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Englishpeople want to take Maddie's bedroom curtain



Original Source: CORREIO_DA_MANHA Monday 27 October 2014

by Rui Pando Gomes

British investigators want to newly evaluate the curtain from the bedroom where Maddie slept 

It's a piece of curtain from the bedroom where Maddie slept and it was exhaustively analysed by Portuguese experts in 2007. That is the piece of fabric that the English police now want to take to England to have it analysed by a private lab, because they believe it may be the key to the mystery of the English child's disappearance.


The British want to reexamine everything that was found by Portuguese police in apartment 5A, at the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz, Lagos. The investigators believe that whomever took the child out of the room left DNA traces on the curtain.


The piece of fabric, which is kept in the case files, has been subject to several tests by the National Institute for Legal Medicine's experts. At the time, CM knows, the presence of blood hair and semen was analysed. No traces were found, which made the comparison with DNA profiles impossible. Nevertheless, the British say that seven years later, new DNA detection techniques can be used. They also want to retest 30 hairs that were found inside the house, using new genetic and biologic tests.


The request to newly evaluate the residues will be made to the Public Ministry of Portimão through a sixth rogatory letter, although there still has been no reply to the fifth request. Portuguese authorities have alerted the British, during a meeting that took place two weeks ago, that the techniques employed in Portugal are the same or more sophisticated than those used in England


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