A new book which includes a suggestion the parents of Madeleine McCann were responsible for their daughter's disappearance is "rubbish", according to the family's spokesman.

The book title offends
the family


The book title offends the family

Clarence Mitchell has been responding to claims that a conspiracy was hatched by Gerry and Kate McCann before they set off on their fateful holiday in Praia da Luz.

The Portuguese book - with a translated title of The Guilt Of The McCanns - is said to allege that the couple had already decided that Madeleine would be reported as a kidnap victim.

Publicity from the publishers says it is a "non-fiction book entirely faithful to the events and the steps of the (police) investigation".

It has been written by Manuel Catarino, editor-in-chief of Correio da Manha, a racy Portuguese tabloid newspaper.

His book is said to be "not a finish line but a start point".

"This book is basically a journalistic work," say the publishers. "It doesn't point an accusatory finger to the McCanns."


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Mr Mitchell dismisses the book - and its title: "You can imagine the pain and anguish that this sort of rubbish brings Kate and Gerry."

The couple's lawyers are said to be considering legal action.