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A Long, Agonising Night For The McCanns

Original Source: SKY: 07 SEPTEMBER 2007
By Kate Sullivan Sky News Online, Portugal
Updated: 02:33, Friday September 07, 2007
It had been a long day for the reporters - it must have been agony for the McCanns.

The throngs of gawping tourists slowly ebbed away as the sunlight faded.

The raucous crowd of media, who had spent the day both laughing and complaining, had begun to pack up and by nightfall just a few cameras were left.

All this time Kate McCann was inside the police station - and nobody outside could confirm why.

The only thing there could be no doubt over was that Mrs McCann had been inside for long, long time - much longer than expected.

Despite all of the media's eyes being on the police station, another crowd had formed just steps away.

They were watching children - from Madeleine's age to teenagers - practice on a huge, raised runway for a fashion show.

It's a big thing for the town apparently and plenty of people are involved in Friday evening's event.

But seeing the young girls dressed in pink make their way coyly along the catwalk was a cruel irony that would be hard for anyone to miss.

The parents were watching proudly as the kiddies were organised by a stage manager. There were plenty of smiles outside the PJ.

And another little diversion - a tiny puppy was delighting some of the Portuguese people on the square.

But for hours, the McCann circus had been nothing but a waiting game.

Fast-forward to around 10pm and a rush of people and lights promised news at last.

Yet it wasn't Mrs McCann finally being let out. It was a lawyer who confirmed two things: that Madeleine's mother was still in the PJ and Mr McCann would be questioned the following day. So no news.

It would be a long night for the news crews - and terrible night for the McCanns.


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