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Kate tried to hide twins' tantrums

Original Source: CORREIO DA_MANHA: 30 JULY 2008
31 July 2008

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Kate's notebooks – Sean and Amelie were only 18 months old


The concern with the image was such that Madeleine's mother became anxious when Amelie cried in front of the Portuguese journalists. Notes reveal some moments of tension


Kate McCann's notes are filled with details about the twin children and the manner in which they dealt with the rest of the family. Maddie's mother tells about the children's everyday life and often reveals some tiredness over the energy of the smaller ones. Sean and Amelie were born from 'in vitro' fertilization, just like Maddie, but apparently they failed to notice their sister's absence. Kate often tells that her two smaller children kept their own routines and she even reveals some guilty feelings over trying to get on with life with some normalcy.


It can also be perceived in some of the writings that Kate wanted to avoid the tensions with her smaller children to become known by the media. Just like she describes it about a tantrum from Amelie dated June 4, when the little girl started yelling in the car. "They fell asleep. Sean instantly, Amelie only after throwing a big tantrum while we tried to sit her into the baby seat – all in front of the Portuguese media!!! – and then we stopped on the way so we could cuddle them outside of the car trunk. I sometimes worry that Amelie may be missing Maddie more than we thought. Maybe I'm being paranoid?", writes Kate, who on the next day left her children in the creche again. "After a shower and breakfast, take Sean and Amelie to the Kids Club".


On the 14th of June, Kate shows her tiredness again, not only over Maddie's disappearance but also over the care that the smaller ones demanded. "Sean slept with me most of the night after half an hour of hysterics at half past midnight", she reveals, while three days later she complains again that her children now fall asleep at a later time. "I tried to take Sean and Amelie to bed at around 7.30 p.m. but it took rather long again – especially AMELIE", Kate recognises.


On the 21st of June, Kate is ironical about the children's behaviour: "Sean and Amelie's biological clocks seem to have changed now. They go to bed later and they get up later!!! I think they are becoming Portuguese", says Kate, who on the 4th of May, during the first questioning, guaranteed that her children always went to bed at 7.30 p.m.


Kate's notes


"They fell asleep. Sean instantly, Amelie only after throwing a big tantrum while we tried to sit her into the baby seat – all in front of the Portuguese media!!!" - June 4


"Again we wake up relatively late, around 7:30 a.m., preceded by notification of the good morning by Sean and Amelie (...) After a shower and breakfast, take Sean and Amelie to the Kids Club." - June 5


"Sean slept with me most of the night after half an hour of hysterics at half past midnight." - June 14


"Sean and Amelie's biological clocks seem to have changed now. They go to bed later and they get up later!!! I think they are becoming Portuguese." - June 21


Photographed during walks


In her notebooks, Kate tells that the walks with the twins were agreed with the English press. They were often photographed entering and exiting the apartment at the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz.


Tension with her mother and support from her father


The disappearance of Madeleine McCann generated several tensions within the McCann family, namely between the McCann couple, but Kate's notes clearly reveal that the most difficult was the relationship with her own mother.


Despite the fact that her parents immediately travelled to the Algarve, just like several aunts that helped to take care of the twins during the times that followed the disappearance of Madeleine, Kate only found support with her father.


In her notes dated June 8, 2007, Kate reports that she was "upset and angry" with her mother. "At this moment, I could do without this kind of thing – I have enough to think about and emotionally exhausted", the doctor wrote, recalling an argument during a walk with the twins in the Algarve.


Five days later, at a time when Kate's parents return to the United Kingdom, Madeleine's grandmother shows her indignation with her daughter's attitude, at the same time when she ends up being appeased by her father. In her notes dated June 13, Kate writes that her mother calls her complaining about not hearing from her since the previous day, and saying she had "an awful day".


"I explained to her that I had been told that someone had given us the location of my daughter's body. Did she know that? No!!!" Kate remembers, referring to a letter from a supposed abductor that had been received at a Dutch newspaper. After the argument with her mother, Kate talks with her father, a conversation that calmed her down: "Deep down, he was very strong and he said some very sweet things".


PJ went to London to fetch diary


Kate McCann's diary, which is considered to be fundamental by the investigators due to the fact that it reveals the profile of Madeleine's mother, led the Polícia Judiciária to England to try to apprehend it but it was never validated as evidence and the process ended up being archived.


The document, which started to be written by Kate upon advice from a psychiatrist after her daughter’s disappearance, was discovered by the police in the Ocean Club apartment, in the Algarve, and was initially photocopied and analysed. But it was only in April, during their last trip to England, that the Polícia Judiciária was granted permission to formally apprehend the original document, a fundamental diligence that had been requested in September so it could be valued as evidence.


But the judge that held the process decided to postpone the validation of the diary, which therefore could not be taken into account within the Polícia Judiciária’s investigation – and in the meantime, the Public Ministry ended up archiving the case.


The authorities believed that Kate's notes revealed her personality, and therefore were determinant for the investigation, but they ended up never being able to use them as evidence.


Initially, the police only appended the copies of the document to the process, and the original was not apprehended because it juridically fitted within the concept of private correspondence, which is subject to a stricter regime. Meanwhile, the McCanns returned to the United Kingdom, which forced the Polícia Judiciária to request the apprehension of the diary through rogatory letters, which took months to receive a reply.


Tomorrow: How they dealt with extortion cases 

Note: The twins were actually 2 years and 3 months old when Madeleine was reported missing.


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Kate tried to hide twins' tantrums

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