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McCann couple in Lisbon to promote their book 21/05/2011

Original Source: SIC: 21 MAY 2011
Video by Sic, broadcast on May 21, 2011

With thanks to Joanna Morais


Translation & Transcript

Voice Over - The story that arrives on Monday to the Portuguese bookshops starts before Madeleine's birth, and is detailed in private matters, such as the desire to have children, the pregnancy, Madeleine's first months. The decision to write this book was always made, the decision to publish it, says Kate McCann, was more difficult.

Kate McCann - I always wanted to, to write down the truth, really, for my three children, and I guess the reason, or the trigger reason why I actually, why it became a book and why it was published, is because we have to fund the search for Madeleine. And the fund was running low, so we needed to raise the money.

VO - Kate McCann also writes about what she considers to be the hypocrisy of the cooperation between the British police and the Portuguese police. It's infuriating, writes Madeleine's mother, that even though we know the British police are very aware of the selective leaks to the media, they continue to insist that they have a cooperating relationship with the Judiciary Police.

KM - If I'm honest, I suppose I was hoping we had more public support, really. But because we were at such a low ebb, and things couldn't have gotten any worst than they were in September 2007, I suppose I'd hoped someone to come forward and publicly showed support or basically, you know, said what they felt about certain bits of information that were appearing in the media.

Gerry McCann - Most of it implying that Madeleine was dead, and we felt that was a complete injustice, because if people believed that Madeleine was dead or that there was evidence that Madeleine was dead, the search couldn't go on and obviously that, as parents, was incredibly painful.

VO - Gonçalo Amaral is about to publish a second book about the Maddie case. In March the Supreme Court of Justice authorized the sale of the first book written by the former coordinator of the investigation, who was removed by the Judiciary Police directorate. The book that was taken from the bookshops due to the injunction made by the McCann couple.

GM - We have proceedings underway against Gonçalo Amaral and that's all we really want to say about it.

KM - I guess we just want people to keep looking really for Madeleine and as Gerry said the age progression images is a very useful tool, and I guess people just to open their minds, remember she's still missing really, and she can still be found.

VO - The British government announced recently that the Scotland Yard is going to investigate the Maddie case, and analyse all the existent information of the archived process. In the United Kingdom, Kate McCann's book sold 74000 copies in the first three days.


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