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UK helped develop evidence against McCanns reveals WikiLeaks

Original Source:  DISCOUNT VOUCHER NEWS: TUES 15 DEC 2010
15th Dec 10 by Paul Russell

Cables released from Wikileaks show that British and Portuguese police cooperated in forming evidence against Madeleine McCann’s parents. The cables provide fresh insight into the 2007 investigation of the child’s disappearance.

The information was passed between British ambassador, Alexander Wykeham Ellis, and US ambassador, Al Hoffman. The talks between both men were held after
Kate and Gerry McCann were announced as suspects by Portuguese police.

In the confidential cable Hoffman said he received information from Ellis about British involvement in the case. Ellis is reported as saying British officers had developed evidence against the McCann parents. He went on to say that both counties’ police forces were cooperating on the investigation.

The remarks by Ellis contradict the general belief at the time that Portuguese police were responsible for suspecting the parents.

Meanwhile, founder of the whistle-blowing site, Julian Assange, has been granted conditional bail from a London court. His bail is pending on an appeal filed by prosecutors in Sweden.

The 39-year-old Australian is alleged of sexually assaulting two women in Sweden earlier this year. He has denied all claims, stating they are part of a politically motivated smear campaign.

Madeleine went missing in May 2007 from a Portuguese holiday
apartment. Her parents had left her there while they attended a social gathering with friends nearby. A British sniffer dog was reported to have picked up the scent of a dead body in the apartment.

Madeleine’s parents continue to pursue the search for their daughter. They also cooperate with authorities from both countries when necessary.


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