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Day 2562
Thursday 08 May 2014
   Day 2595
Tuesday 10 June 2014

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Day 2561: 07 May 2014    


Wednesday 07 May 2014
DAY 2561
7th of May, 2014 We are devastated with the way the media has behaved over the last couple of days in relation to our daughter’s case.

7th of May 2014 - Media Interference

We are dismayed with the way the media has behaved over the last couple of days in relation to our daughter’s case.

There is an on-going, already challenging, police investigation taking place and media interference in this way not only makes the work of the police more difficult, it can potentially damage and destroy the investigation altogether – and hence the chances of us finding Madeleine and discovering what has happened to her. As Madeleine’s parents, this just compounds our distress. We urge the media to let the police get on with their work and please show some respect and consideration to Madeleine and all our family.

Thank you.

Gerry and Kate

Day 2557
Saturday 03 May 2014


 Day 2560
Tuesday 06 May 2014

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DAY 2556


3rd May 2014 - Seventh Anniversary Since Madeleine’s Abduction

Seven years without our daughter, seven years without a big sister for Sean and Amelie. Sometimes we feel totally stuck for words. A lot of the time there are no words. Our situation seems as unbelievable as it did that very first night without Madeleine.

Whenever I find myself becoming paralysed with disbelief, unease, frustration or sadness, I have to refocus my mind on the positives, of which there are many.

The Metropolitan Police force continue to make encouraging progress in their investigation with new evidence being uncovered, fresh information coming in to the inquiry following appeals and subsequently, links being made between people and events. We are hugely grateful to the general public for continuing to support the investigation, especially those who have found the courage to come forward with information despite difficult circumstances. Whilst the MPS are cautiously optimistic of beginning enquiries on the ground in Portugal in the near future, we really hope that this will turn into a concerted effort from the Portuguese authorities as we know there is still a lot to do. Working together is key to the progress of the investigation and a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) could provide a more streamlined way of working with less bureaucracy. It may be seven years since we last saw Madeleine but the passing of further weeks and months as a result of unnecessary delays and barriers are not only frustrating, they are incredibly distressing. Each day without Madeleine and each day of not knowing is another day too many, regardless of how much time has already gone by.

May is an important month for all missing children and their families worldwide with May 25th being International Missing Children’s Day. This May is particularly special in the UK as a new enhanced Child Rescue Alert (CRA) system (to help find abducted and missing children in serious danger) is to be launched by the charity Missing People and the National Crime Agency. This system (based on the highly effective ‘Amber Alert’ in the USA) I believe, will help to save the lives of abducted children and ease the suffering faced by their families. It’s a very exciting step forward.

Throughout the whole month, the charity Missing People are running a ‘Forget-Me-Not’ campaign with several different ways for the public to get involved to help find missing children. One really important and simple way you can get on board is by signing up to the Child Rescue Alert. By registering, you will receive an alert with relevant information, by text or email, when a child is abducted in your area. This way you can join the search immediately and play a vital role in helping to find a child in danger. Please take a minute to visit and sign up today. There are several other ways to help too – Take a look on

It goes without saying, but needs to be said….We are grateful beyond words for the continued and unwavering commitment, help and love from all our faithful supporters. Thank you SO much for keeping Madeleine in your hearts.



Day 2456
Wednesday 22 January 2014


 Day 2555
Thursday 01 May 2014

No Update

Unidentified People of Interest to the Inquiry Update
DAY 2455

Contact Us 

Have you seen these men? Do you know who they might be? 

These two pictures show a man carrying a child away from the family's apartment. This sighting was seen by a witness at 21:15 on the evening of Thursday, May 3rd, 2007.  

Based or more recent information, the Metropolitan Police now believe this man may represent a guest at the Ocean Club who was carrying his daughter back to their apartment. However as it is not possible to be certain that these two men are actually the same person, if you have seen this man in the pictures or suspect who it may be, please contact the Metropolitan Police's OPERATION GRANGE on 0207 321 9251 (0044 207 321 9251 from outside the UK) or and/or the Find Madeleine team on +44 845 838 4699 or  


The picture shows a man that was seen several times by different witnesses during the days leading up to Madeleine's abduction on May 3rd 2007. He was described as ugly with pock-marked skin and was said to be watching the family's apartment intently.  

If either of these men appear familiar to you in some way, please contact our investigation team as soon as possible.

