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MAY 2010

McCanns issue new Maddie pic SUN-02-05-10

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Las Mananas de Cuatro interview 03_05_10

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By Mark Williams-Thomas
2nd May 2010 (posted between 09:00 - 10:00 AM)

* On the eve of Madeleine's disappearance I agree with the release of a new photo but question the appropriateness of the photo chosen

* Have not yet seen the new Madeleine video but the photograph is so inappropriate & damaging on so many levels-ill advised again

* Am trying to find out now who gave advise to use the make up photo- so damaging- as I know what it will become



Madeleine McCann May 2010 Appeal From anotheroneforjustice


VIDEO STILL 02-05-10
VIDEO STILL 02-05-10

VIDEO STILL 02-05-10

VIDEO STILL 02-05-10


30 APRIL 2010

Maddie pla330APRIL 2010ys dressing-up, weeks before she vanished: McCanns fly back to Portugal in bid to reopen case - and release new picture MAIL-02-05-10



Interview with Mike Williams 30-4-10 BBC World Service

Gerry McCann breaks down as he tells how hunt for Madeleine 'is shaking his Catholic faith


Parents of Madeleine McCann tell five-year-old twins how their older sister was 'taken'

Mummy was a doctor Ö.  but now her job is to find Madeleine. SUN-28-04-10

Mummy was a doctor Ö.  but now her job is to find Madeleine. SUN-28-04-10







Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Transcript of McCann chat with Lorraine Kelly GMTV

I decided to record the 'chat' in the end to enable me to type up a transcript for those who may not have TV or may not have audio on their computers.

LK = Lorraine Kelly
KM = Kate McCann
GM = Gerry McCann

LK: They join me now, three years. I canít believe itís been three years. Itís extraordinary isnít it?

KM:  I know, itís incredible really; it just doesnít feel like three years to me. Sure.

GM: Mmmm. Last year in particular has gone particularly quickly.

LK: I know...I just wondered if you in anyway can have any sort of normal life three years on. Can you...does must always, itís just always there isnít it, all in the forefront of your mind.

KM: I mean it is always there and obviously Madeleineís in our life every day, but we do have, you know, periods of normality, in fact Iíd say we just .. itís just change and thatís a different kind of normality now, I mean we still  have...Gerry obviously works full time erm you know, we still have to do the cooking and washing, weíve got Sean and Amalie and we have lots of time with them, we go on trips, they go swimming

LK So you do...youíre able to do this normal family things, you know, you have gone back to work as as you said, but there ...thereís almost this thing ...sometimes do you feel almost guilty about enjoying yourselves sometimes, you know, or laughing or having fun with the twins ... you you sometimes feel like that?

KM: Yeah definitely, I think erm, sometimes you can be having a really good time, and... suddenly you realise itís actually tinged and it will suddenly stop yer and you know, we had a lovely day last week and know it was really sunny and we can smell the grass and itís been cut and I thought, oh itís really nice and then it just kinda...kinda ...gets yer know...Madeleineís still not here.

LK (talking to GM) And youíve gone back to work, was that difficult for you? Did you sense peopleís awkwardness around you or did that dissipate quite quickly?

GM: was a little bit awkward at the beginning  but at that time I think...I found it much easier when Iím mentally active when Iím doing things, both from a campaign point of view and work wise as well, was actually difficult when we were arguido and wasnít so much happening, er..ití felt you almost had your hands tied behind your back somewhat, so it was definitely the right decision for me to go back I went back part-time and then erm, built up and filled time and to be honest most people were just really glad to see me and most of the patients initially have been quite reserved or just left messages with er the staff.  But it was awkward in those early months when I went back and I was doing ward rounds and quite often here would be Madeleine on the front page of the newspapers or ourselves and various other things erm, so that was a little bit awkward but generally itís not been a problem.

LK: Because sometimes people donít really know what to say to you, you know, thereís that, that sensible {?} theyíre not quite sure ... you know, they want to say how sorry they are or theyíre thinking of you but they donít quite know how to broach the subject, itís quite difficult itís...

KM: I think it is difficult, I think it, you know, it depends on the person really, erm, some people feel comfortable coming and asking yer how itís going, other people are just kinda tap you on the arm and say thinking of you and other people feel they shouldnít invade your privacy bu...

LK: Does it help when people....

KM: It does. I ..I mean, Iíve said all along really, actually makes me feel better when people acknowledge Madeleine essentially ermm...

LK: Yeah, thatís true

GM: I think itís very important as well that er  a lot of times people want to skip around it, donít know to mention it or not and of course we live with this everyday of our life and itís a huge part of it and er...and...and that even applies to friends and people as well who you know, you havenít seen for a while erm, and also we spent so much of our  our time outside particularly when the kids are in bed actually thinking about ways how we can improve the search and keep it going.

