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Madeleine Burial Claim 'Ludicrous'

Original Source: SKY: 28 SEPTEMBER 2007
Updated: 13:19, Friday September 28, 2007
Kate and Gerry McCann's spokesman has angrily dismissed claims that the couple buried their missing daughter's body in Spain.

Reports in the Portuguese press suggest that the police are investigating two "missing hours" in which the couple could have disposed of Madeleine's body.

The reports say detectives are working on the theory that the McCanns may have buried her body during a trip to Spain on August 3 - three months after Madeleine went missing.

They question why the McCanns visited the town of Huelva, just over the Spanish border, on a public holiday.

And they are looking into the reason why the trip was postponed from the day before, and why it took longer than expected to reach Huelva.

A furious Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCanns, told Sky News Online that all the allegations appearing in the Portuguese press were "utterly ludicrous".

While he said that the McCanns did not comment on every "ridiculous" allegation, he insisted Gerry and Kate McCann's movements were "fully accounted for".

The August 3 trip was covered by the media, he pointed out. It was "just insane" to suggest their journey was anything other than what it appeared.

"They have nothing to hide. They are wholly innocent," he stressed.

Mr Mitchell added that reports on the case in the Portuguese press were becoming more and more ridiculous - and it was time they were stopped.

"You wouldn't believe what's being said in the papers today," he said.

The McCanns spent more than three hours in Huelva on August 3, putting up posters of their daughter and handing them out to tourists.

The trip had reportedly been postponed from the day before because Mr McCann had been feeling unwell that day.

And the couple said their journey took longer than expected because they had stopped at a petrol station to hand out posters of Madeleine.


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