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Olive farmer in Madeleine McCann shock

Original Source: TIMES: 28 SEPTEMBER 2007
From The Times September 28, 2007  Mick Hume: Notebook
Just when we might have hoped that the gossip surrounding the Madeleine McCann case could sink no lower, the world media managed it, by effectively conspiring to accuse a Moroccan olive farmer’s family of kidnapping her.

Why? Well, a tourist had taken a grainy snap of a fair-haired girl in the Moroccan countryside, with some North African Muslims. What more evidence do you need? Never mind the useless police, splash that picture across the globe at once with inquisitory headlines such as “Is this Maddie?”!

When we quickly learnt the answer – “No, of course not, it’s the farmer’s daughter” – many people echoed the McCanns’ spokesman who said it was “very disappointing, a terrible blow” that the people in the picture turned out to be an innocent family. Some, however, might already have suspected that the impoverished father shown pushing a wheelbarrow piled with suitcases along a dusty road, while his gaudily clad wife ambles behind with child on back in the local style, was an unlikely head of an international child-smuggling ring.

This farcical episode has highlighted the widening gap between the plodding police case in Portugal, bogged down in rows about scientific evidence and witness statements, and the ever-expanding global publicity circus. The line between investigation and emotive entertainment has disappeared. There must be plenty more little blonde girls in far-flung corners of the world to feed this voyeuristic obsession – but to whose benefit?

The only unusual thing about the Moroccan family (from a Berber region where fair-headed children are normal) turned out to be that, since they have no access to television or newspapers, they had never heard of Madeleine McCann. Now that is shocking news.


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