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The reflection is all wrong (Feb 23rd, 2010)

Original Source:  IRONSIDE:23 FEBRUARY 2010

Many days ,weeks , months and years have now passed ,yet it is only lately we see the ravage of time etched on the Mccanns faces. It is hard to believe that Madeleine ,presumed dead ,has been gone for almost three years. I have no doubt that the Mccanns have a PR stunt prepared for her up and coming birthday. Her siblings, will be giving gifts and there will be an empty chair, Maddys chair.


The Mccanns interviewed in the days and weeks when Madeleine was first lost to them, seemed to glow, there seemed an inner peace. The twins were once again placed in the creche so that the parents may jog and walk the wonderful beach of PDL. The twins had a sister, what once were three ,then became two. The twins had lost their sister yet where were the parents to explain this loss to their remaining little ones? why were they not comforting them they must have wondered where their big sister had gone.


The McCanns claim their first born was 'stolen' by an abductor . They were watched said Kate, they must have been waiting for the window of opportunity she is heard to have said. An evil predator had lain in wait to take Madeleine and yet knowing this man could still be in the area ,could still be watching Kates remaining children, what does Kate do? she places them back in the creche with strangers,the same strangers she did not want to leave them with at night.


Would any mother not fear for her tiny toddlers, would any mother not hold them closer, tighter , would any mother let them out of her sight?...the answer has to be NO..there is an evil man out there taking children from their beds...Well is'nt there? and yet we have Kate and Gerry McCann without a care in the world leaving their children once more. A parent would only be able to leave a child because they know there is no such threat ,an abductor does not exist..


The Mccanns in those early days shone with gleaming white smiles and bronzed athletic bodies. They did not look like parents suffering for the loss of their daughter, in fact they did not look like they had lost anything at all least of all the most precious thing in the world. Their first born.


Why and how the Mccanns could look so pleased with themselves remains a mystery. Why the Mccanns look now the way they do does not. There is no mystery when you have lied , plotted and schemed and continue to do so. There is no mystery when your rich supporters seem to be slipping away. There is no mystery as to their hatred for Mr.Amaral the man the Mccanns intend to destroy. Mr.Amaral who guessed what really happened to Madeleine.


The Mccanns faces reflect now the anguish of this torment . The anguished torment that was never reflected for the loss of Madeleine.


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