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Has the Portuguese police case against the McCanns collapsed?

Original Source: TELEGRAPH: 23 SEPTEMBER 2007
Last Updated: 1:00am BST 23/09/2007
 Portuguese detectives still suspect the McCanns of being involved in Madeleine's disappearance. They are awaiting the return of tests on samples taken from apartments in the holiday complex where Madeleine disappeared and the cars used by Gerry and Kate McCann and other people.
 DNA and scientific evidence, including the discovery of Madeleine's hair in the couple's hire car and the response of a "cadaver" sniffer dog to the car and Mrs McCann's clothing, is weak so far, according to experts.
 Why are police now interested in where Madeleine was during the day?
 Detectives are investigating the movements of Madeleine and her mother before the child was reported missing at 10pm. It was reported yesterday that the girl had not been seen by anyone outside the family since 2.29pm that day, when the last photograph of Madeleine was taken. Experts say it is crucial to establish who saw the child last. Friends of the McCanns counter claims that there were a "lost" six hours before the girl vanished and say Mrs McCann and her daughter were interacting with staff and guests throughout the day.
 Where is Madeleine?
 Police are no closer to establishing this than they were on the first day she went missing. They believe the McCanns were involved, but have been unable to identify a realistic scenario as to how they may have disposed of her body.
 In a bizarre twist last week, police interviewed a Dutch criminal who operates a pet incinerator from a run?down villa in Monchique, a 30?minute drive from Praia da Luz. According to Eef Hoos, 61, police asked him repeatedly if he had met the McCanns. Mr Hoos, who spent almost eight years in jail for planting bombs in the Netherlands, has been ordered to attend police HQ on Monday for further questioning.
 What will the police do next?
 Reports that they are on their way to Leicestershire are unconfirmed. The judge overseeing the case has stated that the authorities have no plans to re-interview the couple. Supporters of the McCanns are hoping that this is a sign that the focus on Madeleine's parents could shift. However, police believe the McCanns are being deliberately obstructive. Carlos Anjos, head of the Portuguese police federation, said: "This is a difficult and complex case made worse by Madeleine's parents' attitude."
 If further forensic tests prove inconclusive, police are effectively back at square one. It has recently been made clear that police have been focusing on the possible involvement of the McCanns from the very beginning. This leaves them with few lines of inquiry into the abduction if their premise proves false.
 What will the McCanns do next?
 The McCanns will continue to stay in Rothley, working with their legal and media team to clear their name. Their main aim is to focus the investigation back on the search for their missing daughter.


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