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English involvement prejudiced the Portuguese police



Original Source: DN Portugal 01-September 2014
1st September 2014

Translated by Ines

An English report, dated 2010, two years after the disappearance, states that the involvement of too many British authorities in the case prejudiced the Portuguese police investigation.


The competition between British police forces in order to gain visibility in the search for Madeleine McCann created difficulties in the Portuguese authorities’ investigation into the girl’s disappearance and had negative effects since then, according to the author of a secret Home Office report, written in 2010, two years after the case, Sky News revealed today.


The report, which has never been published, written by Jim Gamble, ex –head of CEOP, revealed that so many UK agencies by wanting to take part in the case, ended up damaging relations with the Portuguese police.


Amongst these criticisms, are facts such as the decision to place Leicestershire police in charge of the operation, only because the McCanns lived in that county, in spite of this force being ill-prepared to lead an investigation of this kind.


The report states that weeks after Madeleine disappeared in 2007, Portugal received contacts from CEOP, Scotland Yard, the Serious Organised Crime Agency and the NPIA.


“They all wanted to help but ended up by creating a sense of chaos and discomfort within the Portuguese police”, says Gamble, for whom the English response to the case of a missing child such as Maddie remains the same today, nothing having improved.


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