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Maddie: PJ already has rogatory letter and prepares diligences



Original Source: TVI24: Friday 23 August 2013
by Marisa Rodrigues

With thanks to Astro for translation


Inspectors will not be the same ones that investigated the disappearance


The Judiciary Police already possesses the rogatory letter in the case of Madeleine McCann, the child that disappeared in the Algarve in 2007.


It is a list of diligences that will be carried out at the request of the British police, that asked for over 30 witnesses that were already heard by the PJ to be questioned. Nonetheless, the English investigators consider that questions remained unasked and leads were not explored until exhaustion.


The rogatory letter is long and will be fulfilled by the Southern Directory, in Faro. The possible trip of a group of British police officers to the Algarve is not certain yet and will be coordinated with the Public Ministry, but it is sure that, once they are on Portuguese territory, they cannot carry out the diligences themselves. They can watch what the Portuguese police does.


The inspectors who will execute the rogatory letter will not be the same ones that investigated the disappearance. The team has already been built, but it remains unknown when the diligences will start.


The Attorney General's Office has stated more than once already that there are no indications to justify the reopening of the inquiry, which was archived in 2008, a year after the disappearance.



in: TVI, 23.08.2013


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