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Gerry McCann Declared A Formal Suspect

Original Source: SKY: 08 SEPTEMBER 2007
Updated: 02:28, Saturday September 08, 2007
Gerry McCann has been declared an arguido, or formal suspect, by police investigating the disappearance of his daughter Madeleine, his lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu has said.

Both the parents of missing Madeleine McCann are now formal suspects in her disappearance.

Kate McCann was named an "arguida" on Friday morning before undergoing questioning during which she was asked if she accidentally killed her daughter.

No charges have been brought against Madeleine's parents and no bail conditions have been imposed, their lawyer said.

Gerry McCann left the Portimao police station after being quizzed by detectives amid fears his wife will be charged with killing their daughter.

He walked out of the regional headquarters of the Policia Judiciaria - Portugal's CID - at 12.10am after undergoing nearly eight hours of questioning.

Earlier his wife Kate endured being asked directly by detectives whether she accidentally killed Madeleine.

Portuguese detectives appear to be working on the theory that Mrs McCann killed her daughter by accident and covered up the death by claiming she was abducted.

Test results from the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham received in recent days have apparently boosted this hypothesis.

Detectives offered her a "deal" - a guaranteed jail sentence of no more than two years - if she confessed to accidentally killing her daughter, Mr McCann's sister Philomena McCann said yesterday.

Mr McCann's alleged role is not clear, but sources said police believe he was an accessory to the killing.

Family and friends of the McCanns dismissed any suggestion Mrs McCann could have been involved in Madeleine's disappearance on May 3 as "ridiculous".

It is not uncommon for people caught up in criminal investigations in Portugal to declare themselves arguidos in order to receive this protection.

Until today, police have always stressed that the McCanns were being spoken to as witnesses.

The latest developments have upset the McCanns' plans to return to their home in Rothley, Leicestershire, with their two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie on Sunday.


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