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Original Source:  STAR: - 01 - 02 - 03 - TUESDAY 02 OCTOBER 2007
by Jerry Lawton  2 October 2007
Gordon Smith

MADELEINE McCann's parents have admitted they plan to use a psychic in their quest to find their daughter.


They have approached Gordon Smith, dubbed the Psychic Barber, for help in solving the mystery.


Mr Smith last night revealed he could help find the missing four year-old within days.


He said: "I have done private sittings for many people for lost children or missing relatives.


"The first thing I would usually do would be to establish whether Madeleine is dead or whether she is still here.


"I have offered my help for free. I never charge for private readings. I've already assured them I will say nothing to the press.


"The approach came from their family via my publisher. I said:


'Of course.' For it to work I need to sit with her closest relatives, who would be her parents.


"Before I sit down with them I'd have to say that it's a possibility that nothing might happen. But I'd love to help the family in any way I can."


The devout Catholic couple are reading up on the spirit world on the recommendation of one of Gerry's Scottish relatives. Smith, 45, from Glasgow, has written a number of books on the subject including Stories From The Other Side, Through My Eyes and Spirit Messenger.


A family pal said: "Gerry and Kate are both logical people and they are also devout Catholics so it would seem to go against everything they believe in.


"But it is not being entirely ruled out. Kate and Gerry are desperate for help and they will consider any viable information.


"A psychic has been recommended and they don't want to dismiss anything that may help them in their search."


They have been contacted by 1,000 psychics and mediums since she disappeared on May 3.


One named a specific farm in Spain where Madeleine was being held and part of a car's registration number.


Another rang in claiming to know the flight and seat number where they "saw" the little girl.


A third claimed to have the exact co-ordinates for her on a Google Earth satellite map.


The pal added: "They have felt compelled to pass on around 15% of this information. Some are as vague as visions of her in the clouds or on a boat.


"But others have been very detailed giving specific details."


Police could not dismiss the visions in case one of the mediums turned out be the abductor.


The McCanns are planning to break their silence over their daughter's disappearance in a series of TV interviews to be broadcast in Portugal and Spain.


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While Portugal's strict secrecy laws bar them from discussing evidence, their lawyers believe they can make fresh public appeals to help find her.


They plan to put her photo on supermarket shopping trolleys.


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