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Maddie Case: Car of Malinka's family member searched by two sniffer dogs



Original Source: Joana Morais 03 July 2014

The same sniffer dogs that were used a month ago in Praia da Luz searches
were brought to Portugal again | Photo by Roland Leon
by Marisa Rodrigues
The car of a relative of Sergey Malinka, one of the arguidos in the English police investigation, was inspected yesterday by sniffer dogs. The inspection took place at the Judiciary Police premises in Portimão, and it was done to verify if the car had been used to carry the body of Madeleine McCann. JN knows that nothing relevant was found. The owner is one of the 11 witnesses indicated by Scotland Yard and has already given statements at the Judiciary Police headquarters in Faro, yesterday. 

Malinka's car
The Audi that Sergey, of Russian descent and now naturalized as Portuguese, drove in 2007 was set on fire, at a time when he was being investigated. At the site of the arson the word “Fala” [Speak] was written. This is one of the arguments used by Scotland Yard to constitute him as an arguido.

The proceedings were practically concluded at the end of day, with some elements of the British delegation returning ahead of schedule to the UK. 

On Tuesday four men were constituted as arguidos. JN found out that one of the man that has agreed to answer to the more than 200 questions was José Carlos da Silva, the former Ocean Club driver, who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour. He didn't follow his doctor and his lawyer advice and decided to speak up to refute the accusations.

He is a suspect in the English investigation, along with the other arguidos - a 51 year old man and a young man who was at the time 16 years old, who looked like a “beggar” spotted near the Ocean Club - of having planned to burglarize the apartment where the McCanns were staying. Maddie would have surprised them and be killed for that same reason.

in Jornal de Notícias, paper edition, page 13, July 3, 2014

In the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the questionings to suspects and witnesses did not produce any results. The car of a relative of one of the arguidos was inspected by the sniffer dogs but nothing was found.
Broadcast by TVI, July 3, 2014
Marisa Rodrigues [Voice Over] - The sniffer dogs were used in an inspection to a car of a close relative of Sergey Malika, one of the arguidos, since the car that he owned at the time of the child's disappearance was set ablaze. No relevant indicia were found to the English investigation. This morning, Scotland Yard returned to the PJ headquarters in Faro for more witness questionings. The proceedings are practically concluded, but so far, and despite the new developments, it is still unknown what happened to Madeleine McCann. 

An investigation that has four arguidos, four men all residents in Praia da Luz. The most well-known is Sergey Malinka previously investigated and cleared within the Portuguese process, who is now considered a suspect, mainly because hairs were found in a sofa similar to the ones that were discovered in the apartment from where Madeleine disappeared. Vestiges that were forensically examined at the time, whose results did not enable the identification of whom they belonged to, nor if they belonged to the same person or not.

The other three arguidos are a man that suffers from schizophrenia, a former Ocean Club driver and a young man, who was only 16 years old at the time, the latter similar to a beggar who was allegedly seen in Praia da Luz. And these were the trump cars that Scotland Yard played in the letter rogatory to support the theory that these suspects planned via mobile phones to burglarize the apartment, Madeleine woke up and with the fear that she would recognize them later on, they murdered her and concealed her body. 

Marisa Rodrigues [in Faro] - An hypothesis that the Judiciary Police totally dismisses. The Portuguese PJ inspectors have nothing whatsoever to do with these proceedings, they are only fulfilling the requests of the letter rogatory because the Portuguese Public Ministry has ordered them do so. Image by Jorge Belo, Marisa Rodrigues, TVI.

Police Files: Forensic collections May 4, 2007 [hairs and other vestiges] 


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