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Original Source: Correio da Manha 15 December 2010
By Eduardo Damaso, assistant director
15 December 2010

Thanks to Joana Morais for translation

What is the worth of the WikiLeaks disclosure in the Maddie case? It is truly worthy. Firstly, in the foreground, it shows that the British police were convinced as to the credibility of the evidence that involved the parents in the disappearance. After that, the matter was then the subject of a conversation, at State diplomatic level, between England and the USA.

In other words, and for reasons that remain unclear and which may be related to some work by
Gerry McCann for the British government, the issue had a clear political dimension. It was a dossier that was managed with all political care, as can be understood by reference to the "secrecy" that the matter demanded from the British.

Today, one can also realise the lack of credibility in the information provided by the U.S. to the request of the investigation regarding the images collected by a U.S. satellite positioned to the south of Portugal and North Africa. At the time, the Americans confirmed the positioning of the satellite, but said that on the night of the disappearance it was directed toward Africa, and therefore, it could not have seen a man carrying a child, which later was said by a witness to be
Maddie's father.

If the McCanns truly wished to reopen the case, now would be a good time. But is it really their convenience to face the facts? It doesn't seem to be...


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