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Albym's analysis court appeal

Madeleine Beth McCann A Mystery Story

A Freedom of Expression foray


Left to right, top to bottom: 24 horas logo; Map of west Algarve (background) with 4km and 25km radii from Luz; Reward poster; Express Group award; Home with tapas in the back garden; 999 + 1 = 1,000; 5A spawning 3A; Watch with time on its face as well as its hands; Wine bottle count; American viewers; E-mails; 100% and 103% percentages; House values; Pound pill for the plague or paying the laundry bill?
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15 = Original number of minutes between said checks of the children on the night of May 3

£50,000 = Amount paid monthly to Metodo3 from Madeleine's Fund

5 The Crescent = Address of the McMansion

5A = Number of the Ocean Club apartment from where Madeleine was "abducted"

£550,000 = Amount of damages awarded to the McCanns in their settlement against the Express Newspapers

40 yards = A distance as reported by Kate McCann between 5A and the Tapas Bar

4 = Said by Gerry McCann to be number of kilometres between his and Russell O'Brien's cell-phone call

£430,000 = Actual value of the Rothley McMansion

$4,000,000 = Reward, according to Vanity Fair, for information leading to Madeleine's return

14 = Number of bottles of wine, which waiters say were drunk on May 3; "8 bottles of red wine and 6 bottles of white wine," according to Tapas Bar records

19 = Number of minutes Gerry and Kate McCann took to run to a cliff-top monument

100 per cent = How much Gerry and Kate McCann believe in each other's innocence

103 per cent = An odd Clarence Mitchell percentage for stating that the PJ's case against the McCanns will remain secret for another three months

1,000 = Number of yellow balloons released at Praia da Luz

1 yard, according to Gerry McCann = 1.53 actual yards

6 = Number of bottles of wine, perhaps overlooking the 8 bottles of red, which the Tapas 9 say were drunk on May 3

£630,000 = Erroneous value of the Rothley McMansion reported by the UK press

10,000 emails = Number of emails sent to the Sun following a controversial article on the McCann Case

30 = Number of minutes between each check on the night of May 3

3Arguidos = Name given to the wonderful THE THREE ARGUIDOS website

25 = Actual number of kilometres between Gerry McCann's and Russell O'Brien's cell-phone call, as confirmed by "triangulation"

24Horas = Portuguese online tabloid newspaper

229 = Number of times Madeleine was on YouTube; thought to be a code on Gerry's Blog

2.29 PM = Time of the disputed "last" photograph taken of Madeleine, Gerry, and Amelie by Kate McCann

12,000,000 = Number of American viewers, who saw the McCanns' story on America's Most Wanted


Upper section: Plan of Apartment 5A; Anorak blog site logo; View of Anrade dam (barragem do Anrade); Hybrid map showing Silves and Anrade dam to the north-east; Nacho Abad; Antenna 3 logo; Rogerio Alves; Luis Antonio. Middle section: Ernie Allen; Sarah Armstrong; Ben Affleck; Steve Anderson; Map showing location of Algarve and Luz; Gonçalo Amaral. Lower section: Malinka's Audi A4; ASFIC/PJ website logo; Carlos Anjos.
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AAMOF = As A Matter Of Fact

AFAIK = As Far As I Know

AKA = Also Known As

ASFIC = Associação Sindical dos Funcionários de Investigação Criminal; see also Associação Sindical dos Funcionários de Investigação Criminal

ASFIC/PJ = Associação Sindical dos Funcionários de Investigação Criminal da Polícia Judiciária

Abad, Nacho = A Spanish journalist, who, on the day the McCanns were giving a press conference at the European Parliament in Brussels, revealed from an anonymous source devastating information from an early Kate McCann/PJ interview that Madeleine had asked why she and her brother had been left to cry for so long the night before she disappeared

Abduction = Term used by the McCanns to support Madeleine was kidnapped; see also Rare Stranger Abduction

Aberdeen Terrier see Scottish Terrier

Abreu, Carlos Pinto de see De Abreu, Carlos Pinto

Achilles Tendon = An injury sustained by Gerry McCann, in cancelling his last tennis lesson on May 3; later seen running up a steep hill with no sign of injury

Adult-Friendly Resort = Resort for swingers

Affleck, Ben = US movie star and director; see also Gone Baby Gone

Aggressive = As in the behaviour, described by Clarence Mitchell, of a member of Shannon Matthew's family in asking for money from Madeleine's Fund in what is now thought to be a faked abduction case

Alderton, Martin = A partner and specialist counsellor with the Centre for Crisis Psychology, Skipton, who was flown out to Praia da Luz to comfort the McCanns by Mark Warner

Algarve = Region of Portugal taken over by the British

Allen, Ernie = President, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children; met with Gerry McCann while he was in Washington, DC

Alves, Rogerio = Immediate Past-President of the Ordem dos Advogados Portugueses (Portuguese Bar Association); retained by the McCanns for their defence; see also Ordem dos Advogados Portugueses

Amaral, Gonçalo = Lead investigator in the Department of Criminal Investigation of Portimão in the McCann Case; later replaced by Paulo Rebelo

Amber Alert System = Proposed system for missing children in Europe; see also Code Adam; Code Madeleine

Anaesthesia = Partial or complete loss of sensation via administration of a drug or gas

Anaesthesiologist = One who administers anaesthetics; as practised by a doctor with postgraduate qualifications in that discipline

Anaesthesiology = Study of anaesthetics; as in the name of a hospital department

Anaesthetics = Drug or gas inducing insensitivity to pain or touch; in the UK, the name of a hospital department; Kate McCann's one-time specialty; see also Anaesthesiology

Anaesthetist = One who administers anaesthetics; as practised by a doctor, dentist, or nurse anaesthetist

Anderson, Steve = Executive producer for Mentorn Media; see also Mentorn Media

Anger = Rage; see also Furious

Anjos, Carlos = President of Portugal's National Union of Criminal Investigators; advised against the media campaign; interviewed for the Panorama documentary

Anorak = Tabloid update pages for broadsheet readers; weatherproof, hooded jacket, as worn by the Inuit or by hikers; boring person

Antena3 = Spanish TV station

Antonio, Luis = Former poolman at the Ocean Club; ex-partner of Michaela Walczuch

Apartment 5A = Scene of Madeleine's "abduction" at the Ocean Club Resort

Apology = As in the Express Newspapers saying they are sorry in open court and having to publish a humiliating apology on the front pages of all the newspapers in the Express Newspapers group after publishing more than 100 "defamatory" articles about the McCanns

Arade Dam = Location where divers are currently looking for Madeleine's body

Arguida = Female suspect, in Portuguese

Arguidification = On being a suspect

Arguido = Male suspect, in Portuguese

Arguidos = Suspects, in Portuguese

Armstrong, Sarah = Deputy Chief of Staff to First Lady Laura Bush; met with Gerry McCann on his visit to the White House

Asperger's Syndrome = A milder form of Autism

Associação Sindical dos Funcionários de Investigação Criminal = Portugal's National Union of Criminal Investigators

Astroturfing = Use of paid shills by PR men to create an impression of a popular movement in politics/advertising

Audi A4 = Vehicle owned by Sergey Malinka, which was recently set on fire in Praia da Luz; on the sidewalk near the burned out vehicle was written the word "fala"; see also Fala; Malinka, Sergey

Autism = A complex developmental disability appearing during first three years of life and impacting social interaction and communication skills; result of a neurological disorder affecting brain function

Avatar = Descent of God or Incarnation, from the Sanskrit; an image to identify a poster on a forum


Left section, left to right, top to bottom: Matt Baggott, Chief Constable, Leicester Police; Brian's Dreams website logo; Broadmoor Asylum entrance (background); Martin Brunt; G&K with red buggy leaving the premises; Sonia Beldom; Cherie Blair; Tony Blair m****t-head in prison drag; BWB solicitors logo; David Beckham appeal with Maddie's hair Bead (inset); Baying mob with a howling wolf wineclub logo. Right section, left to right, top to bottom: John Buck; Belgian Maddie suspect; the real Captain Birdseye; Catriona Baker; Tony Bennett; Barney with Bush; Richard Branson; Manuel Domingues Borba; Miss Beazley with Mrs Bush; Bundleman (background); three Blue tennis bags of different dimensions; Bleach; another Blue tennis bag.
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BRB = Be Right Back

BTW = By The Way

Babelfish = Fictional species in The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy; Google gadget to translate text from Portuguese into English

Baby Buggy see Buggy, Baby

Baby G***e = Name given to a dead child, thought to be Madeleine, found washed up on an inland waterway off the east coast of the US

Babysitter = Nanny hired to stay with young children until 1:00 PM for a small extra fee, while parents have "me-time"; McCanns refused this Ocean Club service

Bacon, Stephen = Legal representative of the Express Newspapers, who read the public apology in London's High Court; see also High Court, London

Bag, Blue = A tennis/sports bag reported missing by Gerry McCann, thought to contain crucial evidence; later denied owning

Baker, Catriona = Nanny at the Ocean Club Resort, who searched for Madeleine on the night of May 3

Banana Split = An American sundae of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice-cream, with banana, fruit/chocolate/nuts, and cream

Bararguido = Previous name of the Three Arguidos website

Barney = One of two Scottish terrier dogs living in the White House; this one belongs to President George W. Bush; see also Miss Beazley; Scottish Terrier

Barragem do Arade Reservoir = Reservoir 35 miles from Praia da Luz, where diving operations are underway for Madeleine's body

Bates Wells & Braithwaite = London law firm, who filed the trademarked Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned for the McCanns

Baying Mobs = Term used by Clarence Mitchell to describe anti-McCann bloggers/posters

Bead = A hair decoration, which Kate removed from Madeleine on the night of May 3

Beazley, Miss see Miss Beazley

Beckham, David = Celebrity footballer; see also Millionaires

Been Cautioned = Category of member on website with 300-499 postings

Beldom, Sonia = Spokesperson for Madeleine's Fund

Benedict XVI see Pope Benedict XVI

Bennett, Tony = UK solicitor, who set up the TruthforMadeleine website and the Madeleine Foundation; see also Madeleine's Law

Bevvied = Getting very drunk

Bible, The Holy = A religious book of the Old Testament and New Testament, borrowed by Kate McCann; found with a crumpled page and a reference to King David and the death of a child

Billionaires see Millionaires

Biological = As used in biological parents, i.e. the natural parents of a child

Birdseye, Captain Clarence = Founder of the frozen food industry

Blair, Cherie = QC wife of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair; Patron of PACT; see also PACT

Blair, Tony = Envoy of the Quartet on the Middle East on behalf of the United Nations, the European Union, the United States and Russia; longest serving Labour Prime Minister, the first to get involved with the McCann Case, before he stepped down from office; see also Brown, Gordon

Bleach = Used to remove blood stains and other DNA evidence from 5A

Blue Bag see Bag, Blue

Board index = An index to threads on a forum

Bodily Fluids = As in blood, semen, saliva, and cerebrospinal fluid

Book of Hope see Madeleine's Book of Hope

Boot = British name for the trunk or rear compartment of a car

Branson, Sir Richard = Founder of the Virgin Empire; donated £100,000 to Madeleine's Fund; see also Millionaires

Brian's Dreams = A website, where dreams are used to advance theories on the McCann case

Broadmoor = First known as the Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum, when built in Crowthorne, Berkshire, in mid-19th century; now a mental hospital for the criminally insane, including murderers and serious sex offenders

Brown, Gordon = Former Chancellor of the Exchequer under Tony Blair; the second UK Prime Minister to get involved with the McCann Case; regularly telephoned Gerry until the McCanns were declared arguidos; also warned Jose Socrates, Portugal's Prime Minister, in Lisbon that the investigation should be slowed down, as the British public "needed time"; see also Blair, Tony

Brunt, Martin = Crime correspondent for Sky TV reporting periodically on the Madeleine McCann Case; maintains his own Life of Crime blog on the Sky News website

Buck, John = British Ambassador to Portugal at time of Madeleine's disappearance; provided early consular support to the McCanns; shortly after left the diplomatic service

Buggy, Baby = A British term for a light-weight, folding form of a perambulator for transporting babies and toddlers; used by the McCanns for carrying the twins; see also Stroller

Bump = Used to boost a thread to a higher status on a forum

Bundle = Package thought to contain a body, as seen being carried away on a Jet Ski from the beach at Praia da Luz; see also Jet Ski

Bundleman = A name to describe the drawing by an "FBI-trained" illustrator of Jane Tanner's "abductor," following its release on the FindMadeleine website and in the media

Burke, George = A British ex-pat friend of the McCanns from Liverpool, who was reported in The Sun as seeing a “suspicious" couple with a girl hours after Maddie vanished; runs a supermarket in Portugal; and was to have been questioned by Metodo3 about the “vicious-looking" pair

Bush, George W. = President of the United States of America, who did not meet with Gerry McCann on his visit to the White House; see also Barney

