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Decisive results Confirmed DNA of Maddie

Original Source: CORREIO_DA_MANHA: 06 September 2007

Decisive results Confirmed DNA of Maddie

Biological fluids of Maddie had been found by the laboratory of Birmingham in the samples sent by the Judiciary Policy for England.

The cm knows that these vestiges - by rough estimate found not perceivable residues of naked blood in the apartment of the Oce-an Club and in the car rented for the McCann - already if find in the ownership of the PJ and will have to determine immediate developments of the case. Most important she will have to be a new interrogation to the parents of Madeleine and to some of the friends of the couple who if found of vacation in the Algarve when the child disappeared. These developments based on the results of the biological samples today are also notified by some English periodicals that point with respect to the accomplishment of detentions in next the 48 hours. The samples most important, of the sets of ten that had been sent for England, must have been the collected ones in the apartment of the McCann in the Beach of the Light, in particular in the soil and a closet in the house where later the family if installed and in the car that had rented after the girl having disappeared. These samples had been collected after the English pisteiros dogs having signalled biological vestiges of blood and corpse odour in clothes of Kate McCann.


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