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McCanns Won't Return Unless Asked

Original Source: SKY: 15 SEPTEMBER 2007
Updated: 13:00, Saturday September 15, 2007
The parents of Madeleine McCann say they will not return to Portugal unless requested to do so by the police.

A spokeswoman for the family confirmed that no request has come from the Portuguese authorities.

She said the couple will stay at the family home in Rothley, Leicestershire with their young twins, Sean and Amelie, until told otherwise.

It is over a week since Gerry and Kate McCann were named as suspects in the disapperance of their daughter.

Sky News crime correspondent Martin Brunt described the next few days as "crucial" in the investigation, as a Portuguese judge reviews the police's case files.

Speaking from Praia da Luz, he said a judgement is expected by Thursday, with Kate McCann the more likely to be called back for questioning, though no such request has been made.

The family's announcement follows the news the couple have taken a series of meetings with lawyers, Michael Caplan QC and Angus McBride, of the London legal firm Kingsley Napley.

A spokeswoman for the couple said: "What they are really trying to do is to take stock of their situation and prepare for next week."

Sky News reporter David Crabtree said the couple were seeking "all information and detail, should the investigation go in any direction".

The McCanns called for "a period of calm", but thanked the public for its continuing support.

The family receive between 500 and 1000 letters of support around the country every day.

The couple's mail includes a quota of prank letters, but these were negligible, the spokeswoman said.

Asked about the various media reports about their case, she added: "They are disturbed by the level of speculation. They are not avoiding newspapers.

"They seem to be bearing up. The pressure on the family is so intense. I think they are all feeling it now."

The couple left Portugal after they were named by police as suspects in the disappearance of their first born Madeleine.

Martin Brunt dismissed British weekend media reports that the body of Madeleine may have been disposed at sea as "nothing more than speculation."


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