Bush, Laura = Former librarian/teacher and wife of President George W. Bush. The First Lady sent her deputy chief of staff and Miss Beazley to meet with Gerry McCann on his visit to the White House; see also Miss Beazley


Upper left section: Casa Liliana entrance with Portuguese policeman (background) with insets: Marcos Teixeira Aragão Correia; Alberto Costa (top right); Paulo Cristóvão (left; black and white) and silhouette of 'the Truth conspiracy'; Najova Chekaya; Chaplins logo. Upper right section: Calpol montage; Gail Cooper with Cooperman (inset); Child friendly toppings on cake, with Cocaine lines above; Kate McCann's Crocodile tears; Coloboma; Jon Corner. Lower left section: Carter-Ruck logo; CCP logo; COMARE logo; cartoon to represent Conspirators and conspiracy-theorists; Control Risks logo; Lori Campbell; Michael Caplan QC; Chelsea tractor. Lower right section: CEOP logo; Cuddlecat; Sandy and Trish Cameron; the two Simon Cowells.
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CEOP = Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre

CHARGE Syndrome = Genetic birth defect associated with hearing and/or eye conditions; see also Coloboma

CM = Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCanns

CM Week = 4-5 days

CMIIW = Correct Me If I'm Wrong

COMARE = A Mafia mistress; acronym for the UK Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment

CWOT= Complete Waste Of Time

Cadaver = Dead body

Cadaver Dog = "Expert" dog trained to pick up scent of dead bodies; see also Eddie

Calças de Ganga = Jeans, in Portuguese; see also Pants of Ganga

Calpol = A cold medicine

Calpol Night = A cold medicine with sedative side-effects

Cameron, Tricia = Sister of Gerry McCann

Camp McCann see Team McCann

Campaign = Strategy used by Gerry McCann in promoting the Madeleine's Fund and plotting The Wider Agenda

Campbell, Lory = A reporter for the Daily Mirror, who denounced Robert Murat to the Leicester Police

Canary Islands see Tenerife

Caplan, Michael = A QC and partner of Kingsley Napley; best known for defending Chile's ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet and avoiding his extradition to Spain; now retained by the McCanns for their defence

Cardiac Surgeon = A surgeon, specialising in heart surgery, including donor heart and artificial heart transplantation; erroneously thought to be Gerry McCann's profession

Cardiologist = A physician, specialising in the study/diagnosis/treatment of the heart (but not by surgically); the profession of Gerry McCann

Cardiology = Study of the heart; as in a hospital department

Cartagena = A port city in Spain, where a Madeleine "sighting was reported at a petrol station of her purportedly being "bundled" into a car

Carter-Ruck = London law firm, specialising in high-profile libel cases, used by the McCanns to obtain a settlement against the Express Newspapers for defamatory articles; see also £550,000; Daily Express; Sunday Express

Casa Liliana = Name of the Murat villa in Praia da Luz

Catholic Church see Igreja da Luz; Sacred Heart Church; Pope Benedict; Vatican Website

Censorship = Suppression/deletion of material which may be considered sensitive or objectionable; see also Freedom of Speech

Centre for Crisis Psychology = A Skipton crisis centre used by Mark Warner to counsel the McCanns shortly after Madeleine's disappearance in Praia da Luz; see also Alderton, Martin; Pike, Alan

Cerebrospinal Fluid = A clear bodily fluid occupying the subarachnoid space and ventricular system around and inside the brain

Chaplins = A British-type bar and restaurant in Praia da Luz, specialising in fish 'n chips, bangers & mash, and a Tuesday night Quiz; popular with the Tapas 9

Chav = A low-class individual, wearing fake gold jewelry and Burberry accessories

Cheers = An acclamation, expressing joy, enthusiasm, and applause

Chekaya, Najova = An aerobics instructor and quiz mistress at the Ocean Club Resort

Chelsea Tractor = A gas-guzzling SUV used in London by the "rich bitches of Chelsea"; see also Yank Tank

Child Abuse = Sexual abuse of a child by a paedophile

Child-Friendly Toppings = As used by Gerry McCann in his Blog to describe toppings served over an ice-cream sundae; see also Banana Split

Child Listening Service = Service offered by the Ocean Club, but the Tapas 9 had their own listening service; see also Babysitter

Child Neglect = Abandonment

Childcare = Used pejoratively to mean negligent childcare by the McCanns

Chimp = Term used to describe a paid poster for the McCanns on a Maddy forum; see also McChimp

Church of Light see Igreja da Luz

Clancy = Nickname for Mitchell

Clarence = Four-wheeled carriage

Clarence see Birdseye, Captain Clarence; Mitchell, Clarence

Clarigate = Declaration of war by Clarence Mitchell

Clarrie = Nickname for Clarence Mitchell

Clarrie Pinkie = A play on the name of Clarence and his pink shirts

Clarrie-Speak = Poster-speak for ludicrous nonsense, as parlayed by Clarence Mitchell at media conferences

Clarrification = Poster-speak for explanations offered by Mitchell

Clone = As in Madeleine or Dolly the Sheep; or a poster, simulating another well-respected poster's name, on an Internet forum

Cocaine = Recreational drug of choice for the medical profession

Code Adam = A missing child and safety system in the US; see also Amber Alert System; Walsh, John

Code Madeleine = A missing child and safety system in the UK; see also Amber Alert System

Codes = A system of symbols, letters, or words given certain arbitrary meanings, used for transmitting messages requiring secrecy; as thought to be used in Gerry's Blog for secretly communicating with the Tapas 7

Coloboma = A lesion or defect of the eye; a fissure or cleft of the iris, ciliary body, or choroid; may be congenital, pathological, or surgical; see also CHARGE Syndrome

Comical Clarrie = Nickname for Clarence Mitchell

Commentariat = A community of people, who leave comments on blogs/forums, write letters to editors, attend or call in to live talk shows, or respond to polls

Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment = UK government committee on which Gerry McCann sits as a member; see also COMARE

Composition = Arrangement, as in digital photography

Concealed Vault see Vault, Concealed

Conspiracy Theory = Collusion, as in Madeleine's "abduction"

Control Risks Group = A London-based private risk consultancy firm providing advice and services "to enable companies, governments and international organizations accelerate opportunities and manage strategic and operational risks"; first group to advise on kidnapping cases

Cooperman = Name given to the drawing of a "creepy" prowler seen lurking at the Ocean Club by Gail Cooper before Madeleine's "abduction"

Corner, Jon = Managing director of River Media; friend of Kate's, who videotaped the McCanns in Praia da Luz, the footage of which was used in the BBC Panorama documentary; godfather to the McCann twins; appointed as member of the Board of Directors of the Madeleine's Fund in January 2008

Corner, Michele = Kate McCann's oldest friend from primary schooldays; wife of Jon Corner

Corpse Fluid = A source of DNA through a bodily fluid, e.g., blood or cerebrospinal fluid

Corpus Indelecti = Legal term, denoting that the body cannot be produced as evidence to prove that a murder has taken place

Correia, Marcos Teixeira Aragão = A Madeira-based lawyer, who received a tip from the underworld that Madeleine's body had been thrown into the Barragem do Arade Reservoir; funded the initial search of the reservoir; now funding 50% along with SPEC, Lda of Portimão, the current diving operation searching the Barragem do Arade Reservoir and Dam for Madeleine's body

Corte-Real, Francisco = Vice-President of Portugal's National Pathology Institute; visited FSS Birmingham in late November

Costa, Alberto = Portugal's Justice Minister

Coverup = Action, stratagem, or other means of concealing or preventing investigation or exposure; as thought to have occurred in the "abduction" of Madeleine

Cowell, Sheila = Kate McCann's aunt and mother of Anne-Marie Wright and Simon Cowell (2). She was the person who alerted her children to the disappearance of Madeleine; see also Cowell, Simon (2); Wright, Anne-Marie

Cowell, Miriam = Sister-in-law of Kate and Gerry McCann; wife of Simon Cowell (2)

Cowell, Simon (1) = A TV personality who seeks out talent; one of the major celebrity contributors in the early days of Madeleine's Fund

Cowell, Simon (2) = An iSeries Technical Support and Operations Supervisor at Zurich International Life, he and his wife live with their children on the Isle of Man and are kept up-to-date on the case by Michael Wright; first cousin of Kate McCann and brother of Anne-Marie Wright; see also Cowell, Sheila

Crêche = Place where the McCanns could leave their children for most of the day without spending another Euro

Creepy = Description given to a man lurking in the vicinity of the Ocean Club

Creepyman see Cooperman

Crime Reconstruction = As proposed by the PJ in inviting the Tapas 9 to return to Praia da Luz to reconstruct the events surrounding Madeleine's "abduction" from Apartment 5A

Cristóvão, Paulo = Retired Portuguese police inspector, who is facing trial over torture allegations, describes how missing Maddie did not survive the night she vanished in his book, The Star Of Madeleine

Crocodile Tears = Doing a Kate; false tears

Cuddlecat = A pink soft toy said to be a fourth birthday present for Madeleine, but used as a prop for Kate McCann in photo-shoots/interviews; in contact with six cadavers before Portugal

Curdlecat = Corruption of Cuddlecat

Cut = Drunk, as after a number of cocktails, 14 bottles of wine, and after-dinner liqueurs

Cyberspace Kangaroo Court = As in the McCanns being found guilty by the mob on blogs or forums on the Internet; as coined by the New Statesman

Cybersleuthing = Playing detective on the computer in cyberspace


 Left to right, top to bottom:[ / i ] Daily Mirror logo; Dirty nappy cartoon (background) with Daily Express/Daily Star apology and Richard Desmond; Jose Cunha De Magalhaes e Meneses (inset); Carlos Pinto de Abreu; Jose Barra da Costa; Diário de Notícias and De Telegraaf logos; Sheree Dodd; Dowser/water diviner finding a Dr. Who birthday cake; doggy doo-doo flying the Union Jack.
Graphic design by albym


DE = Daily Express

DE Group see Express Newspapers

DIY = Do It Yourself

DM = Daily Mirror

DN see Diário de Notícias

DNA = Acronym for Deoxyribonucleic Acid; a nucleic acid containing genetic instructions for the development and functioning of all living organisms; see also Low Copy DNA and Mitochondrial DNA

DNA Database = UK's national DNA database, where many people are unaware that their DNA is already in the master database

DNA Databasing = Networking of European DNA databases to fight crime; see also DNA Database; Prüm Treaty, The

DNA Experts = Experts at the FSS in Birmingham, who have reviewed the DNA evidence in the McCann Case; also those "experts" hired by the McCanns to look at DNA evidence in the Renault Scenic; see also Krane, Dan

Daily Express = A UK tabloid newspaper with a forum for both "anti- and "pro-" McCann posters; owned by Express Newspapers; see also Express Newspapers

Daily McCann Fix = Need for addicted posters to have a daily update on the McCann Case

Daily Mirror = A UK tabloid newspaper; see also Mirror's Hunt for Maddy Forum

Daily Star = A UK tabloid newspaper owned by Express Newspapers; see also Express Newspapers

Daily Star Sunday = Sister newspaper of the Daily Star; see also Express Newspapers

De Abreu, Carlos Pinto = A Portuguese lawyer, involved in high-profile cases, including the defence of leaders of the UGT in a fraud case with Fundo Social Europeu; presides over the Human Rights Commission of the Lawyer's Order; filed the first libel lawsuit on behalf of the McCanns against the now defunct Portuguese weekly Tal & Qual; said he would provide his legal services free-of-charge

De Magalhaes e Meneses, Jose Cunha see Meneses, Jose Cunha de Magalhaes e

De Telegraaf see Telegraaf, De

Deoxyribonucleic Acid see DNA

Death Scent = Smell of a corpse from decaying flesh and excreted bodily fluids

Defamation = Act of defaming; false or unjustified injury of the good reputation of another, as by slander or libel; as in the McCanns suing the Express Newspapers for defamation of character in a libel lawsuit

Delurk = To pluck up courage to post after having lurked for a while on a forum

Desmond, Richard = Publisher and owner of Express Newspapers; see also Express Newspapers

Devilsporn = Sporn (spawn or spermatozoa) of the devil

Diapers = US term for Nappies; see also Dirty Nappies

Diário de Notícias = A respected Portuguese newspaper; regularly provides updates on the investigation

Diary = As used by Kate McCann to record her feelings about her family and about being an at-home mum; sought by PJ as to her state of mind

Dias, Joao Alveirinho = Early on in the case, the Portuguese police contacted Professor Dias, a specialist in oceanography from the University of Algarve, in order to collect information about the movement of tides and beach sand in the area surrounding Praia da Luz

Diligences = Persistent efforts, in Portuguese; as shown by the PJ in solving the mystery

Dirty Nappies = Excuse used by the McCanns to explain source of DNA found in the Renault's tyre well

Disaster = As in Gerry McCann's first words in a call to Kate's mother, Susan Healy; mishap; tragedy; calamity; or accident

Discolouration = Scanner dust/oil/grease in digital photography

Discrepancies = Gaps or holes in a story/statement

Dr. Who Cake = A McCann birthday cake; see also Who, Dr.

