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Sandra Felgueiras interviews McCanns 01 May 2010

Original Source: RTP SANDRA FELGUEIRAS : SAT 01 MAY 2010

With thanks to anotheroneforjustice for video and transcript



01 May 2010 ? Sandra Felgueiras interviews McCanns in Portugal (April/May 2010)

KM Well, I remember that night very well. Well, I ran. I said, "Madeleine's gone. Someone's taken her."

SF Portuguese introduction

SF When you got into the apartment at 10pm and you didnt see Madeleine, you just ran shouting that she was missing. Weren't you afraid to leave Sean and Amelie behind? What crossed your mind?

KM Well first of all, I didn't just walk in and notice she'd gone. It was the fact that the door was open to the bedroom quite wide. When I went to close the door, it slammed and that's when I noticed that Madeleine was there. And then I thought had she wandered through to our bed, so I went through to our room and she wasn't there and then I went back in again. And ermm... And then I just literally flew round the apartment, once I realised that the window was open and the shutter was up. I flew round the apartment and I just flew. I don't know, I don't... You know, I just ran out, I mean, I knew I could be there in seconds and I just screamed as soon as I saw the table. I screamed.

SF Now when you look back, you realise it could be, could have been dangerous for Sean and Amelie to let them behind? No?

GM I don't think that's right and certainly in medical training, the first thing you get taught in an emergency situation is to call for help. That's part of, that gets drummed into you.

SF So it was a natural reaction?

GM No, err... Its one of the things that should be considered for us but I think most people would react like that.

SF Did it ever cross your mind,
Madeleine wouldn't be able to cross the door just looking after you, alone?

KM If I can just explain what I found. The shutters which had been down all week and when I went in and there was a gust that blew the curtains open, that's when I noticed that the shutter had been pulled up.

SF So you have no doubts, she was taken from the bed?

KM No doubts. A three-year old would not be able to do that.

GM If you are saying, "Is it theoretically possible that Madeleine left the apartment, then yes. Do we believe it and do we think she was capable of leaving the apartment the way it was found and by which exit did she leave, then absolutely not.


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