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Search Warrant: Cadaver Dogs Show 'Positive Hit' In Irwin Parent's Bedroom

Original Source: FOX4: 21 OCTOBER 2011
Meagan Kelleher, Web Producer 
2:35 p.m. CDT, October 21, 2011



Court documents released on Friday show that a cadaver dog indicated a "positive hit" in the bedroom of Lisa Irwin's parents during a search of the home this week.  The search warrant return also indicated that police investigated "recently disturbed" dirt in the backyard.


The court document said police took a comforter, baby shirt, purple shorts, Glo-worm toy, "Cars" blanket, rolls of tape and tape dispenser from the home.  



The search warrant application said police asked for the warrant to get an uninterrupted search of the home, even though the parents had given permission.


The court document also says that Bradley told police that she did not initially search behind the house because she was "afraid of what she might find."


Baby Lisa was reported missing around 4 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 4. She is described as white, with blonde hair and blue eyes, about 30 inches tall and weighing 26-30 pounds. Her family said she has two bottom teeth, a small bug bite under her left ear, and a beauty mark on her right outer thigh.


The family said she was last seen wearing purple shorts and a purple shirt with white kittens on it. 



JolieAdams at 7:18 PM October 21, 2011

On a related note--remember Madeleine McCann, the almost-four-year-old British girl on vacation in Portugal with her parents and siblings who was reported abducted in May 2007? Despite the cadaver dogs finding the scent of a dead human body in that holiday apartment, on the mother's clothing and other items, and in the family's rental vehicle, the parents have yet to be charged--all because of high-level interference by the UK government with the Portuguese investigation.It's a terrible injustice that the McCann parents have been portrayed as selfless, brave victims of a terrible tragedy and allowed to persecute others who try to get the truth out, including suing the first detective in charge of the Portuguese investigation.


Will Madeleine and Portugal have justice served in that case? Not until the British government reverses course and stops protecting the parents and keeping the truth from being revealed.


Read more at McCannfiles dot com and Joana Morais's blog for exhaustive, factual details on the case.


The mainstream media in the UK and US were manipulated by the McCanns' PR man Clarence Mitchell and high-priced legal teams.


The McCanns' private Find Madeleine fund raised millions of dollars, a fraud if the McCanns knew all along their daughter was dead.


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