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RTP exclusive interview of Euclides Monteiro's widow by Sandra Felgueiras



Original Source: RTP 02 May 2014
by Sandra Felgueiras/Patrícia Lopes/Paulo Lourenço/Samuel Freire
With thanks to Joana Morais for translation Transcript

Madeleine McCann disappeared seven years ago 

by Sandra Felgueiras/Patrícia Lopes/Paulo Lourenço/Samuel Freire 

Tonight we will show you the alibi of the main suspect of this case that lead to the reopening of the process by the Judiciary Police six months ago. In an exclusive interview to ‘Sexta às 9’ [RTP news program ‘Friday at 9’] Euclide’s widow states that just one hour before Madeleine disappeared her husband wrote a poem for which there is a computer record [metadata/ e.g. Last time a text document was saved on a computer]. The Cape-Verdean, who would be today 46 years old, was elected as a suspect 5 years after he died tragically in a tractor accident.

His criminal record shows a 5-year prison term for housebreaking and burglary in Albufeira about 20 years ago, yet there is not a single line written about child sex abuse – the new hypothesis put forward by the PJ and the English police as the possibility that lies behind the disappearance of the world's most high-profile child. 

in RTP, 2nd May 2014


Cláudia, Euclides Monteiro’s widow pseudonym reads one of the poems of her late husband’s posthumous book titled ‘Drugs, Life experiences and Dreams’. She concludes the reading of the poem - that can only be described as having a religious nature - by reading the date of when it was written: “…3rd of May 2007, 21h00 – it was this one that I found and I was very pleased to have this evidence.”

Lower third: RTP Exclusive - Widow of PJ’s main suspect in the Maddie case shows alibi of husband

Sandra Felgueiras (Voice over) - It’s the alibi that the Judiciary knows nothing about. Seven years after the disappearance of Madeleine, Euclides Monteiro’s widow scrolls through his poems on the computer that were recently published in a book. She never showed them to anyone, not even to the PJ team that questioned her in October.

“You have never even shown that book to the Judiciary Police?”

'Cláudia' – No.

Sandra Felgueiras [SF] – You never told the PJ that you had that registration date at 9pm?

'Cláudia' [C] – At the time I didn’t know, I searched [the computer] and then I found it.

SF – You were expecting for the Judiciary Police to get in touch with you, but they never contacted you again…

C – Exactly, I was questioned only one time by the Judiciary Police of Porto. (…) This book was made as a diary, a way to express his feelings, ambitions, dreams…

SF – So, he wrote regularly, every night?

C - With regularity, practically every night, at any time.

Lower Third : Euclides Monteiro left a computer record [metadata] at 9pm of May 3, 2007

SF – With 41 years old and with a son of Madeleine’s age, ‘Cláudia’, a fictitious name, does not accept the shadow of suspicion cast on her husband. For the first time, since the process was reopened in Portugal, she decided to break the silence and tell us all about the evidence that lead the PJ to Euclides Monteiro after his death.

Lower Third: PJ had already questioned Euclides regarding sexual abuse of minors in 2008

C – They [PJ] associated one phone call made in the Praia da Luz mobile network area.

SF – On that night of May 3 2007?

C – Yes, however we lived at that time, about 2km from Praia da Luz as the crow flies [in a straight line], the antenna are those over there – points to the cell phone towers at the top of hills behind Sandra .

SF – Which we can see right now.

C – Which we can see right now, yes, and that could have captured the signal even from our own home.

SF – He had worked at the Ocean Club before.

C – Yes, he worked there in the previous year for 3 months. Euclides didn’t drive [a car], he drove a scooter to his work. I can’t see how - in a village like Praia da Luz, well lit up – was possible for a person to carry a child on foot or in a scooter without being seen.

SF – You don’t admit in any way the possibility of your husband leading a double life?

C – No, that is impossible.

SF – In the book which you have published after his death, he speaks about you as his soul mate…

C – I knew about his whole life in detail, he was present in my daily life in such a way that it would have been completely impossible for him to have hidden those facts from me. If that had happened I would have seen something, or suspected about something and I never did.

