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Maddie: Interrogations were cancelled



Original Source: CORREIO_DA_MANHA 19 November 2014
by Rui Pando Gomes
19.11.2014 19:28
The diligences were scheduled for next week, but they have been postponed due to a juridical problem that awaits a resolution from the Public Ministry.

A juridical problem caused the cancelation of the questioning of eleven people that are considered to be of interest by English police in the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The interrogations that were requested through the fifth letter rogatory that was sent by British authorities were scheduled for next week. Seven people were being heard as arguidos and four as witnesses. As far as CM [Correio da Manhã] was able to establish, it was necessary to perform changes in the letter rogatory's formulation, an aspect that requests the prosecutor at the Public Ministry in Portimão to make a new decision. The problem is that, as far as CM was able to establish, magistrate Inês Sequeira is ill and is only returning to work next week. At that time only will she be confronted with the need to make the juridical change in the letter rogatory that will allow the Polícia Judiciária in Faro to perform the questioning that was requested by English authorities.

As CM had already reported, the list of people to be interrogated includes eleven people, both Portuguese and foreigners. At least three of these are British and reside in the Algarve. It was foreseen that seven would be made arguidos before the questioning, but these juridical conditions may be subject to change.

Yesterday, British television channel Channel 5 broadcast a documentary about the media impact of the Maddie case, while hundreds of children disappear every year.


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