Doctors Feelgood = Another name for the McCanns, after Gerry said, "By the time we came home, Kate and I were so buoyed up that we felt as if we'd been injected with a shot of vitamins"

Documentary = A real-life movie or film; said to be under consideration by Clarence Mitchell, but later denied by the McCanns

Dodd, Sheree = A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokeswoman; thought to be the diplomat who warned the UK government that the McCanns were not being cooperative with the PJ

Dodgy = Name of an English "Powerpop" Trio; derogatory description given to Murat's eye by a Sky reporter; see also Metodo3

Dodgy Mercenaries see Metodo3

Doggie Doo-Doo = Dog excrement or faeces

Dogs see Barney; Eddie, Keela; Miss Beazley

Doing a Bunk = Fleeing; taking to one's heels; cutting and running; flying the coop; heading for the hills; hightailing it; running away; scarpering; skedaddling; escaping; see also Doing a McCann; Doing a Moonlight

Doing a Kate = Crying fake tears; crocodile tears

Doing a McCann = Doing a bunk; telling lies; leaving young children unattended; suddenly becoming a devout Catholic

Doing a Moonlight = Moving house, in secret or during the wee small hours, abandoning everything that can't be taken, and leaving no trace for those who might want a forwarding address, e.g. unpaid landlords, creditors, and lessors of computer equipment; see also Doing a McCann

Dowser = Water diviner; see also Quantum Physics Dowser

Droopy Eyelid see Eyelid Ptosis


Left to right, top to bottom: EasyJet plane; Map of Devon showing location of Exeter (background); Editorial Intelligence logo; Emoticons; Eyelid ptosis; Sally Eveleigh; scenes of Exeter, Eeyore; Eurojust logo; top UK sniffer dog Eddie; Eurostar train; Eurostar logo. Lower right section, left to right, top to bottom: Map of the UK showing location of county of Devon (background); Europol; Guilhermino da Encarnação; Egghead.
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ET Finger = As in Flickr Photo-Sharing

EasyJet = No-frills airline used for "doing a McCann"; see also Ioannou, Sir Stelios Haji

Eddie = Top sniffer dog from the UK used in tracking the scent of a cadaver

Editorial Intelligence = An organization founded by Julia Hobsbawm; see also Media Intelligence

Eeyore = A character in A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh books, as depicted on Madeleine's pyjamas

Egg Donor = Female donor in IVF treatment

Egghead = Egg-shaped, faceless head, as depicted in the Eggman drawing; see also Eggman

Eggman = A drawing based upon Jane Tanner's original description of the "abductor" by Simon Russell, who runs a video store and Internet café in Praia da Luz; thought to be the sketch shown by the PJ to local residents during a house-to-house enquiry

Ellibean = Pseudonym of a poster, who went to Praia da Luz to photograph the scene

Emoticons = Funny faces to be attached to a post on a forum

Encarnação, Guilhermino da = Director of the Policia Judiciária in Faro

Episcopal Church = Anglican Church; used interchangeably by the McCanns for the Roman Catholic Church; see also Catholic Church

Eurojust = An agency of the European Union to expedite communication between the 27 EU member countries in the case of serious crime involving more than one country; used for rapid transmission of rogatory letters

Europol = An agency of the European Union, created to fight crime involving more than one country within the 27 EU member countries

Eurostar = Train that runs between London and Brussels or London and Paris (as well as a number of other destinations, such as Avignon and Lille)

Eveleigh, Sally = Robert Murat's aunt; interviewed in the Panorama documentary

Exeter = Town in Devon; home to Russell O'Brien and Jane Tanner

Express Newspapers = A group of UK newspapers, consisting of the Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star, and the Daily Star Sunday, owned by Richard Desmond; settled with the McCanns for an apology in open court and on the front page in all of their newspapers, as well as £550,000 in damages

Extra Child-Friendly Toppings see Child-Friendly Toppings; Banana Split

Eyelid Ptosis = A droopy or hooded eye condition, which can be in one eye or two

Upper section: Cartoon Fala/Fado singer with insets tpop to bottom: Mrs Pamela Fenn, Sandra Felgueiras and 'Frenchman' abductor); Family friendly montage of two families (one inset bottom right) with a Full English on the table; Lower left and Bottom sections: Find Madeleine and Forever Searching website logos; 'Jugs' Judy Finnigan (upper) and Vanessa Feltz (lower); Rubbish dump of broken Fridges with a 'head' in a fridge (inset); The FSS website logo; a Full Monty; Book cover 'With Friends in High places' with inset of Raiders of the Lost Ark Gestapo man who fell out of favour; Martyn Falkous and 'Furious'.
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FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

FWIW = For What Its Worth

FYA = For Your Amusement

FYI = For Your Information

FSS = Forensic Science Service; see also Forensic Science Service, Birmingham

Faceless One see Eggman

Fala = Speak (or talk) from the imperative form of the Portuguese verb "falar" meaning "to speak"

Falkous, Martin = Person in charge of the diving operation at the Barragem do Arade Reservoir and Dam with five divers from Dive Time, based in Lagos, and two divers from the Portimão Bombeiros, in the search for Madeleine's body

Family-Friendly Resort = A holiday resort, catering to families, where babies/ toddlers can be placed in a crêche, while parents have "me-time"

Fancy Clancy = Rhyming nickname for Clarence Mitchell

Fasthosts = Took over from Infohost as the web-hosts in managing the FindMadeleine website

Fencesitter = A person who posts on a forum but does not take a position

Fenn, Pamela = Resident of Praia da Luz, with apartment above 5A; reportedly heard Madeleine crying "Daddy, Daddy" on an evening before her disappearance

Fernandes, Telma = Assistant to Marcos Teixeira Aragão Correia, the Madeira-based lawyer funding 50% of the diving operation at the Barragem do Arade Reservoir and Dam in the search for Madeleine's body

FindMadeleine = McCanns' Find Madeleine website

First Time Offender = Category of member on the3arguidos website with 500-749 postings

Fish Salting Tanks = Part of the Roman ruins in Praia da Luz

Flip-Flop = As in Martin Brunt vacillating on the McCann Case; see also Brunt, Martin

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome = A serious medical condition, beginning in the foetus, when a mother has used alcohol during pregnancy

Folie à Deux = "A madness shared by two," in French; a rare psychiatric syndrome in which a symptom of psychosis is transmitted from one individual to another

Fooked = F*ucked, as in "We're fooked," when Gerry McCann found the PJ had his text messages

Forensic Medicine = Practice of medicine as applied to legal problems

Forensic Science Service, Birmingham = Headquarters of the FSS, acknowledged to be the best forensic laboratory in the world; used by the PJ to examine DNA evidence

Formaldehyde = A preservative used in the embalming of bodies

Forum = An Internet discussion group, such as The Three Arguidos Forum

Forumistas = Those versed in the ways of a forum

Forumspeak = Use of acronyms on forums, e.g. LOL = Laughing Out Loud

Free Speech = News commentary and history from a White racial perspective; see also Hate Speech, as in Free Speech vs. Hate Speech

Freedom of Speech = Concept of being able to speak freely without censorship, but increasingly endangered in UK and US

Frias, Pedro Miguel dos Anjos = A criminal instruction judge (juiz de instrução criminal) assigned to the Madeleine McCann Case in Portimão

Fridge = British abbreviation for refrigerator; as in Gerry purportedly dumping a broken fridge from one of the the holiday apartments in Praia da Luz and replacing it without permission of the owner

Friends in High Places = Gerry and Kate McCann's friends, notably in government or the media, and more recently in "missing children" agencies

Full English = An English breakfast typically of rashers of bacon and eggs, but may include sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, black pudding, potatoes, and fried bread; as served in "greasy spoon" cafe's but also to tourists in hotels, guest houses, and B & Bs. In decline in most British homes, although may be enjoyed at the weekend or on holiday, as by the McCanns in Praia da Luz

Full Monty = Whole hog; full nudity; men's three-piece suit; see also Full English

Fund, International see International Fund; Madeleine's Fund

Furious = Term frequently used to describe the McCanns' feelings since they were declared arguidos or suspects in the case


Left to right, top to bottom: GNR website logo; John Gaunt; Jacqueline Gold; Sir Philip Green (upper); Alberto Gonzales (lower); GPS device used in the Iranian kidnapping of Royal Navy personnel; 'Gone Baby Gone' film poster; Gazeta Digital website logo (upper); Google logo (lower); Martin Grime; Nicky Gill; smoking Guru chatting to the higher power.
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GNR = A Portuguese rock band; acronym of the Guarda Nacional Republicana; see also Guarda Nacional Republicana

GPS Device = A global positioning system device, which tracks the whereabouts of a vehicle or person; as attached illegally to two vehicles used by Robert Murat; see also Volkswagen Transporter; Skoda Fabia

Gazeta Digital = Blogspot for the missing Madeleine and the media

Gemeos = Portuguese for Twins; see also McCann, Amelie; McCann, Sean

Geraghty, John = A businessman from Leicestershire who now lives in Portugal near Praia da Luz; offered to store the Renault Scenic hired by the McCanns, so that they could commission independent forensic tests

Gerry see Gerry McCann; see also Jerry

Gerry's Blog = Diary kept on the FindMadeleine website by Gerry McCann

Glittering Career = Description of the respective careers of Gerry and Kate McCann until being declared arguidos by the PJ in Portimão

Global Positioning System see GPS Device

Gold, Jacqueline = A wealthy contributor to the Madeleine's Fund and an early supporter of the McCanns

Gone Baby Gone = A US movie, based on the novel by Denis Lehane, set in Boston about a missing four-year old girl; director Ben Affleck delayed its opening in the UK, because of similarities to the McCann Case; see also Affleck, Ben

Gonzales, Alberto = US Attorney-General at the time of Madeleine's disappearance; met with Gerry McCann to discuss missing children; later resigned after having lied to the Senate over mass firings in his department

Google = Method of searching the World-Wide Web; see also Babelfish

Googlese = Google translation

Green, Sir Philip = Retail tycoon, who lent his private jet to the McCanns for their European tour; see also Millionaires

Green Ribbons = Symbol for a missing child campaign; see also Yellow Ribbons

Guarda Nacional Republicana = Portuguese National Guard; first on the scene after Madeleine's "abduction" and searched through the night, along with scores of local residents; while the Tapas 9 remained in their apartments

Guru = A brilliant computer expert; wizard

Gynaecology = Study of women's diseases; another discipline studied by Kate McCann before she went into General Practice.


Left to right, top to bottom: Stephen P. Hurley of Hurley, Burish & Stanton; Coat of arms of Huelva over map showing location of Huelva (background); Julia Hobsbawm (b&w); John Hill; David Hodson; Hot chocolate and marshmallows; High Court of England (Royal Courts of Justice); HTFM and Hogan International website logos; Hot Lips Healy with Cabofrio avatar look-alike; Brian and Susan Healy; Rev. Haynes Hubbard; Sir Tom Hunter; John Hargreaves; David Hughes; Hague Convention on International Child Abduction.
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HFM Forum = Hunt For Maddy forum; see also Mirror's Hunt for Maddy Forum

HTFM see Helping To Find Madeleine

HTH = Hope This Helps

Hague, The. Convention on International Child Abduction = The only worldwide instrument available to help those who are facing child abduction

Hardened Criminal = Category of member on website with 1500-1999 postings

Hargreaves, John = A wealthy contributor to the Madeleine's Fund and an early supporter of the McCanns

Harry Potter see Potter, Harry

Hate Speech = Speech designed to degrade, intimidate, and incite violence against a person or group; as in racist speech, e.g., denigration of the Portuguese police and media by Team McCann; see also Free Speech

Head Covering = A hat, scarf or lacy head covering worn on religious occasions by devout Catholics; curiously omitted by Kate McCann on her Papal visit

Heads Up = An expression commonly in use in US military circles for an advance warning - being wide awake and alert - being the head of

Healy = Maiden name of Kate McCann; see also Hot Lips Healy

Healy, Brian = Father of Kate McCann; grandfather of Madeleine; resides in Liverpool

Healy, Susan = Mother of Kate McCann; grandmother of Madeleine; resides in Liverpool

Hearts and Minds = To win a nation over, a tactic of Clarence Mitchell in his usage of the media; used by US military during Vietnam War

Helping to Find Madeleine = An Affiliate of the McCanns' FindMadeleine website, with leaders and their teams divided by country; acting as chimps or trolls on Maddy forums

Heulva = How Gerry spelled Huelva in his Blog

High Court, London = The open court, where the following public apology was delivered by Stephen Bacon on March 19, 2008: “Express Newspapers regrets publishing these extremely serious, yet baseless, allegations" against Gerry and Kate McCann and their involvement in the disappearance of Madeleine

Hill, Graham = A detective superintendent with the Surrey Police, who has worked on a string of high-profile cases, including the kidnapping and murder of schoolgirl Milly Dowler; flew to Portugal to help assist in the hunt for Madeleine

