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Archbishop reflects on suffering in the world

Original Source:  ITN: 25 DECEMBER 2010
Saturday, December 25 11:37 am

The Archbishop of York has asked people to reflect on the "suffering in our world" as he delivered his Christmas sermon.

John Sentamu included the parents of missing girl Madeleine McCann and the family of chef Claudia Lawrence during his speech at York Minster.

The victims of suicide bombings, the "downtrodden" of Zimbabwe, the armed forces and people affected by the economic downturn were all referred to in his sermon.

The Archbishop referred to Psalm 98 in which "the entire world of creation is summoned to sing, play and dance the new song to the Lord".

"This new song is a universal song, not the property of some exclusive part of our world. And since the entire world is invited to sing this new song, singers of this new song acknowledge the ever-adorable God," he said.

"All are summoned to praise and worship God 'in the beauty of holiness'.

"The Psalm proclaims that, from whatever viewpoint we think of God, he is infinitely desirable, glorious and worthy of our adoration."

He told the congregation: "With joy in our response to God's message of deliverance, let us leave the Minster this morning in a pure state, confident of our future in God's plan."


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