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Jo Yates' parents: it's far worse for the McCanns

Original Source: SUN: 01 FEBRUARY 2011
By JOHN COLES and JAMIE PYATT  Published: Today

THE parents of murdered Jo Yeates last night told how they feel "lucky" - because at least they can hold a funeral for her.

Heartbroken David and Teresa Yeates told how the murder of Jo, 25, had left them grief-stricken and changed their lives forever.

But they also spoke of their sympathy for others - like Madeleine McCann's family - whose loved ones disappear without trace.


The couple gave a moving and dignified interview after a judge yesterday heard that lawyers representing murder accused Vincent Tabak had released Jo's body following a second post mortem.

IT consultant David, 63, said: "We appreciate we are not the only people who go through this.

"We keep reminding ourselves that we are not unique and this helps in some way, but we are very sad for others who have been through it as well.  



We really feel for those people who have not been able to bury their children. We keep reminding ourselves that in some way we are, we are loath to use the word, but 'lucky'.

"The McCanns are one set of people like this but there are others as well. I can't imagine what it must be like not to be able to bury their children, or to have to bury some bones discovered years later. Whatever we have experienced, they probably had it a lot worse. There is a finality to our situation. The perpetual not knowing would be worse."

David added: "We do not know if we will ever have closure. We will always have Jo in our minds as long as we live. What happened has changed our lives forever."

David said he and supermarket worker Teresa, 58, had sought comfort in Jo's happiness before her death.

He added: "We try to keep ourselves going with what Jo achieved and the fact that she was very happy. Everything had come together for her, we feel she was at the happiest time of her life."

Jo, a landscape architect, disappeared on December 17 after drinks with friends. Her snow-covered body was found on Christmas Day beside a country lane three miles from her flat in Clifton, Bristol.

Her parents, from Ampfield, Hants, are now organising her funeral, although a date has not yet been set.

David said: "We are planning an ordinary funeral - we are not trying to glamorise what happened. We cannot celebrate her life - it is difficult to associate celebration with what has happened."

Jo's family yesterday learned they face an eight-month wait before Tabak, 32, is due to stand trial at Bristol Crown Court.

He appeared before court via video link from the prison where he is being held on remand. A judge said the next hearing would be on May 4, and set a provisional trial date of October 4.


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