LK: Mmm...Because thatís really what this is all about and the search has to keep going on Ė What sort of stage is the investigation at or what sort of stage is the campaign at right now?

GM: From an investigation point of view erm, I think itís fairly important to say that from law enforcement theyíre not doing anything actively and havenít been for a long time and thatís incredibly frustrating so weíve had our small team working away in the background and erm, in terms of new leads I think weíve put out most of the important information that we had this time last year, we had a very good response and most of those leads have been worked probably er as much as we can with Dave and his team. So at this point what weíre really trying to do is to get the government to review everything and itís very difficult because a lot of information held in, in with British police thereís a lot in Portugal, itís not all in one file whereas other information weíve got weíre happy to make available but there hasnít been a comprehensive review, there hasnít been anything about which lines of enquiry er...(unintelligible)... for the investigation and thatís just something we feel is fundamental and should happen and itís not right that an innocent , you know, vulnerable British citizen is, is essentially given up on, and I donít think itís right that as parents that we have to drive the search Ė Of course we will but yer know, not everyone has had the same resources and support that weíve had to be able to do that and I think itís pretty cruel.

LK: very frustrating, for, for both of you and another aspect of  it is the kind of criticism that youíve come in for as well, erm, thereís been a lot of that and that must be very, very difficult to deal with, I mean youíve got a lot at the start about the fact that you, you left the kids and youíd gone off and had a meal and all of that had happened and then you know, even to this day you know, there are people who are convinced are convinced that you had something to do with it, how on earth do you deal with that?

KM: I think, I mean I think itís changed erm, certainly we donít get the same level of criticism that we did and even then, to be fair, it was the minority really I think most people even if, you know, they donít agree with, with, you know, what we did then they wouldnít feel it right or fair to add to our suffering erm

LK: Because it does doesnít it, it does add to your suffering...

KM: Absolutely and particularly in the early weeks and months, you know, I wasnít expecting it because all I can see, you know, our daughterís been taken and sheís been subjected to something terrifying and thatís the most important thing so for people to start you know, shouting as us when really we needed to keep the focus on Madeleine ...

LK: Of course, absolutely

KM: But having said that I mean I think thereís just a small minority now and you know thereís a certain group out there who, this is their job really, is to pick on a vulnerable family and Iím sure after us theyíll move onto another family and...

GM: Thatís very interesting I think anyone whoís in the public eye for whatever reason gets criticised and early on when we were campaigning er you know, you would say Oh my goodness weíre getting criticised for doing this and doing that and you start to let that influence what youíre doing but then you realise you get criticised for whatever you do from some quarter

LK: Yes

GM: and what you need to do is make decisions for the right reason and do it with the best intention and really stick to yer guns, take advice but ultimately we make our own decisions but I think probably more than anything Iíd say is, you know, after ... if we could turn back the clock and change what happened obviously we wouldnít have done it, we canít and what I would  say is you know, people have got to put themselves  into your positions. What would you do if it was your daughter? Afterwards what would you do? {{
The following was a bit confusing because Lorraine Kelly kept talking over what Gerry McCann was saying}} LK: Youíd move heaven and earth (GM: Yeah so thatís what...)  and youíd do everything you possibly could, everything you possible could (GM: thatís what weíre trying to do ) just what youíre doing of course (GM: as much as possible)  yeah

GM...and er, er, trying to er think of ....just constantly ways where we could improve things or, or get additional things done.

LK: You did this pack (holds up a holiday pack of Madeleine) that is specifically aimed at people going on holiday anywhere, it doesnít matter, it doesnít have to be Portugal it can be absolutely anywhere and in the pack thereís posters people can put up, thereís a stickers, thereís bookmarks, thereís all of this so again this is about you being pro active and you try to do as much as you can. They can get this on your website canít they?

GM: yeah

KM: yeah

LK: Yeah, so they can get a hold of that and hopefully thatís again just going to keep everything in the public eye, thatís what you want to do, keep her name there

GM: It lot of what weíve done is er, taking advice from the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children in Washington and itís very much about keeping her image out there, thatís really important Madeleine so thereís an age progression photograph there which was released last year, just other things, car stickers and itís simple things, who knows who will end up seeing her er, but if you donít have her image out there then itís less likely.

