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Original Source: Correio da Manha 19 December 2010
19 december 2010
by F. Moita Flores

Translated by Laura

F. Moita Flores

There is no politics, there's no private interest or of any other kind that can superimpose the search for the Truth.

wikileaks broke the Security System of the USA and is disclosing thousands of documents. One of them, against something what we already knew. The British Ambassador reported that English Police had obtained proof that Maddie's parents were involved in the death and disappearance of their daughter, and that for reasons of State, the proof was plainly hidden from Portuguese Justice. The couple's spokesman didn't deny it. Just added that this belonged to history, it was of no interest. When one is protected, this kind of arrogance is allowed. Although it's also true that the protection of the powerful serves the powerful, but will never be able to hide the Truth which, as is known, always comes out.

And there is the Truth again. Vigorous, merciless, without compassion of those who always wanted to see a moral end in this story. From pitiful journalists who refused to publish any other thesis than the truth produced and sold before time: the child was kidnapped; period. Everything else was stupidity and bad taste from the Portuguese Police and from those who always understood the impossibility of the famous kidnapping. And that stupidity was accepted by the Public Prosecutor that ordered to shelve the process. The interrupted investigations, the protected couple, the formal, judicial truth , cut off. With no scruples. We know by wikileaks that things were secured by the British government after all and where the proofs will be is anyone's guess.

The Truth is that criminal investigation can't live of bias. To demonstrate the connections of causality between the victim and the criminal, is, no matter the circumstances, the only motivation that leads the Police work. There is no politics, there's no private interest or of any other kind that can superimpose the search for the Truth. It is so in Portugal. And every year, parents kill their offspring, offspring kill their parents. But they are not protected by any government; neither of Portugal or of any other country whatsoever. Therefore they are subjected to the superior decision of the Courts.

This wasn't the case of the unfortunate British child whose disappearance rested unsolved due to the protections that surrounded her mummy and daddy, that, let's say, have always been excellently treated in Portugal despite the suspicion that fell down on them. From journalistic campaigns to the British provocation that insulted Portugal in name of the parents dignity. How much has that campaign cost? There may be another telegram of wikileaks to inform us of the filthiness still to be known about this matter.


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