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Pre Inquest Review: LEYLAND, Brenda Kathryn Gabrielle



Original Source: Coroner 18 December 2014
18 December 2014
Case No: 2686/14
Name of Deceased: LEYLAND, Brenda Kathryn Gabrielle
Gender Female
Date of Birth: 09/06/1951
Age: 63yrs
Town Burton Overy, Leicestershire
Medical Cause of Death To be ascertained
Circumstances Found deceased in a hotel
Inquest Status Open and adjourned
Date Inquest Open 08/10/2014
Hearing Date 18/12/2014
Hearing Time 9am
Type of Hearing Pre Inquest Review ( HMC Mrs C.E.Mason ).

Opening of Inquest into death of Brenda Leyland

Leicester Coroner’s Court

18 Dec 2014

Senior Coroner: Mrs Mason

For Sky: Counsel, Claire Dobbin (sp?)

Leicester Police: Sgt Taylor, Det Sgt Hutchins

Various press.

Sonia Poulton and ‘minder’.

Leyland family not present.

The coroner set out who will appear at the inquest.

Scope of inquest is essentially to establish who died, how, when and where. It is not about establishing fault or blame.

However, there is room to establish within the how, why Brenda died.

Although, at this stage, she did not envisage criminal proceedings, this may change on the day of the inquest.

There will be no jury, she will sit alone.

The police have completed their enquiries and all witness statements have been received.

There has been no disclosure of evidence to date to interested parties.

She does not require to hear the sons and will rely on the statement given to police by Ben Leyland.

Witnesses and evidence to be heard:

Dr West – pathologist (statement only)

Dr Smith – toxicologist (oral evidence)

Dr Zakrzewski – not Brenda’s GP, but had knowledge of her

Jonathan Levy – Sky (producer?)

Martin Brunt – Sky reporter

Ben Leyland – evidence only

Sgt Taylor – Leics Police

Det Sgt Hutchins – Leics Police

Expected duration of inquest – one day

Date – Friday 20 March

All witness statements will be disclosed to Sky’s counsel, though they must sign a disclaimer that the evidence will not be published ahead of the inquest.

The coroner placed Ben Leyland after Martin Brunt because his evidence relates to the period after Brunt approached his mother.

More info to follow. Sky are obviously seriously concerned.

Final Hearing 20 March 2015



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