LK: I say, is very, very, very, very, difficult for both of you, itís been absolutely horrendous...youíve, youíve stayed at home havenít you Kate, youíve stayed at home looking after the twins. How much do the twins know? How much are they aware of because theyíre five now

KM:  Er, they know quite a lot, weíve kind of...itís changed a little bit initially for them theyíd say whereís Madeleine, Madeleineís lost...erm...then as they got older and started to ask more questions then obviously the pictureís unfolded a little bit for them and basically, I think it was last year wasnít it (glances at Gerry) erm, Amalie said to me you know, has Madeleine run away mummy? And erm, she kept asking me in a public place (LK: Awww) so it was a bit tricky at first, and she said: because itís not nice to run away. And that, that really upset me because I thought because I didnít want her to think that Madeleineís at fault here, so probably (glances at GM) about the third time she asked me, when we were at home rather than in a supermarket, erm, we just explained really that someone had taken Madeleine but we tried to obviously make them understand it in as gentler way as possible so... (LK:  you donít want to frighten them do you, you donít want to make them scared) it was a little bit like you know, stealing really, (LK: right) so we said, just because you really want something or you really like something, if it belongs to somebody else you shouldnít take it, so thatís how they understand it, so that they know somebodyís taken her and they actually, they know itís wrong you know.

LK: Can you still, do you still have a, I mean  three years is a long time, youíve still got her image in your head, can you still hear her?

KM: Yeah, I mean obviously the image we have of is, you know, the Madeleine that we knew, so Madeleine at four know...four years minus nine days, erm (glances at Gerry) and I can still hear her voice and obviously we have video film (LK: of course) of her and you know, every so many months we sit down and weíll watch that really and ...

LK: Oh that must be...en...(unintelligible)... someoneís comfort thing and (unintelligible) very, very difficult to do that.

GM: Sean and Amalie like watching the stuff of us and theyíve watched old videoís of us and theyíve put it all together now you know...the temporal sequence of events and they know about, they went to Portugal, they went to bed and Madeleine was taken and just to expand a bit on what Kate says they know, they believe that, you know, it, it was a man that took her and itís a naughty man and we need to try and find him so itís part of what they say that mummyís working er to help find Madeleine

KM:  Er Sean said to us his little friend in school, she said, she said: Kate you a doctor? And Sean just came in and said: mummy was a doctor but her now is to find Madeleine, you know, kind of, erm, he was just straight, and er, so they understand what weíre doing and why weíre doing it and they understand that weíve got a lot of support, you know, theyíll constantly spot things like a car sticker or a luggage tag or a wristband and theyíll point it out and you know, say look theyíre helping mum too

LK: Are you convinced sheís still out there somewhere?

KM: Certainly, in my heart I feel sheís out there and thereís, thereís...I mean I know thereís nothing to say that she isnít and so we have to carry on working and thinking like that, I mean logically, you know, I mean, I canít say, none of us can say for definite other than the people involved, but erm, I know we canít give up because thereís no evidence to say sheís not so.....

LK: thatís what I was going to say to you. Do you think thereíll ever be a time when you say enough is enough, weíve done all we can,  thereís no more we can do.

KM: We canít. I mean if they havenít found Madeleine, if we donít know whatís happened, you havenít done enough, I mean thereís obviously more that can be done and it might just be time, you know, it might just be, you know, there could be a group of people out there who are sitting with this on their know ... with this on their conscience and every time Madeleine is mentioned or every time thereís an image, again itís just pricking their conscience and it might just be, you know, as I say, a question of time until they come forward, the situation might change and they may then feel comfortable to come forward so...just keep going...

GM: As hard as it is there are lots of examples, particularly from the States, of children who have been abducted at a younger age and kept for a long time. I think the key thing is you (shouldnít that be Ďweí?) donít know whoís taken her and what the motive is and until we find that person, itís very hard but, youíve just gotta keep going and keep working away but more importantly we need to have a proper review of all the information, thatís how weíll move the investigation forward  and at the end of the day, the person thatís taken Madeleine is still out there theyíre er, a potential danger to other children so they need to be brought to justice.

KM: We do this, you know, in medicine, you know, if thereís a case you donít seem to be getting a diagnoses someone will come in and review it, theyíll go back to square one, theyíll go through all the information or the data or the results that youíve got and work through it and thatís when you find out what else needs to be done and it will help point you in the right direction so ...

LK: And its...will be her birthday soon. What will you do that day?

KM: I was just explaining to someone before, her birthday is actually a much more difficult day for us than, you know, the 3rd of May. The 3rd of May really is just, itís another day without Madeleine erm but the 12th is obviously a day when we should be celebrating Madeleine, celebrating with Madeleine erm, I mean, last year we had a little tea party, we had close family and Madeleineís friends round, erm and I guess weíll probably do something similar. Itís a little bit different this year because Sean and Amalie are in school but after school we can have a little tea party or something

LK: Thank you both for coming in and talking to us. Erm, like, you know, like everyone else I just hope for a happy ending one day. Thank you very much indeed and weíll be thinking of you. Thank you so much.


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