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Granny says police are 'clawing at straws'

Original Source: INDEPENDENT:12 SEPTEMBER 2007
Wednesday September 12 2007
The grandmother of missing Madeleine McCann rubbished claims yesterday that DNA evidence found in a car hired by Madeleine's parents after she had disappeared proved that the four-year-old's body had been in the car.

Co Donegal native, Eileen McCann insisted that Portuguese police had "nothing substantial" to link her son, Gerry and daughter-in-law, Kate to their child's disappearance and were "clawing at straws".

"The thing is that little Amelie is wearing Madeleine's sandals and she is in and out of the car. Cuddly toys are in it. Madeleine's toys are in it. Madeleine's tops are in it that Amelie is wearing. It's nonsense," she said.

Speaking on the Shaun Doherty Show on Highland Radio yesterday after returning to her Glasgow home from Portugal, Eileen described the events of the past week as "dreadful".

"My son and Kate would never even slap their child, never mind do anything to harm her," she said.

After Kate was taken in for questioning last Thursday, she said that Gerry was in a dreadful state.

"I had to be strong for him and say 'if your Dad was here, what would he be saying to you? He would be saying be strong, we are fighting this because you are innocent'," she said.

The 67-year-old added that Gerry was worried that Kate was going to be charged and she revealed that she was under strict orders to take the twins home on a plane if the parents were both going to be charged.

But she said that they were now home legally with the permission of the police and the Government and would go back if they were needed.

"They are running away from nobody because they are innocent," she said.

She said that social workers had already spoken to Gerry about the twins.

"They have been to Gerry and they are very satisfied and said they were happy the children are fine, so that is just a normal process that happens if you are a formal suspect," she said.

Eileen McCann stressed that they were still receiving a huge amount of public support.She added that she believed her granddaughter was drugged and abducted.

"If she was taken when she was sleeping by somebody she did not know she would have screamed the place down.

"I really believe they gave her a drug. There is no way they carried her out of there without her wakening," she said.


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