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The World Map of the WikiLeaks Telegrams

Original Source:  ECONOMICO: 19 DECEMBER 2010
19/12/10 14:40

Translated by Ines

El Pais

Eleven secret telegrams from Wikileaks refer to Portugal.

Find out about all the secret Wikileaks, according to country, released by El Pais. Eleven refer to Portugal.

As regards Portugal, El Pais has made available eleven secret telegrams that originated in the US Embassy in Lisbon. Five of them show how Jose Socrates and the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Luis Amado, “authorised the fly over of American planes carrying prisoners repatriated from Guantanamo prison”, without ever recognising this publicly. According to the telegrams, Portugal guaranteed “virtual free access to air and maritime space in order to support military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, with more than three thousand flights per year”.

In reaction, Luis Amado said on Friday that he could not guarantee 100% that secret CIA flights destined for Guantanamo, transporting terror suspects, did not pass through Portuguese air space. If proven to the contrary, Portugal would demand an apology from the US and present a “strong protest”. Up until now, says Amado, the principle of good faith has operated between the two countries. Regarding the secret CIA flights, the US Ambassador in Lisbon states, in a telegram directed to the then Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, that “Portugal is a strong ally”.

Another telegram from the US Embassy in Lisbon, dated September 2007 and released last Monday refers to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in May of that year, stating that it was the British police who discovered evidence against the parents.

The parents of Madeleine McCann today lamented the “unfounded allegations” about their involvement in the disappearance of their daughter motivated by the information released by Wikileaks about the suspicions of the British police in regard to the couple.

In addition, North American diplomats analyse the relation between Portugal with Venezuela. In one of two telegrams reference is made to “Cavaco Silva falling out of favour for not having had a meeting in the Oval Office with George W. Bush”, during a visit to the US in 2007, relating this situation to the delay in the recognition of Kosovo and the decision by Portugal to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. The President of the Republic is considered by the North American Embassy to be the most popular politician in Portugal

US diplomacy also follows the profile of Manuela Ferreira Leite in a telegram dated 26th April 2008. Considered a “protegee of Cavaco Silva, the former Minister for Education and Finance is described as a “capable” politician and “widely respected for her intelligence and experience” who would make a “formidable leader of the PSD”.

Jose Socrates is also targeted in the telegrams, being seen as a “charismatic leader”, who “worked hard to improve his English” before the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union in 2007.


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