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Clock ticks on Maddie funding as vitriol now runs riot over mainstream media

Original Source: Portugal Resident Wednesday 09 Aug 2017
Posted by PORTUGALPRESS on August 09, 2017


The clock is ticking on guaranteed funding for Operation Grange - the six-year probe by Britain’s Metropolitan Police which has cost over £12 million as officers search for answers about what happened to Madeleine McCann.


As has happened throughout the last decade of strategically-released stories (often light on content) today saw yet another “exclusive” by Murdoch tabloid the Sun, penned by a purported great friend of Madeleine’s mother Kate.


Informing readers that “Met Police have less than eight weeks of Home Office funding left to try and crack the world’s biggest ever child disappearance”, the story centres on Madeleine’s parents “anxiously waiting to find out if Grange will receive more funding”.


In the interim they have thanked the public “for continuing to be by our side”.


What is shocking about today’s story is the extent to which the public appears to be on Kate and Gerry McCann’s ‘side’.


At time of writing, there was not one positive comment underneath the online text, and many entries go way beyond the bounds of acceptable rudeness. They could easily be actionable.


A former police superintendent involved in the Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann website - which has been campaigning for a much wider brief for Grange’s search to take in other hypotheses beyond abduction - told us: “We cannot work out what the Sun is up to.


“It knows full well that every article it puts up will attract negative comments, but it isn’t moderating them.


“It is allowing explicit allegations of specific and very serious crimes to be made against the McCanns, beyond anything that the Portuguese PJ police, Gonçalo Amaral or indeed the British police ever suggested, and so extreme that most of the commentary blog sites would not allow them to appear.


“CMoMM (the Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann) for example takes down any such posts, with an explanation of why this has been done - yet the Sun allows truly foul language, and then it leaves it online for everyone else to see, for weeks, months and sometimes for all time.


“Today’s article itself contains absolutely nothing. So why write it? And more to the point, why then allow comments?”


It’s a second mystery for anyone for whom this seemingly endless puzzle has become a mission to try and solve - and of course there is the added question ‘will the Home Office really decide to increase funding yet again, after so much money has been ploughed into an inquiry that is still so open-ended’?


Coinciding with this latest reminder that Grange’s time could finally be up, criminal profiler Pat Brown has released an ebook entitled: “Ten Missing and Murdered Children’s Cases that Have Nothing to do with Madeleine McCann”.


The prolific American author and television personality explains it is “a satirical but truthful look at how the Madeleine McCann case has eclipsed all other missing and murdered children's cases much to their detriment”.


Brown’s publicity blurb includes a tongue-in-cheek “note to the media: When you promote Pat Brown's new book, Ten Cases that Have Nothing to Do with Madeleine McCann, don't forget to mention Madeleine McCann”.


Meantime, according to the Sun, the Metropolitan Police investigation “is continuing with focus and determination, but as yet no new significant clues have been unearthed”.




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