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Maddie Case: English Detectives are back in the Algarve



Original Source: Jornal de noticias  Tuesday 14 October 2014
in Jornal de Notícias, paper edition, 14 Oct. 2014 by Marisa Rodrigues
Translated by Joana Morais
Redwood's team arrival at Faro airport yesterday | photo Luís Costa/Cofina

Scotland Yard (SY) is expected today at the Judiciary Police headquarters in Faro for a meeting. On the table will be the next steps of the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance, steps which have not yet been authorized.


The English police requested seven people to be questioned, three of which had already been questioned in July, and that searches are done to the suspects' homes. These requests were made in the last letter rogatory - the fifth one - received in August by the Public Ministry and are awaiting the green light.


The process remains at the court in Portimão but is now in the hands of the prosecutor Inês Sequeira who left Silves to replace her colleague Magalhães e Menezes, who was transferred to the Labour court.


A change which results from the reorganization of the judicial chart and was seized by SY to exert pressure on the magistrate. According to the British media, the detectives gave accolades to the prosecutor, whom they call “high-flying investigator” who is “utterly determined” to “shake up” the process. News that surfaced just a few days before the English detectives returned to Faro.


At the meeting in Coimbra, scheduled for tomorrow, the detectives should receive the report of the analysis of the material found during the searches and excavations in the terrains of Praia da Luz, in June. Part of the vestiges had been sent to the INML [Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal] and others to the Forensic Science Laboratory of the PJ.


Scotland Yard's investigation, which has cost over EUR nine million, has ​​constituted four arguidos [formal suspects]. The searches and excavations in Praia da Luz, last June, that promised to unravel the case, did not produce any meaningful results.


in Jornal de Notícias, paper edition, 14 Oct. 2014


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