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Evidence definitely exists against Kate and Gerry McCann 



Original Source: Examiner Saturday 04 October 2014

October 4, 2014 3:57 PM MST
Chelsea Hoffman

Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images

 It's true that you can't trust everything you read and hear in the mainstream media, especially when it's regarding the Madeleine McCann case. Currently the MSM in the UK is running amok with reports about "trolls" and "vile internet attackers" who don't believe in the innocence of the missing tot's parents. This Saturday news report is among many that paint everyone who questions Kate and Gerry McCann with a broad brush, labeling them "trolls" who are "devoid of humanity." In fact, these sources with their "high journalistic standards" are comparing these people to the so-called kidnappers who snatched the child -- even though there is no forensic evidence at all that these intruders exist. Perhaps the most startling lie being told by these news outlets is the lie that "no evidence exists" against the McCann parents. Well, this couldn't be any further from the truth.


The fact of the matter is that Kate and Gerry McCann were declared suspects in Portugal not long after their daughter went missing. That is because a tidal wave of forensic evidence exists against them -- actual DNA evidence as well as circumstantial. As this post points out, the facts are clearly against the doctors McCann. So why is the mainstream media in the UK purposely reporting false information while seemingly abusing everyone who agrees with the factual information they are refusing to publish? It's hard to determine exactly what these media outlets are trying to achieve but, it looks like people are going to have to get their information from either Portugal or the United States if they want truly unbiased and factual details concerning Maddie's disappearance.


What evidence exists against Madeleine McCann's parents?


For starters, there was no physical evidence of an intruder in the McCann's rental apartment -- No DNA, no tracked-in dirt, no fingerprints. Nothing. In fact, when detectives pulled fingerprints from a window that Kate claimed may have been used by the phantom intruder, only her fingerprints could be found. Expert sniffer dogs were brought in to look for evidence, and they did indeed find evidence of blood and human cadaverine -- the compound released by a dead human body. The dogs also alerted to the trunk of the McCann rental car. Curiously enough, the very news outlets who are denying the existence of this evidence, reported on it back when it was new! Kate McCann also notoriously failed to cooperate with police early in the case. She refused to answer at least 48 different questions that were important to finding out what happened to Maddie. She also refused to take polygraph tests. She also failed to search for her daughter, and admitted in her own private diaries that she and Gerry purposely manipulated the media through a publicity campaign to work things out in their favor.


To say that there is no evidence against Kate and Gerry McCann is just plain dishonest, and the public deserves more than that. At the least, the public deserves to not be treated like gullible dullards who lack a strong enough memory to remember all of the once heavily publicized evidence in the case. It may never be known what truly happened to Madeleine McCann, but the fact remains that Kate and Gerry have a lot of explaining to do, but that will likely never happen thanks to the biased media that protects them.


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