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Press review: Re Express ‘I’m here to stop the suffering caused by police lies about Madeleine’



Original Source: The Wright Stuff Channel 5

With thanks to Jon for transcript

The Wright Stuff

Channel 5

13 September 2013

Matthew Wright with guests:
Louie Spence - Choreographer
Danniella Westbrook - Actress
Dr David Bull - Doctor & Media Commentator (made no comment on this item)

Press review: Re Express ‘I’m here to stop the suffering caused by police lies about Madeleine’

LS. Now, obviously, this is much more serious. This is in the Daily Express. It’s Madeleine McCann, ‘I’m here to stop the suffering caused to our family …

MW. … Its Kate McCann

LS. Kate McCann. Sorry. ‘I’m here to stop the suffering caused to our family by police lies about Madeleine’. This is the detective which wrote a book about how…

MW …Portuguese detective

LS… Yeah, Portuguese detective… who wrote a book and it really did erm […] Madeleine McCann in a bad light in Portugal and they’re […] and stop the investigation in Portugal. He said they were drunk, they were crazy. And so she has gone out there to erm.. with a libel case.

MW. It’s the same familiar pattern. Now… there’s a part of me that understands, and there’s another part of me that feels ever so slightly uncomfortable about it. Don’t know why, I just think…

LS. ..because of the money?

MW Yes. Because it seems to be more about their good name than it does about finding their daughter. But if I’d had lies written about me I’d probably be doing exactly the same...

LS.. But what more can they do?

MW. If they are in indeed lies. I don‘t know, that’s what’s the dispute.

LS. Ok. But what more can they do? They’ve done everything they can do to find their daughter and this is what happened out there. D’ya know what I mean? And even the police over here have taken such a long time to…

MW. Libel trials -- and gawd I know a bit about them from my time in newspapers -- I don’t think anyone ever comes out smelling of roses.

DW. Also, what right has he got to put that family through doing that with a bad name?

MW. He’s entitled to express his opinion and they're entitled to challenge it.

DW. He is, but at the same time they’re the ones who’ve lost a child at the end of the day, and I don’t think any of us should judge them.

MW. But we’re all judging the copper.

DW. Yeah

LS. Absolutely

MW. I’d like to say we shouldn’t judge either [of them] and let the courts decide, if that’s what they must.

DW. Good point Matthew.




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