Lower Third: Euclides DNA tests made in 2008 were negative.

[ongoing, sorry for delay]
Synopsis/ quick highlights: Euclides Monteiro has an alibi for the time when Maddie disappeared, his DNA was tested back in 2008 and no matches were found, he does not have a record of child sex abuse. In Algarve there are no official police records of a "man who allegedly targeted only British children" and who broke into Britons houses to specifically sexually abuse their white, blue-eyed and blonde little English girls as described by DCI Andy Redwood in his latest media performances, nor have any of the locals or the British expat community have any recollection of such events taking place in the past 10 years. Euclides Monteiro's widow has lost her job in the consequence of the exposure of her name in the UK media (Mirror, Daily Mail, Daily Star, etc). Euclides Monteiro's alibi is a poem that he wrote at 21h00 of 3rd of May 2007, that his wife found in the computer, a series of poems that were now published posthumously.

Euclides Monteiro's mobile phone ping traced by the PJ in the cell phone antennas of Praia da Luz on the 3rd of May 2007 is also explained by the Monteiro couple living close by those antennas towers as seen in the video, so Monteiro's cell phone would ping anyway. Monteiro was arrested for 5 years circa 20 years ago for housebreaking and burglary in the area of Albufeira (Algarve) when he was still an addict, since then he overcome his addiction and was never arrested again. The Monteiros have a son that is Maddie's age, Euclide's widow fears more repercussions and appears in the video under a pseudonym. Also Euclides only drove a scooter, he did not own a car - a bit impossible to 'kidnap' a child on a scooter. Several people appear in the video, from Bragança [North of Portugal] where he lived from the 70's till the 90's, attesting that he was a good man despite the troubled life he led later on. Euclide's sister appears again accusing the current PJ investigation lead by Helena Monteiro of taking the easy route and pinning Madeleine's disappearance on a dead man - couldn't agree more!

Mark Williams-Thomas, an usual UK media rent-an-opinion-cop states (and known McCann couple abduction thesis supporter) that Redwood's team was over confident and that they are under enormous pressure to solve the case. He also states, upon being questioned by Sandra Felgueiras, that he finds it very odd the fact that several people have only contacted Redwood's team after the BBC Crimewatch/McCann show (that was filmed in Spain and never broadcast in Portugal) and not in 2007, to the local police forces (GNR, PJ) or the UK police authorities when returning from their holidays. Redwood's MET team no longer consider the late Euclides Monteiro as a suspect, and are now looking for a smelly, pot-bellied man who wore a burgundy sweatshirt (another farcical lead to add to the 196...). As to Helena Monteiro's PJ team, it is unknown if they still consider Euclides as the main suspect, they at least did at some point since it seems that that was the basis for the reopening of Madeleine McCann's process in Portugal.

My Opinion: This are all leads that lead nowhere, as everyone who has followed this affair for the past 7 years knows well. Until a real reconstruction as opposed to the BBC Crimewatch farce, takes place in situ with the former arguidos and Tapas 7, until major key witnesses are reinterviewed like the Smiths, and until the Portuguese PJ and politicians stop being subservient ostriches with their heads buried in the sand towards the English powers and conniving with the McCann's sham this circus will last another 7 years.

Further notes: Others, except maybe Redwood and his team, would question the authenticity of those calls and its provenance, it's not the first time that hysterical British tourists try to kidnap soccer player's children thinking that a 2 year old boy could be Maddie, or that we hear about fake Maddie sightings being planted (Método 3 style - the Mccanns hired detectives) following the annual McCann media blitz or similar Clarence Mitchell PR stunts. It's also not the first time that we have had the knowledge of actions being taken by McCann couple supporters like the HTFM pyramidal structure group [] who tried to en masse delete youtube videos about the McCann affair circa 2008.

Will translate the video fully as soon as possible. CMTV [] will broadcast tonight a special about the Maddie case which is alleged to include an interview with Gonçalo Amaral, will also translate that if the video is published online or if anyone records it.


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