Hill, John = Manager of the Ocean Club Resort in Praia da Luz, who found no evidence of an "abduction" on May 3

Hobsbawm, Julia = London's first Professor of Public Relations at the London College of Communication; see also Editorial Intelligence

Hodson, David = Consultant with The International Family Group; drafted early press releases for the McCanns regarding Madeleine's Fund; see also International Family Group

Hogan International = Firm of private investgators, headed by Noel Hogan, a former detective superintendent in the Metropolitan Police; hired by the McCanns to conduct a cold case review in conjunction with Método3

Hot Air = Not from a hot air balloon, but as issued from Clarence Mitchell at media conferences

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows = A favourite drink of Madeleine's at a Templars coffee shop in Rothley

Hot Lips Healy = Kate McCann's nickname while in medical school; character in MASH

Hubbard, Reverend Haynes = Chaplain of the Algarve; befriended the McCanns while serving as locum priest to the congregation at Praia da Luz

Hubner, Peter = Serves on the Board of Madeleine's Fund; a retired Leicester cardiologist and a friend of Gerry McCann

Huelbrigadas = Colloquial term in Portuguese for private investigators

Huelva = Place in Spain, where Gerry and Kate McCann drove to distribute posters on a religious holiday, while people were away and most businesses closed

Hunter, Sir Tom = A wealthy contributor to the Madeleine's Fund and an early supporter of the McCanns; little is known of him, except that most of his holdings are in BHS

Hurley, Burish & Stanton, Attorneys at Law = Kingsley Napley consulted with this American law firm in Madison, Wisconsin, over "sniffer dog" evidence in the Zapata Case; see also Strang, Dean

Hurley, Stephen P. Senior partner of Hurley, Burish & Stanton, Attorneys at Law, in Madison, Wisconsin, who worked with Dean Strang on the Zapata Case; highly regarded for his expertise in criminal defense, especially in complex cases

Hurtful = One of Mitchell's adjectives to describe news reports


Upper left section: Internaut montage (a young beginner; the InterNIC Internaut; a Internaut); ICMEC logo; IFLG logo. Upper right section: Igreja da Luz (background); Infrared Cameras Inc. logo with a helmet thermal imaging device; Jemmies a.k.a. crowbars embedded in the church towers. Lower section: Infohost logo; Jerry a.k.a. chamber-pot a.k.a. 'guzunder' 'cos it 'guzunder the bed'; ITV channel logos; GPRS Inc. logo; an eaten apple (Jantaram - "THEY ate it!" as in "THEY've taken her!"); Evert Hoos and his Incinerator.
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IANAL = I Am Not A Lawyer

IC = I See

ICMEC see International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children

IIRC = If I Recall Correctly

IMHO = In My Honest Opinion

IMO = In My Opinion

IVF = Intra Vitro Fertilization, the method by which Kate McCann became pregnant with Madeleine and the twins in Amsterdam

Igreja da Luz = Church of Light, where the McCanns prayed frequently after Madeleine's "abduction"

Illiterate = As in an illiterate letter received by Clarence Mitchell; thought to have been sent by a member of the Shannon Matthew's family

Incarnation, Guilhermino = National deputy of the PJ in Faro, who inspected the crime scene, while the media were otherwise engaged

Incineratorman = Man who ran the local incinerator outside of Praia da Luz

Infohost = Original host of the FindMadeleine website on the Internet, now hosted by Fasthosts

Infra-Red Cameras = Used in early air searches for Madeleine to detect the existence of land shifts; in UK have even detected cadavers under cement

International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children = An international organization founded by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in Washington, DC, to identify and coordinate a global network of organizations fighting child-sexual exploitation and abduction; see also United States. National Center on Missing and Exploited Children

International Family Law Group = London law firm, specialising in child abduction and international family law; met with the McCanns in Portugal in early May 2007 and retained by them to set up Madeleine's Fund on their behalf; wrote early press releases, including the important one announcing the founding of the fund at a football match in Leicester; see also Thomas, Ann; Hodson, David; Shah, Lubna; Nichols, Michael

International Fund = Gerry McCann's ambitions for Madeleine's Fund

Internaut = An habitual user of the Internet, formed by an amalgamation of "Internet" and either "Astronaut" or "Cybernaut"

Ioannou, Sir Stelios Haji = Founder of EasyJet; a wealthy contributor to Madeleine's Fund and an early supporter of the McCanns

ITV = A commercial TV station in the UK currently filming Kate and Gerry McCann for a long-form documentary on missing children; Mentorn Media will produce this documentary to coincide with the first anniversary of Madeleine's disppearance; see also Mentorn Media


Upper section: Jeremy Beadle (before and after); Gerry and Kate McCann running (Jogging) away again, hopefully straight to the lady with the sword and scales (Justice); JN logo. Lower section: Jetski (what is Beadle smiling at?); Jehovah's witness visiting lady to deliver his signal publication, The Watchtower; Gaynor (de) Jesus; Jayne Jensen.
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.jpg = A format for digitising, compressing, and storing photographs or pictures on the computer; files with the expression .jpg after their names denote such a format; sometimes known as .jpeg for joint photographers expert group

J/K = Just Kidding

JT = Jane Tanner, one of the Tapas 7, who saw Bundleman on May 3; see also Tanner, Jane

JAFFA = An impotent person who cannot have children; an acronym for Just Another F*cking Field Assistant (as in the gold fields of Australia)

Jantaram = Third person plural of the past tense of the verb "jantar" in Portuguese, meaning "they dined"

January 23, 2008 = The Day The Mirror's Hunt for Maddy Forum Died; seen as pivotal date in the loss of free speech in the UK

Jehovah's Witness = A person belonging to a religious movement based on the belief of restoration of 1st century Christianity

Jemmied = As in damaged shutters of 5A, reported by the McCanns to their family back in the UK, the media and to the PJ; EXCEPT the police on inspecting the shutters found no sign of damage or forced entry

Jealous = Envious; covetous; "green"; as anti-McCann posters were thought to be of the McCanns by pro-McCannites

Jeremy Beadle-Hand-Patsy-Cropper = Photocropper of fake photographs

Jerry = Chamber-pot; see also Mr. Jerry; Mr. Jerry and Its Wife

Jet Ski = Vehicle for transferring a bundle out to sea; thought by some posters to be used in the disposal of Madeleine's body from the beach at Praia da Luz

Jesus, Gaynor = An Anglo-Portuguese woman and childhood friend of Robert Murat, who spread the erroneous story of his "glass" eye

Jogging = Running at a leisurely pace for exercise; a favourite pastime of Gerry and Kate McCann after Madeleine's disappearance

Juiz de Instrução Criminal = Criminal instruction judge in Portugal

Justice = As in Justice for Maddy

Upper section: Kangaroo court; Keyboard monkey; Keela, top UK sniffer dogs; Brian Kennedy (uncle); Janet Kennedy (aunt); Brian Kennedy (financial backer); Keystone Cops; Kingston Hospital logo; Kingsley Napley logo. Lower section and background: Map of Greater London showing location of Kingston-upon-Thames; history snapshot of the parish church from 902 to 1973. Lower left inset, left to right, top to bottom: Dan Kane; Bill Kenwright; Danie Krugel; Kevin Winters.
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Kangaroo Court see Cyberspace Kangaroo Court

Kate see McCann, Kate

Keela = Top sniffer dog from the UK used for tracking down blood evidence, even from clothing and objects that have been cleaned or washed many times

Kennedy, Brian (1) = A retired headmaster, living in Rothley, and uncle of Kate McCann; serves as a family director on the Board of Madeleine's Fund

Kennedy, Brian (2) = Glazing-millionaire, who offered a reward for Madeleine's safe return; pays salary of Clarence Mitchell and Edward Smthurst; paid for DNA experts hired by the McCanns to look at evidence in the Renault Scenic; see also Krane, Dan; Smethurst, Dan

Kenwright, Bill = A wealthy contributor to the Madeleine's Fund and an early supporter of the McCanns

Kevin R. Winters & Co., Solicitors = A distinguished Belfast firm consulted in Northern Ireland by the legal team from Kingsley Napley, who wanted to learn more about their expert knowledge of LCN DNA testing from successfully defending Omagh bomb suspect Sean Hoey at the Old Bailey

Keyboard Monkey = Poster on an Internet forum (probably derived from the Infinite Monkey Theorem)

Keystone Cops = Derogatory name for the PJ

Kids Club see Crêche

Kingsley Napley = A prestigious UK law firm, retained by the McCanns

Kingston Hospital = Hospital where Matthew Oldfield works as a consultant endocrinologist

Kingston-upon-Thames = Town in Surrey, home to Matthew and Rachael Oldfield

Kinky Pinky = Clarence Mitchell

Krane, Dan = A US professor and DNA specialist, hired by the McCanns; his team of "experts" carried out independent tests on the Renault Scenic and found no trace of Madeleine's DNA in the tailgate

Kruger, Danie = A South African dowser, who claimed he could find Madeleine's body in Praia da Luz; found a place on the beach, where he thought she had been buried

Krugersdorft = Term derived from the name of a South African dowser, in Africaans or Dutch; see also Kruger, Danie


Upper section: LMAO; LOL; Map for location of LSE; George pub at LSE (inset); Map of Liverpool; Royal Liver Building, one of Liverpool's most notable and rocognizable landmarks. Mid and upper sections: Latham House with Lurker and Loser (insets); DNA chart (LCN/DNA); Nick Lampson; medicinal compounds invented by Lily the Pink; José Luís Lopes da Mota; on the Lash; Map showing Lagos with beach snapshot (inset).
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LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off

LOL = Laughing Out Loud

LSE = London School of Economics

Lagos = A city and a municipality in Portugal, near Luz, in the southern region of the Algarve; see also Solidarity Concert

Lampson, Nick = Democratic Congressman for Texas; met with Gerry McCann while he was in Washington, DC

Lash = Bevvied; very drunk; intoxicated

Latham House = The surgery in Melton Mowbray, where, prior to the holiday in Portugal, Kate McCann served as a locum general practitioner for 1 1/2 days per week

Legging It see Doing a McCann

Libel = Written or broadcast form of defamation, as distinguished from slander, the spoken form

Lies = Untruths and contradictions by members of the Team McCann, especially in establishing the May 3 timeline

Lies, Lies, Pants on Fire = An expression to denote lying by the Tapas 9

Lifer = Category of member on website with 5,000-plus postings

Lily the Pink = A nineteen-sixties pop song by the Scaffold; nickname for Clarence Mitchell and his love of pink shirts

Linnett, Michael = A wealthy retired accountant; appointed to the Board of Directors of Madeleine's Fund

Liverpool = Home town of the Beatles and the Healy family

Local Lag = Category of member on website with 750-999 postings

Lock Up Your Daughters = A literary article on Casanova found by the PJ in the Casa Liliana

London School of Economics = Host to the panel session on the Media and the McCanns

Lopes da Mota, José Luís = National Member for Portugal, Eurojust; currently President of the Eurojust College

Loser = Fool or "sad" person

Low Copy DNA Testing = A technique developed in the UK to enable scientists to produce DNA profiles from samples containing very few cells; see also DNA

Ludicrous = Favourite word of Clarence Mitchell in dismissing news that Team McCann would rather not hear

Lurker = A person who routinely views threads on a forum but does not sign up to post


Upper section, left to right Angus McBride; Linda McQueen; Calum Macrae; David Mills; John McCann; Justine McGuiness; Ester McVey; Kirsty Maryan; John Madejski; Dianne McCann; Lady Catherine Meyer; Christopher Murray. Mid- and lower sections, left to right: Gerry and Kate McCann and the twins Sean and Amelie; Clarence Mitchell; Jo Maura; Francisco Marco; Robert Murat; Francisco Moita Flores; Jenny Murat; Sergei Malinka; Eileen McCann; Philomena McCann; Edward McMillan-Scott.
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MLA = Mutual Legal Assistance

MOS = Matter Oriented System

MS = Messaging Service

MYOB = Mind Your Own Business

Mc€s = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

Mc£s = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McAlert = An alert system to show unsafe places for children

McArses = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McBastards = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McBeans = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McBigots = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McBlames = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McBook = Gerry's forensic book; or Kate's Bible

McBride, Angus = A partner at Kingsley Napley; a $1,200-an-hour lawyer, specialising in high-profile cases; represented the former Clash guitarist Mick Jones over allegations arising from the Kate Moss cocaine affair; was also involved in the John Terry and Chris Langham cases; retained by the McCanns for their defence

McCann = Family Name of Gerry McCann

McCann, Amelie = One of the McCann twins and younger sister of Madeleine

McCann, Eileen = Mother of Gerry McCann; grandmother of Madeleine; ran a pub in Donegal, Northern Ireland; now resides in Glasgow

McCann, Gerry = A consultant cardiologist at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester; father of Madeleine but now declared arguido in her disappearance

McCann, John = Brother of Gerry McCann, who gave up his job to serve on the Board of the Madeleine's Fund

