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McCanns Flying Home In Next Few Hours

Original Source: SKY: 09 SEPTEMBER 2007
Updated: 02:50, Sunday September 09, 2007
The parents of missing Madeleine McCann are to fly back to Britain from Portugal in a few hours time.

Sky News Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt says: "The McCanns are reverting to their original plan to fly home to Leicestershire on a flight at 09.30.

"That plan, of course, had been thrown into disarray by them being declared suspects.

"They have been clarifying their position and they have been told they are allowed to go.

"It appears a deal has been struck - the authorities are satisfied that Kate and Gerry McCann will return to Portugal if required," he said.

The McCanns' spokesman confirmed the plans in a statement, saying: "Kate and Gerry will be returning home to the UK this morning as originally planned. They will depart from Faro Airport.

"It is emphasised that their return is with the full agreement of the Portuguese authorities and police."

The McCanns have no bail conditions attached to their arguido, or formal suspect, status and retain their passports.

Earlier, Madeleine's aunt said the couple had been worried that a return would appear that they are running scared.

Philomena McCann, who spoke to her brother Gerry after he was questioned by detectives, said: "(Gerry) doesn't want it to look as if they are running away, because that is nonsense."

Police changed the couple's status from witnesses to suspects after questioning them separately at Portimao police station.

Sources close to the family say detectives believe the two doctors may be responsible for the four-year-old's death - a suggestion rubbished by the McCanns' friends and family.

Meanwhile, a friend of the only other official suspect in the investigation, Robert Murat, has said he expected to be formally cleared soon.


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