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Do your duty

Original Source: SUN: 15 SEPTEMBER 2011
Published: 15 Sep 2011

 THE word troll first entered our language as a name for a mythical monster.  


There is nothing mythical about the trolls plaguing the internet today. Many of them are real-life monsters, perverted weirdos who get their kicks posting obscenities on tribute pages.



Today we reveal the truth about Sean Duffy, the latest internet troll to be jailed for desecrating online memorial sites and uploading videos mocking the dead.



He had been targeting mourning families for years, feasting on the misery of relatives already shattered by the loss of loved ones.



Duffy is far from alone. Many high-profile tribute sites have been besmirched by trolls, including those devoted to Madeleine McCann, Amy Winehouse, Jade Goody, and murder victims Sally Anne Bowman and Jimmy Mizen.



Trolls have minds like sewers. It is impossible to understand how anyone could stoop so low.



Outrage will not stop them, because they are sub-human. But we are not powerless against these creatures.



Although trolls tend to be secretive loners hunched over computers at night, their identities are usually known to someone.



Shopping a troll to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube is not being sneaky. It is a public duty.



Facebook and other sites must be faster at spotting and removing filth. They should also try harder to nail trolls using computer trails.



And the law needs tightening. Duffy got the maximum 18 weeks for sending malicious communications. That maximum should be at least five years.



Our Trap A Troll advice shows how you can fight back.

For Madeleine's sake, for Amy's sake, and for the sake of all victims, we must put these trolls behind bars. 


Dud brothers


UNION leaders are off their heads. They think the country believes public sector workers have a rotten pension deal.



Private sector workers think the opposite. Private pensions are in ruins and worsening daily, with millions facing a penniless old age.



Public sector workers get generous copper-bottomed pensions and can quit work sooner. That's why it is only fair they pay a bit more towards their retirements.



The fatcat bullies of the TUC are wasting their time trying to bring Britain to a halt on November 30. They tried the same trick in June and failed.



With unemployment up again yesterday, going on strike is a short cut to the dole queue.


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