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Madeleine police handed forensic evidence

Original Source:  TELEGRAPH: 05 SEPTEMBER 2007
By Caroline Gammell in Praia da Luz
Last Updated: 8:45pm BST 05/09/2007
Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have been handed significant forensic evidence which could lead to arrests in the case.

The potentially crucial breakthrough came after specialists in the UK spent the last month analysing evidence from the scene.

It included traces of blood found in the apartment in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz where the four-year-old disappeared on May 3.

However, her parents Kate and Gerry McCann were left in the dark about the development after Portuguese police failed to inform them.

Mr and Mrs McCann only found out through the media when they were interrupted during a jog by their campaign manager Justine McGuinness.

A family friend said Mr McCann was “upset and frustrated” by the fact that he had not heard the news from the Portuguese authorities.

“As the parents of a missing child you would expect the police to let you know about any major developments.

“The police have Gerry’s mobile phone number and can call him at any time, but he was not called before he found out from the newspapers. That is bound to be frustrating.

“They used to have a good working relationship with the police.”

It is not the first time that relations between the McCanns and the Portuguese police have been strained.

On August 11 - the 100th day after Madeleine went missing – police spokesman chief inspector Olegario Sousa went on television to reveal Madeleine could be dead - without telling her family first.

At the time a friend of the McCanns said it was “extraordinary” the police had “not had the decency” to contact the couple before giving the interview.

The couple’s spokeswoman confirmed that they had not spoken to police in Portugal.

“The Portuguese police have not phoned them and have not told them about the test results.

“We will await official confirmation as they always do.

“If this takes us a step closer to establishing exactly what happened on May 3 they will be relieved.

“They want to know what happened to their daughter and want to be reunited with her.”

The McCanns, from Rothley in Leicestershire, were warned the forensic results would take weeks and have talked about the anguish of waiting for the results.

Traces of blood, hair and fibres from the apartment where Madeleine disappeared were among the samples examined by the Forensic Science Services (FSS) in Birmingham.

They were gathered 10 weeks after the four-year-old went missing – after another family had stayed in the apartment - using trained British sniffer dogs.

Samples were also taken from the McCanns, the group of friends who were on holiday with them in the Algarve and Robert Murat, who is soon to be cleared of his status as the only named suspect or “arguido” in the case.

Mr Murat’s spokesman Tuck Price said the 33-year-old British expat had not been told about any developments in the case.

Specialists from the FSS – which describes itself as the world’s leading forensic laboratory – are working closely with Leicestershire police on the case, often speaking on a daily basis.

A source linked to the investigation said any developments were immediately passed onto the police.

“The FSS has been in close liaison with Leicester police. Information has been regularly fed back as to the progress and where the investigation is up to.

“Information is always being fed back which Leicester police then passes on to the Portuguese authorities. The Portuguese are leading on the investigation and they have to be the ones to act on any information.

“On something so important, any information would not be sat on - it is always being fed back.”

A FSS spokeswoman refused to comment on the specifics of the case, but confirmed investigations were still continuing.

Portuguese police spokesman Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa would not confirm that the results had been received.

“The information is that the results haven’t arrived yet, but it might be they arrive during the day.

“The lines of inquiry are the same from the beginning and are all open. We said the results are important for the hypothesis of the little girl being dead.

“At this moment we are taking special attention on the hypothesis of death.”


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