McCann, Kate = Former locum general practitioner at Lathem House, Melton Mowbray; wife of Gerry McCann; mother of Madeleine but now declared arguida in her disappearance

McCann, Madeleine = Missing daughter of Gerry and Kate McCann; see also Code Madeleine; Madeleine Foundation; Madeleine's Book of Hope; Madeleine's Fund; Madeleine's Law

McCann, Philomena = Sister of Gerry McCann; teacher, resides in Ullapool, Scotland;

acted as a spokesperson for the family and met with Members of Parliament in Westminster

McCann, Ruth = Owner of 5A at the Ocean Club Resort; resides in Liverpool but said to be no relative of the McCanns

McCann, Sean = One of the McCann twins and younger brother of Madeleine

McCannbater = A person who gains pleasure for brain-base self stimulation

McCannbation = Pleasure from brain-based self stimulation

Mccannfiles = Redsquare's highly-respected website on the McCann Case; now under fire as "an unauthorised site" from Team McCann

McCannite = Supporter of the McCanns

McCannos = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McCannorama = A BBC Panorama programme on the McCann Case

McCannots = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McCan'ts = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McChimp = A poster supporter of the McCanns; see also Chimp

Macho Nacho = What Nacho Abad thinks about himself

McClowns = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McComplices = An accomplice of the McCanns

McConic = Ironic

McConns = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McCrims = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McDefendants = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McDelusionals = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McDisgustings = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McDoughnuts = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McEuros see Mc€s

McFaeces = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McFan = What the shi*t is about to hit; also a fan of the McCanns; proMcCann

McFeculants = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McFlurry = McCann media overkill

McFools = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McFishy = Denoting something odd about the McCanns

McFriend = Friend of the McCanns

McFries = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McFunds = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McGuinness, Justine = First paid spokesperson for the McCanns; present when they were declared arguidos; participated in the LSE Media and the McCanns panel session

McKillers = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McKingdom = Fantasy world of Gerry and Kate McCann

McLiars = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McLudicrouses = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McMalices = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McMansion = Pejorative US architectural term given to a certain style of large house built on a small lot and dwarfing older neighbourhood homes; Rothley house of the McCanns

McMillan-Scott, Edward = Conservative MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, who said that "in more than three out of four cases like this a family member is involved"; he was speaking of the recently found Shannon Matthews and not of the missing Madeleine

McMonies = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McMortgage Scandal = Scandal surrounding the illegal payment of the mortgage for the Rothley house from Madeleine's Fund

McNasties = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann; see also McNasty

McNasty = Derogatory name for John McCain, the Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States, when he was in high school; see also McNasties

McParents = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McPisstakers = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McPoster = A pro-McCann

McPounds see Mc£s

McPsychos = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

MacRae, Calum = A former Ullapool pupil of Philomena McCann; director of Infohost and the first webmaster for the FindMadeleine website

McRats = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McRoyalties = Derogatory name for the McCanns

McScams = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McScarpers = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McScums = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McScumbags = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McShams = Derogatory name for Gerry and Kate McCann

McSick Note = A doctor's note, as coined by celticcaria, for a 3A poster, whose mind is on breaking news on the forum and not on work

McTurdo3 = Derogatory name for Metodo3

McVey, Esther = Former Chairman of the Board for the Madeleine's Fund


Upper section: COI Media Monitoring Unit logo; Map of UK showing location of Leicestershire; logo; Mills Productions Ltd header; Methadone warning; TNS Media Intelligence logo; MCE logo; Missing People Header; Mentormedia TM header. Mid section: Mitochondrial DNA; Montana Sauvignon Blanc; Moderators (red pencil); Background map of Leicestershire showing Rothley and Melton Mowbray; Melton Mowbray pork pie (made in Melton, told in Rothley; a genuine Mistake); a real Mobster. Lower section: Global, regional and island maps of Malta and Gozo; three website headers (Soldier of Fortune [Mercenary] magazine); PACT; MLA); Map of Morocco.
Graphic design by albym


Maddie = Nickname for Madeleine

Maddieballs = Word coined by Private Eye for media nonsense written about the McCann Case

Maddy = Variation of the nickname for Madeleine

Madejski, John = A wealthy contributor to the Madeleine's Fund and an early supporter of the McCanns

Madeleine = Magdelene = Magdelena

Madeleine Foundation = A democratic membership organization established by Tony Bennett in Harlow, to ensure that Madeleine's name will live on forever and that her message to this generation and to future generations of parents is “Never leave young children on their own"; see also Bennett, Tony; Madeleine's Law; TruthforMadeleine

Madeleine's Book of Hope = A book of messages contributed by Portuguese children of all ages for Madeleine

Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned = A limited company formed to raise money to find Madeleine and other missing children, but used by the McCanns for the mortgage on their Rothley house and to support their affluent lifestyle

Madeleine's Law = Legislation proposed by TruthForMadeleine and Tony Bennett to protect children from neglect by their parents; see also Bennett, Tony; Madeleine Foundation; TruthforMadeleine

Mafia Boss = Category of member on website with 2000-4999 postings

Mafia Mistress see COMARE

Magalhaes e Meneses, Jose Cunha de see Meneses, Jose Cunha de Magalhaes e

Magdalene = Derivative of Magdelena or Madeleine

Magdelena = Derivative of Magdalene or Madeleine, favoured by Lucian DeVille

Magnusson, Eggert = A wealthy contributor to the Madeleine's Fund and an early supporter of the McCanns

Malinka, Sergei = Russian IT expert, who built a website for Robert Murat; his computers were taken by investigators early in the case; more recently his Audi A4 was set on fire in Praia da Luz; on the sidewalk near the burned-out vehicle was the word "fala"; see also Fala

Malta = A group of islands in the Mediterranean, where there have been frequent "sightings" of Madeleine

Mampilly = Maiden name of Rachael Oldfield

Marco, Francisco = Director General of Metodo3; stated that Maddy was alive two days after the kidnapping and that Madeleine was in a car and was given to another person inside Portugal; "We have the description of the woman and the man involved"

Margaret = Name mistakenly given to Madeleine by Gerry McCann

Marketing Ploy see Ploy

Maryan, Kirsty = A nanny at the Ocean Club Resort and another witness in the Madeleine McCann Case

May 3, 2007 = Date Madeleine was "abducted" from Apartment 5A at the Ocean Club Resort

Media Intelligence = Strategic advertising intelligence (including data and analysis) for political/public affairs, advertising campaigns, advertising agencies, and the media; see also Editorial Intelligence

Media Monitoring Unit = A government agency headed by Clarence Mitchell until he became spokesman for the McCanns; now thought to have used this unit to monitor the behaviour of posters in forums and blogs "considered to be highly detrimental to the image of the McCanns and that of the British government"

Melton Mowbray = A town in Leicestershire, famous for its pork pies; also where Kate Mccann worked as a locum general practitioner; see also Lathem House

Meneses, José Cunha de Magalhaes e = Public Prosecutor of the Portimão Court; had the unenviable task of reviewing 10 boxes of evidence in the Madeleine McCann Case

Mentorn Media = One of the UK's leading independent television producers; they also were responsible for the Panorama documentary and are to produce the ITV documentary to mark the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance from Apartment 5A of the Ocean Club Resort

Mercenaries = Soldiers of fortune, who take part in armed conflicts but are not nationals of the hiring party or country; motivated solely by money; see also Metodo3

Methadone = Synthetic opoid used in narcotic withdrawal and therapy

Metodo€ see Metodo3

Metodo£ see Metodo3

Metodo3 = Spanish investigative agency, specializing in fraud, hired by the McCanns to find Madeleine in Spain and Morocco; considered to be “dodgy mercenaries" by Francisco Paragete, lawyer to Robert Murat

Meyer, Lady (Catherine) = Wife of Sir Christopher Meyer, former UK Ambassador to the United States; founder of PACT; see also PACT

Millionaires = Affluent friends, acquaintances, and contacts/connections, who have provided support, in addition to donations, legal fees, reward money, and private jets, to the McCanns; see also Beckham, David; Branson, Richard; Green, Philip; Kennedy, Brian; Rowling, J.K.; Winyard, Stephen

Mirror Forum = A forum on the Daily Mirror's website

Mirror's Hunt for Maddy Forum = A very popular forum on the Daily Mirror's website, now closed down, as the result of pressure from Clarence Mitchell; see also Media Monitoring Unit

Mills, David = Original producer for BBC's Panorama program on Madeleine McCann; walked out of project, claiming that criticism of the media and Portugese police was toned down for the version eventually transmitted

Miss Beazley = One of two Scottish terrier dogs living in the White House; this one was a present from the President to the First Lady; thought to have been the dog met by Gerry McCann on his visit to the White House; see also Barney; Scottish Terrier

Missing Children Europe = A Brussels-based organization for the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children affiliated with NCMEC; this non-profit organisation has 21 member NGOs from 15 countries of the European Union all working internationally "to prevent and fight the sexual exploitation of children and assist parents and investigators confronted with the disappearance of a child"; Gerry McCann, however, prefers to work with NCMEC in the United States, rather than in Brussels, for his Wider Agenda; see also National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Missing People = Non-profit organization for missing persons in the UK; member of Missing People Europe

Missing People Europe = Non-profit organization for missing persons in Europe; favours an Amber Alert System; see also Amber Alert System

Mistake = Boob; error; slip; gaffe; lapse, as in Gerry McCann saying that they had made a "mistake" in leaving their children unsupervised

Mr. Jerry = Name for Gerry McCann, as coined by Lucian DeVille

Mr. Jerry and Its Wife = Name for Gerry and Kate McCann, as coined by Lucian DeVille

Mr. Young Chicken Hunter = A Portuguese lawyer

Mitchell, Clarence = Spokesman for the McCanns; former head of the UK Media Monitoring Unit; former reporter for the BBC; now on payroll of Brian Kennedy

Mitochondrial DNA = DNA located in organelles called mitochondria, spanning about 16,500 DNA building blocks

Mobster = Thug; hoodlum; crook; outlaw, term used to describe "anti-McCanns"

Moderator = Person who monitors the behaviour of posters on an Internet forum

Mods = Shorthand for moderators on an Internet forum

Moita Flores, Francisco = Former PJ inspector; author of several TV series, including a proposed new series for a foreign TV station on the McCann Case, in Portugal

Mojo3 = Metodo3

Montana Sauvignon Blanc = A New Zealand wine said to be the favourite wine of the McCanns; while in Praia da Luz, they purchased their supplies from Baptista, but when local posters checked, they were told that it is no longer in stock; perhaps the McCanns cleaned them out?

Monteiro, Henrique Pinto = Portugal's Attorney General

Moonlight Flit see Doing a Moonlight

Morocco = North African country, where Metodo3 has been searching for Madeleine after numerous "false sightings"

Mountain of Sovereigns Blanc = As coined by weissnicht for Montana Sauvignon Blanc; see also Montana Sauvignon Blanc

Munchausen By Proxy = Fabricated or Induced Illness (FII) given to a type of abuse, where a caregiver feigns or induces illness in a person under their care, in order to attract attention, sympathy, or to fill other emotional needs

Munchausen Syndrome = A psychiatric disorder in which those affected feign

disease, illness, or psychological trauma, in order to draw attention or sympathy from family, friends, and health professionals

Murat = Family name of Robert Murat with roots in Portugal, as wine merchants in Oporto, since the 18th century

Murat, Jenny = Mother of Robert, who was with her son on the night of May 3; her home, Casa Liliana, was searched by the PJ, but nothing incriminating was found

Murat, Robert = An Anglo-Portuguese man, who served as a translator for the PJ during the early days of the case but was declared arguido after a Sky reporter gave his name to the Leicester police; now thought to be innocent of any involvement in Madeleine's disappearance

Murray, Christopher = A lawyer with Kingsley Napley; current chairman of the Criminal Law Committee, he has particular expertise in white-collar crime and matters with an international element, such as mutual assistance; was probably used by the McCanns to delay the submission of the PJ's rogatory letters to the Leicestershire Police

Mutual Legal Assistance = A service of the UK Home Office to help citizens abroad and to transmit legal communications between jurisdictions in the UK and a foreign country


Left section: Montage about Neglect on a background of Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect by C. Crosson-Tower. Insets top-to-bottom, left-to-right:you're Nicked, mate; NCMEC logo; three 'Neglect' logos from; Cartoon of three forms of child neglect from Right section: top-to-bottom, left-to-right: Michael Nicholls, QC, of 1 Hare Court; Necrosearch International website logo and header; No Comment a.k.a.'zip it'; No Stone Unturned website header; Neon street light in Luz; Budgie Narcissist; representative of Nouveau Riche and possibly narcissism and NOYB; Search dog waiting for stones to be turned; NOYB (None of your business) blue keyboard; Finnish Numpty poster; NPD: Malignant Self Love by Sam Vaknin; Nappy washday (background) with dog wearing nappy (inset); News International - often associated with NPD and washing dirty nappies in public.
Graphic design by albym


NCMEC = Acronym for National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

