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Cadaver odor on Kate’s clothes

Original Source: CORREIO_DA_MANHA: 06 September 2007

Tests: There are partial results

The English dog that is specially trained to detect the odor of cadavers found a trace of death on Kate McCann’s clothes, as well as on the soft toy that the mother of Madeleine has carried since the first hour, which she took to the Vatican and presents as one of the child’s favourite toys. The dog’s work has been recorded on video and can be presented as evidence by the Policia Judiciaria.


The dog was extremely nervous when he smelled a pair of jeans that was often used by Kate, and a shirt. These clues were collected in July – as CM could discover – at the same time that the animal detected the smell of death in the Ocean Club apartment where the child disappeared from.


A second dog that was used by the police, who specializes in finding biological residues like blood, sweat or saliva, also reinforced the signs of the first animal, as he detected what is presumed to be blood in the trunk of the car that was used by the McCanns – which was rented after the child’s disappearance, on May 3.


Meanwhile, CM knows that some of the tests that were performed on the collected residues are already in the investigators’ hands. The lab in Birmingham, England, has sent some elements, but not all the results are known yet. It is also not known when they started to arrive at the PJ, although several sources that were contacted by our newspaper guaranteed that only started happening this week.


The results’ arrival in Portimao may consolidate the investigators’ beliefs, which have been pointing for over two months at a scenario of the child’s death inside the apartment of Praia da Luz. The coming days will be decisive.

Odor de Cadaver Na Roupa De Kate
Translation: Odor of Cadaver In the Clothes De Kate


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