Day 2445
Saturday 11 January 2014


Day 2454
Monday 20 January 2014

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Friday 10 January 2014

Online Store  

You can access our online store via direct link at: or below.  

Welcome to the Find Madeleine Online Store 

Fortunately, there are many cases of abducted children being found and returned to their families - even after long periods of time. The vital piece of information that leads to a happy and longed-for reunion is usually thanks to a caring and vigilant member of the general public, often recognising a face from a poster.

DAY 2444 FACEBOOK 09 January 2014
Largest donations £50 & £100
DAY 2444 WEBSITE 10 January 2014
Largest donations now reduced to £49.99 & £99.98
Day 2441
Tuesday 07 January 2014


Day 2443
Thursday 09 January 2014

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Monday 06 January 2014 Entry page changed back to suspects images
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Day 2422
Thursday 19 December 2013


 Day 2439
Sunday 05 January 2014

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Wednesday 18 December 2013
18 December 2013 Wednesday Entry page and update

Christmas 2013 

This year seems to have passed particularly quickly - a sign undoubtedly of a very busy year. It would still be a comfort if we could slow time just a little. Thankfully however there have been some very positive aspects with regards to Madeleine. The Metropolitan police review becoming an investigation and more recently, the reopening of the case in Portugal. We are incredibly relieved and buoyed by these developments and continue to hope for further collaboration in the near future with the possibility of a JIT (joint investigation team) between Portugal and the UK to enhance the search for our dear daughter.

Once again we would like to thank all our supporters for their commitment to Madeleine and their ongoing support of our efforts. Please spare a thought and prayer for all families similar to ours who will be unable to share this Christmas with a special loved one.  

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a happy and peaceful 2014. 

Kate xx

Day 2367:
Friday 25 October 2013


 Day 2420:
Tuesday 17 December 2013

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16 November 2013 
The online store and the PayPal donation button been removed from the Find Madeleine  site. today 16 November 2013  See day 2178
Thursday, 24 October, 2013
DAY 2366


Thursday, 24 October 2013

We are very pleased that the investigation to find our missing daughter Madeleine has officially been reopened in Portugal. We hope that this will finally lead to her being found and the discovery of who is responsible for this crime.

We once again urge any member of the public who may have information relating to Madeleine's abduction to contact the police in Portugal or the UK.

Please be patient and respect the work of the police as they endeavour to find the answers we so desperately need. In particular, we request that the media consider carefully Madeleine’s safety and the integrity of the investigation in their reporting.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Gerry and Kate

Gerry and Kate will not be giving any comments regarding the progress of the investigation unless there is a significant breakthrough.
Day 2358:
Wednesday 16 October 2013


Day 2365:
23 October 2013 Wednesday

No Update

Tuesday, 15 October, 2013


Suspect efit: Image 1A Suspect efit: Image 1B
Suspect efit: Image 2A Suspect efit: Image 2A
Suspect efit: Image 4A Suspect efit: Image 4B

Home Page
Are any of these men you?

Were you in Praia da Luz on or around 3rd May 2007, but have not yet spoken to the police?

Were you a victim of a previously unreported crime, in particular a burglary or approached by a charity collector in this area?

The investigation team need to identify and speak to these people. Please contact the Operation Grange team immediately.

Operation Grange
0207 321 9251 (in the UK)
+44 207 321 9251 (non-UK)


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Image ref: 1A Image ref:1B
Image ref: 2A Image ref:2A
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Day 2193:
Friday 03 May 2013


Day 2356:
Wednesday 14 October 2013 

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Day 2192:  02 May 2013    


Thursday, 02 May, 2013
DAY 2192


Thursday, 2 May, 2013 

I don't think we are the only ones who find this hard to believe. 

It's difficult to know what to write as each year passes, still without news of Madeleine. In many ways, nothing's changed. We still worry about her, we miss her as much as we ever did, we remain as determined as ever to find her and to know what has happened.


The one thing that has progressed significantly over the last year is the work of the Metropolitan Police. We remain greatly encouraged by their work and the many things they have managed to uncover so far. Their commitment and increasing determination parallels our own and brings us great comfort and reassurance. We continue to hope and pray that the Met working with the Portuguese Authorities will lead to a significant breakthrough. We need to find Madeleine and bring some peace to our family.



In the early days, Gerry remarked that we weren't sure whether this journey would be a sprint or a marathon. It's been much, much more than a marathon (I'm qualified to say that now!) We really appreciate how lucky we have been to be surrounded by such fabulous support for so long. Thank you to all our supporters for being there alongside us and for never forgetting about Madeleine. We're here for the long haul, for as long as it takes. Thank you for being there too.


