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Madeleine's Parents Support the Family of the Missing Children in Cordoba

Original Source: EUROPA PRESS: 19 OCTOBER 2011
19 October 2011

With thanks to Ines for translation


The parents of the missing girl Madeleine McCann, Kate and Gerry have wanted to show their solidarity with the family of the two missing children in Cordoba and have said that they are 'in all heart' with them and hope that they will be found 'safe and sound?.


'We have heard about this case but we do not know the details of what happened. We are in all heart with the parents and hope that they will soon be found safe and sound; we know from experience how hard it is when a child is abducted and we always feel with all our hearts for the parents whose children have also been kidnapped', said Gerry McCann.


Madeleine's father made these statements during a press conference in Madrid where they presented a book entitled 'Madeleine' in which the girl's mother reconstructs the facts since the disappearance of her daughter on 3rd May 2007.


'When Madeleine disappeared at the beginning it was suggested to us that we should meet with other parents whose children had been abducted. This seemed a totally crazy idea to us because we thought that we were going to find our

daughter straight away. We could not imagine that four and a half years later we would still be searching for her and now we know this feeling of other parents and we feel with all our hearts for them?, added Gerry. 

On the 10th October the siblings Ruth (aged six) and Jose (aged two) disappeared from a park in Cordoba. Since then National Police officers have been investigating the whereabouts of the children whose father was arrested on Tuesday in the face of indications of a possible crime of homicide.


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