NYOB = None of Your Own Business

Nacho C. Loonie = Nacho Abad

Nacho the Nutter = Nacho Abad, the leak spinner

Nanny McFlee = The missing Nanny McCann

Nappies = British term for Diapers (US); see also Dirty Nappies

Narcissism see Narcissistic Personality Disorder; Somatic Narcissist

Narcissistic Personality Disorder = A mental disorder primarily characterised by extreme focus on oneself; symptomatic of "a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy"

Narrative Crossover = Placement of two or more otherwise discrete narratives or fictional crossovers into the context of a single story

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children = A missing child agency visited by Gerry McCann in Washington, DC; see also International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children; Missing Children Europe

NecroSearch International = A US-based non-profit forensic investigative team, specialising in previously shelved homicide cases because of corpus indelecti; see also No Stone Unturned; Corpus Indelecti

Neglect = Act of leaving a young child unattended

Neon Lighting = Type of street lighting under which Jane Tanner saw Bundleman outside the Ocean Club Resort in Praia da Luz

New In Town = Category of member on website with up to 99 posts

Newbie = New person in town, or a new person beginning to post on a forum

News International = Media conglomerate and subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's Newspaper Corporation; see also The Sun; Sun On-Line

Newspaper Corporation see News International

Nicholls, Michael = A London-based QC; family lawyer in the Official Solicitor's Office; head of the Lord Chancellor's Child Abduction Unit 1983-1998; member of the Family Justice Council's International Family Law Committee; consultant to the Council of Europe's Family Law Committee; retained by the McCanns when they first set up Madeleine's Fund with The International Family Group; see also International Family Group, The

Nicked = Caught; see also You're Nicked

No Comment = Phrase used by politicians or celebrities, when they do not wish to answer a question; also used by Gerry McCann when asked whether he knew Robert Murat

No Stone Unturned = Title of a book about the US-based non-profit forensic investigative team, NecroSearch International, by Steve Jackson

Nouveau Riche = New rich, in French, or new money, referring to people who have newly acquired wealth; used for those lacking in finesse or taste and displaying working-class origins, as demonstrated by the McCanns

Numpty = Scotland's favourite word, meaning idiot or stupid person


Left section: Gerry and Kate McCann Opening Post (background) with Matthew Oldfield; Rachel Oldfield; Bridget O'Donnell; Oddball and Jose Manuel Oliveira (insets). Right section: top-to-bottom, left-to-right: Online Resident website logo; On the other hand; Parole board cartoon; Obfuscation (smoke and mirrors); Map showing location of Odiáxere (background) with market day in Odiáxere; Odiáxere Town Council (Freguesia) logo; Ordem dos Advogados logo (insets). Graphic design by albym


OMG = Oh My God

OP = Opening Post

OTOH = On The Other Hand

O'Brien, Russell = One of the Tapas 7; said to be attending his sick child, while the "abduction" took place; see also Tanner, Jane

O'Donnell, Bridget = Partner of Jeremy Wilkins; wrote a Guardian article on her observations of the McCanns in Praia da Luz

Obfuscation = Confusion, as in throwing the PJ off the scent with "red herrings"

Obrigado = Thank you, in Portuguese

Ocean Club Resort = A Mark Warner family-friendly resort in Praia da Luz

Oddball = Derogatory name used by Team McCann to describe Robert Murat

Oldfield, Matthew = One of the Tapas 7, who holidayed with the McCann family

Oldfield, Rachael Mampilly = Wife of Matthew Oldfield; one of the Tapas 7

Oliveira, Jose Manuel = Crime reporter for Diario de Noticias; interviewed in the Panorama documentary; stated within two days of the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance from sources connected to the Portuguese police that they did not believe the abduction story and that the parents were suspects from the beginning

On Parole = Category of member on website with 1000-1499 postings

Online Resident, The = The online edition of The Resident, a newspaper for

English-speaking residents of the Algarve and Lisbon; see also Resident, The

Ordem dos Advogados Portugueses = Portuguese Bar Association headquartered in Lisbon; its president (now immediate past-president) has been retained by the McCanns for their defence; see also Alves, Rogerio; Pinto, Marinho

Out on a Lash see Lash

Odiáxere = Home of Father Pacheco's parents; located in a desert scrubland area of the Algarve, approximately nine miles from Praia da Luz


Left to right, top to bottom: Pope with McCanns; Mccanns with Pope; Police Bravery awards; Tuck Price; Tony Parsons; Pink Crusader; Pink Shirts; Pink Hole; Pink Death; David Payne; Francisco Pagarete; Philomena McCann; Playgroundman (above); Fiona Payne (below); Pied Piper of Hamelin; Portuguese Police searching for Madeleine; Prayers; Father José Manuel Pacheco; Alan Pike; Charlotte Pennington; Marinho Pinto; Predator; Fiona Phillips; Priest.
Graphic design by albym


PACT = Parents and Abducted Children Together; a non-profit organization founded by Lady (Catherine) Meyer, wife of Sir Christopher Meyer, fomer UK Ambassador to the United States

PDL = Praia da Luz

PEBCAK = Problem Exists Between the Chair and the Keyboard

PJ = Policia Judiciária

PMSL = Peed Myself Laughing

PR = Public Relations

PSYOPS = Psychological Operations

PT = Portugal

Pacheco, Father José Manuel = Catholic priest at Igreja da Luz, who was later criticised by the Church hierarchy for lending a key to the McCanns

Paedophile = Adult engaging in child pornography or in sexual relations with a child

Pampas Grass = Exotic grass, usually in the front garden of a swinger

Panorama = BBC program, which aired first UK documentary on the McCann case

Pants of Ganga = Jeans; see also Calças de Ganga

Papal Audience see Pope Benedict

Paracetamol = Active ingredient in Calpol or Calpol Night

Pagarete, Francisco = Robert Murat's lawyer in Portugal

Parents and Abducted Children Together see PACT

Paternity = Fatherhood; as questioned whether Gerry McCann was the father of Madeleine

Paternity Test = A blood or saliva test to determine whether a man may be the father or not of a particular child

Payne, David = One of the Tapas 7, who holidayed with the McCann family

Payne, Fiona = Doctor wife of David Payne; one of the Tapas 7

PayPal = An E-commerce company often used by eBay customers to transfer funds quickly after an online auction; used by the McCanns to raise £1,000,000+ for Madeleine's Fund

Pennington, Charlotte = Nanny at the Ocean Club Resort; gave conflicting testimony on Madeleine's activities on May 3

Petition = Formal written request from one or more persons to an administrative body

Phishing =Trying to acquire sensitive personal data by criminal and fraudulent means via the Internet

Photobucket = Image hosting, free photo and video sharing

PhotoFit = A technique used by police for building up an image of someone to fit a witness's description

PhotoShop = An Adobe computer software programme used in digital photography

Pied Piper of Hamelin = In the Middle Ages, many children died in an outbreak of the plague in a small town in northern Germany; people invented a myth of a stranger abduction because it was more comforting than the truth; first verifiable example of the "stranger-abduction myth"

Pike, Alan = A specialist counsellor from the Centre for Crisis Psychology, Skipton, who was flown out to Praia da Luz to comfort the McCanns by Mark Warner


Left to right, top to bottom: Pink PR; Precipitation; Pampas grass; IVF Paternity test; Paracetamol; Precipitous and Portugal map (backgrounds); Publico logo; PMSL; Paypal; Phishing; Pants of Ganga; Pink Herring/sardines and Pink Kippers; Abductor Pants of Ganga.
Graphic design by albym


Pink = Madeleine's favourite colour; spin

Pink Crusader = Slayer of free speech

Pink Death = A disease, killing journalism and free speech in UK; spread by a CM virus

Pink Herrings = Clarrie's "red herrings" at press conferences; see also Pink Kipppers

Pink Holes = Falsities or "holes" in Clarrie's theories on the McCann Case coming out typically in his press reports or TV interviews

Pink Kippers = Clarrie's "red herrings" at press conferences; see also Pink Herrings

Pink Pimp = Clarence Mitchell

Pink Spin = Flimsy information with no reason to appear in media reports

PinkShirt = A nickname given to Clarence Mitchell because of his fondness for pink shirts

PinkShirts = Cohorts of spokesman Clarence Mitchell

Left section, top to bottom, left to right: Website headers for PACT, Panorama, Policia Judiciária , Press Complaints Commission, Photobucket, e-Petitions; Pitchforkers (background) and Right section, top to bottom, left to right: Photoshop; Pink Pimp; PsyOps; Photofit.
Graphic design by albym


Pinto, Marinho = Newly-elected President of the Ordem dos Advogados Portugueses (Portuguese Bar Association); after the Enderby interrogations of the Tapas 7, stated that the PJ are at an impasse in their investigations; see also Alves, Rogerio; Ordem dos Advogados Portugueses

Pinto de Abreu, Carlos see De Abreu, Carlos Pinto

Pitchforker = Muckraker

Ploy = A manoeuvre to frustrate an opponent; or as in a marketing ploy, said to be the tactic of Gerry McCann in marketing Madeleine

Police Bravery Awards = Held at the Dorchester Hotel in London, where Gerry McCann was given a standing ovation

Policia Judiciária = Highly qualified police force with law degrees in Portugal

Pope Benedict XVI = Bishop of Rome and head of the Roman Catholic Church; the McCanns sought an audience to receive his blessing; see also Vatican City; Vatican Website

Portuguese Bar Association see Ordem dos Advogados Portugueses

Portimão = A town in the Algarve, close to Praia da Luz; where Gerry and Kate McCann were interrogated and subsequently declared arguidos by the PJ

Post = A contribution to a thread on an Internet forum

Poster = A person who posts on an Internet forum

Poster-Speak = New words coined by posters, often amusingly, on an Internet forum

Posting = Act of contributing to a thread on an Internet forum

Potter, Harry = A favourite character of Madeleine; see also Rowling, J.K.

Praia da Luz = A seaside resort in the Algarve, Portugal

Prayers = A reverent petition made to God, a god, or another object of worship; or what Gerry and Katie did in between playing tennis, jogging, and walking on the beach after Madeleine's "abduction"

Precipitação = Precipitation or Precipitousness, in Portuguese

Precipitation = Precipitousness; also used for weather conditions, as in rain or snow falling to the ground

Precipitousness = Hasty; extremely steep; a precipitous bluff

Predator see Paedophile

Press Complaints Commission = Independent organization monitoring British newspapers and magazines to ensure that they adhere to ethical guidelines; see also Toulmin, Tim

Priest = Ordained minister, as used by the McCanns in UK and Portugal

Prostitutes, The = The newspapers

Prüm Treaty, The = An European Union treaty designed to create a single European DNA/Criminal Database; see also DNA Database

Psychological Operations = Techniques used by the military and police to influence a target audience's emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and behaviour

Putative Abductor = A "supposed" abductor



QC = Queen's Counsel

Quantum McCannics = Simultaneous sightings of Madeleine, such as in Morocco and Spain, and their subsequent parallel police investigations

Quantum Physics Dowser = Dowser, using techniques from quantum physics; see also Kruger, Danie

Quiz Mistress = Ocean Club aerobics instructor Najova Chekaya, entertaining Tapas Bar diners with a "quiz," which the McCanns were tipped to win the night of May 3; see also Chaplins


Left section, left to right, top to bottom: Catholic Rosary (background) with Mark Rogers, Jill Renwick, Wayne Rooney, Seal of the Vatican's Secret Archives, Ladies' Rolex (replacing the rosary cross), JK Rowling before and after (insets); ROFL; ROFLMAO; map showing location of Rothley. Mid section, left to right, top to bottom: Retinoblastoma; Rare stranger abduction (dog stealing whole carcass from butcher stall); Rotting meat falling into Renault Scenic. Right section, left to right, top to bottom: Raptor (background) with above Almeida Rodrigues; below Alipio Ribeiro; Paulo Rebelo (insets); Roadworks in Praia da Luz (2007) with urban disaster rescue Robot looking for the parents; Redsquare holding together the important things in his website.
Graphic design by albym


ROFL = Rolling On the Floor Laughing

ROFLMAO = Rolling On the Floor Laughing My A*se Off

Radio Slip = A hasty remark by a Police Chief

Raptor = A Portuguese kidnapper; bird of prey

Rare Stranger Abduction = A rare kidnapping of a child by a stranger, as used by Clarence Mitchell, to explain Madeleine's disappearance from 5A; see also Pied Piper of Hamelin; Stranger-Abduction Myth

Rebelo, Paulo = Highly regarded lead investigator, who replaced Gonçalo Amaral in the coordination of the McCann Case in the Department of Criminal Investigation of Portimão; responsible for analysing the evidence and for monitoring the preparation of the rogatory letters to be sent to England

Recruitment Consultant = A person who makes bookings for agency and temporary staff, a position requiring in the case of Rachael Mampilly Oldfield several years of employment as a solicitor as a prerequisite, but in the case of others no qualifications whatsoever

Redsquare = Respected author of the mccannfiles website and a poster on the Three Arguidos Forum; see also Mccannfiles

