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DNA clears crucial suspect in Maddie case



Original Source: jornal_de noticia Thursday 06  November 2014

by Marisa Rodrigues 06.11.2014
Jornal de Notícias - paper edition/e-paper

Translated by astro
photo caption: Paula, Euclides’ sister, always claimed his innocence

Euclides, already deceased, was the reason for the reopening of the investigation into the disappearance


The investigation line that had Euclides Monteiro as a suspect, which led to the reopening of the “Madeleine McCann case” has fallen down. The Polícia Judiciária (PJ) bet strongly on [the thesis of] abduction at the hands of a sexual predator that attacked British children in the Algarve. But DNA tests dismiss the participation of the already deceased man.


At the location of one of the alleged sexual abuses, a sample of semen was collected, which the PJ already knows does not belong to the former Ocean Club worker. Euclides’ DNA also wasn’t found in the apartment in Praia da Luz where the child disappeared from, seven years ago.


The sexual predator thesis started to be drawn out when the PJ inspectors collected five cases of alleged abuse involving British children on holidays in the Algarve between 2004 and 2006, one year before the disappearance. Euclides matched the description that was given by some of the victims and had already been imprisoned over theft, employing the same method of home intrusion – without a break-in. Furthermore, he worked at the Ocean Club, and on the day of the disappearance, he used his phone in that area. He was the man who matched the suspect’s profile. Convinced that the identification of cases with the same “modus operandi” allowed to admit the possibility that they had been performed by the same person and that this person could be related Madeleine’s disappearance, the PJ requested the reopening of the case, in 2013.


The investigators knew that, in one of the cases of alleged sexual abuse, there was a sample of semen. They compared it with a biological sample that had been collected from Euclides, which was in possession of the National Institute for Legal Medicine. The man, we recall, died a victim of an accident with a tractor, in 2009, and he was subject to an autopsy, as determined by law. The tests set Euclides apart from the abuse and from the Ocean Club apartment. The investigation remains open, in the hands of the PJ in Oporto, without any further known developments.


The Polícia Judiciária will question approximately ten persons at Scotland Yard’s request, within the British investigation. The list includes former Ocean Club workers. All of these persons are being summoned for the first time, some as witnesses and others will be made arguidos, adding to the four suspects that were already questioned in July. The diligences are to be concluded by the end of the current month.



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