And finally, a special 'thank you' to everybody who sponsored me to run the London marathon recently. Your kind donations, which have now amounted to more than £21,000 (fantastic!) will allow the charity, Missing People, to continue the search for many missing children and vulnerable adults, as well as provide essential support for their families. Your compassion and generosity will help to ease the suffering of many people. Thank you.


Day 2179:
Saturday 20 April 2013


Day 2191:
Wednesday 01 May 2013 

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On line shop update

Day 2060:
22 December 2012 Saturday


Day 2177:
18 April 2013  Friday

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Friday, 21 December, 2012
DAY 2059


As we approach the end of another year, we’d like to thank everyone again for their amazing support.
It is both heart-warming and reassuring to know that after all this time Madeleine still remains in so many people’s hearts and minds.

This solidarity and commitment gives us great hope. Thank you. 

The Metropolitan Police Review of all the material in the inquiry has been underway for over eighteen months.

We have been really impressed and greatly encouraged by the work which has been done and its findings to date which are revealing there are definitely many stones yet to turn. We continue to wait and hope that the Portuguese authorities will agree to reopen the case so that the many lines of enquiry can be investigated. As Madeleine’s parents, we won’t be able to rest until we know that all that can be feasibly done to find her, and the person who took her, has been done.

In the meantime, we will continue to do all that we can to aid the search for our daughter and assist the Review process.


This year, Madeleine’s Fund has paid for:


1. A 24 hour, 7 day a week telephone line to receive and capture information from around the world which may assist the investigation


2. A small investigation team, including a Portuguese speaker to help with the above and with campaign activities.


Since March 2012 independent ‘physical’ investigation of lines of enquiry by our team has been put on hold whilst the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Review progresses. This has been to avoid duplication (and thereby unnecessary expenditure) and to prevent the risk of compromising any work, albeit unintentionally, carried out by the MPS. The private investigation team employed by the Fund continue to cooperate and work with the Metropolitan Police as and when necessary.


3. Part-time administrative support to aid the investigation and campaign to find Madeleine (campaign coordinator and media liaison)


4. The awareness-raising campaign to ensure that Madeleine is not forgotten and to encourage the general public to remain vigilant. This has included the running of the Find Madeleine website.


5. Assistance from a specialist Portuguese communications agency to ensure that our message is communicated as widely and accurately as possible in Portugal, where support and help to find Madeleine is especially needed.


We are very aware that without public help it will be virtually impossible to find Madeleine. It would have been incredibly difficult for us to have maintained a search for her this long without such support, including donations to the Fund. Due to the sales of my book, ‘Madeleine’, the financial position of the Fund has significantly improved from a year and a half ago so we would like to reiterate our gratitude to everybody who bought the book. This has helped the search in more ways than one. Whilst fund expenditure has decreased over the past six months (due to a reduction in investigation spending as outlined in point 2) the Directors feel it is important that the fund maintains reasonable reserves so that the search for Madeleine can be resumed quickly should the MPS review not lead to a reopening of the case in Portugal. We desperately hope of course that the official investigation to find Madeleine will be reopened – and soon – as we still believe this is probably our best chance of finding our little girl.


Despite becoming stronger in ourselves and being able to create as special a Christmas as possible for our children, this time of year will never be as it should without Madeleine. Whilst Gerry and I think it constantly, Sean and Amelie now vocalise it, especially when doing something really nice like putting up the decorations….”If only Madeleine was here too…”


If you know what has happened to Madeleine, or where she might be now, please, please do the right thing: Find the compassion and courage and let us know. Thank you.


This past weekend we sat and opened the many, many Christmas cards which have been sent to us, at what is now our sixth Christmas without Madeleine. The majority were from people we have never met. It was once again a very humbling yet totally uplifting experience. We are deeply touched by the thoughtfulness and compassion which we continue to experience and for the love and hope which shine through for Madeleine. Thank you so much. It means such a lot - and helps us immensely.


MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of our supporters. We wish you a festive period full of laughter, warmth and friendship – and hope for a special 2013.


Day 2038:
30 November 2012 Friday

Day 2058:
20 December 2012 Thursday

No Update


Day 2596:11 June, 2014 - Update from Operation Grange.  All blogs before this date have been deleted/removed from the official Find Madeleine site


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