Refrigerator see Fridge

Regret = Gerry and Kate McCann saying they were sorry that they were not with Madeleine when she was "abducted"

Reis, Paulo = Editor of Gazeta Digital

Renault McCann = Car hired by the McCanns in Portugal

Renault McScenic see Renault McCann

Renwick, Jill = Friend and former colleague of Kate McCann

Resident, The = A respected newspaper for English-speaking residents of the Algarve and Lisbon; also publishes an online edition; see also Online Resident, The

Respected Posters = FACT

Responsible = Manner in which the McCanns describe themselves as parents, that they are not guilty of "child neglect"

Retardo3 = Derogatory name for Metodo3

Retinoblastoma = A malignant glioma or cancer of the retina; often hereditary in young children

Ribeiro, Alipio = National director of the PJ in Portugal, who has now submitted his resignation to Justice Minister Alberto Costa

Ridiculous see Ludicrous

Road Works = Road excavations by the Church of Light; thought by many posters to be a good hiding place for a body

Robertson, Geoffrey = A lawyer and Queen's Counsel, who helped the McCanns draft their declaration for an alert system for missing children at the European Parliament

Robot Picture = A Japanese robotic picture or simulation, which can be used in search and rescue

Rodrigues, Almeida = A director of the Policia Judicaria of Coimbra, he now becomes the national director of the PJ, following the resignation of Alipio Ribeiro

Rogatory = Law

Rogatory Letter = Law document, relating to evidence, exchanged between jurisdictions of two countries

Rogers, Mike = Republican Congressman for 8th District of Michigan; met with Gerry McCann, while he was in Washington, DC

Rolex = Brand of watch worn by Kate McCann; see also Nouveau Riche

Roman Catholic Church see Catholic Church

Rooney, Wayne = A Manchester United footballer; an early supporter of the McCanns and a wealthy contributor to Madeleine's Fund

Rosary Beads = Prayer beads of special importance to devout Catholics, normally blessed and treated with reverence, but worn by Kate McCann as a necklace on her visit with the Pope; also used as a necklace for Cuddlecat

Rothley = Place in Leicestershire, where the McCanns currently reside

Rotten Meat = Source of the bodily fluids found in the tyre well of the Renault, as explained by the McCanns

Rowling, JK = Author of the Harry Potter books; early supporter of the McCanns; see also Millionaires

Left to right, top to bottom: SCKM; website headers/logos: (SNAP; SOS Crianca; SPEC); SQL; Sad Souls carved in Sand; Sacred Heart church with Father Paul Sneddon (inset); Scapegoat; Sheeple; black Sea Bass with Shark-infested waters (inset); Sea Hunt by Sniffer Dog, not parent; Sea Raptor; Sedatives on shelves; SUV montage; Senior citizen Researching the effects of a Piña Colada; Subtantial Damages Settlements; Lubna Shah; Sir Nigel Sheinwald; Server cluster and Server of drinks; Senior Consultant website header; Richard Shelby.
 Graphic design by albym


SCKM = Spilt Coffee on the Keyboard Moment

SNAP = Survivor's Network of those Abused by Priests

SOS Criança = Non-governmental child welfare organization in Portugal

SPEC, Lda = An engineering company based in Portimão, which is sponsoring 50% of the cost of the diving operation at Barragem do Arade Reservoir and Dam in a search for Madeleine's body

SQL = An error in software

SUV = A sport-utility vehicle; see also Chelsea Tractor; Yank Tank

Sacred Heart Church = Catholic Church in Rothley, where the McCanns pray for Madeleine

Sad Souls = Term used by Charlie Beckett, Director of POLIS, London School of Economics, to describe people on internet forums

Sand = Minute fragments of siliceous rocks, thought by some posters to have been used as a temporary "preservative" for Madeleine's body; not just for Gerry McCann to build sandcastles with the twins

Sardines Muncher = Derogatory term for a Portuguese person

Sauvignon Blanc see Montana Sauvignon Blanc; Mountain of Sovereigns Blanc

Scapegoat = One who bears blame for others, as in "abduction" suspect

Scenario = Plot; story; as in Gerry McCann saying, "The worst possible scenario would be that someone had taken Maddy"

Scottish Terrier = A dog, belonging to the Bush family, who met Gerry McCann when he visited the White House. Since Gerry was unable to meet personally with Laura Bush, the First Lady most likely sent Miss Beazley in her place; Barney would have been with his master in the Oval Office; see also Barney; Miss Beazley

Sea Bass = Favourite fish of Sean McCann, according to Gerry's Blog

Sea Hunt for Maddy = Initial air/sea search for Madeleine; see also Infra-Red Cameras; Temperature Cameras

Sea Raptor = Sea kidnapper; see also Raptor

Sedatives = Classification of drugs to make people sleep

Seddon, Father Paul = Roman Catholic parish priest at St Richard's Church, Atherton, Greater Manchester, who flew to Portugal to help in the search for Madeleine; Kate McCann asked her mother for his telephone number, so that she could call him in the early hours of May 4; previously he had married Gerry and Kate McCann and later had baptised Madeleine

Senior Consultant = Term used by the UK press to describe Gerry McCann, although he was only appointed to his first consultant position at Glenfield Hospital a couple of years ago

Senior Research Fellow = An academic appointment in a research institution

Server = A larger, fast computer on a network, such as the Internet, on which are stored data, websites, and files for users to access

Settlement = The satisfying of a claim or demand; a coming to terms over a lawsuit, as in the McCanns accepting a verbal and published apology and £550,000 in a settlement against the Express Newspapers

Shah, Lubna = Partner and specialist in abduction cases with The International Family Group, the firm retained by the McCanns to handle Madeleine's Fund; see also International Family Group, The

Shark-Infested Waters = Environment of the now-defunct Mirror's Hunt for Maddy forum

Sheeple = An amalgamation of "Sheep" and "People" to denote people that follow blindly and never question their leaders

Sheinwald, Sir Nigel = British Ambassador to the USA; met with Gerry McCann while he was in Washington, DC

Shelby, Richard = Republican Senator for Alabama; met with Gerry McCann while he was in Washington, DC; Gerry when writing of their meeting in his blog, referred to him incorrectly as "Robert Shelby"


Left to right, top to bottom: Map between Skipton and Bradford (background); classic Sightings ('The Truth is out there') poster with Dean Strang and Skoda Fabia (insets); Sky News and Newspapers logos; Edward Smethurst; SOL logo; Olegaro de Sousa; 'Sorry'; Sun and Sunday Times logos from News International; Joe Sullivan; Swarthy Sockpuppet Sardine Muncher and sockpuppet friend (inset); SPAM with Stinky French Garlic (for swarthy Foreigners only); Spam Wars by Danny Goodman; reputed Spam Valley; CRC hoax advert for Sperm donations with 'We Want Your Sperm' poster from Sperm Crisis (inset); Sports medicine (well-known English athlete with Liqui-Liothyronine); Spin Spokesperson with pink Spin Doctor in mid-cycle; Stitched Up in a blue bodybag; Sticky notes; Squeeze.
Graphic design by albym

Sightings = As frequently reported by Metodo3 and the UK press in Belgium, Canary Islands, Malta, Morocco, Spain, and the South of France, where several Madeleine "look-a-likes" have been seen; see also Cartagena; Malta; Morocco; Tenerife; Tongeren

Skehan, Douglas = Serves on the Board of Madeleine's Fund; as Clinical Director of Cardiology at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, is Gerry McCann's boss

Skipton = Place where the McCanns went for a christening and also spent Christmas 2007

Skoda Fabia = Vehicle borrowed by Robert Murat from Michaela Walczuch and later found to have an illegally attached GPS device; the PJ are currently investigating this case; see also Volkswagen Transporter

Sky TV = First UK TV station to report on Madeleine's "abduction"

Smethurst, Edward = Commercial lawyer with glazing tycoon Brian Kennedy; appointed to the Board of Madeleine's Fund in January 2008; legal coordinator for the McCanns

Smith, Aoife = Youngest daughter of Martin Smith, who was on holiday in Praia da Luz on the night of May 3; see also Smith, Martin

Smith, Jacqui = UK Home Secretary, who prefers "diplomatic channels" to Eurojust, essentially delaying the transmission of the PJ's rogatory letters to the Leicestershire Police

Smith, Martin = An Irish citizen from Drogheda, Co. Louth, who also has a holiday home in Praia da Luz; he and other family members saw a man carrying a child towards the beach on the night of May 3

Smith, Peter = Eldest son of Martin Smith, who saw a man carrying a child towards the beach in Praia da Luz on May 3; see also Smith, Martin

Smoke and Mirrors see Obfuscation

Snap = A playing card game; see also SNAP

Sniffer Dog = A dog used to track the scent of a missing person or drugs; see also Cadaver Dog; Eddie; Keela

Sócrates, José = Portugal's Prime Minister, who was urged by Gordon Brown to see that there was “proper cooperation between the British and Portuguese police

Sock Puppetry = Deceitful forum practice whereby poster A creates a new handle, B, and then as "poster B" provides "independent" support for the views of poster A

Sol = Sun; also the name of a highly respected newspaper in Portugal

Solidarity Concert = Early concert to support the McCanns; see also Lagos

Somatic Narcissist = Narcissist, obsessed with bodily beauty or sexual performance; see also Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Sorry see Apology

Sousa, Olegario de = Chief Inspector; public spokesman for the PJ back in September 2007

Spam = A canned meat product; unsolicited and annoying e-mail

Spam Valley = A term for an area of expensive housing, especially in Scotland, where residents were said to have paid so much for their houses that, although they appeared wealthy, they were close to poverty and reduced to eating Spam

Sperm Donation = Artificial insemination by a male donor

Spin = News as presented by the McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell

Spin Doctor = Position, beloved of politicians, such as Tony Blair and George W. Bush; see also Spokesperson

Spokesman see Spokesperson

Spokesperson = A spin doctor paid rather "ludicrous" sums of money to take the "flak" or create a "smoke-screen" in the media, when their clients would like the real story NOT to appear on the front page; e.g., announcing a "Madeleine-sighting" in Morocco, when latest DNA results confirm that the child is dead

Sports Medicine = Study of prevention/diagnosis/treatment of injuries related to those individuals involved in sports and exercise; specialty of Gerry McCann before Cardiology

Squander = As in spending of other peoples' money, the McCann way

Squeeze = Exert slight pressure on a part of somebody's body, such as the hand, knee, or shoulder, usually as a sign of affection or reassurance

Sticky = Holding a thread on a forum

Stitched Up = Expression used by Gerry McCann to denote that he was being framed by the police in Portimão

Strang, Dean = A lawyer with Hurley, Burish & Stanton, Attorneys at Law, in Madison, Wisconsin, who worked with Stephen Hurley on the Zapata Case; was consulted by Kingsley Napley on "sniffer dog" evidence; see also Hurley, Burish & Stanton, Attorneys at Law

Stranger-Abduction Myth = The myth of a stranger abduction in the case of Madeleine's disappearance from 5A; see also Pied Piper of Hamelin; Rare Stranger Abduction

Stroller = American term for buggy; see also Buggy, Baby

Substantial Damages = As in £550,000 damages awarded to the McCanns in a settlement against the Express Newspapers

Sullivan, Joe = A forensic psychologist with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre and wide experience of cases involving child-sex murders and paedophile rings; flew to Portugal to help assist in the hunt for Madeleine

Summative Overview = Part of the strategy for Madeleine's Fund; see also The Wider Strategy

Sun, The = Best-selling British tabloid newspaper, owned by News Group Newspapers, a subsidiary of News International, owned by Rupert Murdoch's Newspaper Corporation

Sun On-Line = Online version of The Sun, with a special section entitled, Maddie Latest

Sunday Express = Sister newspaper of the Sunday Express; see also Express Newspapers

Sunday Times = Sister newspaper of The Times; see also Times, The

Suspects see Arguidos

Swarthy Foreigner = Term used for one of the suspects, who may have "abducted " Madeleine

Swingers = Persons, usually married couples, who exchange partners for sexual favours


Left to right, top to bottom: Triangulation of a cellphone (background) with Tuppence (in real English coins); the infamous Tal&Qual frontpage with Titanic header and location map of Tongeren between Brussels and Liege (insets); Tenerife location map; TradeMarked Tennis poster (Gerry's favourite away game); Photos: Tim Toulmin (top); Adam Tudor (middle); Philip Tomlinson (bottom); Truth for Madeleine website header; Clara Torres; Tunnel with a trainlight at the end; A full-on Tantrum; Ann Thomas; Jane Tanner; JaTa Troll (banned); Spare Tyre in wheel well (no hair or bodily fluids); Pedro Tadeu and the other Tapas 8 (plates, not dishes).
Graphic design by albym


TA = Thanks Again

TBH = To Be Honest

TIA = Thanks In Advance

TTFN = Ta Ta For Now = Goodbye For Now

Tabloid = Gossip newspaper, e.g., Daily Mirror and the Daily Star

Tadeu, Pedro = Editor of 24 Horas; interviewed in the Panorama documentary

Tal & Qual = A now defunct Portuguese weekly newspaper against which the McCanns launched their first libel action for stating that the "police believe" they killed their daughter; see also De Abreu, Carlos Pinto

Tanner, Jane = One of the Tapas 7, who later reported seeing Bundleman on the night of May 3; partner of Russell Oldfield

Tantrum = Outburst of temper by a child, but also by an adult, when he/she cannot get his/her own way

Tapas = Hors d'oeuvres or appetizers, in Portuguese

Tapas 1= A McCann friend, who allegedly broke ranks with the rest of the group and contacted the PJ to change his/her statement

Tapas 7 = Name given to the seven friends, who dined with the McCanns at the Tapas Bar on May 3

Tapas 9 = The McCanns and their seven friends, who dined at the Tapas Bar on May 3

Tapas 10 = The Tapas 9, plus one additional mysterious friend thought to be a high-ranking government official, who dined at the Tapas Bar on May 3

Tapas Bar = Popular watering-hole at the Ocean Club Resort

Tapasniks = Another name for the Tapas 9

Tappans = A race of people belonging to the Tapas Bar

Team McCann = McCanns and friends

Team McNeglect = McCanns and Co.

