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McCann Evidence Passed To Prosecutors

Original Source:  SKY: 11 SEPTEMBER 2007
Updated: 14:18, Tuesday September 11, 2007
Portuguese prosecutors have received all of the files of evidence on the McCanns from police investigating Madeleine's disappearance, Sky sources have said.

The prosecutors are now expected to review reports of three samples of Madeleine's DNA found by detectives before they decide whether to charge the McCanns with an offence.

Sky sources say that scientists have found a full DNA match to Madeleine in the boot of a car hired by Kate and Gerry McCann after their daughter went missing.

"Police say it is the most damning evidence that has been returned by the tests," Sky's Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt said.

As prosecutors analyse the evidence, Mr and Mrs McCann are enduring the tense wait for news at their home in Rothley, Leicestershire.

Both have been named by police as suspects in their daughter's disappearance on May 3 in the Algarve.

Police spokesman Olegario de Sousa said it was "agreed with the prosecutor" that the file of evidence on the MCcanns would be handed over early today.

A spokeswoman for the prosecutor in Lisbon said a statement would be issued later regarding the investigation.

However Alipio Ribeiro, head of the investigative Policia Judiciaria, suggested the forensic tests had not been conclusive.

He told Portuguese state broadcaster RTP: "We can't say with certainty whether it was the blood of person A or person B."

The report is expected to include interviews with the McCanns and details of forensic evidence from various sites in the Praia da Luz resort where Madeleine vanished on a family holiday.

"The prosecutor will then have to decide whether he has enough evidence to charge the McCanns or whether the police need to carry out more inquiries or gather more evidence," Mr De Sousa said.

He would not discuss details of the evidence, in accordance with Portugal's secrecy laws in criminal investigations.

Family spokesman Brian Kennedy, who is Madeleine's great uncle, said of the family: "They are holding up extremely well."


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