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Gerry: 'Intruder Was Hiding In Flat'

Original Source: SKY: 22 SEPTEMBER 2007
Updated: 02:58, Saturday September 22, 2007
Gerry McCann believes he may have been just yards from the intruder who abducted his daughter Madeleine.

The 39-year-old thinks the abductor was hiding in the holiday apartment when he went to check on his three children on May 3.

His theory centres on a bedroom door which he remembers finding ajar in the Praia da Luz flat, a family friend said.

The friend added: "Initially he thought that Madeleine might have got up and gone to the toilet or gone to get a drink or something, but now he thinks that the abductor must have been in there hiding.

"He believes he came in, opened the door and didn't have time to close it.

"Once Gerry had left he would have known he had to come out very quickly, and because Gerry went out through the patio door, went out through the window.

"He has no proof but that is what he believes."

Mr McCann and his wife Kate had left their three children alone in the flat while they dined with friends at a tapas restaurant nearby.

He is believed to have gone to check on the children at around 9.05pm and found them all asleep.

Mrs McCann looked in at around 10pm and discovered Madeleine was missing.

It is believed that when she went to check on the children a gust of wind in the room caused the door to slam behind her.

It was then she realised the bedroom window was open and her eldest daughter was gone.


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