Telegraaf, De = A Dutch newspaper, which received an anonymous letter, allegedly stating that Madeleine's body had been buried near Odiáxere; although the Dutch police took the letter seriously and the Portuguese searched the area with dogs, no remains were found

Temper Tantrum see Tantrum

Temperature Cameras = As used in early air searches for Madeleine to detect any changes of temperature in the terrain; decomposing bodies register higher levels than the surrounding earth

Tenerife = The largest of Spain's Canary Island, where there was a recent "sighting" of Madeleine at the airport

Tennis = Favourite sport of Gerry McCann, scheduling as many as three lessons per day, including the day of the "abduction"

Thomas, Ann = Managing partner of The International Family Group, retained by the McCanns to handle Madeleine's Fund; went to Praia da Luz in May of 2007 to meet with the McCanns; see also International Family Group, The

Thread = A section of a forum, where posters debate on a specific topic

Timeline = Attempted time-frame given to the movements of the Tapas 9 on May 3

Times, The = Britain's once prestigious broadsheet newspaper for more than 200 years, now published in a tabloid format by The Times Newspapers Limited, a subsidiary of News International, owned by Rupert Murdoch's Newspaper Corporation

Tiny Tears = An expression used by Philomena McCann in describing her brother crying; as repeated laughingly by Kate McCann in an interview

Tire Well see Tyre Well

Titanic = Popular euphemism for when the Mirror's Hunt for Maddy forum went belly up; also used for the disaster that is now the Madeleine McCann Case

Tomlinson, Philip = A Leicester lawyer and a friend of the McCanns, who served on the first Board of Directors of Madeleine's Fund under Esther McVey; now resigned from the board

Tongeren = Place in Belgium, where there was an early "sighting" of Madeleine in a restaurant; DNA tests were even carried out on the child's drinking-straw, but they did not match Madeleine's DNA

Top Doctors = Term used to describe the medically-qualified members of the Tapas 9, although more usually applied to senior doctors with several decades of professional experience

Toulmin, Tim = Director of the Press Complaints Commission; said it was "inevitable" such a case would reignite debate about press regulation. "There is a role for the PCC and there is a role for the law. There is a menu of options and the McCanns have used both at various times"

Trademark = Registration of the name Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned, at the Office of Intellectual Property in the UK and in Europe by Bates Wells & Braithwaite shortly after Madeleine's "abduction"

Transference = As in the transference of DNA evidence from one place to another

Triangulation = A method used to pin-point the location and distance between cell phones used by Gerry McCann and Russell O'Brien

Troll = A person who posts controversial and disruptive messages on a forum; see also Trollocks

Trollocks = An amalgam of the words "Troll" and "b*****ks," in describing ridiculous statements a troll will use to goad and enrage unsuspecting forum users into "imbecilic flaming sessions"

Trunk see Boot

TruthforMadeleine = Website set up by Tony Bennett; see also Madeleine Foundation; Madeleine's Law

Tudor, Adam = Lawyer and partner at Carter-Ruck; specialises in defamation and media cases, as well as commercial litigation, representing both corporate and individual clients; worked on successful McCann settlement against Express Newspapers

Tunnel = Part of the vision that Gerry McCann had at the Church of Light in Praia da Luz, which led to the founding of Madeleine's Fund; part of a network of tunnels at the Ocean Club Resort; see also Vision

Tuppence = A variation of two pence or two pennies in British currency; as in Kate McCann saying "Whoever Madeleine's with she'll be giving them her tuppence worth"

Twins see McCann, Amelie; McCann, Sean

Tyre Well = A depression in the boot where the spare wheel is stowed


Left to right, top to bottom: Diagram showing Concealed Vault at Casa Liliana; UK Passport security features; headers from UK Home Office Intelligence, investigation & support science and research department (oxymoron of the decade!); UGT logo; map of UK; Vanity Fair Online header; Volcano; Vatican City plan with crest; Map of Ullapool location (background) with Volkswagen Transporter and a Martin DC Truck Vibrator.
Graphic design by albym


UGT - Union Syndicate in Portugal

UK = United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

UK National DNA Database see DNA Database; see also Prüm Treaty, The

UK Police Bravery Awards see Police Bravery Awards

URL = Acronym for Universal Resource Locator; see also Universal Resource Locator

Ullapool = Town in Scotland, where Philomena McCann teaches and resides; home of the FindMadeleine website

Uma Certa Precipitação = A certain haste, in Portuguese; see also Precipitação

Uncle Clarence = As the McCann children had been taught to call an older male friend of the family, e.g. Clarence Mitchell

Unhelpful = Favourite adjective of Clarence Mitchell in describing anti-McCann news

Universal Resource Locator = A technical term for a web-page or address on the Internet

User = As in drugs or as in someone who uses others 



Vanity Fair = An "up-scale," American, glossy magazine, whose reporter interviewed Gerry McCann in a secret Rothley inn location

Vatican City = Officially the State of the Vatican City, a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome. It is the smallest independent state in the world by both population and area. The Pope is its ruler, as Bishop of Rome; see also Pope Benedict XVI

Vatican Website = The Pope's own website for the Catholic Church; for a while posted a photograph of Madeleine until shortly before her parents were declared arguidos; see also Pope Benedict

Vault, Concealed = A secret chamber below the kitchen floor in Casa Liliana

Verão, Luis Bilro = Portugal's Public Prosecutor; oversees the investigation of the Madeleine McCann Case along with Jose Cunha de Magalhaes e Meneses; see also Meneses, Jose Cunha de Magalhaes e

Vestígio = Clue; sign; trace; track; vestige; touch, in Portuguese

Vibrator = Sex device found by the PJ in the Casa Liliana in Praia da Luz

Villa = Seaside or country house; see also Vista Mar Villa; Casa Liliana

Vision = Person or thing seen in a dream state; as by Gerry McCann while at the Church of Light, when he knew he must set up Madeleine's Fund and advance The Wider Agenda

Vista Mar Villa = A villa used by the McCanns from July 2, 2007 for the duration of their stay in Praia da Luz, after they had moved out of their third Ocean Club apartment (5A and two others, one of which was used as an office, supplied free-of-charge by Mark Warner); see also Vivenda Mar Vista

Vitriol = Ill-will, venom; animosity

Vivenda Mar Vista = The villa in Praia da Luz, where the McCanns moved when they first moved out of the Ocean Club Resort

Volkswagen Transporter = Vehicle, owned by Robert Murat, found with a GPS device illegally attached; the PJ are currently investigating the case; see also Skoda Fabia

Volcano Theory = A theory put forth by a poster on the Mirror's Hunt for Maddy Forum that the McCanns dumped Madeleine's body in an active volcano in Portugal


Left to right, top to bottom: Woman's hour at Wormwood Scrubs; Anne Wiltshire; the original Dr. Who looking for Ray Wyre's brain; Alex Woolfall; Michael Wright; Steve Winyard; John Walsh; Anne Marie Wright; Ray Wyre; James Whale; Ian Woods in Luz; Kirsty Wark; Jeremy Wilkins; Two nasty Wind up merchants; Winding-up key; guess Who checking the Free Wine store in the basement; Jo Wheeler; Michaela Walczuch; Two nice Wind up merchants; Computer Wizards website logo; Free Wine racks in the Tapas bar; The Web Sleuth and Websleuths website headers; Who took it, Doctor?
Graphic design by albym


WTF = What the F*uck

WUM = Wind-Up Merchant

Walczuch, Michaela = Girlfriend of Robert Murat, who was interviewed by the PJ; see also Antonio, Luis

Walsh, John = Host of America's Most Wanted TV Program; met with Gerry McCann while he was in Washington, DC; father of Adam Walsh for whom Code Adam was named; see also Code Adam

Wark, Kirsty = Reporter who interviewed Gerry McCann at the Edinburgh International TV festival, shortly before he and Kate were declared arguidos

Warner, Mark = Owner of the Ocean Club at Praia da Luz

Web Sleuths see Cybersleuthing

Webster, Dianne = Mother of Fiona Payne; one of the Tapas 7, holidaying with the McCann family

Wheeler, Jo = A Sky weather-forecaster in Praia da Luz; thought by Robert Murat to have "stitched him up"

Whiteners see Bleach

Who, Dr. = Favourite character of Madeleine; see also Dr. Who Cake

Whoosh Cluck = An expression used by Kate McCann on Panorama in describing the "abduction" of Madeleine

Whoosh Cluck Clan = The xenophobic family clan

Whoosh Cluck Land = Another term for the United Kingdom; a land, from where forums, press articles, and comments on the McCann Case routinely disappear

Whoosh Clunk see Whoosh Cluck

Whoosh Clunk Land see Whoosh Cluck Land

Wider Agenda = Part of Gerry McCann's long-term strategy for the Campaign and Madeleine's Fund, as well career goals for both himself and Kate

Wilkins, Jeremy = An English TV producer, who talked with Gerry McCann outside 5A but did not see Jane Tanner or Bundleman on the night of May 3

Willy the Pink = Variation on Lily the Pink

Wind Up = To bring another person, often deviously, to a state of great tension or rage; see also Wind-up Merchant

Wind-Up Merchant = A person, who creates tension in another, often to a fury, especially in a debate or on a forum

Window of Opportunity = Narrow time in which Madeleine could have been "abducted"

Wine = As thought to have been drunk in excessive quantities by the Tapas 9 during their holiday in Praia da Luz; see also 6; 14 (in the numbers section)

Winters, Kevin R. see Kevin R. Winters & Co., Solicitors

Winyard, Stephen = Scottish business tycoon, who offered a 1m reward for Madeleine's safe return

Witness = A person who has firsthand knowledge of a crime; e.g., Jane Tanner, who now believes that she saw the "abductor" carrying Madeleine away from 5A, based upon her description of the child's pyjamas

Wizard = A brilliant computer expert or guru

Woman's Hour = A BBC program where Kate McCann had her first solo interview

Woods, Ian = An early Sky anchor in Praia da Luz, who tried to interview Robert Murat the day after Madeleine's disappearance

Woolfall, Alex = Press officer for the Mark Warner holiday group, seconded from the Bell Pottinger Group, to serve as an early spokesman for the McCanns

Wormwood Scrubs = A notorious London prison

Wright, Anne-Marie = Kate McCann's cousin; wife of Michael Wright; see also Cowell, Sheila; Skipton

Wright, Michael = Named driver on the McCann's Renault Scenic hire car; husband of Anne-Marie Wright

Wristband = Armlet worn in support of a cause; fund-raising initiative used by the McCanns for their missing daughter


Left to right, top to bottom: Xenophbia; Lightning Zap; Yellow ribbons in Rothley; Yobbo boots; JDAM bomb Zap; Yellow ribbon; You Tube; Yob; You're Nicked!; Zzzzzz...
Graphic design by albym


Xenophobia = A phobia displayed by a person unduly contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreigners; as shown by the UK press and Team McCann towards the PJ 



Yank Tank = UK expression for a gas-guzzling SUV vehicle; see also Chelsea Tractor

Yellow Ribbon = Symbol of a missing child or a lost loved-one; in the US denotes a family's soldier son or daughter in Iraq or Afghanistan

Yob = An uncouth or thuggish, blue-collar person in the UK

Yobbo = Earlier version of Yob to denote a working-class, adolescent, "street rough"; now superseded by Chav

You're Nicked = Category of member on website with 200-299 postings

YouTube = An online source of user-generated videos, useful for extracts from Team McCann interviews 



zzzzz = As in twins sleeping through the "abduction"; as in sedated toddlers, while grownups are "so into-each-other"

Zapped = As in sudden removal of the Hunt for Maddy forum from the DM's website

Zealous = As in the PJ's investigation of the McCann Case, despite UK Government road-blocks

Zero = As in zero hour; or as in American "0" or Zero (= UK "0" or Nought)


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