We obtained this hi-res image third-,
fourth- or even fifth-hand. We have no way of knowing if this is the same
condition of the image held by the McCanns, nor if the indications referred to
above originated from them or from people who "handled" the image prior to
us receiving it. That specifically includes PR and media people.

3. Of possible interest:
Based on the EXIF data contained in the photo - the only one that I recall
having any such data - the effective camera lens was 104mm which is part of
the reason why the background appears to be very close to the subjects.
The 'best' image I can find to demonstrate their location and the background is
in the top right corner of the
TAPPAS_TIME_LINE MAP.jpg from which I
extracted the image below.

The red blob is their location and the yellow
line/arrow is the approximate camera line of
sight from the opposite side of the pool, past
the subjects, between the thatch sunshades,
across the grass past the palm tree to the
bougainvillea shrubs on the retaining wall.
That is the only location in which all the above
elements (pool, thatch, palm, bougainvillea)
coincide in the same sequence and proximity
as that seen in the image.

dscf0121 Photo by Sierralima JUNE 4th to JUNE 6th 2007

177 Photo by Faithlilly 2007 / 2008




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