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McCanns take part in charity run[video]



Original Source: PEOPLE SUNDAY 03 APRIL 2011
Transcript  By Nigel Moore

The parents of missing Madeleine McCann supported the event for the Missing People charity 

Laura Harding [voice over]: [Horn sounds for start of race] The parents of missing Madeleine McCann set off on a charity run.

Kate and Gerry were joined by hundreds of families and friends of other missing people.

Kate McCann: Missing people, as a whole, errm... can be forgotten quite easily. I think because they're not here to be seen, they're not here to be heard, errm... you know, it's important to... to remind everybody really, errm... that they are still missing and they need... do need to be found and the families also need support.

Gerry McCann: I think one of the most important things is speaking to other families and knowing that all the emotions and feelings that you're going through are exactly the same as another family and that, I think, errr... in those who first have a problem knowing that there is a recovery phase and although you don't think you could ever carry on with your life that actually, eventually, you know, you start to get some sort of normality, errm... you... you don't...

Kate McCann: And there's a mutual understanding really, isn't there?

Gerry McCann: Yeah.

Kate McCann: And... and support comes with that; knowing that somebody else feels what you feel and you can take take advice from each other, so...

Laura Harding [voice over]: The couple have tirelessly searched for their young daughter who disappeared from an apartment in Portugal four years ago.

Kate McCann: I mean, if I'm honest, I mean, we live with the pain and anxiety of not having Madeleine in our lives everyday really and that I don't know if tomorrow will be particularly any worse. Errm... I mean I've got three children; I'll always have three children and I'll always been Madeleine's mummy. I guess maybe the difference tomorrow is... I mean Gerry's mum's here today, and my mum's staying with us looking after the kids, and I think it is a time maybe where you do stop and tend to have a meal and bit of time together and it's often when you stop and start to think really that it... it hits home, so... she'll certainly be missed... as she is everyday.

Laura Harding [voice over]: The father of missing chef Claudia Lawrence also joined the McCanns for the event in Regent's Park.

Peter Lawrence: I always say that, errr... it's my work that keeps me sane and if I didn't have it, errr... I... I would find it more difficult, errr... it obviously is extremely difficult and it doesn't get any better, errr... after two years, errr... you still think everyday 'why isn't Claudia here', you know, we love her so much and she just disappeared. We had her for thirty five years and the last two years has just been a nightmare.

Laura Harding [voice over]: Last years inaugral Miles for Missing People run raised more than 50,000 for the charity


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