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Criminal Has Furnace In The Algarve

Original Source: SKY: 20 SEPTEMBER 2007
Thursday September 20, 2007
A criminal who cremates dead animals in a furnace behind his house in Portugal says he has been quizzed about missing toddler Madeleine McCann.

Eef Hoos, 61, says detectives repeatedly questioned him about whether he had ever met Madeleine's parents.

And he said officers had visited his heavily fortified villa in remote mountains in the Algarve where they asked about his animal cremations.

Dutchman Hoos, who has spent almost eight years in jail for planting bombs in the Netherlands, says police have now ordered him to attend their headquarters for questioning on Monday.

He said: "He asked me three times if I had spoken to the parents, I said I had not spoken to the parents.

"The other guy said he had seen that I had spoken to the parents."

The Dutchman explained he earned his living as a debt collector, but carried out animal incineration as a sideline in furnaces on wasteland on the slopes below his house.

Following complaints about the smell from neighbours he said he had closed down the furnaces in March this year.

Meanwhile Gerry and Kate McCann have met lawyers in London to prepare their defence against any possible charges.

Although they remain official suspects, Portuguese police say they have no plans to re-interview the couple in the near future.

But the McCanns want to be ready should the Portuguese authorities try to bring a case against them.


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